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Yikun 9 Disc Complete Set

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The Yikun 9 Disc Complete Set gives you a full selection of quality disc golf discs to meet every shot you will face on the disc golf course. 

These discs are designed for newer and recreational disc golfers but can also be useful for advanced players. The 9 Disc Complete set is perfect for enthusiastic disc golfers excited to see the differing flight paths of new discs. 

This 9 Disc set includes four discs in Yikun's quality baseline plastic, plus five discs in the premium Phoenix and Dragon lines. This set is absolutely one of the best values in all of disc golf.

Discs Included:

  • Tiger Xing Deep Putter
  • Tiger Ling Understable Putt & Approach Disc
  • Tiger Wings Stable Approach Disc
  • Tiger Yan Straight Midrange
  • Dragon Yao Overstable Midrange
  • Dragon Gou Understable Driver
  • Phoenix Hu Fairway Driver
  • Dragon Qi Distance Driver
  • Dragon D'AE Overstable Distance Driver

Note that all discs included in the 9 Disc Complete set differ from the disc molds found in the 7 Disc Complete set. By trying both complete sets, disc golfers are able to sample most of the discs in the Yikun Line.

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