Meet Infinite Discs Team Member: Cole Redalen

Cole Redalen


One of the interesting and exciting aspects of professional disc golf is seeing the young players already making an impact on our sport. There are several touring pros that are in their teens, and two players in the top 10 in DGPT points that are 21 or younger. It is fun to see those talented players emerge and compete at such a high level. We’ll meet one of those rising stars in this blog as we introduce to you an Infinite Discs sponsored player, Cole Redalen.

Cole stopped by the Infinite Disc’s headquarters recently and took the time to make a few videos for our YouTube channel (check them out HERE). He also answered a few questions about his young career, how he started disc golf, and some of his experiences so far. So, let’s get to know Cole Redalen!


Getting Started


Like many young pros, Cole started playing at a relatively young age. Despite living most of his life in South Carolina, he didn’t pick up disc golf until his family moved to Oregon. His dad worked for Intel, and the company happened to be hosting a disc golf clinic held by none other than Infinite Discs’ Zoe Andyke and Dustin Keagan. Cole said that watching the flight of his disc was a life-changing experience. “Once I threw that disc, there was no going back.”

Up until that time in his life Cole had been involved with many different sports, like basketball, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, and track. At the time he discovered disc golf he had been focusing on basketball and taking that sport to the next level. However, once he found out he couldn’t play high school basketball, he decided to put his effort into disc golf.


Practicing During Homeschool


One aspect of his life that contributed to his rapid rise in the sport was the fact that he was homeschooled. That gave him a flexibility in scheduling that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. “Being homeschooled had its major perks as far as free time and practice goes,” said Cole. “I was out there every day putting and throwing in a field to get better.”

Over the next few years Cole continued to work on his disc golf skills while playing in more and more tournaments. He started to pick up wins in Amateur divisions and in 2019 accepted cash for the first time with his finish at the NADGT finals. However, that didn’t have a big impact on him. “Because it was an amateur event, it didn’t feel as big of an accomplishment as playing against professionals. But, it was a door I was certainly ready to walk through and excited to see what was to come.”


Turning Pro


Cole started playing in the Open Division from that point on. Although he started cashing in lower-tier

Photo by Gage Hamilton

tournaments, it wasn’t until an A-tier event, the 2020 Kitsap Classic, that he felt he had his breakthrough performance.

The Kitsap Classic is held Port Orchard, Washington, and in 2020 included several touring pros. Cole didn’t win, but he took third behind Infinite Discs’ Dallin Blanchard and Nate Sexton. It was a watershed moment for Cole. “I really started to find my stride (at that tournament) as a 960 rated player behind Nate Sexton and Dallin Blanchard. At that moment I was already pursuing the sport as a career, but it really solidified the decision.”


Cole’s First Worlds


Another career-boosting performance came at last year’s World Championship. He entered the MPO long-drive competition, and he took fourth place! He not only cashed, he finished ahead of other well-known crushers like Gannon Buhr, Anthony Barella, and Thomas Gilbert. Cole said it was a total shock! “I knew I could throw far,” he said, “but as soon as the disc left my hand I was blown away. It meant a lot to see that I can complete against the farthest throwers in the sport.”


Career Highlights


Although the NADGT tournament and Long Distance competition were great experiences for Cole, he points to another finish that stands out as the most memorable for him. That would be at last year’s Ledgestone Insurance Open. He finished in 7th place and took home the largest amount of cash in his career to date, $2,425. Cole said that it, “really propelled my name onto the scene and told everyone that I was ready for the heat of the best competition in the world.”

More recently, Cole added another highlight to his young career at the Discraft’s Great Lakes Open. On the final round of the Pro Tour event, he shot a scorching -12! The 1082-rated round propelled him from 58th place up to 15th, and in into the cash. Cole said that it was, “exciting to see both my driving and putting come together all at once.”

Just last weekend the World Championships were held in Emporia, and Cole was there showing his potential. He finished several places ahead of his last year’s performance, proving that he can compete at the highest level in our sport.



Working On Form


Not content to just finish among the best, Cole continues to work hard to improve his game. Much of the time spent practicing recently was to hone in his form. Cole places a high value on having a consistent form.

“Form has been something that I have focused on a lot the last couple years, trying to find something that works consistently,” he said. “I believe form is a HUGE part of a player’s success and eliminate a lot of consistency errors while on the course.”




Photo by Gage Hamilton

The desire to improve is undoubtedly connected to his years of athletic endeavors. But when it comes to disc golf, it is also aided by other competitors in the sport. Cole mentions all-time great Paul Mcbeth as one the people who influenced his career. Cole said Drew Gibson has also done a lot for him. He also mentions one other pro: Scott Withers.

Scott is an Oregon Pro whom Cole credits as, “making me the player I am today. He has been dominating the northwest for many years and constantly raising the bar higher and higher.”

Besides the influence of professional disc golfers, another thing that young player need early in their career is support from home. Some young players turn pro before they even get their driver’s license, and need someone to take them to tournaments and practices. Fortunately, Cole’s parents love what he is doing, and fully support him. He recognizes that he would not be where he is without their support.


Playing With Pros


Another part of disc golf that young pros need to contend with is being on cards with some of the top pros in the world, many of them idolized by the younger player. Cole was no different in that respect, and at first that was a challenge.

“As one of the younger players on tour, I was always nervous about invading other pros space,” he said. “I didn’t feel like I could practice or talk with any of the top guys without feeling like I should be somewhere else.”

He didn’t feel like his competitors looked down on him when he first started. He just felt like he didn’t have the decision making and course experience that the veterans had. Over time, he got comfortable playing with the elite players, which helped him relax and just play his game.

Being such a young pro gives Cole a perspective that he can share with other young players. His main advice to them is to respect the game. No matter the skill level you get to, there will always be challenges, and there is always something to learn. Serious disc golfer should become a student of the game.


Mental Game


Photo by Gage Hamilton

Part of learning the game is the mental aspect. Cole said that when he makes a mistake, he figures out what when wrong, makes adjustments, then moves on to the next shot. He said that dwelling on a mistake is about the worst thing you can do to your game.

“Making another careless mistake after the fact because of frustration is the worst thing possible,” he said. “I know I am good enough to throw any shot out there so it’s just a matter of correcting the next one.”

He said he tries to play every hole as if it is its own round. Since you can’t play 18 holes before you tee off, you might as well play one hole at a time. He was told that the most important shot in golf is the next one.


Physical Game


Photo by Gage Hamilton

Obviously, the physical aspect of the game is as crucial as the mental, and Cole said he does a good job at staying fit and maintaining a good diet. He’ll have a homemade egg-and-cheese sandwich for breakfast, with some yogurt and a large glass of water. As a bonus, his first sponsor ever is Oregon Sports and Family Chiropractic. He said they help with workouts and an off-season training schedule to keep him healthy throughout the season.


In His Bag



Since Cole is sponsored by Infinite Discs, he can have an ‘open bag’, meaning that he can throw whatever brands he wants to throw. And he does throw a variety of brands! Here is a list of his favorite molds in each of the following categories:

  • Distance Driver: Infinite Discs Emperor
  • Fairway Driver: Legacy Patriot
  • Midrange: Legacy Badger
  • Approach Putter: Wild Discs Sea Otter
  • Putting Putter: Discraft CT Luna


The Future


The future certainly looks promising for Cole. He is talented and passionate about disc golf. His approach to the mental and physical facets of disc golf belies his age. And his goals are realistic and simple. “I want to be the best disc golfer I can be,” he said. “I want to keep a good attitude and encourage others. And win tournaments!”



Team Infinite’s Kade Filimoehala

Kade Filimoehala:

The Quest to Win the Junior World Championship


How old were you when you started playing disc golf? In the 2021 State of Disc Golf survey the average age that we started playing disc golf was around 27 years old. In the next couple of blog posts, we’ll take a look at two players who started playing disc golf in two extreme age groups: under 12 and over 70. They are both Team Infinite players who are active in disc golf and who recently competed in their respective PDGA World Championships. In this blog we’ll start with the younger player, Kade.


Heading Into Junior Worlds


Kade Filimoehala played in the 2021 Junior World Championships in July of this year. It was the culmination of a goal set years ago when he first attended Junior Worlds. Although he was excited to be competing in Championship, he also a little nervous entering the tournament. He was the highest rated player and this was his last chance to win the tournament.

Adding to his nervousness was a first round result that was less than he hoped for. To be more accurate, it was a great round of disc golf. But it put him a little further outside of first place than he wanted. Kade knew he had his work cut out for him if he wanted to take the top spot for the tournament. But, before we get to the results, let’s get to know Kade a little better.

About Kade


Kade lives in Northern Utah, in the community of Kaysville. His name is Tongan. He is one-quarter Tongan and his grandpa on his dad’s side is full Tongan. Despite having numerous courses within a fairly short distance of his parent’s home in Kaysville, he stumbled onto the sport on a family vacation in Idaho. They were at Lava Hot Springs and noticed some disc golf baskets at a park near the hot springs pool. He and his family visited a local sporting goods store and picked up a few Echo Star Destroyers and played the course. That is where his passion for disc golf began.



First Trip to Worlds


Although Kade’s disc golf career essentially began as a 10-year-old on a humble 9-hole course in Idaho, something happened later that had an important impact on his game: He attended a PDGA Junior World Championship in 2018. His performance there landed him toward the back half of the pack. But that fueled his desire to come back to the tournament, and win!

Though not satisfied with his finish, his experience in Emporia that year was positive. “Junior Worlds is such a well-run tournament and it is so fun to play with people my age,“ he said.


Competing to Improve


Kade played in numerous regional tournaments in 2019, mostly as an Amateur, winning some and slowly improving his rating and his skills. He also returned to Junior Worlds, finishing slightly better than the year before.

In 2020 Kade started playing more in the open division, even playing in numerous DGPT events around the country. He gained a lot of experience. He also got to see what it was like to be a younger player in a group with older competitors.

“Now I don’t get treated any differently,” said Kade. “But when I first started playing disc golf tournaments, I sometimes wasn’t handed the scorecard, and the other three guys just did the scorecard for me.” That’s something for the rest of us keep in mind, too. Especially since we’re seeing more amazing young players entering the pro ranks.

During that year he won a few tournaments as an Open player, but declined the cash payout, as is the prerogative of an Amateur player who wants to maintain their Amateur status. He still had in mind his goal to win the Junior World Champion title that year. Then, unfortunately for his plans, the pandemic hit and it got cancelled.

Getting Ready to Win


Undeterred by the cancellation, Kade continued to play as much as he could and continued to grow as a player. His MPO wins for that year included two B-tiers and a C-tier event. And his rating continued to climb.

This year, 2021, found Kade back playing competitively, this time exclusively as an MPO player. He competed at many local, regional, and a few DGPT events in preparation for achieving his goal to win Junior Worlds. Then, in July of 2021, Kade returned to Emporia to make the attempt.

As mentioned in the opening of the blog, Kade was less than impressed with his start at Jr Worlds. In his words he, “didn’t play my best that first round.” But, he did what everyone should do after a bad round, he focused on what he needed to improve for the next round. It worked and his next round was much better.


Meeting a Hero


At the Peter Pan Course in the second round Kade shot a 1028-rated round, which moved him from 14th place to 4th, and he made it onto the lead card. Something else special happened that round: Fellow Team Innova player Ricky Wysocki followed him and watched him play! That was special for Kade because Ricky has always been a hero to Kade. “Ever since watching the 2012 World Championships, my favorite disc golfer has been Ricky Wysocki,” he said. Following the round Ricky invited him to dinner with Innova team manager Joe Rotan.


Finishing Strong


The third round of Junior Worlds was another round that wasn’t his best, but wasn’t horrible either. He maintained his place on the lead card, and even moved up a spot to third place. After that, he started the pick up speed.

Round four was another 1000+ rated round, and in rounds five and six Kade shot the hot round! Shooting some amazing disc golf he was able to coast into the final round with a 7-stroke lead. Even then, he didn’t let off the gas and shot the hot final round en route to a 9-stroke lead and the championship!

It was a great week for Kade. Not only did he win the championship, he won the long drive competition with a throw of 555′. Plus, he took first in his division’s Double’s tournament with his brother Andrew, another rising star.


Kade, left, and his brother Andrew


Turning Pro


The win at Emporia was a memorable event for Kade. It was the achievement of a goal he had set years earlier and the results of countless hours of practice and competition. It also put him in a position to make a big career decision. Should be remain an amateur, or become a professional? It was an easy decision for him.

“I had set a goal to win Junior Worlds and because I accomplished that I felt like I was ready to move on,” said Kade. Plus, he was planning on attending college a few months later, so he didn’t know if he would have the time to train properly for Am Worlds. So, he turned pro.

He is glad he did that. He has already finished near the top in a few tournaments, and was actually able to take cash for his efforts.

“It felt great to get rewarded for good play and feel like I’m competing for something more than a trophy and a good round rating,” he said.

His Future in Disc Golf


Although he doesn’t know exactly where disc golf will take him, he still has goals he will be working toward. Those include achieving a rating of 1030 or higher by 2023, make a DGPT Elite Series lead card, and finishing a DGPT tournament with 100% C1 putting. Given his history, he will likely see those goals fulfilled, too.

Pro Tips


Since he started playing when he was fairly young, he knows the challenges that face younger disc golfers as they rise in the ranks and play with older players. He was asked what advice he would give to someone starting out in the sport, who want to play competitively.

“Don’t be afraid to speak up and take a turn at doing the scoring,” he said.  “Also, don’t be afraid to speak your opinion on a close call.  It is very easy to conform to what the rest of your card is saying. As a young player playing with adults, it is important not to be intimidated, and let your card know what you think regardless of what they are saying.”

When things go wrong during a round, he has a tip that really helps him.

“I immediately start thinking about the next tee shot. I think about the disc I’m going to throw, the angle I’m going to throw it on, the wind, and where I want the disc to land. That seems to help me move on.”

Learning and Teaching


In addition to Ricky Wysocki, Kade has other pros that he looks up to, including Drew Gibson. “Drew’s backhand is what I have used to model my backhand.” In watching Kade throw, the similarities are apparent.

Recently, Kade started making himself available to teach lessons. He’ll show up to a session with a video camera and radar gun, then proceed to observe, record, measure, and give tips that will help that individual improve their game. When asked for the most common mistakes he sees people make, Kade said it usually has to do with upper body.

“The most common mistake I see is rounding. It usually stems from having an ultimate background, or when people try to throw really hard a lot of the time, they pull their shoulders through too fast. It causes the disc to lag and usually causes a massive power and accuracy loss.”



In His Bag


As for what Kade has in his bag, it’s no surprise that he throws Innova and Infinite molds. Here is what he throws the most:

Driver: Innova Destroyer

Fairway driver: Infinite Exodus

Midrange: Innova Roc3

Putter: Infinite Alpaca



From his start on a small course in Idaho to winning the Junior World Championship, Kade has worked hard to improve his skills as a disc golfer. Given that history of discipline and practice, the sky is the limit for this Team Infinite member!


Support Kade by checking out his new signature disc, a  Metal Flake Glow C-blend Exodus here:



Introducing Allison Haggett of the Signature Team

Welcome Allison Haggett to the Infinite Discs Signature Team! Allison is from Bowdoin, Maine and competes in the FPO division. This is her first year on the Signature Team, and we were fortunate enough to get to learn a bit more about her!

How did you get started in disc golf?

When I met my husband in 2014 he played disc golf almost daily.  I didn’t tag along much as I didn’t like playing with men who could outdrive me constantly.  I felt like I was a burden.  Flash forward to 2016, I went and watched the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships that was held here in Maine and I was hooked!  I jumped in full force in 2017 and started playing and competing in the FA1 division.  I have always been a competitive person so having a sport that I could compete in as an adult was fascinating to me.  I’ve never looked back!



Is there anyone in particular you look up to or admire in the game?

When I started playing I was star-struck by Paige Pierce and her determination and skills in the sport.  I was always watching FPO coverage and trying to learn the ins and outs of the sport.  I will always look up to Paige and her domination in this sport, but I also look up to Jessica Weese, Kona Panis and Des Reading for all they do to grow the sport and their amazing talents on the course.


What is your favorite type of shot to throw?

I love throwing a flippy driver through a wooded fairway and watching it carve through the trees.  We have a lot of wooded golf here in New England so those shots are a must have in the bag.  I also love throwing putters off the tee, I think it’s such a smooth clean shot.  


Which of your disc golf achievements are you most proud of?

Having my own signature disc and making the Infinite Signature team!  This was a dream of mine when I started out and it’s now a reality! Before this achievement I was proud of my AM world showing.  I qualified for AM worlds my first season competing and went down to Charlotte in 2018 to compete in it! I placed 6th behind some pretty big names in the game, which was a huge accomplishment for me.  My goal was to place in the top half and I exceeded that along with making some great connections with some amazing ladies.   

If you could play a round with only three discs, which would they be?

That’s easy! I would use a Pharaoh, Inca and a Cohort! 

Other than disc golf, what else do you enjoy doing?

I am a big outdoorsy girl, when I am not playing disc golf you can usually find me fishing! I enjoy fishing all year round, bike riding, four wheeling, camping, kayaking, etc. 


What tips do you have for newer players or players looking to improve their game?

Don’t be intimidated, we all start somewhere! Ask questions about things you are unsure of, it’s better to ask then to keep wondering.  Start with putters to learn control and to work on your form before trying out high speed drivers.  Go to leagues and meet new people! You’d be surprised how much you learn at weekly league nights! 

If people want to follow along on your journey, where can they best follow you?

My Instagram or Facebook

Allison’s Signature Splatter S-Blend Pharaoh is now available, so be sure to get on while you can. Welcome to the Signature Team, Allison! Good luck this season! 

Get to Know Signature Team Member Chris Becker

Welcome Chris Becker to the Infinite Discs Signature Team. Chris lives in Eugene, Oregon, and is a Collegiate Disc Golf National Champion. Chris has been playing in tournaments since 2010. We’re thankful he was able to chat with us a bit so we could get to know him a bit better!

How did you get started in disc golf?


I started playing disc golf when I was in elementary school. Across the street was a 9 hole course called West Morland in Eugene, Oregon. I played with my friends there often and started to meet some locals.

Is there anyone in particular you look up to or admire in the game?

I look up to Dave Feldberg, being my old coach at the University of Oregon Disc Golf team. He was number 1 in the world at the time and I think that gave us all a boost of competitiveness.

What is your favorite type of shot to throw?

My favorite type of shot to throw is with a flippy putter or mid range. Throw it with some hyzer, let it flip up to flat, and ride straight. Maybe even tail a little right at the end. I like this shot because the discs I use for it are similar to how an Ultimate Frisbee flies. 

Which of your disc golf achievements are you most proud of?

I am most proud of winning Collegiate Nationals my freshman year in 2010 at the U of O. That was what catapulted my love to compete at tournaments. Also, having the opportunity to teach disc golf at a University for 5 years thanks to Nate Sexton! These are experiences I will never forget.

If you could play a round with only three discs, which would they be?

I would choose to throw a KC Pro Aviar, S line chariot, and a Star Destroyer

Other than disc golf, what else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy running, swimming, hiking, music, reading, and hanging with friends.

What tips do you have for newer players or players looking to improve their game?

Start simple. Throw putters first. Once you can control those, move to mid range discs, and then drivers. Accuracy will always trump distance. If you want to play this game for a long time, don’t over do it. Throw smooth and be mindful.

If people want to follow along on your journey, where can they best follow you?

You can follow me on Instagram.

Chris will have a signature disc this year, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that! Also, make sure to follow along on his disc golf journey. If you’re competing in the Pacific Northwest, then there’s a good chance you will see Chris out there. Good luck this season!

Get to Know Signature Team Member Scott Zimmerman

Meet Scott Zimmerman! Scott is a new member to our Signature Team this year. He resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Scott joined the PDGA in 1977 and is PDGA #168! He even has his own book published. Thankfully Scott was able to answer some questions for us to get to know him better!


 How did you get started in disc golf?

Several events conspired to get me started in disc golf. At age 14, I randomly saw two professional Frisbee shows and that increased my interest to play after school everyday. When my father saw that, he bought me Stancil Johnson’s classic Frisbee book and I learned about disc golf. So I created a couple of courses around my house and played two rounds everyday after school. When I turned 15, I was lucky to find out about the first Virginia State Championships. I went there and won golf competing against grown men. It hooked me.

Is there anyone in particular you look up to or admire in the game?

Yes, too many to list. I admired Don Wilchek’s thumb roller, Sam Ferrans long arms in distance and extreme putting accuracy, Joe Ursino’s laser sidearms, Crazy John Brooks powerful pivot, and Gregg Hosfeld’s unmatched dedication to the entire sport.

What is your favorite type of shot to throw?

That would be a backhand roller, because sometimes I can land them just right and achieve awe-inspiring distances.

Which of your disc golf achievements are you most proud of?

Though I won the World Frisbee Golf Championship in 1982, my greatest achievement ever was leading the entire field by 7 strokes after the first 18 holes at the St. Louis National Series tournament in 1982. If we had rated rounds then, a margin like that in such a large national tournament would have been rated well over 1100.


If you could play a round with only three discs, which would they be?

Hydrogen by Loft Discs for putting and up shots; Centurion by Infinite Discs for straight fairway drives and backhand rollers; and the Aztec by Infinite Discs for long straight drives. You might notice a pattern there–I love really straight flights.


Other than disc golf, what else do you enjoy doing?

Nature hikes with my dog; and anticipating the day when I’m done rebuilding the master bathroom shower that I already tore apart.

What tips do you have for newer players or players looking to improve their game?

Get in lots and lots of field work because you get more “throws per minute” (TPM) than playing a course. You must have a higher TPM if you want to improve rapidly.

If people want to follow along on your journey, where can they best follow you?

Be sure to follow me on Instgram or on my Youtube channel


Get his book signed book Scott will have a signature disc release with us, so be on the lookout for that! If you want to learn how to become a putting ninja, check out Scott’s Youtube channel. Having the opportunity to chat with Scott was incredible. He has an incredible knowledge of disc sports and their history. Good luck this season!

Get to Know Signature Team Member Joseph Kulp

Meet Joseph Kulp! Joseph is a part of the Signature Team this year. He is from Fort Smith, Arkansas and is the man behind Hye8Dye Originals. Joseph is currently 960 rated and is ready to take his skills on the road and compete at a high level. Thankfully, we got to chat with Joseph and get to know a little bit more about him!


How did you get started in disc golf?

A good friend was coming to visit from out of town. I was unable to meet him at our arranged time due to a complication at work keeping me in the office longer than planned. He said “no worries, I’ll just go find a disc golf course”. I had no idea what it was or that it existed, but I went to try it with one of my co-workers the next week and was hooked for life.

Is there anyone in particular you look up to or admire in the game?

Michael Johansen and Nate Sexton have always been my two favorite players. I admire their energy and how they carry themselves. They are carefree and light hearted. They also have a professional balance which is not easy to attain. I feel the game and the world as a whole would be a better place if more people carried themselves in this way.


What is your favorite type of shot to throw?

Anything off the cuff of convention. If I have to choose between a standard hyzer or a forced flex anhyzer or a roller, I’m choosing one of the two latter choices if I can… probably the roller 😉

Which of your disc golf achievements are you most proud of?

Oddly enough, it’s not a competition achievement but an artistic one. The time and passion that I’ve put into creating Hye8Dye Originals has been the most satisfying creative expression experience I’ve had, not just in disc golf but in my life.

If you could play a round with only three discs, which would they be?

The Gateway Diamond Mystic, DD Lucid Justice and Infinite C-Blend Pharoah would be my three. Actually, this is how I play many of my casual rounds!

Other than disc golf, what else do you enjoy doing?

Kayaking, hiking, contemplating the cornucopic mystery of the incarnate experience, and possibly most importantly, I enjoy the peaceful and colorful disruption of convention.

What tips do you have for newer players or players looking to improve their game?

Learn the basics like how to X step, keeping the nose of the disc down, a smooth rhythmic release, and be sure not to lose yourself in the mechanics or the competition. Be yourself. Enjoy yourself. Do what feels right to you, and your disc golf experience will be the best version of what you intend.

If people want to follow along on your journey, where can they best follow you?

On Facebook:


As part of the Signature Team, Joseph will have a signature disc and will also be releasing an “In The Bag” video. So there’s plenty to look out for. Best of luck this season! Check out this video to see a Hye8Dye Originals in flight!


**UPDATE! Here is Joseph’s In The Bag Video!**

Get to Know Signature Team Member Kesler Martin

Welcome Kesler Martin! Not only is Kesler a member of our Signature Team, but he is also a member of Team Innova as part of the Ambassador Team. He is currently 1011 rated, and the second highest rated player in Utah! Kesler works at Infinite Discs full time as the creative director, or as I like to call him, the Stamp Master. Kesler was gracious enough to take some time to answer some questions. Get to know a bit more about Kesler Martin!


How did you get started in disc golf?

When I was about 10 years old, my dad took me out to play a round at our local course. He started playing in the early ‘80s with the classic Wham-O frisbee and let me use it when I first played. I definitely liked the sport, but I was using most of my free time practicing to make my high school golf team (I did eventually). We would play disc golf off and on as I was growing up, but I did not practice with the intent to get better/compete until I was 21 years old. Over the following 5 years, I increased my rating from 948 to 1011. Over the last ~2 years, I have oscillated between being the highest rated in Utah. I have had lots of big local wins along with mediocre results at the few tour events I have played. I finally got my dad to sign up for the PDGA in 2018. He played his first tournament in Logan, Utah where I was the tournament director. Today, he and I complete on a regular basis and often at the same tournaments. Having this relationship with my father has been a huge blessing in my life.

Is there anyone in particular you look up to or admire in the game?

Totally! I admire a few aspects of multiple professionals’ playstyles. Here are a few examples: Any backhand shot from Barry Shultz. Touch shots with the Nova from Paul McBeth. How flipping far Eagle can forehand. Dallin Blanchard’s consistency, Kevin Jones’ athleticism and Philo Brathwaite’s super silky-smooth putt.


What is your favorite type of shot to throw?

Hands down, I thoroughly love throwing perfectly straight shots. I feel like straight shots and turnovers are a lost art. I also love throwing shots that shape to tightly wooded fairways. All these shots give such a rewarding feeling that is very difficult to describe.

Which of your disc golf achievements are you most proud of?

This would probably be my back-to-back B-Tier winning streak in 2018. The first win was up in Idaho at the Southeast Idaho Invitational. I was keeping up with three 1000 rated players and finally pushed ahead during the final round. I was so confident, and it felt like I could not miss a putt. My final round was super-hot and pushed me clear of the tough competition by 5 strokes. The second win was the Creekside Open about three weeks later down in Salt Lake City, Utah. Had I not dropped from Ledgestone, I would not have been able to compete at this one. I was able to clutch a hot second round that gave me a comfortable lead. Both these tournaments netted me +$1000, and more importantly they revealed and gave me confidence that I could win big tournaments.


If you could play a round with only three discs, which would they be? And why?

I would choose the XT Nova, Champion Coyote, and Star Thunderbird. The Nova is my go-to putting putter and shot shaping throwing putter. The Coyote is a workable straight flying mid-range with tons of glide. The Thunderbird is by far my favorite driver. I will gladly exchange the bit of distance lost from choosing other distance drivers for the consistency and control I get from the Thunderbird.


 Other than disc golf, what else do you enjoy doing?

I am passionate about music (playing and listening) and graphic design. I adore spending quality time with my wife, family, and friends. I also enjoy both playing a variety of board games and selection of video games such as, Smash Bros Ultimate, Minecraft and many of the Zelda installments. Furthermore, I enjoy other individual sports like golf, pickle ball and ping pong.

What tips do you have for newer players or players looking to improve their game?

Practice your short game! Putting and approach shots are roughly half the strokes you take out on the course. Throwing far is helpful but its not everything. Consistency and control are paramount.


 If people want to follow along on your journey, where can they best follow you?

You can friend me on Facebook, and I can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @km4rt_special.

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Get to Know Signature Team Member Jamie Kiep



Jamie Kiep is a member of Team Infinite as part of the Signature Team. He resides in Leesburg, Georgia and is currently 1007 rated! We were able to chat with Jamie and ask him some questions about disc golf and about himself. Enjoy learning a bit more about Jamie, and be on the lookout for his signature disc coming in 2021!


How did you get started in disc golf?

A buddy of mine introduced me. I used to make fun of him for playing, but he kept inviting me and I finally went. After my 1st throw I couldn’t stop.



Is there anyone in particular you look up to or admire in the game?

Calvin Heimburg, Chris Dickerson. Both players are humble, down to earth and good people.


What is your favorite type of shot to throw?

Full power hyzer!

Which of your disc golf achievements are you most proud of?

I was leading an A tier for 3 rounds at the South Florida Open. After only playing for my 2nd year. I was able to beat Eagle Mcmahon, Zach Melton, Calvin Heimburg but coming up just short of BIG Jeremy Koling


If you could play a round with only three discs,

which would they be?

Infinite Discs Concrete Slab, Infinite Discs Centurion, and EV-7 Penrose


Other than disc golf, what else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy playing with my 4 children and hunting any animal in season.


What tips do you have for newer players or players looking to improve their game?

Always have the most fun and always follow through. Do those 2 things every throw and you are sure to see an improvement.


If people want to follow along on your journey, where can they best follow you?

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram


Big shoutout to Jamie for taking the time to answer some questions for us! Be sure to follow Jamie along on his journey this year. Good luck Jamie!

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