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Buying Golf Discs

Whether you are new to the sport, have played before with a Frisbee and loved it, or you are a seasoned veteran now looking for high-performance golf discs, our disc buying guide will help you understand the terminology and flight characteristics of different types of discs.

Read our Disc Buying Guide Here

Searching For The Perfect Disc?

The sidebar on the right will help you find the perfect disc. Simply select the criteria for your desired disc, then click the “View Available Discs” button. Hint: If too many discs appear, select more specific criteria and try again. If no discs appears, be a bit broader with your criteria, or be careful about contradicting your search (i.e. a Distance Driver with a speed of 4 does not exist).

Narrow Down Your Selection Based on these criteria:

Disc Brands

While Innova is the world’s most popular disc golf brand, other manufacturers make some great, and sometimes less expensive discs. If you have a disc brand that you really love, you can search for discs made exclusively by that manufacturer. Otherwise, our site allows you to search all discs matching your desired characteristics, regardless of brand, whether you are looking for discs that are inexpensive, or ultra durable.

Learn more about Disc Brands


Disc Types

We classify discs in four types: putters, mid-range, fairway drivers, and distance drivers

Learn more about Disc Types


Flight Characteristics

Some discs fly straight, some hook hard to the left, and some actually turn to the right when thrown with enough power (for right-handed, backhand throws). Our flight characteristic sort can help you find discs that fly straight, discs that turn or “slice” to the right, discs that fade or hook to the left, and disc flight patterns that turn first, then fade back, resembling an “S-Curve”.

Learn more about Disc Flight Paths & Flight Ratings


Disc Speed

We use Innova’s flight ratings for determining disc speeds. The fastest-flying discs have a rating of 14, while slow putters have a rating of 1. For power throwers, the faster the speed, the farther you will be able to throw your discs. Beginner and intermediate players will generally see their best performance with disc speeds less than 10.

Learn more about Disc Speed


Disc Stability

  • Stable – We define stable discs as those that land straight or slightly left of where you aim, with a level backhand throw (right handed). Throws with these discs may turn slightly in one direction, and then fade in the other directions, but the net result will be an approximately straight throw.
  • Overstable – For right-handed players throwing backhand, an overstable disc will land to the left of where it is aimed. For forehand/sidearm throws, overstable discs will land to the right of a straight line.
  • Very Overstable – These discs curve hard and consistently hook without any high speed turn.
  • Understable – With powerful backhand throws, understable discs actually turn hard and land to the right of where they are aimed. Understable discs do not generally work well for forehand throws, as they turn over too hard and become roller discs. These discs perform best when thrown by beginners.

Learn more about Disc Stability

Disc Ratings

While not everybody likes the same discs, and every disc golfer has a different throwing style and technique, discs that are highly rated,  are more likely to treat you right. Our rating sort helps you narrow down available discs based on how well other golfers like them. Discs on are rated between 1 and 5, 5 being the best.

Learn more about Disc Ratings

Skill Level

Some discs are better suited for beginners, while others are only effective when thrown by advanced players who can throw more than 400 feet. Our skill level sort displays discs based on three user classifications: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Learn more about Disc Skill Level

Plastic Grades

There are primarily four major plastic types that disc golf manufacturers use: basic (the cheapest blend of low-quality plastic), mid grade, durable (clear, very strong plastic), and premium plastics

Learn more about Disc Plastic Types


Disc Extras

Certain discs have other characteristics that a player may want, such as tie dyed , floating, and glow in the dark golf discs. Our extras sort is where you can search specifically for things.

Learn more about Disc Extras