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Disc Golf Challenge: Skill Scramble, is a new and exciting Disc Golf card game that is designed to attract and teach new players, as well as offer casual competition for long time players through a "king-of-the-hill" style of round. The game can be played with 1-5 players, with as little as 1 disc.

The game doesn't limit a player's ability, but it does, in some ways, put everyone on the same playing field. Individual execution is key. There are 2 modes in which the game can be played to allow for more difficult scoring rounds for veteran players. The game challenges players to try new things in ways they normally wouldn't, without it feeling burdensome to the round.

Game play is simple: Each hole a challenge card is drawn, and players compete to complete the hole under the challenge circumstances. Some other cards and elements are in play to add some strategy to the game.

The deck includes a simple glossary of terms and illustrations to help new players graft into the sport smoothly.

From the back of the box: "Disc Golf Challenge: Skill Scramble helps to introduce new players to the sport of disc golf while also providing longtime players with a new way to compete and be challenged! Whether you have thrown a thousand discs, or you're picking one up fo rhte first time, the Disc Golf Challenge: Skill Scramble card game is here to help you learn and grow! So, grab some friends, or test your limits playing solo, to see if your disc golf skills get scrambled!

All you need to play:

1 or more disc golf discs

Disc Golf Challenge: Skill Scramble Deck

One to five players"

Snag your deck and hit the course today!

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