Disc Information

The Era is the first disc in Drew Gibson's Finish Line. This disc is designed to be the all purpose control driver for players of all skill level. 

With a flat top and neutral flight path the Era works well for both backhand and forehand throws. It is understable enough to work for newer players, but has enough stability that it can handle the power of Drew Gibson. The Era has enough speed and glide to go as far as many distance drivers, but has minimal fade for the straight flight of a fairway.

Finish Line Discs are designed and manufactured in the USA.


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Forged X-Out Details

Forged is Finish Line's Champion-Grade Disc Golf Plastic. Finish Line's Forged Plastic combines a number of premium polymers to forge a plastic with next-level durability, consistency, and beauty. Designed to withstand the most extreme levels of use.

Forged blend plastic is an optimal choice for every player. The Forged X-Out represents discs that have factory second blemishes and are considered imperfect, thus they are sold at a discount. They should still fly great, but may have wrinkles or small divots in the rim or other minor flaws. Save big and try something new with Finish Line Factory Seconds.


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