New Release – Ace Line Starter Bag

Prodigy has released a new bag to join the ranks of starter bags. Introducing the Ace Starter Bag. This is now available on for $13.99. This bag will also be included in some Ace Line Starter sets, which will be available at a future date.

The Ace Starter Bag is a great beginner bag, and is also perfect for kids. It holds approximately 6-8 discs and has an adjustable shoulder strap. The small Velcro pocket on the side can hold small items, while the larger front pocket can be used for valuables or discs.

Head on over to to check out this bag, and shop for all of you disc golf needs.

Infinite Discs Huck Pack

Infinite Discs is excited to introduce the newest disc golf backpack to join the ranks of the Infinite Discs brand: the Infinite Discs Huck Pack. This backpack is available on Infinite Discs website for $39.99.

There are similarities between the Innova Adventure Bag, the Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag, or the MVP Shuttle Bag. Despite the similarities, the Huck Pack is different to those bags, as it has two deep insulated water bottle pouches. It’ll carry a 40oz insulated water bottle in it easily. The pouch covers a 32oz non-insulated water bottle completely, ensuring optimal insulation. This bag will hold even small water bottles. Also, it has an accessible spot for a pencil/marker and mini marker.


These are some of the reasons why this bag may be the bag for you:
  • You want an affordable backpack
  • It can carry around 20 discs regularly
  • The mini marker slot is easily accessible
  • This is a lightweight bag, even fully loaded the weight isn’t too noticeable
  • You desire a bag with thick straps and pads for increased comfort
  • The Quiver pouch is large, it can carry at most four putters in that pouch

All in all, this bag can be used by all skill levels. Uses will include casual rounds with the family, playing in the local tournament, or taking it onto a PDGA sanctioned event.

Head on over to Infinite Discs’ website to pick up your Huck Pack today!

How We Carry Our Discs – 2017 State of Disc Golf Results

There are many ways to carry disc golf discs around. It’s not uncommon to see recreational disc golfers simply carrying around a disc or two in their hands. Many diehards use carts or strollers where they can wheel around dozens of discs at a time. In the 2017 State of Disc Golf survey we asked, “What kind of disc golf bag/cart do you predominately use?”

The majority of surveyed disc golfers use some sort of backpack bag. The backpack has been the trendy way to carry around discs over the past half decade, and with the recent addition of the more affordable backpacks like the Prodigy BP3 and Dynamic Discs Sniper, we expect this trend to continue to rise.

For the recreational disc golfer, the single strap “starter bag” is still an adequate way to carry more than a handful of discs along with a water bottle, keys, phone and other on the course necessities. Small disc golf bags with a single shoulder strap had the second greatest share at 13.7%.

In addition to the increased popularity, the share of disc golf carts, especially among tournament players, is on the rise. 8.6% of surveyed disc golfers said that they primarily use a cart. Go to any PDGA sanctioned tournament and the percentage of cart users is substantially higher. When we ran the survey in 2015 disc golf carts were not even an option.

Over the last two years the biggest decline in disc golf carrying is the “Large Disc Golf Bag.” In the 2015 survey, 34.3% of those surveyed used a large disc golf bag with or without shoulder straps. Almost half as many (16.8%) primarily use a large disc golf bag according to the 2017 survey.


Infinite Bags

Introducing the Infinite Bags

Over the course of the last year we have been quietly working on our own version of bags for disc golfers. Our goal throughout the process was to create a bag that exceeds similarly sized bags in both quality and affordability. We feel that we have accomplished that with both the Infinite Small Bag and the Infinite Large Bag.

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Launch Promotion – Limited Time Only

During the entire month of October, we are offering this bag at an excellent introductory price.

  • Small Bag Value: $19.99. On sale for $13.99

  • Large Bag Value: $49.99. On sale for $39.99

  • Straps Value: $23.99. On sale for $19.99

  • Large Bag w/ Straps Value: $74.99. On sale for $49.99

  • * Offer Ends 10/31/2014


    Bag Features

    Small Infinite Bag – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $19.99

    1. Holds 8-10 discs
    2. 1680 denier nylon (The most durable)
    3. High quality zippers
    4. Pocket for putters
    5. Drink holder with drawstring
    6. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    7. Padded bottom with rigid plastic
    8. Single divider so discs stay better organized
    9. Shoulder strap with rubber shoulder pad
    10. Available in: Red, Blue, Black or Orange

    Large Infinite Bag – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $49.99

    1. Holds 18 – 22 Discs
    2. 1680 Denier Nylon (The most durable)
    3. YKK Zippers
    4. Strong elastic putter pocket holds 1 or 2 putters
    5. 2 large strong elastic bottle holders
    6. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    7. Large storage pockets on both sides
    8. Two removable dividers to keep discs organized
    9. Scorecard and/or phone sleeve
    10. Mini pocket
    11. Small accessory pocket
    12. 3 small pencil holders
    13. 1 large pencil holder
    14. 4 plastic pegs which prevent rollovers and keep bag slightly elevated
    15. Shoulder strap with fabric shoulder pad.
    16. Compatible with all major backpack style bag straps.
    17. Available in: Red, Blue, Black, Orange or Burgundy

    Infinite Straps – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $23.99

    1. Compatible with all major large bag designs
    2. Chest clip to more evenly disperse weight load
    3. Spring loaded metal clips
    4. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    5. Available in black only

    Addressing Previous Bag Issues

    Fabric Durability
    We had two options to fix concerns with fabric. Stop using fabric, or use better fabric. To keep the bag affordable, fabric is the answer. To make it more durable we found 1680D Nylon; the most durable nylon fabric available in textile manufacturing. When you touch the fabric you can feel the density of this durable material which is more and made of dense strands of nylon which are more resistant to shredding or tearing. This is the most resilient fabric to adverse conditions.

    Zipper Durability
    Zippers frequently come off their tracks, or the pull tab completely breaks off of the zipper; requiring you to improvise with a paper clip or just never zip your bag again. To remedy this, we went with YKK zippers. In case you are unfamiliar with zippers, YKK is the most trusted brand of zippers in the world. All metal, and smooth sliding, you should be pleased with your YKK zipper.

    Straps tearing out of seams
    Seams in other bags separate easily. We have strong stitching on all seems; especially on seems where straps are attached. That way if your bag

    Having addressed all of these issues, we hope that your Infinite Large Bag or Infinite Small Bag treat you well for years to come. Will your bag have issues eventually? We hope not, but unfortunately everything comes in need of repair; with an Infinite Discs bag, chances are that your time between replacement bags will be drastically reduced.

    Our Promise

    We feel confident that we have created a very quality bag made of durable material. If you experience any issues with the workmanship listed above within the first three months, contact us and we’ll gladly help you. Please view our Return & Exchange Policy.