Infinite # 327746

Infinite Rating

∞ 916.41

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 938.26
Total Infinite Points 666
- Profile Points 80.00
- Add Course Points 75.00
- Add Layout Points 18.00
- Rounds Played Points 144.00
- Course Review Points 59.40
- Course Rating Points 24.00
- Top Discs Used Points 1.50
- Condition Updates 0.00
- Disc Review Points 264.30
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

3.00 (Total Reviews:6)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.64 (Total Reviews:22)

Courses Played 19
Rounds Played 31
Holes Played 373
Eagles 5 (1.34%)
Birdies 110 (29.49%)
Par's 206 (55.23%)
Bogeys 46 (12.33%)
Double Bogeys 5 (1.34%)
Triple Bogeys 1 (0.27%)
Penalty Strokes 4 (1.07%)
Basic Information
Biography: A born and bred collegiate athlete who started playing disc golf in college and has fully converted to it since graduation. I started playing in the woods of Charlotte, NC and now playing in the elevation and winds of Utah.
From: Eagle Mountain, Utah, U.S.A
Years Playing: 5 Skill Level: Advanced
PDGA #: 112404 PDGA Rating: 963
Primary Driving Style: Both Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 400 Max Driving Distance: 500
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 65 65 100%
10 84 84 100%
15 52 52 100%
20 20 25 80%
25 15 26 57.69%
30 16 36 44.44%
≥33 55 103 53.4%
Green Hit %: 35.18%
# of Aces: 2 (0.54%)
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Total NG Points: 0.00
Number of Events Played: 0

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Boyd Hill Nov 30 2018 3:43PM

This course is located on a property that does events for the community, so be aware of you car because lots of people can be on the property. The c ...

Art Dye Park Nov 30 2018 3:24PM

The course does a great job of using the few trees that are in Utah and also uses the elevation changes very well too. The holes are all par 3's, ...

Volt Nov 28 2018 4:30PM

169g Neutron The MVP Volt is a must have for anybody's bag for a straight/stable fairway driver. When bought brand new this disc is not mor ...

Musket Nov 28 2018 4:18PM

174g Opto I got this disc from my Trilogy Challenge that was held earlier this year. I used this disc for a bit, but then put the disc away bec ...

Sphinx Nov 27 2018 7:24PM

175g I-Blend I never liked understable discs because for me they were always unpredictable and I never felt confident throwing them... unt ...

Pharaoh Nov 27 2018 7:08PM

175g I-Blend The Pharaoh is a great distance driver for all levels of players. For beginners this disc is slightly overstable because of t ...

Leopard3 Nov 27 2018 6:19PM

The Leopard3 is one of the best discs that is on the market today. The flattened top and lowered glide are actual improvements to how the Leopard fli ...

Motion Nov 27 2018 4:53PM

This disc should not intimidate anybody because the Motion is very useful in almost every situation. Wind is not a factor when you have the Motion be ...

Vulcan Nov 27 2018 4:47PM

The only reason this disc may not be beginner friendly is because of the speed of the disc, that is what gives this disc the slight bit of stabi ...

Solace Nov 27 2018 4:33PM

This disc is such a meat hook and no beginner should ever use this, even for forehands. The Medium plastic type doesn't allow for a great grip on ...

Rosecrest Park Nov 27 2018 3:34PM

This course has been closed now ...

Scorpius Nov 27 2018 2:31PM

The Scorpius is a disc that is slightly domey and is disc that I felt comfident with from the second that I held it in my hand. The distance that you ...

Orion LS Nov 27 2018 1:37PM

This box when brand new won't give you much turn at all, but it will always give you a pretty gentle and consistent fade. The disc in the Quantum ...

Trailside Park Nov 27 2018 11:02AM

The course is in a very open part of Utah with some pretty amazing other activities at the same park. There are very few trees that surround the hole ...

Nova Nov 21 2018 4:07PM

This disc will help all players get out of a throwing slump, guaranteed. Where do I begin to describe the greatness of this disc? The overmold techno ...

Meteor Nov 21 2018 3:55PM

I found this disc years ago and it has never left my bag, I use this disc any time that I need a straight to slight anhyzer turning shot. This d ...

Wraith Nov 21 2018 3:45PM

I have been in love with this disc from the first time that I threw this one. I was concerned with the Pro plastic as I have always tended to buy and ...

Goose Landing Nov 21 2018 1:38PM

This course is by far the best one in the area. The course uses the lake very well, has a few open shots, as well as a few technical lines through th ...

Springfield Elementary School Nov 21 2018 10:44AM

This course is specifically designed for children, but is a great course for approach shots and putts. The course does not have many trees in the way ...

TeeBird3 Nov 20 2018 4:53PM

This disc is a step up of one of the most classic drivers ever in the game, the Teebird. This disc has a fair amount of stability, but don't ever ...

Ape Nov 20 2018 4:48PM

The Blizzard Ape is my furthest flying disc and is one that the wind can carry. Anytime there is a tail wind and I need distance I reach for this dis ...

Destroyer Nov 20 2018 4:42PM

The reputation of this disc precedes itself. This is the best long distance driver out there. There is no need to go any higher in speed than 12 beca ...

Flick Nov 20 2018 4:38PM

Do not buy this disc if you are a beginner. The only reason that anybody should buy this disc is if you want it for trick shots. I love my flicks for ...

X-Caliber Nov 20 2018 4:30PM

I will never have a bag without an XCaliber in it. This disc is my go to for thumber shots. For those that can throw thumbers <250 this disc ...

FD Nov 20 2018 4:23PM

This disc is a must have for any and all beginners. The flight of this disc will show players' power as they get stronger. The initial flight may ...

XXX Nov 20 2018 4:15PM

This disc, in flight, is very comparable to a Firebird. The major difference is that the rim is quite a bit deeper in your hand so it feels more like ...

Dart Nov 20 2018 3:59PM

The R-Pro Dart is one of the best putt and approach discs ever produced. I use this disc for my putt and it's glide is amazing. I am a push putte ...

Anvil Nov 20 2018 3:50PM

The slim profile on this disc allows for the feel of a driver more than the feel of a frisbee that some people can have with discs that have beads. A ...


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