Putter Wars 2018 – Best-Selling Putters of the Year So Far

Last year we tracked the sales of putters closely to see which ones were getting the most momentum in terms of sales at Infinite Discs. It has been a while since we’ve taken a look, and it is already July, so we’re well into the summer of 2018. Let the putter wars begin!

This ranking is based on sales at Infinite Discs. These are the TOP 20 putters in order through July 17th, 2018. We also realize that some of these discs are used more for approaches (like the Harp, Zone, or Nova) but those are tracked and categorized along with other putters.













12 – ATOM by MVP









*We realize that the Myth has a bit of a boost considering it is sold on Infinite Disc’s website and may not represent the more general disc golf market.

We’ll keep following the sales and report at the end of the year to see how 2018 finishes off in terms of putter popularity.

The Race is On for 2018 Best-Selling Discs

When it comes to best-selling discs, we’re going to keep you posted as the 2018 year progresses. It is still early in the year, at this point, with only the winter months in play. However, we can already see which discs are taking a significant lead. We expect sales at Infinite Discs to speed up dramatically with the coming of spring, and that may shake up the sales figures. Upcoming new disc releases will also play into the ongoing tally.


#1 – Discmania P2

The P2 Putter picked up a lot of momentum throughout 2017 and that has continued into the new 2018 sales year. So far, Infinite Discs has been able to better keep up with the high demand as Discmania has beefed-up production for the P2. Plus, the 2018 tour support edition of the C-Line P2 for Simon Lizotte (called the “Sky God”) gave the sales an extra boost.

We expect to see the momentum with the P2 continue through the spring as many players begin stocking up on their favorite putters for the new, warmer disc golf season. After all, when it is time to start perfecting your putting skills, it helps to have more than just one or two.

#2 – Innova DESTROYER

The Destroyer distance driver has held the top spot for a long time when it comes to sales at Infinite Discs. But at the moment, it has fallen to 2nd place behind the P2. The top two discs are still in a close sprint, but well ahead of the next discs in line. As the tournament season accelerates, we fully expect to see the release of some signature editions that will increase the Destroyer sales even more. Last year there were a couple of very popular signature editions, including the Swirly Star Philo Brathwaite edition and the Splatter Star Steve Brinster edition. Regardless of what editions come out, we fully expect the Destroyer to keep a strong foothold in the top three or four all year long.

#3 – Innova AVIAR

The Aviar is the most popular Innova brand putter, by far. So far in 2018 it is taking up third place in the best-seller race. But just to clarify how far ahead the top two discs are, the Aviar has sold 1/3 the number of discs as the 2nd place Destroyer. So, there is a large void between those two leaders and all the discs that are chasing.

If 2018 is anything like 2017 then the sales for the Aviar will take a huge jump once this year’s McPro edition is released. Everybody is waiting to see what this year’s Paul McBeth tour support edition will look like, and it will likely become the best-selling edition of the Aviar once it hits the market.

#4 – Innova SHRYKE

The Shryke is the most popular newcomer when it comes to Innova drivers. It quickly sprang into popularity as a high-speed distance driver that can be handled by a wide range of players, from relatively new players to experienced players. With a little bit of understability upon release, the Shryke can fly in great s-curves, plus it has high glide for optimum distance results. For players who have trouble handling the often overstable flight of the Destroyer, a Shryke can fill the spot as a go-to for distance. This is a disc that has the potential to gain momentum as more and more players discover it and try it out, so we expect to see the Shryke stay within the top ten throughout 2018, even with a possible wave of new distance drivers hitting the market this year.

#5 – Infinite Discs EXODUS

The Exodus is the initial disc released in the new Infinite Discs line. Manufactured by Innova, the Infinite Disc branded discs will have a familiar feel while adding some quality molds to the market. It was perhaps expected that the Exodus would jump to the top of disc sales at Infinite Discs because the initial launch of the entire brand is only available through the Infinite Discs store. The max weight discs sold out within a couple of weeks of the first run release, leaving only low weights in the inventory until a second run is released (we do not yet know when that 2nd run will become available). So, as supply diminishes, the sales numbers will likely drop. With the very positive response to the flight characteristics of the Exodus, we expect to see the sales figures spike once another run is available to order. As a fairway driver that can handle torque, it is a great disc that fits a crossover position, straddling the line between control driver and distance driver. It is another disc that can find a solid place in the bag of players at all levels.

Putter Wars 2017 – Summer Update


At the end of April 2017 we took a look at how putter sales at Infinite Discs were panning out. The disc golf season was still young at the time, but we could already see which putters had momentum behind them.

Now it is time to follow-up and see if that momentum has carried through the summer months. This update covers through the end of July 2017.

At the end of April, the top four spots were held by the Discmania P2 at #1, the Innova Aviar at #2, the Gateway Wizard at #3, and the Dynamic Discs Judge at #4. Interestingly, those top four spots have not changed since the spring, though the sales have accelerated, leaving a larger gap between those leaders. For example, the quantity difference between the P2 and the forth place Judge is now a 57% difference!

Here is a chart of the top 10 putters according to numbers sold through Infinite Discs:

As you can see, the discs that are chasing the top four include three of the popular approach discs, like the Innova Nova, the Westside Harp, and the top-10 newcomer Innova Aviar3. In fact, the Aviar3 joined the race as a new disc this year and has moved up two spots since the last Putter Wars update.

The Streamline Pilot, which started the year as a hot new release, has dropped from the top 10, while the Latitude 64 Dagger has moved into the 10th spot. Rounding out the chart, we can see the Latitude 64 Pure holding strong in 8th place, and the MVP Atom holding on in 9th place.

The two honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the top 10, but that are still strong sellers are the Streamline Pilot and the Dynamic Discs Warden.

We will keep you updated as we head into the home stretch, just before the final, end-of-year holiday sales kick in. Until then, will anybody be able to catch the P2? 

Best Disc Golf Driver?

What is Best?

When it comes to disc golf drivers, there are many hundreds of different molds from dozens of different brands. Some are quite similar in purpose and design, while others have slight variations that give them a more unique feel and differing flight characteristics. When trying to judge “the best” disc golf drivers, it is a complicated task because the best driver for any given player is a disc that is “tuned” to that player’s throwing style, strengths, and weaknesses.

A player with a slower arm speed will find that a slower-speed fairway driver will probably be much easier to control and will even fly further for them than a high-speed driver that is designed in a way that requires more speed than that player can muster. Somebody who throws with a lot of speed and cocks their wrist in a certain way might find that overstable discs fly better for them while understable discs crash early onto the ground.  There are many little factors that go into a player’s throw, and different drivers can exaggerate or negate those factors.

Thus, the use of words like “the best” really amount to “best for you”. But if you want to measure the popularity of discs, meaning that those discs seem to work wonderfully for larger numbers of players, then disc sales figures are a very useful tool.

Here are the best-selling drivers (both fairway drivers and distance drivers) at Infinite Discs in the year 2016. They are arranged in descending order, from number one through number ten. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

Infinite Discs Top-Selling Drivers for 2016

  1. Innova DESTROYER (speed 12)
  2. Innova TEEBIRD (speed 7)
  3. Innova WRAITH (speed 11)
  4. Innova VALKYRIE (speed 9)
  5. Innova TERN (speed 12)
  6. Latitude 64 SAINT (speed 9)
  7. Innova BOSS (speed 13)
  8. Innova FIREBIRD (speed 9)
  9. Latitude 64 RIVER (speed 7)
  10. Discmania DDX (speed 12)

Some new drivers from 2016 that really made an impact for being so new on the market were the Discmania DDX, the Innova Colossus, and the Westside Destiny.  We’ll watch 2017 closely to see what trends fall into place with disc golf drivers.

Best-Selling Disc Golf Backpacks of Summer 2016

We often look with great interest at the best-selling disc golf discs for given periods of time. Best-sellers of the summer. Best-sellers of the year. Best-sellers of the quarter, etc. It is about time that we take a look at some of the hottest selling backpack bags from the summer of 2016.

bp-3#1 – Prodigy BP-3 Backpack – The number one spot was quickly claimed by a new backpack, the BP-3, that came out near the end of the summer. It flew of the shelves and onto the backs of players for one simple reason: The PRICE was right at only $29.99!  The sales numbers would have been higher, but they sold out at Prodigy’s warehouse. The BP-3 certainly fills a niche for players who want to use a backpack, but always found the price a bit higher than they wanted to pay. It has very basic features, but is certainly serviceable for casual play. It can even be used for hiking or camping, or as a school backpack. At that price, why not?

#2 – Dynamic Discs Commander – The second place spot goes to the Commander which it a high-end bag that lands in the reasonable $120 range. It has become a popular backpack with players who like a compact feel and the sturdy nature of the bag. The “Black Ops” edition recently came out with a blackened stars-and-stripes theme.

#3 – Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack – Once again, price plays a factor in the sales for the Sniper backpack by Dynamic Discs. At $69.99 it is an affordable and dependable pack that gets the job done. It holds 16 discs in the main compartment plus has dual water bottle pockets. Perfect for a casual tournament round.

#4 – Innova Heropack – The Heropack is Innova’s more affordable, entry-level backpack at $89.99. It comes in a large variety of colors and it holds upwards of 25 discs plus putter pockets on the top and front of the bag. It also includes extra accessory pockets and a drink holder. It is a very well-rounded bag for the price.

#5 – MVP Voyager – The new Voyager takes the number five spot as another end-of-summer release. It is the newest backpack offering from MVP. It features a heavy duty padded back and straps for support, plus putter pocket, large upper compartment for storage, plus drink holders, accessory pockets, and straps for a stool, etc. It is a bag that competes on a professional level and sells for $139.95.

Those were the top-selling bags at Infinite Discs for the summer of 2016. It will be fun to see which backpacks get the most traction heading into the holiday season. Have fun out there!