Quick Tip Tuesday – Approach Shots


This week for your Quick Tip Tuesday, Infinite team member Zoe AnDyke shares a few great tips about how to improve your approach game.

First, place a few other targets (your bag, a towel, etc.) around the basket. Trying to aim directly for the basket is great, but most of the time you aren’t going to be throwing it in when approaching. Work on getting the disc close to the target by aiming for those other objects around the basket.

Second, aim for the ground. If you are aiming at the basket that is several feet above the ground, you run the risk of throwing it too high. You will most likely be closer to the target if you aim lower.

And Third, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it in the basket or throw the perfect shot. Getting up to the basket for a tap-in is GREAT, but it is better to consistently practice the practical shots instead of the shot that you usually make 1/100 times.


Check out the full video of Zoe breaking down this tip for you –>

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