About Beanies

A disc golf beanie is a great accessory for any disc golfer who wants to stay warm and comfortable on the course. These beanies are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and stretchy, making them easy to wear for long rounds in cold temperatures.  A disc golf beanie is a stylish and practical accessory that can be worn on and off the course, and is a great way to show off your love for the sport and your favorite disc golf brands. With a variety of colors and designs available, it's easy to find the perfect beanie to suit your personal style and keep you comfortable during your rounds of winter disc golf.

Keep your head warm and stylish with a disc golf branded winter hat.


ON SALE Infinite Beanie

Infinite Beanie


Keep your head warm while you play disc golf in the colder weather, or just spo ...

ON SALE Infinite Bomber Beanie

Infinite Bomber Beanie


The Infinite Bomber Beanie is an excellent way to keep your head warm while pla ...

ON SALE Dynamic Discs Marled Beanie

Dynamic Discs Marled Beanie


The Dynamic Discs Marled Beanie is a stylish and eye catching cold weather hat, ...

ON SALE DGA All Day Beanie

DGA All Day Beanie


The DGA All Day Beanie is made to keep your head warm on any cold day.  ...

ON SALE Legacy Beanie

Legacy Beanie


Keep your head warm with confidence! ...

ON SALE DD Patrol Cuff Beanie

DD Patrol Cuff Beanie


When it's cold outside, reach for the Patrol Cuff Beanie. Durable material ...

OUT OF STOCK DD Utility Slouch Beanie

DD Utility Slouch Beanie


The Utility Slouch Beanie gives you some variety in wear styles. Wear it as is ...

OUT OF STOCK DD Deluxe Slouch Scrunch Beanie

DD Deluxe Slouch Scrunch Beanie


When it's cold enough for a beanie but you still want to feel relaxed, pick ...

OUT OF STOCK Innova Beanie

Innova Beanie


Stay warm and show your love for Innova Discs with these striped and solid ...