Disc Information

The Buzzz (3 z’s) is one of the most popular midrange discs in the world. This consistent, reliable, and stable disc will perform exactly how you want it to. With powerful throws the Buzzz will hold any line you put on it. With light, level throws it will fade slightly. This super popular disc can be purchased in all of Discrafts plastics, including Glo and Titanium. In Pro-D plastic it has a stability rating of 0. In all other plastic blends this disc is slightly overstable with a Discraft rating of .5.

Our Price: $21.99

Z GLO FLX Details

Z GLO FLX was initially released as a fundraising plastic for the 2016 Memorial Tournament. The plastic is very soft compared to other premium plastics, and also offers the superior durability of Z plastic varients. For a plastic type that ranks high in all measures, and glows in the dark, Z FLX GLO is the perfect combination.


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