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Product Type : Starter Sets

The Hero Disc Golf Starter Set offers three discs in their Power Plastic. 

Maximus, the distance driver, is a low speed and stable to understable driver. Making this an excellent beginner driver. Allowing the player to learn good form and achieve good distance.

Stinger, the midrange, is a stable midrange, providing a versatile midrange capable of holding many types of lines. 

Bullseye, the putter, is a stable to putter, making it a great choice as a putter and as a throwing putter. Providing a consistent flight path that you can depend on while putting. 

Power Plastic is a good base plastic at an affordable price. This plastic is grippy and comfortable in the had. Providing a good choice as your first set of discs.

Our Price: $19.99 - $19.99


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