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Latitude 64 Saint

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Disc Information

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The Saint is a fantastic straight flying driver that provides intermediate players with more distance. The flight path of this disc has a slight “S curve” with a slightly overstable net result. When thrown with power it has fairly significant turn followed by moderate fade. This disc is recommended for flights up to 350 feet. The Saint disc has some serious glide, and is one of only two discs that has a glide rating of 7.

Latitude 64 says the Saint is a “slightly longer River.” It is a taller than average distance driver (1.9cm) with a moderate wing length (1.9cm). This fine disc comes in the extremely durable Opto Line plastic.

Latitude 64 Saint

Saint Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.2cm (97.87% of average, 100.19% average Distance Driver)
  • Height: 1.9cm (94.67% of average, 115.07% average Distance Driver)
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm (101.95% of average, 101.51% average Distance Driver)
  • Rim Width: 1.9cm (129.88% of average, 89.84% average Distance Driver)
  • Available Weights (Opto Line): 164-175g
  • Available Weights (Gold Line): 165-175g

Latitude 64 Saint Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s): ,
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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70 Reviews

  1. Anthony Tester
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Man oh man. The saint has proven itself over and over again. I was looking for a disc to replace my millennium JLS as my fairway driver of choice so i decided to try a saint. The rim feels the same as a JLS and the flight pattern of a new saint matches that of a beat in JLS so i figured id give it a try. And thank goodness i did. The saint rocks! Its a longer and more reliable JLS! This is in the bag to stay. Oh and i t j row a 170 opto saint.

  2. Jonathan
    Review Whiz, L8

    Love this disc. I have it in Recycled Plastic, it has a sweet Native American on a Horse stamp that looks awesome. This disc does it all. I am very comfortable throwing a consistent reliable shot under any conditions. I also throw a Saint Pro (8604) which I will use when I want an over stable flight. Between the two I can comfortably get down any fairway with ease and accuracy. My very first ACE was with the saint pro on an uphill 259′ shot.

  3. TJ
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    This has quickly become one of my favorite discs. It has replaced my champ valkyrie, and my viking. I can throw this RHFH or RHBH with no issus. The disc definitely has a good amount of glide. I gained about 30-35′ over my valyrie with this disc in the same weight.

  4. Mista Glista
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    This is my favorite disc. Not my longest driver, but by far my most reliable and comfortable. I throw RHBH/LHBH and the Saint is as good as it gets for backhanders. As long as you get one in the right weight/material, you will fall in love.

    As people previously stated, the Opto Line Saints have a bit less high-speed turn and the Gold Line & Recycled Saints have a bit more high-speed turn. In my experiences, this disc has the same reliable, forward-penetrating fade regardless of the material or weight, and I’ve owned it in Opto, Gold, Recycled, and Opto Air. The weight makes a BIG difference in how well this disc handles a headwind, but you can always hyzer flip to compensate. Its glide is unrivaled by anything I’ve gotten my hands on so far aside from Blizzard discs that were 35g lighter.

    If you’re looking for a reliable, straight driver that you can throw 300′ on a low line drive, look no further. (There’s a reason it has an almost perfect rating.)

  5. Joe Williams
    Review Supporter, L4

    I’ve been using one of these in recycled gold line for months now and it’s the disc I use for almost every drive. It’s pretty predictable and easy to throw.

  6. Anthony S.
    Reviewer, L2

    Looking to replace my beat up Z predator(ace disc) thats now like a faster Teebird, I decided to try a Saint. At first it was a little stable on me and seemed so so. With a little more field testing and more work I realized it had potential. It has pretty good glide to it and I can get about the same D as a Wraith but with a lot more predictability. I find it flies similar to a DD Escape.

  7. namar
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Glide for days! My main thrower is a 171g in Gold Line plastic and if I had to play a two disc round, the Saint would be my driver choice. If you are careful with your release angles this disc will read your mind. It will even hold a decent anhyzer, though it won’t ride that line to the ground unless you muscle the bejeezus out of it. This has become my go-to for almost anything 350 and under, and has kicked out a couple long-time standards. It will fight out of anny with a nice and controlled forward fade, hold a hyzer line from hand to chains, and run a very straight line with enough snap and a bit of hyzer flip. The GL plastic releases so clean from the hand I can see how some folks consider it too slick, but once it wears a little the grip is fantastic. If you are in the “GL is too slippery” camp, find a used Saint, watch your scores fall, and thank me later.

  8. Chris
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I have a 153g opto saint and this thing is awesome, it flies like a longer version of my beat in dx teebird. If you cant quite get a high speed driver up there yet consider going with one of these. I have both the fuse and saint in the opto plastic and I love the feel, even in the rain its never slippery and always sits right where it lands.

  9. Kyle Longworth

    I would have to recommend this disc for anyone who doesnt play in high winds. I love the big long S curve it gets with all the glide, but playing it in the wind knocks it down everytime.

  10. Blake
    Review Supporter, L4

    Just bought an Opto Air 150gram Saint. Got a chance to go out and play a round at Manhattan,IL. course (“Round Barn” IIRC).

    Was pretty windy, so I was a bit leery of judging it’s performance , especially considering I hadn’t thrown one before and it is a 150gram model ( I usually do throw 150g if I can, but the wind worried me).

    Worries were completely unfounded. First throw was beautiful. Second throw, beautiful. Third throw, beautiful. Etc, etc.

    This disc does exactly what I want it to, shaping nice lines and has less fade than what I expected.

    I love it and can’t wait to throw it again.

    • Blake
      Review Supporter, L4

      Well, after having had this disc for a while, I wanted to update my review of it.

      I’m not sure if it is just the driver , or perhaps due to it being a 150g , but I have a hard time throwing it forehand. Seems like it just wants to flip if I throw it hard forehand.

      Backhand , it is amazing. It does have a bit of high speed turn , seems a bit more high speed turn than the Innova TL . The Saint has a TON of glide, and seems to fade less than the “Fade:2″ rating would suggest.

      I really like this driver. As I said, it does have some high speed turn , but nothing like my Leopard or Valkyrie (both also 150g). Just a touch of High speed turn that can easily be countered if you desire to throw a continuous curve that blends into the fade .

      Hope this helps someone.

    • alex
      Reviewer, L2

      i love round barn! ever play shorewood or channy?

      • Blake
        Review Supporter, L4

        Just played Round Barn again today. Red baskets are tough!

        I’ve played Shorewood a few times but haven’t played Channahon yet. I Play alot at Olympia Fields, Mokena, Joilet, New Lenox, etc.

  11. Bryan
    Review Participant, L1

    I love the Saint, especially in Gold Line. This disc was my first real driver that I was able to make perfect throws. I’ve beat some trees with it and now it flies straight, but it will never ever leave my bag or from my cold dead hands.. lol..

  12. Kim Brennan

    When getting back into the sport in 2012, I found the Gold Line Saint to be a trifle overstable for me. A year later, and I’ve revisited it, and found it to be a terrific disc. The Opto Air version is a nice addition, and useful for uphill shots, where the lighter weight is an advantage. Like others have mentioned, the Saint makes great S curves, once you have sufficient wrist snap. This disc works great with both backhand and forehand drives and approaches. Latest pearly colors look great too!

  13. CaliZac89
    Review Supporter, L4

    The Saint is one of my all time favorites by Lat 64. With decent arm speed, it’s a lazer beam with minimal fade at the end of the flight. Newer players will most likely have a bit more fade at the end, however the GLIDE will carry the disc pretty far. The Saint was my first Lat 64 disc and started my obsession with Swedish plastic. Gold line is less stable than opto and most intermediate/advanced players I’ve talked to prefer at least 172+ in weights to help with the stability. Do yourself a favor, and buy one!

  14. Matthew Oakey

    My go-to disc for straight shots. Hyzer-flip it or release it flat for a slight S-flight. My Gold Line feels great. I would most certainly recommend this disc to anyone who really loves to play.

  15. Jason K.

    This disc is perfect for those beginner to intermediate players that ready to disc up and and start throwing faster discs. It has a great feel and will hold whatever line you want to put it on.

  16. Scott
    Reviewer, L2

    Super reliable straight flyer, huge amount of glide! Goldline plastic is crazy durable as well!

  17. Billy Hadley

    Loved this disc from the first time I used it. Very good disc to have for my forehand throws. I would definitely recommend it.

  18. Andrew S

    I first bought an Opto Air Saint for my brother, watched him throw it and was impressed with the flight. I then went out and bought 2 more Opto Air Saints and a heavier Gold Line Saint. This is one of my favorite discs and I certainly love the GL plastic! Always have a nice straight flight with a slight fade at the end.

  19. Jessica Evans
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Love this disc. This is the first disc I discovered my forehand with. I lost my first one and immmediately bought the exact same one. Great disc for stable backhand and forehand throws alike. I love this disc in goldline factory second plastic.

  20. Neil Chaney
    Review Fanatic, L5

    First threw a sait when my buddy brought out his stack of lat 64 s to try out. Was a close call but I chose the flow for some added distance. Very easy disc to throw, full power is not needed to make it sail. Recently bought one for my friend who is just starting to get into disc golf as a compliment to his roadrunner. He absolutely loves it and threw it well straight outta the gate. As usual lat 64 makes a great product. This is a little to similar flight path to my flow and that is the only reason I haven’t bagged one. Would highly recomed this disc to anyone looking to add some distance to their throws with less power, or to a beginner looking for a solid first driver.

  21. Matt
    Review Participant, L1

    Great disc for throwing.

  22. Doug
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I’ve never thrown a Saint, but I have seen them fly dead straight. I have thrown the Fury, which some said was similar to a Saint. I’d certainly love to have a disc like the Saint, since I seem to throw fairway drivers so well!

  23. Monkeypaws
    Review Lover, L6

    I’ve been throwing an Air Saint as a compliment to my usual assortment of understable discs like the Underworld and Diamond. It has instantly vaulted to the top of the pile for most driving duties. Because mine is only 150 g. I can turn it over if I throw with lots of OAT, but otherwise it has proven to be a very forgiving and far flying disc. Inevitably I end up with an S-curve that lands pretty much on the line I threw it. I think I’m ready for a slightly heavier one for windy days. Just a great, glidey disc.

  24. Peter Erickson
    Reviewer, L2

    Overall, it is hard to go wrong with Latt 64. The manufacturing is solid and there is lots of options to choose from to fill a bag. The wear is long. I like to beat in Optos a bit before the love happens. Gold Line is love out of the chute. Over time it becomes a new Stryker with more glide.

    The Saint is a longer, more stable River. The Gold Line can be used for long anhyzers that hold a line. Slow speed S shots are solid. A hyper flip with a small fade at the end is very nice. In the Opto plastic is all of the above in a bit more overstable format. The Gold Line is ok in the wind and Opto is a sturdy friend.

    The Saint on a hyzer flip up has a standard line it follows. You can watch most players throw it and name the disc by the flight.

  25. Hughes Hilton

    The Saint is a great control driver. I used to use a gold-line saint quite a bit. If I threw it with maybe 75% power it would cruise nice and straight with just a little turn and a little fade. Unfortunately, it beat in over time and became too understable, so I stopped using it. I think if I bought a Saint again, I’d buy it in Opto plastic instead of gold, so that it would keep its stability for longer. Otherwise, I was very happy with it.

  26. frank Garcia

    Saint review

    I have a Saint in the recycled plastic which has a great feel. I use the Saint in trinty with a Teebird and a Fury with the Saint occupying the middle spot.

    The Saint has a comfortable feel, just enough rim to grip for a good controlled shot. It will hold a line into a headwind with a little hyper even with power (I have mid level power max D is 375-400). If you throw it hard with a lot of ani it will stay over so it can be a very versatile driver.

    I really like the disc because it doesn’t have the hard finish the Teebird has but I don’t have to worry about it flipping over if there is more wind than expected down range. If I only could carry three discs this would be one of them.

  27. Graham
    Review Fanatic, L5

    Latitude 64 discs are just amazing. The saint is one of my go to discs in little to no wind. It is very smooth straight flight with a little hyzer at the end. The rim fits perfectly in my hand. It’s not to wide like high speed drivers. I can even throw it sidearm and I just watch it glide for ever.

  28. Jeff Dumm

    Purchased this disc on a whim looking for a good stable fairway driver. My distance drive averages 350+ and fairway drivers tend to be too understable. I never expected what happened next. Right out of the gate with a flat 80% power backhand, this disc came out smooth and slow. Slight curve and came out beautifully. Ended up around 300, but straight down the middle of the fairway. I am pleased to say that this disc has consistently performed like this each throw over and over again. In fact, the only drawback to this disc is that it doesnt perform as well in the wind, but that is to be expected. Strong glide, beautiful line, and this disc has singlehandedly restored my faith in disc companies that arent’t innova or discraft. What a great addition to my bag!!!

  29. Mickey
    Review Participant, L1

    The Saint is a AWESOME DISC. This is my most dependable driver, thrown with a tailwind it’ll travel. I throw it better than faster discs

  30. Richard P
    Review Participant, L1

    You want glide? This disc is it. You want distance, check this out. You mastered S curves? You’ll make this your new favorite driver. Buy it.

  31. Justin

    The Saint is my most relied upon driver. My home course has a lot of long, straight shots and the Saint works best for those.

    It doesn’t fly as impeccably straight as the Fuse — another disc from Latitude 64 which is by far my favorite disc (but it’s a mid-range) — and it doesn’t get quite as much distance as some other drivers, but the Saint is reliably straight-flying with reasonable distance and good but not crazy fade at the end.

    I love the plastic that Latitude 64 makes. Both Opto and Gold are great in terms of both grip/feel and durability. I would just suggest avoiding the Limited Edition Test Run plastic which is more slick and does not stand up to a lot of punishment.

    I am an intermediate player with ~15 discs (and counting).

  32. Andrew Zimmerman
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I have heard good things about this disc. I have had the chance to throw it and it was a very straight and reliable driver that had a very predictable fade at the end of it. I have been having some problems with my elbow so I have been relying on my forehand and this disc has been very friendly to me, It is a disc that I would recommend for a stable fairway driver.

  33. Bobby K
    Reviewer, L2

    The saint is very reliable disc in in tailwind conditions. With little effort the disc will glide for days and is a go to to shape many of the lines I throw. The less stable compliment to the striker the disc should be a go to for many arms as a distance driver. Throwing the disc controlled makes it a very accurate driver that can even handle some wind conditions.

  34. Shannon

    Straight and true. Not my farthest disc but reliable. The fade allows me to put all I have into it and know it’s going to be where I need it. Replaced my Champion Beast with this.

  35. Jai
    Review Participant, L1

    Only got the opportunity to throw it a few times, but when I did I found the Saint to be great for what it is, which is longer fairway driver for me. I could control it out of the hand really well and then just watch it glide on its line for a while before fading out just a little bit at the end. It also has a great feel in the opto one I threw. I’m currently looking to add one to my bag for those shots that are too long for my Eagle.

  36. Brandon
    Reviewer, L2


    Started throwing a 172g RL Saint and everyone I play with is astounded and is like,”What is that disc?”

    Talk about glide. This thing will sail forever. It it soooo awesome to just watch it soar after you put a good rip on it. Is a little more on the stable side than what they call it. (They call it an overstable control driver).

    This is my go to disc at my local courses, most of which don’t have over 400 ft holes.

    Released with a very slight hyzer, it will pick up and just glide all day. Very predictable disc.

    This is a must have disc for everyone!

  37. Gustavo Ocampo
    Review Elite, L9

    The saint is a great straight disc. Great for some headwind or crosswind. This disc is a great disc. Its a “SAINT”. Ha. Kind of corny but oh well. Anyways this is a great disc. Recommend it for any one. Love it to hyzer at the end and skip.

  38. Benjamin Wonders
    Reviewer, L2

    I’ve been throwing the Saint for a few weeks now, and I am getting more and more comfortable with it. I finally have a disc that I can throw into a wind, but it’s not so fast that I can’t throw it well.

  39. Riko Menzies
    Review Fanatic, L5

    When I disced down to 9 and below, the Gold Line Saint was the disc I went to when I needed the distance. It was also the only 9-speed driver in my bag.

    This disc is all about flight–the moment it leaves your hand, it just glides for days. It’s got just enough turn to it to tweak its finish forward, but not enough that it’s so easy to shank. It fights the headwinds quite nicely, and despite its glide it isn’t so easily picked up and thrown off course.

    It responds to release angles very well and will hold the lines you put it on. The Saint takes both hyzers and anhyzers smoothly. I’ve torqued this disc and watched it try to dive off to the right, but it maintained its glide and flexed back just flat enough to sit down where it needed to. It’s an honest disc, but forgiving at the same time.

    Friendly to all skill levels, the Saint is a definite must-have in Lat64’s lineup. You can’t go wrong.

  40. Brent
    Reviewer, L2

    My go-to disc for straight shots. Hyzer-flip it or release it flat for a slight S-flight. Recycled Gold Line feels great.

  41. Mercer Blanchard
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I enjoy my Saint. When you throw it flat, it stays flat. And in the air. For a long time. By far the most accurate driver I have, the Saint is a great disc to pick up. NOTE: Gold Line plastic is very durable, but in the rain I’ve had problems with my max-weight Saint.

  42. David
    Review Nut, L7

    This is a great disc for all the reasons everyone else has mentioned, Gold line feels and looks amazing, very predictable. For me its like a shorter Valkrie, similar flight and super tough. My biggest problem is that I also have a Fury in Gold line, i end up using the Fury so much more often for this reason: the River and the Saint are awesome because you dont need max power for them to fly beautiful for you. The Fury loves the power and i am a power player, so more often than not i reach for the Fury because i just want to let it rip! That being said the saint is super usefull for pin point placement shots that are less than 320ish feet and farther than you want to try with your river. Now the Saint is not going to be as willing as the River to all the craziest shots you can think of but it will still do most of them, just with less severity.

  43. Landon Lockhart
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    One of the consistent reviewers on here said that “Overstable in Swedish must mean, Neutral to Understable.” I think that is actually a pretty accurate guide to all of their discs. Maybe not the stilleto, ill tell you on Friday when mine gets here. Anyway, the Saint…. I like it for longish, straight shots. It flys straight and finishes left. But, if you really put some boom baby baby on it…it will go right. I can hyzer flip this disc and still roll it so I don’t know what that says about its over stability profile, but nonetheless, I like it. As long as you use it like it is intended and don’t try to throw it 450 on a laser beam, I think you will really enjoy the Saint. I know I do.

    • Landon Lockhart
      Review Extroadinaire, L11

      I really like this disc, the more and more I use it. Lat 64 GL plastic is the shizzz and the Saint is such a reliable disc. Long shot you need a steady right turn…pull out your saint. Dead straight shot 350, pull out your saint. Hyzer-flip through a narrow gap, pull out your saint…. Somebody tell me why I haven’t bought more of this disc.

  44. Henry J
    Review Supporter, L4

    I just picked up a Gold Line Saint at 170g and I am absolutely in LOVE with it!!! First time out on the local course and I noticed right away that it was a great flying disc and has nice glide! It instantly became one of my “must have” discs!

  45. Trevor Loew
    Review Lover, L6

    I have been holding off on a review of my Opto line Saint, 173g for awhile now. I was not quite sure what I thought of it at first. But after playing several rounds with the Saint in my bag the last few weeks, it has become my go-to distance driver. It has the words “Overstable Control Driver” printed on it, and ratings of Speed: 9, Glide: 7, Turn: -1, Fade: 2 so at first I was narrow-mindedly thinking of this as a stable fairway driver. It is SO much more than that! It seems to have glide very similar to my River, but not as flippy. Also being faster than the River I can put more power on it to stretch out a drive. I typically drive between 300-350ft RHBH by the way. I find that a lot of the faster drivers are just to much for me, and this speed 9 range gets pretty much the same distance but manages to be very easy to control. This disc turns just enough to finish straight after the moderate fade when thrown flat. When put on a gentle hyzer line, it held the line gracefully through the entire flight which makes it very predictable for me to aim on that line. I would not call it a great headwind driver, but it held up well enough. My experience with Latitude 64 (only thrown River, Fuse, Striker, Flow, Saint, Pure)on the whole has been, mostly terrific discs featuring crazy glide… but almost worthless for me in a headwind and this disc changed my mind on that.
    As for now whether it is a wide open long hole, or one that requires some line shaping, I will continue grabbing my Saint.

    • Trevor Loew
      Review Lover, L6

      I have since picked up a recycled line Saint as well. The recycled line is a little more understable, and is closer to what I would call a longer River than the Opto line. The recycled seemed to glide a little more too if that is possible, adding another 15-20 feet more than my Opto line. I think due to the ease of control, I still prefer my Opto line though. That thing makes such a nice 320-350ft S-curve! If you are bored with, intimidated by, or have a hard time gripping the ultra fast drivers you should really give the Saint a try!

  46. Jack Fillenwarth
    Review Elite, L9

    Latitude 64 making another disc with some serious glide. Not as stable as I would have hoped but I still keep one in the bag because it can get some very effortless distance when wind is not an issue. The glide becomes its weakness in any really storng wind. Overall I do enjoy how easy this disc is to throw and would definitely recommend it to any player skill level.

    • Jack
      Review Elite, L9

      After playing with it for longer I realized that my issues with it in the wind were my fault. When I adjust for the wind this disc holds up perfectly fine. I continue to love this disc and I believe it is going to be my driver of choice once I carry out my plan to disc down

  47. I’ve heard good things about the Saint for a long time, and I’ve thrown the Opto Saint in the past, but wasn’t all that impressed with it. For me, it didn’t do anything that an Eagle-X or even a worn-in Teebird wouldn’t, and was always much harder to find. My tournament this weekend (303 Amateur Championships in Denver) changed my mind. On Friday, during practice rounds, I drained my two most trustworthy Teebirds into a pond like an idiot. Looking for a quick fix, I picked up a Saint, 175g, in Gold Line plastic. I got it mostly because the shop I was at didn’t have any Star Teebirds, and the GL Saint was the closest thing I could find.

    I ended up throwing it more than any other disc, save for my putter, throughout the 2-day tournament. I don’t know what my problem was before, but this Saint is an amazing disc. All the fairway drivers I bag have great similarities (to wit: Teebird, Shock, Volt, Patriot) but for me they all have different uses. The Saint could easily kick all of them out of the bag. When thrown flat, it has a flight most similiar to an Eagle-X but with 10 times (or more) the amount of glide. It will go straight out of the hand, begin a little bit of distance-stretching turn, then begin it’s very forward-finishing fade. Unlike some Lat64 and Westside discs, the glide is evident throughout the entire flight, as opposed to dying off when the fade kicks in (like a Stag, Underworld, Diamond or Striker do). When thrown with hyzer, the Saint will not flip to flat, but rather make a beautiful, glidey hyzer line. Excellent for long, high spike hyzers. Suprisingly, it holds an anhyzer line as well. I had two occasions this weekend where I was attempting a turnover shot, but put too much anny on the Saint, and it held the glidey anhyzer the whole way…which actually worked out much better for me in the end.

    I can’t say enough good things about the Saint. For experienced players, you might find the Saint to be much longer than a typical fairway or control driver. For intermediate players, like myself, you’ll likely find yourself reaching for the Saint more often than not. Even begginer players will find the Saint useful…it’s described as overstable (it fights the wind very well, despite it’s monster glide) it has enough high speed turn and a gentle enough fade to be used by someone with less arm speed or poorer form.

    A great disc that I HIGHLY reccomend!

  48. Mark Shearer
    Review Participant, L1

    The Saint is definitely one of my goto discs in my bag … I have a ton of lat64 and the Saint is one of the easiest discs to throw…. I can make it turn a bit and do some of the nicest S curves i’ve ever seen

  49. Sam Connell
    Review Participant, L1

    The best mold Latitude has related thus far, and the best fairway driver on the market. Powered down, you can land this thing on a dime anywhere inside of 400′. In no wind/tail wind, have gotten it out to 500′ multiple times. The perfect disc.

  50. Cory Loonsfoot
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Nice straight flyer with a little fade at the end. Biggest thing I have to say about this disc is the glide. Wow does this thing stay up.

  51. Cam
    Reviewer, L2

    Def. A straight thrower not my farthest driver in the bag but it has purpose when I want to run right at the basket in a tight fairway, I think its also pretty forgiving if you don’t get a great pull on it.

  52. Michael
    Reviewer, L2

    What a beautiful disc, both the plastic and the flight. I picked one up at 168g in Gold Line plastic. From the first toss, I was hooked. I throw this disc in the 350′ range, and my longest throws are in the 400′ range with either a GL Flow (for no fade) or a Star Wraith (for more hook at the end). This disc throws quite a bit like the Flow but with less effort. Power down a bit, snap good spin on it and just put it on a line, then stand back and watch this thing glide effortlessly.

    The Teebird reference gets used all too often, but this disc is somewhat comparable to a very slightly worn ‘bird, but with more predictable turn, far more glide, and more predictable fade. I throw the Teebird and Saint similar distances, but the Saint just seems to get there more accurately and with less effort.

    I can’t say enough about this disc, and Latitude as a company as a whole. Their quality, flight paths, feel, durability and glide of their plastic is just unmatched by any other company I’ve come across. Give it 15 years, and people will be looking back to Latitude plastic, both Gold Line and Opto, in the same way people now look at CE. It’s just that far ahead of the pack…

  53. Laramie
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I am a lower powered player maxing out at about 300′. I got one of the opto air saints and played around with it for about a week and put it down for about a month. I picked it up again with some newfound throwing knowledge and am now working this disc out past 350′. Even at the lower weight, it has enough stability to kick out of the turnover and gives a good amount of fade at the end for a huge flex shot.

  54. Alan Barker
    Review Grand Master, L13

    I just used a Saint for the first time last weekend. My max distance backhand throws are generally about 330 feet. I haven’t measured, but I’m pretty sure my first few throws with the Saint exceeded that. This thing glides like no other. You don’t have to try and throw it hard, just a nice controlled throw with snap will go forever. This is my new go to Distance Driver.

  55. CaliZac89
    Review Supporter, L4

    Easy disc to throw. Always consistant “s” curve. Eats wind for breakfast. Replaced my teebirds in a heartbeat. Don’t put any muscle behind it, otherwise it WILL turn over. Glide for dayssss. Everyone should throw a saint AT LEAST once.

  56. Like teebirds, but like latitude plastic? Try this disc. It’s a straight shooter for me. Throw it flat and with snap and it just holds that line for a long healthy glide, with a touch of fade at the end. Not as much forward penetrating fade as a teebird, but still quite similar.

  57. Rich Yarges
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Saint is my go to distance driver. Holds a line but stable enough to fight the wind.

  58. Bryson Williams
    Review Participant, L1

    My go to disc for anything up to 350 feet. holds sweet lines and hyzerflips awesome. kind of like a slower and longer valk

  59. taco
    Reviewer, L2

    great disc super stable with a nice flip really easy to throw

  60. Thomas Milos
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    For me, The Saint is an out-of-the-box dead straight 320′ with fade at the end. It fits in the hand nicely, comes off clean and just tracks slight right forever, then finishes out in line with the tee. I own it in Gold plastic, and it is still new-flying. We’ll see what time does to it, but judging from it’s fade, I think it will become a fantastic hyzer-flip disc for me.

  61. Duncan Crawford
    Review Participant, L1

    Quickly became my go-to disc. Very controllable straight flight with slight fade at the end and excellent glide. Great disc.

  62. Jeff
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    By far, my favorite disc to come out this year. The Saint has that amazing Latitude 64 glide that all of their discs seem to have. I don’t even throw speed 12-13 discs for max distance anymore since the Saint goes just as far for me with great predictability. I throw a 168 Opto hard and flat and watch it bend slightly right (RHBH) and finishes with a great, forward fade.

  63. Jason
    Review Whiz, L8

    I use it for long Anhyzers, it will hold the line very well and have beautiful glide at the end, Opto plastic is beautiful and the most durable plastic I have ever used. The Saint is a little further and less stable than a Striker.

  64. Chad jahnke
    Review Participant, L1

    This disc is awesome. Throw it flat straight and hard and it’ll s curve for a long drive. Lat 64 has the best feeling plastic. It’s like pretty candy. Can’t say anything bad about this disc.

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