Quick Tip Tuesday – Distance


This week for your Quick Tip Tuesday, team member Cole Redalen shares a few tips about how he is able to get more distance off the tee.

First, timing is key. “This is the most important key part in gaining distance” is what Cole says in the video. He recommends working on your x-step, which is the way that most professionals and amateur disc golfers use when throwing a disc.

Second, as part of this x-step, Cole talks about the timing of your arm extension. He explains that your extended arm should directly correspond to your pivot food hitting the ground. This all happens directly before you pull your arm across your chest.

And Third, remember to have a consistent, firm grip on the disc you are throwing. Cole recommends using a fan grip to properly secure the disc as it comes across your chest.


Check out the full two minute video of Cole breaking down this tip for you –>


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