Infinite Discs VIP Club – Disc #1 Revealed

The first exclusive disc for the Infinite Discs VIP Club has been shipped to the first subscribers, and the online buzz has been fun to watch. Pictures of the disc have shown up and new subscribers have joined in the last few days because of the excitement about the program.  So, we’ll add to the noise and go ahead and reveal the first disc in the VIP series, now that most subscribers have it in their hands. Here is a photo of what subscribers received:


The disc is the popular new UNDERTAKER by Discraft in silver Titanium (TI) plastic. It is the first Titanium Undertaker out there, and it is a wonderful overstable control driver. Of course, the stamp is exclusive, designed by Kimbri, who will be working with a lot of the exclusive VIP discs. Discraft also threw in a nice sticker for subscriber’s vehicles.

Also in the initial package to subscribers is a metallic gold VIP bag tag. Each tag is individually numbered. We encourage mutual VIP Club members to challenge other tag holders to friendly games for tag order. Have fun with that! Or, protect your tag if you are skittish about challenges. Regardless, it might be fun to see if you can spot any other VIP players out on the fairways.  Or, get your friends who play to join so you can get some VIP club rivalries going with the tag order– that’s what we’re doing here at Infinite Discs (I’m going to win #2 one of these days…you know who you are).

If you are interested in joining the Infinite Discs VIP Club, there are still some spots available before we cap the membership for the next few months. If you join before June 11th, then you’ll still get disc #1 shipped to you automatically as your first disc. After that day (Saturday, June 11th) we will enter into the period for disc #2. So, after that point, you would not automatically receive the silver Titanium Undertaker.

A few people have asked how many of these discs exist. In answer, it is printed on the disc itself. There are 500 of disc #1. We will NOT make more. The fun of the VIP Club is that we’re keeping each disc as limited editions because we want to see the value go up with time. We want the discs in the hands of the collectors and enthusiasts. We want them to be collectible rarities that you can either hang on your wall, or throw on the fairway.

Will the number always be 500? Well…no. We started with a higher number. The next discs will not be as numerous.  The future discs will also have the quantity declared on the stamp design.

If you want the original information that we posted about the Infinite Discs VIP Club, then click on this blog post:

If you’d like to subscribe right away to make sure you get disc #1, then go to this page and complete the checkout process after selecting your subscription level/location from the drop-down menu and clicking “subscribe”:

Infinite Discs VIP Club – Subscription

Disc #2 in the series will ship to subscribers toward the end of this month. No…we’re not saying what it is. We don’t want to ruin that “Christmas morning” feeling for everybody who will be watching their mail boxes. 😉




Axiom Vanish Announced! More Plasma, Special Stamp

MVP and Axiom fans rejoice!

Today MVP and Axiom Disc Sports announced some big upcoming discs to be released on Friday, April 29th. These releases include Plasma editions of the Axiom Theory and the Insanity, along with a new Axiom disc called the Vanish.


The Vanish has been much anticipated by the community since its appearance on the PDGA Approved Disc list a couple of weeks ago in early April, and after much speculation, the mystery is over. Axiom describes the disc as a middle ground between the MVP Wave and the Orbital. It will debut in Neutron plastic in both a regular stock fashion at our regular Neutron price of 15.95, as well as a special edition stamp described as the 1616 Special Edition Vanish. This disc will be higher speed and offer a straight to understable flight path depending on wind direction and thrower power. You can pre-order both editions at:

Axiom Vanish Pre Order

The manufacturers note that both of the new Plasma molds have a bit more of a shoulder, accompanied by a slight increase in dome and a subsequent boost to glide in flight. If you haven’t had the chance to see the recent Axiom Plasma released and fully appreciate how sweet the metalic two-color Plasma GYRO™ build looks, head over to the site at:
Axiom Plasma Proxy
Axiom Plasma Crave
Axiom Plasma Envy

MVP also announced new Multicolor Tri-Lit LED Lights for night rounds. The new editions include the MVP Circuit logo so that you can add a bit of MVP brand to any of your discs for rounds when you don’t want to lose any of your beloved plastic to the darkness.

So far the Axiom Plasma editions of the Envy, Proxy, and Crave have seen a lot of support! What other molds are you excited to be released in Plasma plastic?

Infinite Bags

Introducing the Infinite Bags

Over the course of the last year we have been quietly working on our own version of bags for disc golfers. Our goal throughout the process was to create a bag that exceeds similarly sized bags in both quality and affordability. We feel that we have accomplished that with both the Infinite Small Bag and the Infinite Large Bag.

[box type=”shadow”]

Launch Promotion – Limited Time Only

During the entire month of October, we are offering this bag at an excellent introductory price.

  • Small Bag Value: $19.99. On sale for $13.99

  • Large Bag Value: $49.99. On sale for $39.99

  • Straps Value: $23.99. On sale for $19.99

  • Large Bag w/ Straps Value: $74.99. On sale for $49.99

  • * Offer Ends 10/31/2014


    Bag Features

    Small Infinite Bag – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $19.99

    1. Holds 8-10 discs
    2. 1680 denier nylon (The most durable)
    3. High quality zippers
    4. Pocket for putters
    5. Drink holder with drawstring
    6. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    7. Padded bottom with rigid plastic
    8. Single divider so discs stay better organized
    9. Shoulder strap with rubber shoulder pad
    10. Available in: Red, Blue, Black or Orange

    Large Infinite Bag – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $49.99

    1. Holds 18 – 22 Discs
    2. 1680 Denier Nylon (The most durable)
    3. YKK Zippers
    4. Strong elastic putter pocket holds 1 or 2 putters
    5. 2 large strong elastic bottle holders
    6. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    7. Large storage pockets on both sides
    8. Two removable dividers to keep discs organized
    9. Scorecard and/or phone sleeve
    10. Mini pocket
    11. Small accessory pocket
    12. 3 small pencil holders
    13. 1 large pencil holder
    14. 4 plastic pegs which prevent rollovers and keep bag slightly elevated
    15. Shoulder strap with fabric shoulder pad.
    16. Compatible with all major backpack style bag straps.
    17. Available in: Red, Blue, Black, Orange or Burgundy

    Infinite Straps – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $23.99

    1. Compatible with all major large bag designs
    2. Chest clip to more evenly disperse weight load
    3. Spring loaded metal clips
    4. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    5. Available in black only

    Addressing Previous Bag Issues

    Fabric Durability
    We had two options to fix concerns with fabric. Stop using fabric, or use better fabric. To keep the bag affordable, fabric is the answer. To make it more durable we found 1680D Nylon; the most durable nylon fabric available in textile manufacturing. When you touch the fabric you can feel the density of this durable material which is more and made of dense strands of nylon which are more resistant to shredding or tearing. This is the most resilient fabric to adverse conditions.

    Zipper Durability
    Zippers frequently come off their tracks, or the pull tab completely breaks off of the zipper; requiring you to improvise with a paper clip or just never zip your bag again. To remedy this, we went with YKK zippers. In case you are unfamiliar with zippers, YKK is the most trusted brand of zippers in the world. All metal, and smooth sliding, you should be pleased with your YKK zipper.

    Straps tearing out of seams
    Seams in other bags separate easily. We have strong stitching on all seems; especially on seems where straps are attached. That way if your bag

    Having addressed all of these issues, we hope that your Infinite Large Bag or Infinite Small Bag treat you well for years to come. Will your bag have issues eventually? We hope not, but unfortunately everything comes in need of repair; with an Infinite Discs bag, chances are that your time between replacement bags will be drastically reduced.

    Our Promise

    We feel confident that we have created a very quality bag made of durable material. If you experience any issues with the workmanship listed above within the first three months, contact us and we’ll gladly help you. Please view our Return & Exchange Policy.