Disc Information

The Barbarian fills the Viking Discs slot of stable fairway driver. The Barbarian flies straight and true, before reliably fading at the end of the flight. Use this trustworthy disc in wooded and open courses alike!

Retail: $19.90
Our Price: $18.99
You Save: $0.91

Fire Details

Viking Fire plastic is a version of the very durable Storm blend, but with the addition of a built-in LED light so that the disc can be used at night. This durable plastic will maintain the same disc flight for a long time, even after playing heavily wooded courses. It is a clear, transparent plastic that allows the light to shine through so that the disc can be easily located in the dark. 

The light can be set to blink quickly, or more slowly and is turned on and off with the simple touch of the center of the disc.

NOTE: The addition of an LED light in the disc results in a heavier disc. The weights are listed on our website, but keep in mind that the weights might exceed PDGA approval thresholds and are thus intended for recreational play.


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