Alex Geisinger MYTH

Infinite Discs is happy to support Alex Geisinger in his 2018 professional disc golf season with a signature MYTH putter in P-Blend plastic. Alex is a fan of the Myth and now you can pick up this debut putter from the Infinite Discs disc line with his awesome signature stamp. The P-Blend plastic is durable with a nice grip, similar to KC Pro or McPro plastic from Innova. The Myth is a straight-to-overstable putter with a comfortable, beaded rim.

Flight numbers are: Speed 2 / Glide 3 / Turn 0 / Fade 2


The MYTH is also available in D-Blend (compare to Innova DX plastic) and a very limited run of X-Blend (compare to Innova XT).

New 2018 Signature Discs from Discraft

DISCRAFT has just released a new line of signature discs to support their touring pros for the 2018 season. These discs come in very attractive Glo Swirly ESP plastic, so the swirls and colors come with a subtle glow-in-the-dark effect. Here are the discs in this year’s pro series:

Austin Turner Glo Swirly ESP VULTURE

Tim Barham Glo Swirly ESP CRANK

Nate Doss Glo Swirly ESP BUZZZ

Valarie Jenkins Glo Swirly ESP THRASHER

Michael Johansen Glo Swirly ESP COMET

Throw some really cool discs and support some awesome pro players! Go Team Discraft!

Also be sure to check out all of the 2018 Ledgestone Open tournament fundraiser discs now in stock at Infinite Discs.




How Do We Feel About Out-of-Bounds

One of the questions on the 2018 State of Disc Golf Survey asked disc golfers how they feel about out-of-bounds rules. It was a straight-forward question and the breakdown of the responses is pretty basic. While some players feel strongly in favor of, or against the use of “OB” in the game, most players seem indifferent and feel like the use of Out-of-Bounds is generally fine.

These were the possible responses:

–> I don’t like OB and feel it should only be implemented when necessary.  16.9%

–> I feel indifferent about OB. Some OB is good, and other OB detracts from disc golf. 64.6%

–> I like lots of OB and feel that added OB enhances the disc golf experience. Bring on the islands! 14.8%

–> N/A I don’t play out-of-bounds rules anyway. 3.7%

It appears that most players understand that OB lines can be necessary to discourage players from crossing fairways or throwing toward areas where discs shouldn’t fly. But when it comes to adding more OB’s just for the sake of adding difficulty to the course, slightly more players appear to feel that it can go too far (16.9%) while a slightly smaller number feel like more OB lines add to the experience (14.8%).

We asked our own crew what they felt about OB lines, and while most are as indifferent as the majority of survey participants, the most poignant response was from our Open level player. He basically said that OB’s which are drawn artificially around naturally occurring hazards, like trees or rough terrain, should be removed. Why? Because if you throw into those areas, then navigating out of the rough terrain or throwing out of trees can be like a penalty stroke already– you either pay the price by wasting a throw to get back onto the fairway, or you prove your skill by escaping unscathed. He feels that any time a stroke is added to his score card that he did not throw, it is unwarranted. The exception would be obvious out-of-bounds lines that protect other fairways, roads, foot traffic areas, etc.

If you have opinions about OB’s that you’d like to share, please feel free to leave comments below.

The Infinite Discs MYTH and SPHINX

Infinite Discs is continuing to build a balanced line of branded discs manufactured by Innova. The 2018 year has already brought the Exodus fairway driver, the Chariot mid-range, and the Pharaoh distance driver. We’ve now added to more discs to that lineup, both released at the end of April 2018.


The Myth First Run is in P-Blend plastic, which is a stiff pro blend which works great for both driving and putting. There was also a first run VIP Club edition in grippy X-Blend plastic. Though the VIP Club stamped versions were only available to the VIP Club members, there were a few of the X-Blend discs remaining which were bottom-stamped if you want a grippy version of the Myth. You can find the few remaining X-Blend Myth putters HERE.


The first run Sphinx was released in I-Blend plastic which is a special blend made by Innova for Infinite Discs. It is durable, yet has good flexibility and grip. This is a great disc for beginners and experienced players alike and is available in a variety of weights from below 150 grams (awesome for kids) up to max weight 175 grams.

Check out this wonderful video review which also shows the flights patterns for the Sphinx.

Watch for more discs coming on the Infinite Discs brand in 2018!

State of Disc Golf 2018 – Our Disc Buying Habits

It is always interesting, particularly for those of us working in the disc golf industry, to look at the State of Disc Golf survey responses concerning spending habits and what motivates players to buy discs. Of course, just playing the game at all requires a certain number of discs. But how many of us go beyond what we really “need” to play the game when it comes to purchasing more and more discs?

When a few thousand players were asked to say if these statements described their disc purchasing attitudes, these were the results:

I Primarily Stick With Discs I Already Know and Throw

I Regularly Try New Molds By My Favorite Brands

I Regularly Try New Discs, Regardless of Manufacturer

I Only Buy New Discs to Replace Lost Discs

I Buy Discs Primarily to Collect

I Throw Every Disc that I Buy

From the above results, a few things can be noted. For one, people tend to experiment more with favorite manufacturers, though there is a good number (majority) of players who don’t mind experimenting across brands.

It also looks like it is a minority that only buys to replace lost discs– that means more players are buying for other reasons. One of those reasons might be collecting, but when asked if they only buy to collect, the vast majority didn’t feel like that described their buying habits. Around 25% swayed toward buying to collect, if only occasionally.  The last graph shows that despite the motivation for buying, the majority of those surveyed throw every disc that they buy. Only 17.4% does not throw all of their purchased discs.

How Likely Are We To Pay Extra for the Stamp?

Another motivating factor for buying discs is the design of the stamp on the disc. We asked survey participants how likely they are to pay extra for a special stamp in the same mold, weight, and color that they could have purchased in a cheaper, stock stamp. Though the “buy to collect” market may be small, the larger “buy to throw” contingency is definitely not opposed to spending more for a stamp design that they like.

How likely are you to pay extra for a special stamp in the same mold, wight and color as the stock stamp?

That is only 14.7% that claims it is very unlikely that they’d pay more for a cool stamp design on their disc.

We’ll continue to follow disc purchasing trends and opinions closely!

Disc Golf Pros Who Throw Infinite Discs

We’d like to welcome two new Pro players to Team Infinite! Plus we’re happy to announce two additional pros from Innova’s team who will have signature editions of Infinite Discs. First, let’s meet the two new team members:


Garrett Gurthie is making his big comeback to the professional disc golf touring season in 2018 and has already made a strong showing in several tournaments. You can follow his tournament results HERE.

Garrett has already had a signature edition of the Infinite Discs PHAROAH on 100 of the first run discs. As soon as the second run is available, we’ll have a lot more with a cool signature stamp for Garrett!

Plus, we’re working with Garrett and Innova to bring back a signature edition of the max weight SONIC which is a classic putt and approach disc that uses minimal effort to glide through tight fairways right into the chains. Check out an example by clicking HERE.


Pickle has been rocking the Women’s Open pro scene for a couple of years now and we’re glad to add her to Team Infinite. You can follow her tournament results HERE.

Infinite Discs will be working with Pickle to bring future signature discs to the market that are as fun as she is. Watch for signature discs down the road!


We’re also happy to announce that two members of INNOVA’s team are including Infinite Disc models in their bags and will soon have signature discs available!


Jessica Weese has kicked off a strong 2018 tournament showing. You can follow her tournament results and history HERE.

You can already get your hands on Innova’s player support Swirly Star Shryke from Innova to help support her efforts on tour. She is a member of Innova’s Star team. Plus, the Infinite Discs store will soon stock four other popular Innova models which Jessica loves to throw, all with her own signature stamp design, so you can help her out while buying some great discs for your own bag. Watch for Star Destroyers, Star Wraiths, Champion Thunderbirds, and KC Pro Avairs coming soon!

Jessica will also have a signature edition of the Infinite Discs CHARIOT once we get to the second run!


Alex Geisinger has a great touring history as a professional disc golfer. You can follow his history and tournament results HERE.

Alex is now putting with the Infinite Discs MYTH and will have his own signature edition as part of the first run in P-Blend plastic! Watch for that to show up this summer and pick it up to support his future touring plans. He is a member of Innova’s Champion team.


And we’d like to give a big hand to our Team Infinite CAPTAIN who has done some great work to build this year’s team and to pull together a great bunch of players from all over, and at all skill levels. Special thanks goes out to…


Kesler Martin works full-time at Infinite Discs but likes to get away from the desk job to play tournaments as much as possible. You can follow his tournament results HERE.

Kesler continues to run and coordinate Team Infinite and we hope that he continues to rise in the rankings and make great showings in tournaments. As an artist, we know that he already has a bunch of signature disc designs that he’s ready to unleash on the world, once he unleashes his disc golf fame. But he’s already a champion at work. He is also a member of Innova’s Ambassador team.

For more information on what’s up with Team Infinite, follow our team blog here.

State of Disc Golf 2018 – How We Carry Our Discs

The State of Discgolf Survey has been tracking the trends in disc golf bags and the different ways that we carry our discs around the course. The trends leaned from traditional shoulder bags to a strong surge in backpacks, and has been moving steadily toward carts for the last couple of years. Here is a look at the survey results for 2018.

By far, the most popular way of transporting discs around the course is by using disc golf backpacks. Disc Golf Carts have now moved strongly into 2nd place, pushing aside the large bags (with and without shoulder straps). The small shoulder-strap bags still have the edge over large bags with shoulder straps. Here is what the results looked like in 2017:

Where disc golf carts used to be 4th place at 8.6% of survey participants, carts are now 2nd place at 15.47% of survey participants. The percentage of small bag users has dropped from 2017 to 2018 but still remains a good portion of players that prefer to travel light. It appears the the trend is generally away from larger should-strap bags (even with added straps for backpack-style carrying) and toward either backpacks or carts, with small bags holding ground.

Going back to the 2015 survey, large disc golf shoulder bags accounted for 34.4% of those surveyed. That percentage has been cut to a third in 2018 with a total of 11.87% using large bags with or without straps. Disc Golf Carts were not included separately in the survey in 2015 and would have fallen into the “other” category which amounted to less than 3%. Carts are definitely an exploding part of the market.


Shipping at Infinite Discs – Answers to Questions

Infinite Discs has worked tirelessly to create an online disc golf shopping experience that can not only present that largest selection of discs in an easy-to-navigate way, but that also provides unmatched customer service and fast order fulfillment.

Here is an outline of how your order is handled and the shipping options.


Infinite Discs ships many orders every day, except Sunday. On Monday – Friday we can get a full day of packaging and shipping completed before the packages must be handed to the the shipping providers. If you get your order in before 4PM Mountain Time (that’s our time zone) then we are usually able to ship the same day that you place your order. If you place your order in the evening, then it will ship out the next day.

On Saturday we are only able to put together orders until midday before we must pass the packages to the US Postal Service, so we do not get as many orders processed and shipped on Saturdays as on weekdays. Note: UPS and FedEx do not pick up on Saturdays or Sundays. Unless your order is made early Saturday morning, it will likely not ship until Monday. On Sundays we are closed, as are all of the shipping services, so no orders will be packaged or shipping on Sundays.

It is safe to say that all orders are processed and shipped the SAME DAY or NEXT DAY after you place your order. The only exception would be if you place your order in the afternoon or evening on Saturday, because then we won’t get to it until Monday.

Of course, HOLIDAYS are also exceptions because even if we are here working, nobody will be coming to pick up those packages on holidays. Things like weather and global pandemics can also slow the entire process down.


Once we carefully pull and package your order, we print a shipping label using software which prints a label for the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, or DHL, depending on which service has the best rate for the package weight and destination. The vast majority of shipments are sent using USPS (US Postal Service) for the best speed and tracking servicesWe do not use any ground services, except when heavy packages are shipped via FedEx, UPS, or DHL because of a higher weight. Those large packages include items like backpacks, baskets, carts,package sets, or orders of over 10 discs.

International packages are currently shipped using DHL for delivery outside of the USA.  DHL usually gives the packages to the postal service of the receiving countries for final delivery. Delivery time estimates on our website or for the USA ONLY. We cannot estimate delivery times for international packages because we cannot control customs processing in the receiving country or the postal service delivery times in the receiving country.

The tracking number you receive in your email and on your login account will link to the appropriate shipping company so you can follow your package’s progress.


Once you have your shopping cart full and you’re ready to proceed with checkout, you’ll see some options for shipping upgrade or add-ons. One of those shipping upgrades is a PRIORITY UPGRADE. Here are two things that the upgrade will do for you:

  • Priority Upgrade will guarantee that your package is shipped through USPS (US Postal Service) using Priority Mail (as long as it is NOT a heavy item). While Priority Mail is not a guaranteed speed, it is typically 2-4 days delivery. Of course, ordering on a weekend will add to that delivery time, because there is no mail pickup on Sunday.
  • Priority Upgrade will move your order to the TOP of the shipping cue, so you cut to the front of the line for us to pull your discs and ship them.

Important Note: Priority Upgrade will NOT do anything to speed up large, heavy items like carts, backpacks, baskets, etc. which are shipped via UPS or FedEx. Also, a Priority Upgrade will do NOTHING to speed up an international package. If you select Priority Upgrade in those cases, then you’re paying the extra shipping fee only to move to the front of our shipping queue.


Before proceeding to checkout your order, you can also select to upgrade to “Ship In a Box” which will prompt us to put your discs into a box, if that is your preference.

For orders with 5 or fewer discs, we usually package them carefully in padded envelopes. Those padded envelopes protect your discs and keeps the overall weight and cost down. But if you want a box and you click for the upgrade, you’ll pay the extra $2 on your order to cover the cost of the box and the extra weight of the packaging.

Note: If you are ordering more than five discs, then you’ll be getting your discs in a box anyway, so at that point, the upgrade is not necessary.

You may also select to add Mystery Swag or a Mystery Disc to any order you place. The mystery swag adds $8 to your order with no additional shipping. You’ll then receive mystery items in your package which could include anything from a t-shirt (in a size you indicate) to hats, beanies, mini discs, towels, Sport Sacks, and more. We try to keep a large variety of swag items on hand for adventurous customers who add the Mystery Swag to their order.

The Mystery Disc option costs $12 and will add a mystery disc to your package. As the name implies, these discs are a MYSTERY and can include discs of any style or brand. We do not take requests for specific discs– if you want a specific disc, you can always order it from our website. The Mystery Discs are meant to be a surprise and we often use this feature to introduce new disc models to our customers, but we also include some classic discs from ALL brands in our pool of Mystery Discs.


While shipping overseas is typically an expensive venture, we DO ship discs and other small accessory items outside of the USA. We DO NOT ship large items like bags, backpacks, baskets, etc. outside of the USA. The shipping costs to ship those items often exceed the cost of the items themselves, so we simply cannot do it.

All international packages are shipped through DHL who then delivers the packages into the postal system of the receiving country.  We have chosen to exclude all ground services from DHL so that we only use their faster airmail services for international delivery, which are faster, more reliable, and significantly less expensive than the US Postal Service.

Another benefit of DHL when shipping outside the USA is that they provide better tracking once the package leaves the USA. You should be able to track your international shipment from our location all the way to your home, though DHL does pass your package to your country’s postal service for final delivery.

Because of the switch to DHL for international shipments, we have now dropped our prices on international shipping, starting with Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. We will evaluate and adjust other countries as we go. We’re hoping that this makes Infinite Discs into a dependable and viable option for players outside of the USA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Infinite Discs has NO control over import taxes / customs taxes in your country. You are responsible to pay customs fees that are charged by your country to receive your package. 


Here are a few simple tips that can make your experience better as you’re placing your order and awaiting the arrival of your package:

  • If you need it fast (within the USA), PLEASE select the Priority Upgrade. It may make the day or two difference that you desire.
  • If you have a strict deadline, like a tournament, please order your discs sooner, rather than waiting until two days before your tournament. While we do our best to fulfill your order quickly, we cannot do anything to make the mail move more quickly and cannot guarantee that you’ll get your disc by a certain day or certain hour.
  • Use a login account when placing your order. Though we send tracking numbers through automatic emails to all customers when orders are shipped, it is VERY simple to create a login. Then you’ll have access to tracking numbers for all of your orders, simply by logging in and clicking on the links. Checking out as a guest does not give you a way to look up you order or tracking after the order it placed.
  • We sometimes see customers ordering several times in a single day (or in a single shipping period). In those cases, we usually combine your orders into a single package. That does NOT mean we’ll automatically refund extra shipping costs. It is most cost-effective if you order everything in a single order. If you place multiple orders in a single day and want to inquire about a refund of extra shipping costs, then contact us at because it will not happen automatically.


Once your package is shipped, you should receive an automatically generated email with your tracking information. If you don’t see that email, it is often because your email service (like gmail, for example) has filtered the email into your “spam” folder. Since it is an automatically generated email, many email providers assume that it is spam. In the case that you find the email in you spam folder, right-click on the email and select “Not Spam” and eventually those emails will go to your regular “In” box.

THE BEST WAY TO CHECK YOUR ORDER STATUS AND TRACKING is by simply logging into your account and clicking on “My Account” and then “My Orders”.  All of your order information is there. You do not need to call us or email us for tracking information when you can simply login and click on the information at your convenience.

If you don’t have a login on our website, it pays to make one. It will save you time and frustration when looking for your order history, your tracking numbers, and if you want to earn points for future credit to use on orders.


We are happy to provide quick and helpful support at Infinite Discs. However, when it comes to the delivery of your package, we are not the ones who take it to your home. We count on USPS and other shipping companies to do that part of the job. So, if you are seeing a tracking number and it says something like “package is delayed” or it is simply not moving as fast as you’d like, please keep in mind that contacting us will do nothing to speed it up. Since we don’t handle the delivery, we are powerless to do anything to push the package faster once it is no longer in our hands. We have access to the same tracking information that you do.

Here are some times when it would be helpful to contact about your package:

  • If you do not receive a tracking number within a day or two after you placed your order, and you’ve checked your login account and can’t find the tracking number, then definitely contact us. We ship quickly, so a few days delay might mean something unexpected happened when you placed your order. Entering an incorrect email when you place an order will also make it so that you don’t see your tracking information.
  • If you are in the USA and your package has stopped tracking or moving and it has been two weeks, then please contact us. We can put in a claim with the delivery service after two weeks. Until two weeks are past, the US Postal Service simply tells us to wait for the package to resurface. Delivery services are not perfect, so sometimes they mis-route packages and it takes a while to get back on course.
  • If you are outside the USA, then contact us if it has been longer than a month for your package to reach you. Then we can inquire with the delivery service to see what has happened. Sometimes we have to wait even longer before we can file a claim, but we can at least inquire. Please also note on your DHL tracking page, a tracking number for your country’s postal service will show up on the side of the screen once the package has been handed over to them.
  • If your package arrives damaged by the delivery, please contact us with photos of the damaged products. Then we can file a claim with the delivery service. The more evidence we have, the better.

In these cases, you can email us at and we can take care of your needs. We ALWAYS make things right with our customers, but sometimes we need to go through certain steps or procedures to make sure that claims are filed at the right times, etc.


This is one of the frequent concerns that we hear from customers. USPS (US Postal Service) handles the delivery to your door in most cases, and whenever a tracking number says “delivered” it is because somebody working at your local post office scanned your package as delivered. Thankfully, there are GPS coordinates for that scan. If they scanned it, then they can tell you EXACTLY where they scanned it. We do not have access to that information, but your local post office does, so please take a moment to reach out to your local post office (the ones who deliver your mail) with your tracking number and ask them exactly where they scanned the package.

In the vast majority of these cases, the local post office finds out that they either delivered it to the wrong house, or they scanned it at the post office to hold it there, rather than leaving it at your house. In these cases, THEY are obligated to get the package for you, which they usually do right away.

PLEASE NOTE: Infinite Discs will not simply refund your order if it shows as “delivered” unless you have contacted your local post office about it first. The reason for this is simple– we do not deliver the mail, so we can’t tell you what happened, and we can’t afford to refund discs that the post office can recover for you if you simply ask them.

If we put in a claim with the post office on OUR end, USPS will simply report back to us that it shows as “delivered” and the package will not be recovered. It takes a little effort on your part to find out where the local post office scanned your package.

Once you have asked your local post office about the location of the delivery scan on your package, and it is not resolved or found, then feel free to contact us at and we’ll look into what can be done to remedy the situation.


When it comes to shipping, just keep these two things in mind and the experience will be better for you:

  • Be Patient. Carrying a package from one place to another takes time. In the vast majority of cases, it works flawlessly. Delays happen, but they usually work out.
  • If you want it faster, click on the Priority Upgrade during checkout. At least you’ll know that you gave a little turbo boost to your handling and delivery time.
  • Look up your tracking information before you panic. Logging into our website is extremely convenient if you just take a minute to do it. Click on “My Account” and “My Orders” and you’ll find what you need to track your package.

Thanks for shopping at Infinite Discs! Though lengthy, we hope that this detailed explanation of the shipping process helps to answer any question you might have about the delivery of your orders to your door.


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