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The Hex Rax is designed and manufactured in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, USA, to be a sleek, minimalist rack to display your favorite discs. These racks are made from high-quality birch ply sheets that are faced with a waterproof phenolic resin on both sides, one smooth and one textured with a small hexagonal pattern. The patterned outside is extremely scuff and mar-resistant, helping to ensure a long, beautiful life for your rack. Fitted with 1/4" aluminum rods, they look good and won't break or warp like wood can. The edges are painted to keep the black color scheme going strong. You can choose an Infinite Discs edition with the brand logo engraved on your Hex Rax for no additional cost. The rack includes two dividers / bookends to separate your discs or just make sure that a row of discs stands straight. Your discs deserve better than a hardware store rack, so treat them to a Hex Rax from Infinite Discs.

  • Up to 60 disc capacity without dividers.
  • Less than 10 minute assembly time (Allen Key, 14 screws and Instructions included).
  • Can be wall mounted using your own hardware. Just pre-drill through the taller middle backer with a standard wood drill bit. For extra security, do the same through the top backer.
  • Hex Rax are 20" tall x 17" wide x 10" deep and weigh less than 9 lbs. empty.

*Shipping is included in the price, nothing additional is charged at checkout. Additionally, racks are drop-shipped directly from the manufactuer. Other items in your order will ship separately.

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