Thursday Deals – Introducing Triple Foil BLITZKRIEG Stamp!

Limited Edition Bomber Stamp and MVP Axiom Discs on Sale!Our weekend of disc golf deals begins on Thanksgiving with all MVP and Axiom discs on sale. Unlike most other disc golf brands, MVP/Axiom discs are substantially different than other golf discs that use a single uniform plastic. Maple Valley Plastics uses something called “Gyro” technology, where the outside rim of the discs is more dense than the flight plate creating different flight patterns and tendencies. If you haven’t tried MVP or Axiom Discs before, this is a great opportunity to try a unique new disc while they are on sale.

Triple Foil BLITZKREIG Stamp

Not only will Thursday’s deals get you an even better price than our already low MVP prices, but we will also be introducing our Triple Foil Blitzkrieg Bomber stamp. Inspired by our popular bomber stamp, the Blitzkrieg utilizes three different foils.


This is a LIMITED edition disc and there were only 1000 total discs made. On Thanksgiving day only, these Blitzkrieg stamp discs will also be priced on sale well below market value.

MVP & Axiom discs make a great gift as they provide something different for the disc golfer who has everything. Whether you’re looking for an artistic collectible, or just something different, the Blitzkreig stamp is the perfect gift for the gift golf fanatic.

To search specifically for Blitzkreig Stamped discs, use our Advanced search.

Simply select “Extras” then stamp type “Infinite Discs Blitzkrieg”


All Weekend Deals

In addition to MVP being on sale, we have a number of doorbuster deals that will begin Thursday and will be available while supplies last. Check out this post for our deals on discs, bags, apparel, and accessories.

Axiom Vanish Announced! More Plasma, Special Stamp

MVP and Axiom fans rejoice!

Today MVP and Axiom Disc Sports announced some big upcoming discs to be released on Friday, April 29th. These releases include Plasma editions of the Axiom Theory and the Insanity, along with a new Axiom disc called the Vanish.


The Vanish has been much anticipated by the community since its appearance on the PDGA Approved Disc list a couple of weeks ago in early April, and after much speculation, the mystery is over. Axiom describes the disc as a middle ground between the MVP Wave and the Orbital. It will debut in Neutron plastic in both a regular stock fashion at our regular Neutron price of 15.95, as well as a special edition stamp described as the 1616 Special Edition Vanish. This disc will be higher speed and offer a straight to understable flight path depending on wind direction and thrower power. You can pre-order both editions at:

Axiom Vanish Pre Order

The manufacturers note that both of the new Plasma molds have a bit more of a shoulder, accompanied by a slight increase in dome and a subsequent boost to glide in flight. If you haven’t had the chance to see the recent Axiom Plasma released and fully appreciate how sweet the metalic two-color Plasma GYRO™ build looks, head over to the site at:
Axiom Plasma Proxy
Axiom Plasma Crave
Axiom Plasma Envy

MVP also announced new Multicolor Tri-Lit LED Lights for night rounds. The new editions include the MVP Circuit logo so that you can add a bit of MVP brand to any of your discs for rounds when you don’t want to lose any of your beloved plastic to the darkness.

So far the Axiom Plasma editions of the Envy, Proxy, and Crave have seen a lot of support! What other molds are you excited to be released in Plasma plastic?