Special Halloween Edition Stamps and Monsters for 2016

The trend of releasing special holiday edition discs with special stamps is growing in the disc golf market. Let’s take a look at the discs that have been released to celebrate Halloween in 2016.

halloween_buzzzOne of the most hotly anticipated Halloween discs of the year is the Z Glo Buzzz a stamp featuring the traditional Buzzz Bee mashed-up with the iconic Freddy Krueger.  The glow plastic is perfect for the shorter, darker days that come this time of year.

vanishAnother very popular disc that is already hard to find is the Vanish by Axiom Discs with the awesome, three-foil stamped spider. There were a few extra-limited editions with color variations which already sell for high prices on the internet to collectors.

nemesisLegacy Discs also put out their 2016 Halloween stamp which you can get on a Bandit, Rampage, or a Nemesis disc.  The foil stamps come in a variety of colors, from solids to some of the more flashy foils.

teebirdInnova stuck with a more traditional Halloween look by using primarily orange and black discs, available with Firebirds, Rocs, TeeBirds, and Aviars. There are black, white, or orange stamps on the discs featuring a skull and disc golf basket with bat wings.

At Infinite Discs, we’re most excited about our October special edition stamp that looks awesome in your bag all year, even beyond Halloween. We call it the “Infinite Monster” and it is featured on almost all of the most popular Innova disc models, as well as a few Discmania disc models, with many color combinations to suit your tastes. Here is a look at the Infinite Discs three-headed monster created by our VIP Club artist, NEOmi-trix.

monster-stamp monsterstamp_smaller_jpg

Here is a quick tutorial on how to search remaining Halloween stamps, as well as other special edition stamps on Infinite Disc’s website:

1 – Use the Advanced Disc Search feature near the top of the page.
2 – Check-mark the box next to the word “Extras”
3 – Scroll down the resulting list until you see and check-mark the box next to “Holiday Edition”, or check-mark next to “Infinite Discs Monster” or any other special stamp you want to search.
4 – Click the “View Individual Discs” button and scroll through the resulting pages of disc images, which you can click to purchase.advancedsearch

Happy Halloween!



Watch for More “Infinite Bomber” Stamped Discs

Infinite Discs recently started adding some unique inventory to our online store. For those players who like to pull discs out of their bag that stand out from the discs in other player’s bags, we started making some special stamped discs which are only available at Infinite Discs. The first of these special stamps is one that we call the “Infinite Bomber”.  The first discs we stocked with the Infinite Bomber stamp were a batch of Wizard putters from Gateway, which had the stamp presented in full size on the discs. We then brought in a batch of discs from Innova including popular disc molds like Destroyers, Valkyries, Firebirds, Teebirds, Aviars, Novas, Rocs, Wraiths, and more. They sold quickly!

IMG_-d190cbTo finish up the month of August, we brought in a fresh batch of discs with Infinite Bomber stamps from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside. They include popular molds like Rivers, Judges, Justices, Mauls, Defenders, Destinies, Harps, Diamonds, Trespasses, Pures, and more.  Once again, they are selling quickly as players find their favorite discs in their favorite colors with the fun stamp.

Now, as we head into the conclusion of the 2016 summer season and into autumn, more Infinite Bomber stamps are on the way. You’ll soon see a selection of popular discs from Discmania showing up on the Infinite Discs website. A few other brands will follow. Here is how you can search to see which discs are available with the Infinite Bomber stamp at any given moment.

First go to the Infinite Discs store website. Then follow these steps:

1 – Click on the “Advanced Disc Search” button on the top of our website, or click here.
2 – Check-mark the box that says “Extras” in the search window.
3 – Scroll down until you see “Infinite Discs Stamp” and check-mark that box.
4 – Click the “View Individual Discs” box and scroll through the discs and add what you want to your cart! This will show you all the disc colors, weights, etc. with the stamp.

OK, now that we’ve talked about the Infinite Bomber stamp, maybe you think there is another little design out there that is more your style and that makes the statement that you want to make? Well, we have good news for you. These stamps will be limited editions! We won’t keep any single stamp going indefinitely. If you like the Infinite Bomber, then get them while you can. Another exclusive Infinite Discs stamp is coming in a few weeks, and we call it the “Infinite Illuminati”.

If you are especially fond of exclusive stamps on great discs and want a surprise each month, then be sure to join the Infinite Discs VIP Club which is a disc-of-the-month subscription program, presenting limited edition, one-time runs of premium discs with special stamps. Each month you’ll get a surprise in your mailbox with a new disc to throw (or to collect and hang on your wall). READ HERE about the Infinite Discs VIP Club.


Infinite Discs Presents RPM Discs from New Zealand

Here at Infinite Discs, we’re always excited to discover new disc makers, especially when they are quality companies from outside the USA. Of course, we love the home-grown American companies too, but there is something a little bit exotic about importing some really cool discs from across the ocean.

20160825_184153In August we were able to bring in our first batch of discs from RPM Discs, a great disc golf company from New Zealand. At first inspection, the discs looked absolutely beautiful right out of the box, with a quality appearance to the plastic that is instantly eye-catching, embellished with some great, Maori flavored stamps. There was a nice mix of attractive, metallic plastics, and softer, pastel plastics. They all felt great, with the perfect mix of durability and “grippy” touch. Let’s take a look at the three plastic types present by RPM Discs.

Strata plastic is the “base plastic” blend. It is the least expensive and the softest. It still doesn’t feel “cheap” as it has a comfortable feel and has a little shine to it. It doesn’t seem as destructible as some of the soft plastics out there. Of course, the TUI putter would be the disc that most players would want in base plastic, since putters are most often sold in softer plastic types.

There are two premium plastic types, and both are priced the same. The difference is mostly in the appearance, with the Cosmic Plastic being more translucent (see-through) and the Atomic Plastic being more creamy and opaque. You could think of Cosmic as being similar to Champion, Opto, VIP, or Elite Z. The Atomic could be compared more to Gold Line, Tournament, Star, or Titanium.  However, I would emphasize that the actual feel of the plastic is not very different between the two. At first touch, they seem interchangeable when it comes to the feel of the plastic. It’s more the appearance that makes the difference.

RPM Discs has some very nice plastics, and you will by no means feel cheated when paying for either a base or premium plastic because you know when you grip it that you’ve purchased a solid, quality product.

Next, let’s take a look at the discs that make up the introductory core of the RPM Discs operation.

First of all, the putter is called the TUI and it has a unique profile which feels more like a mid-range disc when you first pick it up.  The profile is pretty low, meaning that the inside pocket is not deep and the rim edges are not tall. In that way, it almost feels more like a driving putter, and in quick field tests, we found that it can actually fly well when thrown with a little steam, especially for anhyzer turns. It flies straight for close-range shots, which is what you’d want in a putter. It has a bead on the rim edge, so the closest comparison would probably be to a beaded version of a Dart.

Next up, there is the PIWAKAWAKA (sorry, no pronunciation guide– just go with your heart). It is a mid-range disc that flies as straight as an arrow. It can even take some heat and not flip over too dramatically. It is not quite as chunky as the extremely popular Buzzz, but the flight is similar. The rim is a bit more dainty than some of the mid-range discs out there, which can make it more comfortable for smaller hands. It is certainly a finesse disc, designed for getting your disc predictably from point A to point B when you don’t have to worry about a winding path. All in all, it is a solid mid-range disc and won’t disappoint when it comes to short-range fairway needs.

Of course, every disc producer needs a beginner-friendly, easy-to-throw fairway driver, and that is where the TANIWHA comes into play. It’s still rated as a speed 10, which lands it more into the “distance driver” category for most players, but it is pitched as the “control driver” of the bunch. It would be comparable to a Valkyrie as far as beginner-friendly drivers go. It is rated as 10, 5, -2, 2.

Then there is the bomber driver for the more powerful arms, and that is the KAHU.  The Kahu is an overstable, speed 13 distance driver. It is RPM’s equivalent of the Innova Destroyer, or the Discmania DDx, or the Discraft Force, or the Legacy Outlaw. Break out the big guns when you grab this disc and let it fly. It has a low profile and a relatively sharp edge, so it slices through the air very well. I haven’t seen much of a “dome top” on the Kahu discs that came in our shipment. A lot of big throwers like that flat profile.

I admire the fact that RPM Discs didn’t feel complete without including a “super class” disc. A lot of disc makers ignore the appeal of oversized discs and the fun new angle that they can bring to the game. Of course, the roots of disc golf are found in what we now call “super class” discs with a larger diameter and slower speed. We’ve traded in that high-glide, controlled accuracy for sexy, high-speed, small discs. RPM adds to the super class family with the TEMOKO.  This is a larger disc that is PDGA approved for use in disc golf, but could just as easily be used in games of catch-and-throw. It is not as large as Ultimate discs. It is closer to an Innova Zephyr. It’s a fun disc and a unique part of the RPM Discs arsenal.

Give RPM Discs a try! Find a spot in your bag for some exotic plastic from New Zealand and you won’t regret it!


The New Infinite Disc Golf App Is Now Available

Infinite Discs is very happy to announce that the new INFINITE DISC GOLF app is now available for download through the Google Play Store for Android users!

This multi-purpose disc golf app ties together many wonderful features, including course searches, course reviews, game scoring, round and player rankings, and personal statistics to track your progress. Pull out your phone and create a profile, or log in with your existing Infinite Discs or Infinite Courses website profile to start tracking your own player progress. Everything you enter on the app is available at your fingertips on your PC as you comb through your putting averages, course averages, green hit percentages, and more. See how you compare to other players and watch your rating fluctuate as you continue using the app.

Jump from the app directly into the Infinite Discs disc golf superstore with a single click to search and order your favorite discs!

Visit InfiniteDiscGolf.com for more information!

Coming Soon for iPhone!

The Buzzz GT – Exclusive Infinite Discs Cryztal Edition

Let’s talk a bit about the Buzzz GT

Nobody can deny that there are a plethora of disc golf discs available. There are discs manufactured for every possible throw in every possible course condition. Some discs vanish into the misty background of history as other, newer molds take their place and dominate the spotlight for a while. Players and disc enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough. Do most of us really need new discs, or do we merely strive to convince ourselves of the necessity?

Some discs hold a strong place in the game for many years, managing to stay in player bags, fortifying their reputation as disc golf staples. They manage not to be replaced or discontinued due to their ongoing popularity. The Buzzz by Discraft has been one of those discs that has held a strong reputation as the best-known and best-selling mid-range disc on the market. It has been produced in many plastic types since it was PDGA approved on September 30th, 2003. It has inspired the more understable version in the Buzzz SS which was PDGA approved on February 21st, 2008, and the more recent overstable Buzzz OS which was PDGA approved on July 19th, 2014.

Another disc manufactured by Discraft is the Banger-GT putter, which is a unique putter which introduced a “groove track” on the top of the disc which gives it an interesting feel and grip. The thumb rests inside the indentation that encircles the disc. The Banger-GT was PDGA approved on October 31st, 2005, only a couple of years after the Buzzz, but has really only enjoyed a cult following among players, rather than the massive fame of the Buzzz.

Somewhere along the line, Discraft decided to combine the Buzzz disc with the unique “groove track” of the Banger-GT to create the Buzzz-GT. The history of the Buzzz-GT is a little bit fuzzy but it didn’t remain in regular production at Discraft. Oddly, old website pages can be found declaring that the disc was discontinued in December of 2007, yet the PDGA shows the Buzzz-GT as being approved on February 21st, 2008, the same day as the Buzzz SS.

Regardless of how long it stayed in production and when it was approved, the number of Buzzz-GT discs in the market diminished quickly and it became a hard disc to find. Fans and collectors found themselves paying high prices on EBay for the rare groove track mid-range. Yet Buzzz-GT discs showed up from time to time as special event discs, pulled out of the archives as a sort of novelty.

DSC06043Now, as part of the 2016 Ledgestone Insurance Open series of special edition discs, Infinite Discs arranged to bring back a limited edition manufacturing run of Buzzz-GT’s in Discraft’s Cryztal Plastic. Now the groove track can be found on a Buzzz once again for those who want to try out the disc’s unique feel.  They are available in blue, yellow, green and pink with that beautiful, translucent look and an exclusive stamp design.



Infinite Discs VIP Club – Disc #2 Revealed

Now that most of the VIP Club subscribers have received their 2nd disc in the series, we’re happy to reveal it here.  These are the two VIP Series Discs that have been released so far:

Titanium Undertaker by Discraft (May)20160604_135004

DyeMax Defender by Dynamic Discs (June)


Both discs have been enthusiastically received by subscribers. For those who are interested in joining the club, we have about 15 more subscriber spots available before we reach our limit for the next few releases. At that point, joining will only be possible if a previous subscriber drops out and leaves a vacancy.

Monday, July 11th 2016 is the cut-off date to join the club and still be within the payment cycle for disc #2 (Defender).  After that date, subscribers will enter into the cycle for disc #3.  The discs for the third installment of the series are already at our warehouse and will start shipping very soon. Other discs are planned and are looking like exciting additions to the program, presenting not only a variety of manufacturers, but a variety of disc types as we wrap up the summer and head into the autumn season.

If you’d like to read the initial announcement for the Infinite Discs VIP Club, then you can see this previous blog post.

You can visit the subscription page here if you are interested in joining while there are still openings.

Infinite Discs VIP Club – Subscription

If you have any questions or concerns about the VIP Club, feel free to email todd@infinitediscs.com


The Impact of One Great Throw…Caught On Camera

Sometimes it is hard to measure the influence that a single piece of social media has on an entire industry or market, but at other times, the effects can be seen almost immediately. The 2016 Beaver State Fling disc golf tournament presented one of those rare moments where a camera was in the right place at the right time, and magic ensued. Professional disc golfer, Philo Brathwaite, approached the tee for an 850 foot, par 5 hole, and managed to rattle the chains on his second throw. Shooting 3 under par on a single hole is extremely rare and is called at Albatross. It is much more rare than an ace (hole-in-one). The video of his throw was posted on social media and immediately went viral. It even made it onto popular television sports highlight reels.

So, what is the big deal? Sure, it was an amazing shot. But amazing shots happen quite often in the disc golf world, where thousands upon thousands of players throw discs at baskets with exciting outcomes. But rarely does the mainstream public get a glimpse of a relatively young sport like disc golf. It’s new to them, so somehow it seems all the more amazing, or even impossible. Retweets and Facebook posts boasted headlines like “Disc Golf Throw Defies Physics!” While those of us who play disc golf are amazed and excited by incredible throws, we know that they don’t defy physics. In fact, it is the physics that makes the discs fly the way they do when thrown the way great players throw them. Professional skill and the laws of physics put Philo’s throw exactly in the right spot.

The 2016 Vibram Open had more camera coverage than many disc golf tournaments in the past, so once again, some awesome shots were caught on camera.  A pair of aces thrown over the pond were put together in a vine that was passed around Twitter, again spotlighting the excitement of the sport. Hopefully this will happen more and more as camera coverage improves and the mainstream itches for more highlights.

Take a look at a story from a single observer named Chad, who caught a glimpse of the Philo Albatross on social media. In his own words, as shared in a conversation with customer service at Infinite Discs:

“I came across a link of some guy named Philo throwing an ace at a Beaver State Fling and started watching more videos.  I had no idea how big disc golf is.

Spent the rest of the day at work on the Google thing researching disc golf and found out that my little town of Zimmerman, MN built a small 9 hole back in 2010.  I had no idea.
So, I ordered a few starter sets (Innova, Dynamic and Latitude) and a bag, ponied up for the expedited shipping.  As soon as I got them, I went out and had a blast.  Didn’t keep score or anything. Just chucked discs at baskets for about two hours.
I think this is going to be a thing.  I’m old, kids are out of the house and I have my weekends free.  I’ve been looking for something to do outside since I don’t want to run or mountain bike any more.  I had fun when I was out there and there are a lot of courses in the twin cities metro area I’m looking forward to hitting.”

Chad indeed had ordered a box of starter sets, and inside that box was a small flyer talking about the Infinite Discs VIP Club where players can subscribe for a mystery, spotlight disc every month with a unique, collectible stamp. It’s $19.99 for a disc that you may or may not like, but when you’re a big enough fan of the sport, it’s a wonderful adventure and pleasant surprise every month. Well, Chad may be shooting +30 on 18 holes after only a month of play, but he was so excited that he subscribed, just to get a new mystery disc every month.

Another customer service email resonated in the same way, with a young woman from California subscribing just because she felt she had to feed her new “plastic addiction”. She’d only been playing disc golf for a month. What could possess new players to buy collectible discs every month? It’s a passion that is sparked merely by exposure. And exposure is something that has been missing until social media started spotlighting “physics-defying” throws. It has been a long time coming, but that exposure should increase in the coming months and years as the sport grows.

Professional player, Simon Lizotte, has been making trick shot videos for quite some time now, and he is also making a splash in tournaments across the globe. He has inspired a younger, fun-loving crop of new players who see that “golf” doesn’t necessarily have to refer to the boring sport dad and grandpa watched and played in hushed silence. Once you add the discs and an “anybody can play” attitude to the mix, the sport seems fresh and exciting.

Avery Jenkins is a professional player who has left much of the competitive play to become a sort of ambassador for disc golf. He travels the world to host workshops and participate in events that spotlight the sport. The impact that he has in his face-to-face encounters and his presence at events is huge, but the fuel he pours onto the fire through his social media photos and blurbs is even more impressive.

Not everybody can afford to travel the globe promoting disc golf, but when a champion like Avery makes it his career and his mission, and splashes those efforts in a beautiful way all over Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc. then the world takes notice. It only takes a few minutes of browsing his social media content to realize that disc golf is not only a fun game, but is a sport that is surrounded by incredible beauty, vibrant variety, and life.

Most disc golf players could tell you that there is a very poor male-to-female player ratio. There are simply more men throwing discs at chains than there are women, but thanks to social media, there is hope! More and more women are seeing that it can be a fun, graceful, and feminine sport. Check out the wonderful photo blog by Discgolfngirl on Tumblr for a gallery of wonderful photography highlighting the women players that are bringing life to the game.

Social media is beginning to explode with disc golf, and it’s bringing new players who are not only interested, but enthusiastic about the sport. We welcome those new players and hope it becomes a lifetime of fun in the great outdoors. While you’re out playing, pull out your camera’s! Take those videos! Shoot those artsy photos of amazing disc golf courses! Take pictures of your friends as they fling those discs, and share them online. The magic happens on the course, but that magic needs to be shared and seen throughout the world.

Infinite Discs VIP Club – Disc #1 Revealed

The first exclusive disc for the Infinite Discs VIP Club has been shipped to the first subscribers, and the online buzz has been fun to watch. Pictures of the disc have shown up and new subscribers have joined in the last few days because of the excitement about the program.  So, we’ll add to the noise and go ahead and reveal the first disc in the VIP series, now that most subscribers have it in their hands. Here is a photo of what subscribers received:


The disc is the popular new UNDERTAKER by Discraft in silver Titanium (TI) plastic. It is the first Titanium Undertaker out there, and it is a wonderful overstable control driver. Of course, the stamp is exclusive, designed by Kimbri, who will be working with a lot of the exclusive VIP discs. Discraft also threw in a nice sticker for subscriber’s vehicles.

Also in the initial package to subscribers is a metallic gold VIP bag tag. Each tag is individually numbered. We encourage mutual VIP Club members to challenge other tag holders to friendly games for tag order. Have fun with that! Or, protect your tag if you are skittish about challenges. Regardless, it might be fun to see if you can spot any other VIP players out on the fairways.  Or, get your friends who play to join so you can get some VIP club rivalries going with the tag order– that’s what we’re doing here at Infinite Discs (I’m going to win #2 one of these days…you know who you are).

If you are interested in joining the Infinite Discs VIP Club, there are still some spots available before we cap the membership for the next few months. If you join before June 11th, then you’ll still get disc #1 shipped to you automatically as your first disc. After that day (Saturday, June 11th) we will enter into the period for disc #2. So, after that point, you would not automatically receive the silver Titanium Undertaker.

A few people have asked how many of these discs exist. In answer, it is printed on the disc itself. There are 500 of disc #1. We will NOT make more. The fun of the VIP Club is that we’re keeping each disc as limited editions because we want to see the value go up with time. We want the discs in the hands of the collectors and enthusiasts. We want them to be collectible rarities that you can either hang on your wall, or throw on the fairway.

Will the number always be 500? Well…no. We started with a higher number. The next discs will not be as numerous.  The future discs will also have the quantity declared on the stamp design.

If you want the original information that we posted about the Infinite Discs VIP Club, then click on this blog post:

If you’d like to subscribe right away to make sure you get disc #1, then go to this page and complete the checkout process after selecting your subscription level/location from the drop-down menu and clicking “subscribe”:

Infinite Discs VIP Club – Subscription

Disc #2 in the series will ship to subscribers toward the end of this month. No…we’re not saying what it is. We don’t want to ruin that “Christmas morning” feeling for everybody who will be watching their mail boxes. 😉




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