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Product Type : Towels

The FlighTowel is one of the most versatile tools you can have out on the course. It doubles as a fantastic warm up tool and a towel to keep your discs dry.

The FlighTowel features a disc fob (made from a real disc), and a pocket at the end of the towel. These two features make this an excellent warm up tool. Grab the disc fob and pull straight through! The pocket will open up and cause some air drag to mimic a more real throw.

This is perfect for before the round, during delays, practicing at home, and more. Plus, the disc fob is perfect for slipping into your back pocket during a round, leaving your towel readily available to keep your discs dry.

Make sure you choose between the right handed and left handed fobs available! Each fob is made from a real disc, so look at the listing description to find which disc fob you'd like! Each picture is the exact FlighTowel you will receive.

Our Price: $22.99 - $22.99


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