Infinite Discs VIP Club – Subscription

The Infinite Disc VIP Club is an exclusive subscription service disc enthusiast, run by Infinite Discs. Those who subscribe to the club receive a fun, collectible disc each month, never knowing what will show up in their mailbox. It is a way to explore, throw, and collect many disc models from different manufacturers. Each monthly shipment is a limited edition, often as part of an exclusive run with unique stamp art.

The subscription price for the VIP Club is only $21.99 per month! 

–> Due to the inflation in disc and shipping prices, we had to adjust the price for the VIP Club subscription for the first time in December 2021.

There are currently a limited number of openings to join the VIP Club. Once you’re in, you’ll start getting your discs so you can collect them, throw them, sell them, trade them, or give them as gifts! Do what you’d like with your discs, but remember, you will be one of a limited number of players to have these fun discs. View previous monthly VIP discs here.

What Else Is Included With A VIP Subscription?

In addition to the disc of the month, VIP members also get:
  • Automatic Discounts on every disc and most products at
  • Access to the VIP Club store which includes additional exclusive discs and extra limited runs.
  • First access to test editions and new releases of discs in the Infinite Discs Line.
  • Access to the VIP Club Facebook page where you’ll get early release announcements and extra insight from Infinite Discs Vice President Todd Durrant. Also get access to the VIP Club chat room on the Infinite Discs Discord server.
  • Early or exclusive access to discs with limited quantities when we don’t have nearly enough for all of our customers.

To subscribe, please use the simple form below.  We now have a monthly payment option as well as a 1-year prepayment option.  


To use the monthly payment option (subscription) use the drop-down menu to select the number of limited edition discs you’d like to receive each month. Most people only want one, but if you are a collector and want duplicates, you are allowed to subscribe for up to 3 each month. Please note that multiple disc subscriptions are for duplicates of each monthly disc, NOT two or three different discs each month.

After selecting the number of discs you’d like per month, click the “Subscribe” button. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your subscription. You will be able to use a PayPal account balance to pay each month, or you can use a credit / debit card as a default payment through PayPal. Please note: Paypal will process the monthly charge automatically, so it will be your responsibility to make sure that your payment information is current with PayPal.

You will need to provide the shipping information during checkout as well. That address is where you’re disc will be shipped each month. Any change of address or address correction should be emailed to

If you use a credit or debit card to fund the monthly subscription, please keep your card information current on Paypal because a declined charge will result in the cancellation of your subscription.

Once your have subscribed, you’ll receive email updates and news about the shipments so you’ll know when to watch your mail box. Thanks for your support of the Infinite Discs VIP Club! We hope you love the new discs!

PLEASE NOTE: The VIP Club is not currently available to subscribers outside the USA unless you provide a shipping address inside the USA.

Disc Quantity


Due to popular demand, we have added an option to pre-pay for an entire year in the Infinite Discs VIP Club. If you want to pay for an entire year in advance, either for yourself, or as a gift to somebody else, then this is the plan for you! The monthly discs will arrive without interruption for an entire year. Once the year ends, you’ll need to re-subscribe for another year (or you could switch to the month-by-month subscription program).

If you are buying a membership as a gift for another person, then please email once your subscription is complete to provide the name and shipping address for the person who should receive the monthly discs. The price for an entire year membership in the Infinite Discs VIP Club is $250, which saves you money overall.

Use the button below to purchase a 1-year membership, and complete the payment through PayPal. You’ll receive an email confirmation once your membership is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: The VIP Club is not currently available to subscribers outside the USA unless you provide a shipping address inside the USA.

Disc Quantity Per Month