New Disc Releases

Summer is almost here, with it, comes a lot of new discs and gear. You can see that there are a lot of new molds approved by the PDGA just within these last few weeks. Check them out on the PDGA’s website.

Here are some of the latest molds that have been released and are available, or will be available in the next few days.

MVP Uplink

The MVP Uplink is a pretty understable midrange. It fits nicely in this slot, I found that it is quite manipulable. Basically, this is really easy to throw; it is great for straight shots and for turnovers and for rollers. MVP has made a pretty solid understable mold. I find this great for those touch approach shots, and I think it would be great for a beginner. Check it out here.

The Uplink is a very understable mid-range in the MVP line. It’s an ideal utility mid-range for tail winds or when you want to hold a short anhyzer line. Or it’s a perfect disc for new players who have difficulty avoiding an early fade.

Thought Space Athletics Omen

The Omen is a pretty awesome fairway mold. It works so wonderfully as an overstable utility disc. This disc has easily handled headwinds, and power. I have been amazed with its consistency. I’ve really enjoyed throwing this mold and depending on it to get me around corners battle the headwinds and for those odd circumstances. This disc will release on Friday, May 20, 2022; follow this link here to get yours.

The Omen is an overstable 9-speed driver from Thought Space Athletics. If you need a solid, hard fade when throwing side-arm, backhand, or overhead, you can always count on the Omen. It is an excellent overstable utility driver and a pre-level, high-performance disc for power throwers.

MVP Terra

The Terra is quite an incredible disc. It flies like a Volt, Teebird3, or other similar flying discs. For me, this flight is a staple in my bag. I really enjoy this mold, it flies incredibly well for me. The terra has proven to be very dependable and easy to throw. I’ve achieved good distance and I’ve been able to shape good lines with this. Overall this has been a pretty good, you should check it out and get yours here.

The Terra is the next disc in the James Conrad Line. The Terra will bring confidence, reliability, and control into your fairway driver game! The Terra will provide the most important thing for your game: predictability. You will always be able to depend on the Terra to shape all kinds of shots, from easily ranged hyzer approaches to flight extending s-curves. Set up to the tee with the confidence of a World Champion.

Lone Star Discs Texas Ranger

This is a solid midrange from Lone Star Discs. This flies quite similar to a Buzzz. The flight path of this disc is quite dependable. It is also just a fun disc to throw around. Honestly, this is probably my favorite type of flight for a midrange. Its dependable, manipulable, so diverse in its capabilities. I do see that this has a little bit more glide than a Buzzz, I’m trying to decide if I like more than the Buzzz. Check it out here.

The Texas Ranger is a multi-purpose midrange that holds true to its flight numbers in most anyone’s hands and regardless of the power put behind it. It flies straight with a consistent turn and reliable fade at the end. Capable of being a workhorse in the beginner’s and advance player’s bag.

This mold is approved as “Ranger” by the PDGA.

Lone Star Discs Guadalupe

The Guadalupe, or Guad, is a pretty solid and dependable fairway driver. The stability of this disc is quite favorable for me. Its in the sweet spot that I control, and rely on to not turnover too easily. I find that this glides wonderfully, and pushes forward. Though, I wish it was a little faster to achieve some better distance. Despite that, this is still a great mold. Check it out here.

The Guadalupe is a high glide stable mold that is comfortable in the hand. Its stability provides a very manipulable disc, allowing it to hold many lines the thrower desires.

Prodigy Distortion

The Distortion is surprisingly very much like a Zone. Even comparing them side by side I have a hard time to distinguish them from one another. The differences are ever so slight, its crazy. The disc flies really nicely as well. The flight is incredibly dependable, and straight and with a hard finish. Its a great approach disc from Prodigy. I’ve enjoyed throwing this mold around. Check out the reviews and the disc here.

The Distortion is an overstable approach disc within the Kevin Jones signature line. It provides a smooth rounded feel and slim profile. Its flight is very straight with a hard fade at the end, quite reliable and consistent. Whether in a forehand grip or backhand grip this is a comfortable disc to grip.

Sune Sports – A New Manufacturer

Sune Sports is a sporting goods company based in Norway. As a relatively new company, they are currently focusing on beginners and casual players. By providing a wide array of discs that are all easy to throw, affordable, and light weight. They have 8 molds, all of which are available on our website: These molds will come in one or two plastic types; S-Plastic or Safety Line.



This plastic is an affordable light weight base plastic blend similar to Innova DX or Discraft Pro-D. S-Plastic often comes in a Light Edition where the weights are low, typically in the 150-165 gram range.

Safety Line

Safety Line plastic is ultra soft, designed to help prevent injuries when kids and inexperienced players try disc golf for the first time.

All discs in this line come in ultra light weights which increases their safety and makes them especially friendly for beginners and children. These discs also float in water making them perfect for a crowded round of beach golf.



The Cumulus is a light weight easy to throw putter available in an ultra soft plastic blend. The plastic used is so flexible that you can literally fold the Cumulus in half. This is a beadless putter with a flat top.

This putt and approach disc is perfect for children and others just learning disc golf.

The Cumulus will float in water.


Flow Motion

The Motion is a flat top beadless putter with a sable flight path. This putt and approach disc works well for both approach shots and short putts.

This is an excellent all purpose putter for players of all skill levels.





The Sune Sport Cirrus is a slow speed midrange with a thin rim, low profile, and flat top.

This midrange disc is very similar to the Cumulus. It is available in ultra soft, flexible, light weight plastic and is ideal for children.


Mad Mission

The Sune Sport Mad Mission is a stable flying approach midrange with a flat top and thin rim. This disc excels for short drives and consistent approach shots.




Silent Cruiser

The Sune Sport Silent Cruiser Midrange is an overstable utility disc designed to fade hard. This disc

is classified as a midrange but has a rim configuration more similar to a driver.



Control Drivers


The Contrail is an ultra light weight super soft fairway driver designed for beginners.

This easy to throw fairway driver is incredibly flexible and will fold in half. It also floats in water. The Contrail is a great driver to use for children and school group disc golf instruction.


Night Trooper

The Night Trooper is an easy to throw fairway driver designed to give new disc golfers maximum distance and control.




Distance Drivers

Short Slacker

The Short Slacker is a low profile beginner friendly distance driver designed to give growing players more distance than the driver found in the starter set.

When thrown with high speeds the Short Slacker exhibits a significant amount of high speed turn for gliding S-Curve flight paths. New players will find that the Short Slacker has a significant amount of low speed end of flight fade.

Focus Friday – The New RUIN By Infinite Discs

For our Focus Friday this week, we are going to spotlight the newest disc in the Infinite Discs lineup, the RUIN. We’ve wanted an overstable, small-diameter approach disc for a while, and thanks to our manufacturing partnership with Innova and their design team, we’ve not got one!


  • Speed: 3.0
  • Glide: 3.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 3.0

We’ve posted here about the RUIN before, but we thought we’d share a couple of videos with you.  where different players share what they think about the Ruin, including professional player, Drew Gibson. Plus, we’ve got a promo code for you!


This is an interesting collection of reviews because they come from players at many different skill levels and with different throwing styles. It may help you see how the disc flies under different conditions. Any full reviews from individual players are linked below the video if you jump to it on Youtube.


For the next week, until the 25th of January, you can use this promo code to get your limited edition stamped C-Blend RUIN for 10% off!


Simply add the RUIN to your shopping cart, then BEFORE you click to checkout, look below the shopping cart. Right below the shopping cart is a box for Discount Codes. Click there and paste the code into the box. Then proceed to checkout and you’ll get the discount.

We hope that you love throwing the RUIN.

STAY TUNED for our next Focus Friday for another change to try a featured disc at a nice discounted price!

The Discmania MD5 MidRange Disc

To wrap up the 2018 year, Discmania released the MD5 mid-range. While it has become common for mid-range discs to have a wider diameter than longer drivers, the trend in 2018 was to release smaller diameter mid-range discs, particularly more overstable discs. The MD5 is one of those smaller diameter, overstable mid-range discs, and it is a very precise one.

Released with a “First Run” stamp as well as with a stock stamp, the MD5 joined the ranks of similar discs released during the 2018 year– perhaps most closely related to the Innova Caiman. It has a profile quite similar to a Caiman, but in flight it does not get quite as much distance.  Rather than a smooth, drawn-out fade, the MD5 has the tendency to drop its edge and fade steeply out of the sky once velocity is lost. That provides a dramatic and precise overstable fade for great accuracy when thrown by experienced players.

It is not a disc that would be friendly to beginners, but is designed for experienced players who are looking for an easily controlled, short-range, overstable mid. Where discs like the Dynamic Discs Justice used to stand out in this category, Discmania has added to their lineup with this strong contender in the MD5.

  • Speed: 5.0
  • Glide: 3.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 4.0

Other End-of-Year Plastic Releases by Discmania

Also to end the 2018 year, Discmania released a couple of runs of their most popular discs in fun, premium plastics. While this is not the first time these discs have been run in these plastics, they are getting a lot of love from Discmania fans. The available of these discs in these plastics is sporadic, so it is good to grab them while they are available. It is hard to know when the next run will come.

C-Line Luster FD – Straight Fairway Driver in durable, creamy translucent plastic

Glow C-Line P2 – Extremely popular putter in durable, glow plastic


Introducing the New TRAVELER by Full Turn Discs

It’s always fun to see new disc manufacturers pop into the scene, vying for attention in a market full of new discs and fueled by an exploding mass of players. FULL TURN DISCS comes onto the scene as a partner with the well known Finnish disc maker, PRODISCUS. With their flagship mold, the TRAVELER, Full Turn introduces another overstable distance driver into the market. Here are the flight ratings on the Traveler:

  • Speed: 9.0
  • Glide: 4.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 2.0
  • Primary Use: Distance Driver
  • Stability: Overstable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Everyone

The Traveler is available in two plastics: Priority and Express. Express is the premium plastic choice and is the more solid, while Priority is a more translucent blend, but both feel comfortable in the hand. When picking up the discs, you will notice a familiarity if you’ve thrown Prodiscus plastic before. Though not built for huge distances, it fills a nice niche between fairway and distance drivers where control is important. When released on a low flight path, it can hold a very steady line before a sudden fade. When thrown with more of a hyzer, it can fly a solid curve. It could be used for similar purposes as the popular Saint or Undertaker discs.  Take the Traveler for a few flights and see what you think!  And we welcome FULL TURN DISCS into the fold!