Disc Golf Data: Becoming A Better Disc Golfer Detail

Disc Golf Data: Becoming A Better Disc Golfer

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You want to become a better disc golfer. You have taken advice from friends, watched videos online, and maybe even signed up for a clinic or two. Now is the time to take the next step that will propel you ahead of the competition.That next step is data. Data beyond the number of birdies you made or the distance you throw. This data measures some of the most important pieces of your disc golf game. You will learn what data to consider and how to use that data to become a better disc golfer.
This book will introduce you to a new set of disc golf metrics, beyond what exist today, crafted specifically for disc golf. These metrics are organized into goal-oriented sections to help you identify areas of your game that need work and then target those areas with data to help you to improve. You may even learn a few things around building out a better bag! This Disc Golf Data book focuses on tactical areas of your game, but it also includes some data that can help shape your strategy or how you approach holes.The disc golf data revolution has begun; you are leading the charge.

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