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About Discmania

Discmania offers some of the best disc golf discs on the market. While the company originates in Europe, they have US headquarters in Wellington, Colorado. Discmania works closely with Latitude 64 and Yikun to produce and manufacture ultra premium disc golfdiscs with their own unique designs. Discmania Originals are produced by Discmania in their own facility in Sweden. The Discmania Evolution Line is produced by Latitude 64 in Sweden. The Discmania Active Line is produced by Yikun Discs in China.

NOTE: Discmania Originals were made by Innova prior to June 2021. Discmania severed ties with Innova and now makes the Originals Line themselves. As a result of this, some molds, including the MD3, P2, and DD3, are nearly identical if not indistinguishable between the discs made from Innova. Other molds were updated and have a completely different hand feel (ex. MD5), and still others are brand new molds only released by Discmania's new manufacturing facility (ex. FD1, CD1).

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