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Infinite Deals Box XL

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PLEASE NOTE:  - Deals boxes are generally packaged in bulk at the same time.  If you are looking for a large variety of discs, it is not recommended that two deals boxes be purchased together as they will likely contain duplicate discs.​

The Infinite Deals Box XL is the big brother of the popular Infinite Deals Box. This big box of mystery discs features 12 discs from a variety of brands, coming to just over $9 per disc! Many discs in this set will be from smaller "up and coming" brands, and the set will include some x-out models.

In the XL box you will receive: Two putters, At least three mid-range discs, Seven drivers ranging from understable to overstable, Discs from at least 4 different manufacturers.

The putters and midrange discs may come in mid-grade plastic for a softer feel, while the other ten discs will all come in premium plastic blends.

The deals box will include an assortment of x-out, misprint, and stock stamp discs, with a potential for special edition, limited run, or tournament stamp discs as well. These can consist of mainstream brands as well as many smaller "up and coming" brands. 

Since these boxes are a surprise, we can not offer refunds or exchanges. This product also does not qualify for free shipping offers

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