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Black Hole Precision

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The Black Hole Precision basket is designed to take your putting practice to a new level. This narrow practice basket has 12 heavy duty course weight chains. The narrow design and forces you to concentrate and sharpen your mental putting routine. The Precision is the most affordable practice basket in its class. 

Black Hole Precision Features:

  • Seamless Matte Black color
  • Electrophoresed first stage followed with tough powder coated outer shell for extra durability and protection
  • 12 high visibility zinc coated heavy duty course weighted chains
  • Built to standard PDGA height and size regulation
  • Sturdy all metal construction, all joints welded
  • Uniquely engineered design - assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute.
  • Compact easily transportable disassembled unit
  • Threaded tension connections for a sturdy assembly without any distracting wobble or play
  • Standard load distributed base
  • 2" header band - 13" band diameter
  • Narrow focused target area, at just 12" chain tier diameter

The Black Hole Precision will be available for drop ship directly from MVP after January 14th. 

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