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Author: Jack Tupp

Finally, a book that presents disc golf's irrefutable case as the ideal sport for the 21st century. If you see yourself as part of the ‘Grow the Sport’ movement, The Disc Golf Revolution is for you. Keep it on hand and give copies as a gifts to those who needs to know the full story.

Author Jack Tupp uses his background in journalism and marketing and employs a compelling, easy-to-read narrative to cover all the bases. He starts with chapters (The Future of Golf, The History of Disc Golf) that explain disc golf’s strong appeal. Then, in ‘The Organic Grassroots Growth of Disc Golf,’ he quantifies the sport’s relentless expansion and explains why it is both unsung and unstoppable.

After answering all the questions addressed in other disc golf books (Who plays? Where? How do I start?) the author makes it clear that disc golf is more ‘golf-like’ than most think (‘The Finer Points of the Game’) and a genuine force for good (‘The Egalitarian Sport,’ ‘Wellness Through Disc Golf,’ and ‘A Panacea for Modern Problems’).

Disc golfers, this is your story. Help share it with the world!

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