Shadow Pine Disc Rack 3'x2' Detail

Shadow Pine Disc Rack 3'x2'

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This rack measures 3' wide by 2' tall

Shadow Pine Woodworking is located in Reno Nevada, and they make professional and quality-grade disc golf storage racks. The Shadow Pine Racks are hand-made and are perfect for organizing your pile of plastic. 

Each rack has a depth (front to back) of 9 and 1/8 inches. Each vertical level is equivalent to 12 inches, e.g., a 3-Level storage rack will be 3 feet tall. They are each built with 1" thick pine for maximum stability.

Each rack has beveled edges and is completely sanded for a smooth feel and finish. As can be seen in the photos, your discs will sit within three 1" dowels, and each level comes with one bungee cord much like a bookend to ensure they won't fall off of the shelf. 

*Cannot ship outside of the U.S.A

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