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Product Type : Mystery Boxes

PLEASE NOTE:  - Deals boxes are generally packaged in bulk at the same time.  If you are looking for a large variety of discs, it is not recommended that two deals boxes be purchased together as they will likely contain duplicate discs.​


The Infinite Deals Box XL is the big brother of the popular Infinite Deals Box. This big box of mystery discs features 12 discs from a variety of brands, coming to just over $9.00 per disc! In the XL box you will receive:

  • Two putters
  • At least three mid-range discs
  • Seven drivers ranging from understable to overstable
  • Discs from at least 4 different manufacturers

The putters and midrange discs may come in mid-grade plastic for a softer feel, while the other ten discs will all come in premium plastic blends.

The discs in the Infinite Deals Box XL can include a mix of stock stamps, mis-prints, and tournament stamps. Check out a huge variety of different discs at one low price. Start your bag or add to your collection with this 12-disc deal!

Our Price: $112.88 - $112.88


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