Prodigy 750G D1

Prodigy 750G D1

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The Prodigy D1 is an overstable, ultra high speed driver (speed 13 using the Innova system). Like all very high speed drivers, the D1 has a thick (2.3 cm) rim. While the rim is considered thick, it isn’t maximum PDGA width. The width is the same as discs such as the Innova Krait and Westside King. While the D1 is overstable, it isn’t a “meathook”, or one we would classify as “very overstable.” The D1 is a fantastic driver for power throwers, windy shots, forehand throws, and strategic doglegs.

Manufacturer Flight Numbers 12.0 / 5.0 / 0.0 / 3.0
Reviewer Flight Numbers 12.1 / 5.0 / 0.0 / 2.9
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750G Details

Prodigy 750G plastic is the most advanced, premium plastic that Prodiy has to offer. It is a high-tech blend of premium plastic resins that are built for maximum durability and performance. This plastic is similar to 750 plastic, but taken up a notch. It has increased firmness and will take longer time to break in.

D1 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.00 cm
  • Height: 1.90 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.30 cm
  • Max Weight: 0.00 g

Additional Information

  • Speed: 12.0
  • Glide: 5.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 3.0
  • Primary Use: Distance Driver
  • Stability: Overstable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Advanced
  • Plastic grade(s): Air Bubbles, Durable, Midgrade, Premium
  • Beadless