New Accessories

We have added some new items onto our store that revolve around disc golf. There is a new book from Patrick McCormick, some zipper pulls to make your bag your own, and the Trekker bag from Zuca. Here is a preview of these items:

Disc Golf Strategy & Tactics

Patrick McCormick returns to tackle the game’s physical tactics and strategy. Strategy & Tactics begins with everything you ever need to know about disc types, their stability, the ratings, and effects of weight. McCormick then examines each throwing technique and when to use each to improve your round regardless of weather. Finally, McCormick reveals keys to disc golf strategy from the course level down to strategizing each shot. In this book, you will learn about the purpose of the different types of discs. The science of disc stability. How disc weight affects throwing distance and stability. Tips and tricks for backhands, forehands, rollers, and more! How the wind affects your throw and how to compensate. The difference between training, practice, and play. He details various field, accuracy, and putting drills to prepare you for victory. Many disc golf challenge ideas to keep your friendly rounds interesting. He also details gym workouts to use all to improve your game. Also reviewing multiple mental tools and tricks to get out of your own head when playing competitively. And learning the course, competition, and yourself to aid in determining course strategy.

Click here to get your copy for $13.95


KB Zipper Pulls

The KB Zipper Pulls are a cool and convenient accessory for your disc golf bag. Simply tie the colorful paracord zipper pull onto your zipper. This will make it easier to grab the zipper and add some style to your disc golf bag. These are available in 4 packs and a variety of colors.

See the color options and select yours through this link, these are available for $9.99


ZUCA Trekker Bag

Change up any Standard Backpack Cart with this heavy-duty Trekker Insert Bag, available in multiple colors/patterns.  Convert and expand your Backpack Cart storage capacity and carry 10-25 discs in the integrated compartment.  The perfect companion to your Standard Backpack Cart with multifunctional storage and zippered pockets.

Available for $99.00 you can select yours here.

New Starter Sets

There are a few new starter sets to hit the market recently. You can purchase them online at There is a new set from Discmania (which also features a new plastic), a Divergent Discs set, a premium set from Kastaplast, two Prodigy Ace Line sets, and two X-Com sets.


Discmania Evolution Starter Set

The Discmania Evolution Starter Set is a great way to get you, or a friend, started playing disc golf. This set is designed to get the beginner some beginner friendly discs at a good price. This comes with a fairway driver (Essence), midrange (Origin), and a putter (Link).

This is also the first release of the new GEO plastic. It is a bit softer than EXO plastic, but with better grip. Each disc in the Evolution Starter Set comes in GEO plastic. All discs in the GEO line are a little less stable than their premium plastic (NEO and LUX) counterparts.

This is available now for $27.99


Divergent Discs Starter Set

The Divergent Discs 3-disc Starter Set is designed specifically for new disc golf players or existing players with slower arm speed. The discs are easy to throw with a basic putter called the Narwhal, a basic mid-range called the Leviathan, and a driver called the Kraken that can handle a little more power while beginners learn to combine distance with accuracy. The discs come in quality plastic, Max Grip, that lasts longer than many other beginner sets on the market.

The Divigent Max Grip Plastic is one of the premier disc golf plastic blends on the market. It combines premium durability with excellent grip for comfort and top notch performance. It could be compared to popular K1 plastic by Kastaplast.

You can purchase this set for $15.99.


Kastaplast (KastaSet) Starter Set

The Kastaplast (KastaSet) 3 Piece Starter Set comes with a K1 Falk, K1 Svea, and K3 Reko. Complete with a driver, mid-range, and putter, this is everything you need to start playing disc golf.

Katapalst K1 is a unique plastic blend manufactured in Sweden. This disc plastic has an excellent feel. It is moderately grippy, but not sticky and is extremely durable. K1 plastic has a similar feel to Prodigy 400G or prodiscus. K1 is a stiffer blend than Kastaplast’s K2 plastic.

K3 is Kastaplast’s base line plastic – grippy in all conditions. With this plastic you will get that nice worked in feel pretty quickly. Compared to other base plastics, K3 is medium soft.

This is available for $49.95


Prodigy Ace Line Sets

Ace Line Understable 3-Disc Set

The Ace Line Understable Set is a 3-disc set of discs with straight-to-understable flight characteristics. These discs are designed to resist the fade longer for a more straight flight, perfect for throwers who want to try out the Ace Line discs by Prodigy at a great price in Base Grip plastic. Base Grip feels great for a lower-cost blend. This set includes the F Model US (stable fairway driver), the M Model US (understable mid-range), and the P Model US (understable putter). It also includes a blank mini marker for use in tournament or league play.

BaseGrip is a quality base level plastic in Prodigy’s Ace Line.  Base grip plastic has an excellent feel. While this is considered a base plastic, it is more durable than baseline plastics from most other brands.

This set is available for purchase online for $19.99


Ace Line Stable 3-Disc Set

The Ace Line Stable Set is a 3-disc set of discs with straight-to-overstable flight characteristics. While not too extreme on the fade, these discs are designed for experienced throwers who want to try out the Ace Line discs by Prodigy at a great price in Base Grip plastic. Base Grip feels great for a lower-cost blend. This set includes the F Model S (stable fairway driver), the M Model OS (overstable mid-range), and the P Model S (stable putter). It also includes a blank mini marker for use in tournament or league play.

BaseGrip is a quality base level plastic in Prodigy’s Ace Line.  Base grip plastic has an excellent feel. While this is considered a base plastic, it is more durable than baseline plastics from most other brands.

This set is available online for $19.99


X-Com Beginner Sets

3-Disc Starter Set

The X-Com 3-Disc Starter Set is a beginner set, it is an easy, affordable way to get started on the disc golf course. It includes a putter, a mid-range, and a driver, all designed to fly well for new players. The discs are lightweight and tuned for straight flight with low arm speed. Even children should be able to handle these discs as they get started in their disc golf game. The discs are PDGA approved for competitive play as well.

These discs come in the XCom Basic plastic, it is a soft, affordable plastic with nice grip and moderate durability.

You can buy this set for $19.99




4-Disc Starter Set with Bag

X-Com presents this 4-disc Starter Set with Bag which includes a putter, mid-range, fairway driver, and distance driver, plus an easy-to-use hip / fanny bag to carry your set on the course. These are lightweight discs designed for new players or for players with slower arm speeds. These discs are PDGA approved for competitive play.

These discs come in the XCom Basic plastic, it is a soft, affordable plastic with nice grip and moderate durability.

You can purchase this set for $37.99

Welcome Team Infinite 2021

A new competitive disc golf season brings means that it is time to introduce our new and returning Team Infinite members. We are very excited to announce TEAM INFINITE 2021:

Signature Team

The Signature Team is a group of pro level players who plan to compete in many high-level events this year as they represent Infinite Discs. These players will also have signature disc releases on the Infinite Discs brand, the sales of which will help financially support their efforts.

Dave Feldberg

Drew Gibson

Zoe Andyke

Nicole “Pickle” Dionisio

Alex Tews

Allison Haggett

Chris Becker

James Moore

Jamie Kiep

Joseph Kulp

Justin Gilbert

Kade Filimoehala

Scott Zimmerman

We are also very excited to be working with players who are sponsored by other teams, through cooperative signature disc releases and financial support. While they represent their sponsor brands, they work with us in other capacities to promote their brands, and in some cases have signature edition discs with the Infinite Discs brand. Here are some of those players:

Innova Sponsored Players

Andrew Marwede

Calvin Heimburg

Dallin Blanchard

Garrett Gurthie

Kesler Martin

Kona Panis

Jeremy Koling

Jessica Weese

Joel Freeman

Prodigy Sponsored Players

Austin Hannum

Catrina Allen

Chris Dickerson

Kevin Jones

Thomas Gilbert

Legacy Sponsored Players

Patrick Brown

Discraft Sponsored Players

Reid Frescura

Elite Team

The Elite Team focuses on some fast-improving and higher rated players with a mix of women, men, and juniors who are earning increased attention.

Adam McJunkin

Alex Durham

Andrea Cammack

Andrew Rich

Austin Fonk

Carolina Halstead

Chelsea Howells

Chris Blanchard

Chris Eads

Christopher Paetz

Cody Simmons

Colby Christophersen

Cooper Siebers

Dw Hass

Erik Rasmussen

Forrester Wilson

Hali Trevena

Jace Foster

Jack Peterson

Jacob McDaniel

Jake LaPutka

Jamie Spencer

Jason Light

Jerome Knott

Jody Dixon

Jordan Infield

Jordan Parks

Kaleb Caplin

Koy Blanchard

Lucas Oberholtzer Hess

Mason Foltz

Matt Hester

Mikey Barringer

Paul Koebke Barsic

Robert Centala III

Sami Keddington

Taylor Coulam

Todd Springer

Tongia Toni Vakaafi

Core Team

The Core Team is made up of players who are working hard to represent Infinite Discs in a positive way through their play and their reputation among their peers as they grow the sport of Disc Golf in positive ways. While they may not be as highly ranked as Elite Team members, they are definitely on their way!

Adam Sweetland

Al Hobbs

Anthony LaMonica

Blaine Anderson

Brandon Landis

Brigham Tanton

Bryan Newport

Carter Pearson

Casey Blum

Chad Villegas

Christopher Flynn

Connor Bearry

Dan Snyder

Derrick Blanchard

Donald McCormick

Dru Ulloa

Durwood Hass

Dylan Nuetzi

Faith Marie Powell

Garrett Colwell

Geoffrey Linder

Jason Connatser

Jason Ramirez

Jebediah Anderson

Jeremiah Smith

Jonathan Peek

Jory Reid

Joshua Martin

Kenneth Bess

Kenneth Halstead

Keri Jackson

Kevan Greunke

Kevin VilleMonte

Kevin White

Kristopher Humphreys

Kristy Artiglio

Layne Jensen

Lucas Latta

Molly Bass

Nathan Hendricks

Nicholas Champ

Randal Bemis

Richard Alexander

Robert Tripp

Ryan Blankenship

Ryan Manning

Shane Robert Evans

Thomas Cleaver

Troy Rugger

Wendy Magee

William Atkinson

Zak Erickson

Ambassador Team

The Ambassador Team is made up of players who have a strong social media presence, interact on a larger scale with other players, and work hard to represent the Infinite Discs brand. They are often Tournament Directors, club officers, educators, and experienced disc golf reviewers who are respected by their communities both online and locally.

Adam Helpingstine

Adrian Toledo

Alan Cooper

Alec Falzone

Alic Shorey

Andrew Trayer

Bobby Hughes

Brian Bassett

Bryan Jungling

Cameron Beck

Christopher E. Davis

Clint Kimbrell

Conrad Norwood

Drew Nielsen

Eric Hughes

Felix Vega

Garen Blanchard

Jack ‘Tupp’ Trageser

Jerid Ludwig

Michael Spencer

Mike Brown

Mitchell Rainey

Paul Baker

Paul Coulam

Robby Harris

Robert Buckley

Robert Hansen

Ryan Flahive

Samuel Russ

Seth Dey

Shannon Berryhill

Shawn Swapp

Taylor AuBuchon

Tricia Lafferty

Will Leeroy Jenkins


Congratulations to all our new and returning team members! We are excited for the 2021 season!

Focus Friday – Gateway Wizard

For this week’s Focus Friday we are shining the spotlight on Gateway’s Wizard. Over the weekend you can use the discount code: FOCUSWIZARD to save 10% on any Wizard.

One of the most popular putt & approach discs that we sell. This is a great overstable putter, allowing for some good drives and reliable putting.  With a vast variety of plastic types you’ll be sure to find the one that suits you the most. While putting with the Wizard from the circle’s edge, you can expect a solid straight line. After that point, is when the disc will start to fade out. When it comes to driving the Wizard, you can expect a pretty straight flight path that ends with a decent fade. This can hold anhyzer lines for a while, but it will generally fade out.

This weekend is a great time to get your favorite Wizard, or to try it out. Again, use the discount code FOCUSWIZARD to get 10% off.

Head on over to to select your Wizard. Once everything you want is in your cart, you can apply the discount code FOCUSWIZARD and get 10% off all Wizards in your cart.

Note: After placing your discs in the shopping cart and before checking out, click on the “Discount Code” box under the shopping cart and enter that code. Then proceed to checkout.

Best Disc Golf Bags 2021

What are the Best Disc Golf Bags?

With only a couple of exceptions, every disc golfer I know has some kind of device to carry their discs. From bags to carts, disc golfers usually carry enough discs and accessories to warrant having something to carry those things around the course. Typically, a new disc golfer will start with a small bag, then work up to either a large bag or cart as their disc collection and needs grow. Our choice of disc transport devices depends largely on our level of involvement in the sport. Casual disc golfers who carry 3-6 discs will need something completely different to carry their discs than people who play tournaments regularly.



This blog will look at the most popular disc golf bags for 2021 based on our sales for the past year. We’ll compare the bags based on bag size. Keep in mind, like with pretty much any analysis of disc golf for 2020, most of the statistics we’ll see were severely affected by the COVID19 shutdowns that occurred. But, we can’t do anything about that so we’ll show you the information we have. Read this blog to find out how you can win a $50 gift card!


Best Small Disc Golf Bags of 2021


Let’s start with the small bag, the bag preferred by most beginners. They usually carry less than ten discs and maybe a water bottle and a snack. These minimalist bags suit the needs of the beginner and are priced lower than other bags, with several models less than $15, making them attractive to people new to the sport. The nice thing about starting with a smaller bag is that it is something that a more experienced disc golfer can use from time to time, long after they have graduated to a larger bag. Here are the top small bags for 2021.



Leading the pack are several bags from Infinite Discs. Holding the number one spot is the Infinite Slinger bag. Designed out of a desire to have a bag that held a decent number of discs but not be too bulky, the Slinger Bag has been a hit since its beginning. The single strap is used like most people use a bag with two straps: with only one strap over the shoulder. It can be adjusted for use over either shoulder. With a putter pouch and room for several more discs, the bag fills a variety of disc golf needs. The Holster is a new product and made an impressive splash into the small bag world. The top-selling non-Infinite small bags are the Latitude 64 Slim bag and the MVP Beaker bag.Here is how the Slinger bag stacked against the other ‘small’ bags.



Looking at the top small bags sold of all time, we see that the Infinite Starter Bag and Slinger still make the list for the top five. They both have a great price point for what you get, making them desirable for a large number of disc golfers. It is fortunate that our supply of these bags helped keep their numbers up. Discraft Weekender and Innova Standard Bag also made the top all-time small bag

Moving On Up


When a disc golfer finds themselves playing more frequently, or attending more tournaments, they usually determine that they need to move from a starter bag to one that can hold more discs and accessories. It’s at that point they start considering the next size bag they want to purchase. Move all the way up to a backpack bag, or just upgrade to a larger bag? Let’s look at the next level above beginner bag: the Large Bag.

Best Large Disc Golf Bags 2021

Large Bags run from $24-$40 and most have a single sling to carry over the shoulder. However, some have backpack-like straps that can go over both shoulders. Looking at the numbers for the bags that fall into the ‘Large Bags’ category, we see an interesting product. For both the best Large Bag of 2020 and the best Large Bag of all time, we see that the practice bags are very popular. These are the bags that hold around 30 discs, but not much else if the bag is carried to capacity. They are great for playing a round of disc golf, or doing field work. The versatility undoubtedly contribute to its popularity. (I like using mine to organize all of the extra discs that I keep in my trunk!) Here are the best-selling Large Bags of 2020.


And here, by comparison, are the best-selling Large Bags of all time. Keep in mind, the number one bag, the Prodigy Practice Bag V1, stopped selling in 2019, so it didn’t even make the list for the best-selling Large Bag for 2020. If you look at the combined numbers for the Prodigy V1 and V2 practice bags, and compare them to the combined numbers for the Infinite Large Bag and Infinite Large Bag w/straps, the total sales are comparable. And if you combine the sales of both Infinite Large Bags with both Prodigy Practice Bags, you end up with three-fourths of all Large Bag sales! Here are the top all-time sales numbers:


Still Expanding…?



So, now you have moved from a small bag to a large bag, but still find you need a little more room. You want a few backup discs, a few more snacks, and maybe another water bottle. You still have some choices to make. Do you want to move up to the larger and more expensive full-sized backpack? Or will the economy backpack do the trick? There are economy Backpacks that range in size and price from those that hold the same number of discs as a Large Bag, and at the same or cheaper price point, to bags that hold a bit more, and cost a bit more.

Best Economy Disc Golf Backpacks 2021


We’ll start with the economy backpack bags. These bags typically cost under $40 and hold 10-25 discs. While they hold the same or more than most Large Bags, they don’t have all of the room of a larger backpack (Although, some come close). Some bags in this category cross over between Large Bags and Economy Backpacks.


Once again, the Infinite Slinger Bag dominates the field. It doubled the sales of the next most popular bag, the Infinite Stealth. Another Infinite bag, the Huck Pack, took the third spot in the category. In fact, the only non-Infinite bag to make the top 5 is the Prodigy BP-4, which made up about 8% of the Economy Backpack Bags.




A look at the all-time sales for Economy Backpacks reveals that the top economy backpack bags sales of all time look very similar to the 2020 results. Four of the top five bags are Infinite bags, with the lone non-Infinite bag being the popular Dynamic Discs Trooper. The Slinger remains atop the charts for all-time sales.

Still Not Enough Room?



If an Economy Backpack Bag isn’t cutting it for you because you need a little more space, you can always make the final leap in the bag realm and get a Backpack bag. Bags in this class can cost hundreds of dollars and carry over 20 discs. This type of bag can be seen frequently at tournaments and even leagues. They have room for discs, backup discs, snacks, drinks, and accessories. That extra space comes in handy as you find yourself carrying more stuff during your rounds.


Best Disc Golf Backpack Bag 2021


Let’s look at the most popular Backpack Bags for 2021. Leading the ‘pack’ are several Prodigy bags. Different version of the BP-1 and BP-2 account for three-fourths of all the bags sold.  The BP series of bags have a large horizontal pocket that holds lots of discs, with side pockets for extra items. The only non-Prodigy bag on the list is the Dynamic Discs Trooper.


Comparing the best bags for 2021 with the best all-time bags, we still see a couple Prodigy bags, the BP-1 V2 and BP-1 V3, but also see some other classic bags on the list. Starting with the Dynamic Discs Commander bag, the most popular Backpack Bag of all time. The Commander barely beat the BP-1 V3 for the top title. The other discs in the top five are the Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack, and the Innova Heropack. Here is a breakdown of the top five Backpack Bags.



Picking YOUR Bag


If you are new to disc golf and you’re looking for a bag, starting with a small bag is a great way to go. Even after you upgrade to a larger bag, the small bag can still come in handy. Sometimes, you just want to focus on a throwing and getting to know a few specific discs. No need to haul around a big bag. Just grab the starter bag and go! Helping someone that is just getting into disc golf? No problem, let them use the small bag until they get their own. You really can’t go wrong starting small, then working up to larger bags as the need arises. Then, as your needs change, you’ll know it’s time to look for something that fits your needs. This handy guide will help you as you consider all of the bag options on the market today.

Let us know in the comments what bag you use, and how you like it!


Congrats to Eric F! His comment was randomly selected to win the $50 gift card.


Check out Infinite’s line of disc golf bags:

Introducing Mint Discs

Disc Golf Manufacturer Spotlight


Infinite Discs carries a large selection of brands and we wanted to introduce you to some of the brands and molds that you might not be as familiar with. Each week we will spotlight a different company and tell you a little more about them. Because of Covid shutdowns, our supply of discs was severely affected. Therefore, we may not have all of the molds from all of the brands we will talk about. But, it might put a few more molds on your radar for the future. For the last couple of blogs, we traveled overseas to check out a couple of brands. This week we come back home to visit a company in Texas, and introduce Mint Discs.



Mint Discs is an Austin, Texas company started a few years ago by friends Guy Boyan, Zach Jansen, and Chris Herbert. The trio were avid disc golfers and in 2015 had a thought about a disc golf business that undoubtedly many others have had about their passion: Why aren’t we doing this?! That conversation led to a years of work and planning, and it culminated in the release of their first disc, the Alpha.

Guy, Zach, and Gordo of Mint Discs

Minted In The Heart of Texas

Mint’s first release, the Alpha, was released in April, 2017, and was their sole mold for a couple of years, until their next few releases, the Bobcat, the Freetail, and the Profit. That added a midrange, a distance driver, and a putter to their catalogue. Those three molds were all PDGA approved in 2019, and have been released.

Last year, another batch of three molds was approved by the PDGA for Mint Discs: the Mustang, Bullet, and Longhorn. That gave them another mid, another putter, and another distance driver. Mint already has one disc approved for 2021, the Jackalope. The Jackalope is a control driver with a little more turn than the Alpha, and will be released in the spring or summer.

Choice of Plastics

In addition to offering a variety of molds, their company has several plastic types to choose from. When Mint releases a mold, they usually do so in a variety of plastics, giving the thrower choices. Their plastics include, Apex, similar in feel to Star, Neutron, and ESP Plastics; Eternal, similar to Champion, Opto, and Lucid Plastics; Nocturnal, which is their glow plastic; Royal, a more firm plastic, similar in feel to DX or Prime Plastics; and Sublime, which is similar in look and feel to Plasma plastic.

Mint Discs Molds

Chris of Mint Discs

Let’s take a look at the molds offered by Mint Discs to see how they fly. Starting with the putters, the Bullet and Profit have a similar flight, with the Profit being a slightly faster mold. It is comparable in flight to the PA-2, Atom, and Infinite’s new release, the Alpaca. The Bullet is one speed slower. The Profit got its name from the Estimated Prophet at Moody’s Disc Golf Ranch in Texas. It is one of Mint’s favorite courses.

For midrange molds, the Mustang is most like the popular EMAC Truth. It has good glide and a solid fade. Need a little more dump at the end for precision shots? Check out the Bobcat. It has a little less glide and is a little more overstable than the Mustang. Perfect for when you want a disc to fly as long as it should, and still finish strong. Infinite will be releasing a limited edition of the Bobcat on February 4.

Newest Kid on the Block

As mentioned earlier, the Jackalope will join the O.G. mold, the Alpha, in the fairway driver slot for Mint. The Jackalope will have a little more flip than the Alpha, making it more of a candidate for tailwind or shaping shots. The Alpha, on the other hand, has the straight, wind resistant flight found in molds like the Teebird3 or DGA Pipeline.

Doing the heavy lifting for Mint are their distance drivers, the Freetail and the Longhorn. The flippier of the two, the Freetail, is a great mold for those who need a little more turn in their flight, or for rollers for the big-arms. In premium plastics, the Freetail will take a little longer to ‘season’. But, once it does, it will have a nice, long flight. The Longhorn is a great driving disc with the turn and fade similar to the Wraith.

Sublime Freetail

Coming up shortly, the Sublime Freetail will be released. Although that mold has been released in Sublime before, this time it will feature a stamp from artist Levi Whitpan. The folks at Mint say it might be their favorite stamp they’ve ever printed! Look for that disc to drop on February 9.

Texas Disc Golf Scene

The disc golf scene in Texas is thriving, and Mint is happy to be in the middle of the growth. They strive to support local disc golfers and local tournaments. Team Mint is made up of local 1000+ rated players, Master’s players, and Legends. One of their team members is FPO player Krissie Fountain. Last year, she won numerous tournaments while watching her PDGA rating rise, and plans on touring even more this year. Check out Fountain in action at the Jonesboro Open last year with Ellen Widboom, here.

Team Mint

New Year, New Opportunities

Although 2020 was an interesting year for all of us, Mint Discs included, this year is already off to a great start for the company. Mint has already had growth opportunities this year, and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. In addition to always having new molds in the works, Mint recently moved into a new warehouse. The expansion will come in handy as they take over a local tour series, the Heart Of Texas Tour (HOTT). The tour series includes the popular tournament, Capitol of Texas Open, which will be the 30th year of that tournament. Mint is thrilled to be running the competition. They hope to elevate some of the tournaments into NT and A-tiers events.


Mint Disc’s Unique Serial Numbers

One of the unique aspects of Mint Discs is their serial number approach to identifying the year and run of any of their discs. They keep a database on their website that lists the serial numbers of all of their runs. The serial number indicates the plastic, mold, run, and year of their disc. The database also lists the stamp used, the available colors, and the artist who created the stamp. That is perfect for people who want a disc from a specific run. It is also interesting if you want to learn more about their stamps and the people who designed them.

The people at Mint Discs are thrilled to be a part of our sport, and excited about the future. They love the fun and passion that can be found in disc golfers. From the post-production videos covering tournaments, to the accessibility of touring pros, ours is a great sport, and Mint Discs are happy to be helping it grow.


Popular Mint Discs for 2020

Taking a look at the sales for Mint Discs last year, we see that the Mustang was the best selling mold for the year. The Mustang and the Freetail accounted for half of the disc sales. In third is the putter, the Bullet. Here is the breakdown of mold sales for Mint Discs.




Infinite Discs would like to give a couple Mint Discs to random commenters to this blog post. Answer one of the questions below with your opinions of Mint Discs.

Do you throw Mint Discs? Tell us which mold is your favorite.

Never tried Mint Discs molds? Tell us which mold you would like to try.

We’ll pick the random winners and post the results next week when we look at another brand we sell.


Check out Infinite Discs’ selection of Mint Discs molds here:

Check out Mint Discs here:


Last week we looked at Guru Discs. We selected three random people who commented on that blog. The winners will receive a Guru disc. Here are the winners:

Kjell R.

Derek H.

Paul T

Congrats! We’ll get your disc shipped out shortly.


Welcome to the Top 20 Tuesday chart! Every week we take a look at the twenty top-selling discs on the Infinite Discs website, broken down by plastic type as well. So these are the top sellers for the last seven days in order:

Top Twenty Tuesday for February 2nd 2021

#1 – Signature I-Blend EMPEROR
#2 – Rubber Blend ZONE
#3 – Star WRAITH
#4 – Signature ESP ANAX
#6 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#8 – Signature ESP HADES
#10 – Star DESTROYER
#11 – Ground Plastic RUNE
#12 – DX AVIAR
#13 – Signature ESP MALTA
#15 – Star X-Out WRAITH
#16 – Base Grip P MODEL S
#17 – Z-Line ZONE
#18 – Swirly S-Blend PHARAOH
#19 – P-Blend ALPACA
#20 – Extinct SPINOSAURUS

The Top 20 chart is still highly driven by restocks. Whatever is restocked during the week tends to jump to the top positions. But the #1 this week is the Kona Panis Signature I-Blend EMPEROR, which barely inched out the #2 best-seller, the Rubber Blend ZONE. The Star WRAITH came in #3, getting another boost with a quiet release of all black “Solar” stamped discs. Several other Discraft models filled the chart, with only a few rogues holding spots in the top 20, like the Ground RUNE by Viking Discs (a cool putter), the P Model S by Prodigy / Ace Line (another cool putter), and the Extinct SPINOSAURUS fairway drier from Dino Discs (ultra lightweight discs).

Here is a look at how many times the different brands appeared on this week’s chart:

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The number 8 spot this week was taken by the Signature EPS HADES. Carson won again, having only a few weeks ago. Please be sure to check your email or Facebook message to get your gift card code.

NEXT WEEK: Guess the #9 spot for next week. The first person to get it right (include the disc model and plastic type) will win!


Focus Friday – D Model S

Welcome to another weekend, hopefully this one goes well for you. This week we will focus on Prodigy’s D Model S. Use the discount code FOCUSDMODELS to get 20% off all D Model S molds.

Making the D Model S Focus Friday promotion better, we added a sweet dragon stamp onto it. The stamp will only be on the Duraflex plastic. These stamped discs will release Friday, January 29, at 12:00 MST.

This distance river has a good amount of stability to it, providing a nice straight trajectory through the air until it has a solid fade at the end of the flight. Because of the stability, it is quite consistent on its flight path. You can purchase this disc in the base plastic or the premium plastic, whichever you prefer.

If you haven’t tried the disc, check out the reviews on our site to see if you would like to try it out. Or if you have tried the disc, and liked it, now is a good time to get some spares or replacements. Using the discount code provide, you can get them for 20% off over the weekend.

You can select your disc by clicking here. Simply add as many D Model S molds to your shopping cart as you want, then BEFORE you click to checkout, look below the shopping cart. Right below the shopping cart is a box for Discount Codes. Click there and paste the code, FOCUSDMODELS, into the box. Then proceed to checkout and you’ll get the discount.

Here is a screenshot to help you out, though it doesn’t necessarily show a D Model S in the cart – it’s just a generic visual to help you find the discount code box:

We hope that you love throwing the D Model S. If you’ve thrown the disc, feel free to share what you think of this distance driver disc. Thanks!

STAY TUNED for our next Focus Friday for another chance to try a featured disc at a nice discounted price!

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