Infinite Discs Team Office Fall 2022

Welcome to the Team Office 2022 Fall League! This is a 6 week flex start event, designed to allow people to play whenever they wish!

DIVISIONS: There are three divisions in this event! Recreational, Competitive, and Open. You should play recreational if you are newer to disc golf and just want to play to have a good time and improve your skills. You should play Competitive if you have a little skill under your belt, and you want to put it to the test against the intermediate crowd. Those of you who play Open, you know who you are.

PLAYING: In this league, you are allowed to play the courses in any order you choose, as long as you finish all 6 courses before the end of the event. You must have at least two registered league players on your card to submit your league round. This is a great opportunity to play with new people and improve your skills!

SCORING: It would be best if you can keep score on the Infinite Discs app, and link each player's registered profile to the card in the app. This will allow the scores to directly update on the event page!

In the case that you keep score with a different app or paper card, please send a screen shot or picture of everybody's scores from the round and Dylan can update it manually. A Facebook chat will be made for the work league so that we don't spam the standard work chat.

PRIZES: There will be a 100% deep payout in gift cards for this league. This means that anyone who finishes all 6 courses is guaranteed to win at least a small gift card. The top 3 winners of each division will get increased gift card prizes! Gift cards may include Amazon, other retails stores, fast food places, etc.


Salt Hallow Park in Hyrum - Play two rounds of nine holes to make 18. Over any fences is OB (out of bounds). In the pond or on any concrete paths is also OB. Alex's Pro tip: This course is super putter and mid-range friendly. Don't worry about high speed discs.

Sunrise Meadows in Nibley - Play two rounds of the regular 9 hole layout to make 18. Throwing on or beyond any paths surrounding the hole will be OB (each hold is surrounded by sidewalk, so keep it inside the grass). Emerie's Pro tip: Don't throw over any fences, because the locals aren't very friendly and they don't like giving discs back.

Riverhawk at Ridgeline High School - Play just one round of 9 at this course. Please try to play when school is not in session, as your success will likely be much better. They often have sports practice on the course during the day. Any cement / concrete paths or roads are OB. The river is OB. McKayla's Pro tip: Don't fall in the canal, speaking from personal experience...

Von Baer Park in Providence - This will be one of the trickiest courses on the circuit. You will play a full 18 holes, 9 from the long A Tees and 9 from the short B Tees. All holes will be played to the yellow baskets! The only OB on this course is the road around holes 7 / 8 / 9. We recommend playing this course with somebody who has already played it, so the holes can be hard to find. Todd's Pro tip: Wear pants to avoid getting your legs scratched up when searching for your discs. Be prepared to hike.

Heritage Park in Smithfield - Play all 12 holes at this course! On this course, any hard surfaces are OB. Over any fences are OB. The riverbed is OB. Note: On hole B, throwing short of the first fence is NOT OB. Dylan's Pro tip: This course is not very long, but requires technical placement with the amount of out of bounds areas. Bring your precision game!

Cache County Fairgrounds - THIS COURSE IS STILL PENDING. Rules for this course will be updated when / if it is installed. If it does not get installed before the 4th or 5th week of the event, this course will be canceled.



Online registration closes on Nov 21, 2022 00:00:00

This league starts on October 10th and ends on November 21st! (We will then start a Winter League for those who like to play in the snow.)

You may play the courses in any order and at any time during the 6-week period.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$0.00 Open-General 999979 spots available
$0.00 Recreational-General 999979 spots available
$0.00 Competitive-General 999979 spots available

Registered Players

Open - General -999979/999999

Place Name Rating PDGA # Round 1 Rating Round 2 Rating Round 3 Rating Round 4 Rating Round 5 Rating Round 6 Rating Total Payout

Recreational - General -999979/999999

Place Name Rating PDGA # Round 1 Rating Round 2 Rating Round 3 Rating Round 4 Rating Round 5 Rating Round 6 Rating Total Payout

Competitive - General -999979/999999

Place Name Rating PDGA # Round 1 Rating Round 2 Rating Round 3 Rating Round 4 Rating Round 5 Rating Round 6 Rating Total Payout