Introducing Wild Discs

Infinite Discs carries a large selection of brands and we want to introduce you to some of the brands and molds that you might not be as familiar with. Each week we will spotlight a different company and tell you a little more about them. Because of Covid shutdowns, our supply of discs was severely affected. Therefore, we may not have all of the molds from all of the brands we will talk about. But, it might put a few more molds on your radar for the future. We are back in the US this week and we’re featuring Buffalo, New York manufacturer, Wild Discs.

Wild in Buffalo

Buffalo, New York, sits next to Lake Erie in the western part of the state. It is just across the Niagara River from Canada.  It is home to the Buffalo Bills, and Wild Discs.


Discs was started in June, 2020, by Kyle Knab and Becky Fix. It was created out of a two-pronged desire: first, to grow the sport of disc golf by providing quality discs and accessories. And second, to give back to the world by committing 5% of all proceeds to wildlife conservation. The founders love disc golf, love animals, and love to spend time outdoors enjoying the wilderness. Wild Discs is a combination of their passions.

First Molds

The first disc approved by the PDGA for Wild Discs is the Hummingbird putter. The mold has a small, smooth bead and a straight flight with a lot of glide. It was approved at the end of 2020, and since then two other molds have been approved and released: the Orca and the Addax. The Orca is a high-speed driver whose flight is similar to an

Innova Tern. The Addax is their midrange with a straight flight and solid fade. The stamps for all of their discs are created by Co-founder, Becky Fix.

What’s An Addax?

Although most people are familiar with orcas and hummingbirds (the animals), the Addax might not be as familiar. You have probably seen a picture of one, without knowing its name. It is an African animal whose body shape is similar to an antelope, but with long, spiral horns. The animal is nearly extinct in the wild. Details about each the animals featured on their molds are found on Wild Discs’ website.

Wild Discs currently offers three plastic types for their discs. However, the have several more plastic types that they are experimenting with. Currently, the company lists Landslide, Quicksand, and Whirlpool as their available plastics. Landslide is a durable plastic that is firm, but still has good grip. Whirlpool plastic has even more durability than Landslide, and with a little more grip. Quicksand is a nylon based plastic mixed with some Landslide plastic, with a ton of grip – the most of all their plastics. It also has a soft flex and is very durable.

Coming to Wild Discs…

As mentioned above, Wild Discs has several new plastic types they are experimenting with. They are also working on expanding both their disc and product lines. What will the future hold? Coming out in a couple of months will be a fairway driver and a mid/approach disc. Even before those hit the market Wild will be releasing a new bag that, according to founder Kyle Knab, will be “the most eye-catching bag on the market” whose functionality is “next level”. Stay tuned to Wild Discs for their new releases! Here is a sneak peak of the bag.

Although Wild Discs is a new company, selling their first discs in October 2020, they are already looking forward to the future. One avenue of growth that Wild uses is supporting an ambassador team. Anyone can apply to be on the team. Details can be found on their website.

Growing And Supporting Conservation

In addition to adding more molds and products to their brand, they are excited about the growth of the sport. They are looking forward to getting more women and youth involved in disc golf and are glad to be in a position to make a difference. Even in the short time they’ve been a business, they have received a lot of support, kind words, and positive feedback from the disc golf community. They have already raised over $1,000 that will go toward wildlife conservation.

Wild Discs will continue to support conservation efforts, and that commitment is one of the unique aspects of their company. They will continue to contribute 5% of proceeds toward conservation efforts. Plus, they will be holding charity events and tournaments to further support the cause. Wild Discs’ commitment to animals is apparent in their mold names, stamp designs, and even their company name. Check out Wild Discs today! Then see below how you can win a Wild Discs mold.

Check out Infinite’s selection of Wild Discs molds here:

Check out the Wild Discs website (and their awesome hoodies!) here:

See how you can support conservation efforts here:

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Last Week: Disctroyer

Last week we looked at Disctroyer. We selected three random people who commented on that blog. Here are the winners:

Colby S

Brian F

Harry S

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  • I’d love to try the hummingbird. Always looking to try out different putters.

  • I’ve been following them on instagram for a little bit. The Orca seems sweet but I’d most like to try the addax

  • The Orca seems like a sweet driver. Not sure which plastic type I’d go for though. Love this companys stance on raising awareness.

  • I am so happy that they are giving back to nature. Half the reason I got into disc golf was getting to walk around outside. I have not thrown any of their discs but I would love to try the Addax.

  • I love that they have the Orca in a lightweight metal flake effect plastic. That would be a fun disc to try, and I could see it being a reliable go to disc. Nice work Wild Discs with all your conservation efforts.

  • I’m still trying to pick a main putter I’d love to try the hummingbird!

  • Not familiar with their discs but I like their mission. Interesting.

  • Never heard of them but love to throw discs from different companies. I’m definitely digging the orca!

  • I have not yet thrown Wild Discs, but I really like their commitment to wildlife conservation. I would love to try an Orca for the relatively understable flight in a faster mold. Plus Orcas (the animal) are awesome!

  • I throw all the Wild Discs, and am on the Team! All of the discs are awesome! The hummingbird is my go-to throwing putter & holds pretty much any line you can put it on! A proto Addax kicked my EMac Truth out of the bag almost instantly, and the Orca is a go-to for near max distance turnovers and hyzerflips, and feels great for forehands. Doing great things for the community and conservation!!

  • Christopher Lorrah

    I really like all 3, but I do love the Orca. I’ve been trying out a lot of the newer companies that are popping up and I definitely recommend Wild discs. Plus, they are fast with their orders!

  • Just got a hummingbird this week. I ordered it for my daughter because she loves the Aviar, but this will give her a little more glide. Also a Win that she got it in Pink!

  • I bought an Orca a few weeks back! For me, it flies similarly to my Innova star shryke, which is pretty cool. I want to try their newer prototype plastics that I have heard are more stable. I will definitely be checking out their new molds as they are released.

  • It would be fun to try the Addax!

  • Christopher Lorrah

    I love all 3, the Orca is my personal favorite. Plus they are really good at getting your orders out quick!

  • I would love to try the orca, especially on a sidearm. I like the Name und the disc Design with the animals.

    • Hi Thomas, your name was selected at random as one of our winners! I sent an email to the email address you listed with your post. Reply to the email and I’ll get a disc sent out to you.

  • I’d love try out the Addax

  • I would love to try the Orca. I am sure my son would want to give it a throw, too, after looking at the cool stamp. I am loving the themes from the new manufacturers, and this company giving back to Nature is great.

  • I would like to try the Addax, looks like a solid disc for my game.

  • I haven’t thrown any Wild Discs, but I am most interested in throwing the Orca. Looks like a great disc and supports a great cause!

  • I love how they are giving back to nature!!! I’m hoping they can get big enough where they can work on some recycled things like bags or even discs. Love what they are doing. Couldn’t be more happy for the company and hope for the best for them.

  • I have tried Wild Discs discs before and my favorite mold is the Hummingbird! Wild Discs offers multiple plastics ranging from firm to soft and I really love the soft for putting, and the firm for throwing.

  • They made an Overstable Orca and I love it. Would like to try the regular Orca!

  • The hummingbird is a great putter. It has that extra glide that makes those longer putts so much more achievable.

  • I’d be most interested in trying the Orca. It looks like a slightly more understable Destroyer.

  • I live the hummingbird. Its such a great consistent putter.


  • I use their Kangaroo bag, and its wonderful, but I don’t throw any of their discs. The Orca seems a bit too overstable for my noodle arm, but I would like to try the Addax sometime. It has similar flight characteristics to an EMAC Truth, and I love that disc! The Hummingbird looks like a winner, too.

    If their discs are anything like their bag, they’ve probably got some winners.

  • Their Kangaroo bag is pretty nice, so their new one will be great!

    The Orca seems a bit too overstable for my noodle arm, so the Addax is one I’d like to try. I throw an EMAC Truth a lot, so I would like to see how they compare in flight.

  • I ordered a Wild Discs flat top proto Orca the other day. The plastic has a rubber feel and is perfect for the winter months. Not only that, but the disc is crazy overstable. I throw in average 450ft. and I couldn’t get it past 300. Such a fun disc to throw and an even better mission of the company.

  • I’d love to try out a Hummingbird in Landslide plastic! I always enjoy trying out new putters and this company’s commitment to wildlife conservation is inspirational (more companies need to do this – it’s 2021). Thank you Wild Discs!

  • I’ve never tried Wild discs but I’d like to try the Orca in the quicksand plastic

  • I’d like to try the Orca in Quicksand plastic

  • Haven’t thrown, I would like to try the Orca.

  • Always interested in trying a new company’s discs. I’d love to try the Hummingbird or Addax in quicksand or landslide plastic, sounds interesting!

  • Always great to see new Disc Golf companies enter the market! Discs look like they could be real solid,. but I’m certainly a little impartial to the Addax. Love me some Straight-Stable mids!

  • I’d say Addax is the one I’d like to try from Wild

  • Definitely interested in the Orca. Seems like it would be a fun first distance driver to throw around, plus they donate money towards a good cause!

  • Right on for them pursuing both of their passions! I think the Orca would be cool to try.

  • Awesome discs! Would love to see how the orca flies!

  • The Addax stamp is sweet, and I would love to see more African species conserved (Okapi fairway driver coming soon?). Hope to try that one, maybe it can compete with my Gatekeeper.

  • I’ve never heard of Wild Discs until today. I don’t know if I have the arm for the Orca but the stamp looks pretty sweet! I also really like the company logo – might have to snag a T-shirt.

  • I’d love to try the Addax in the quicksand plastic which sounds pretty interesting. Cool looking discs and I appreciate their conservation efforts.

  • I would absolutely love to bomb an orca.

  • I would like to give the Dax, in the Whirlpool plastic a go. Sounds like a great newcomer that knows how to give back.

  • I have never tried any of these discs, but I would love to use the Hummingbird because it seems like the perfect disc that are missing in my bag!

  • I would love to try the Orca. Seems like an awesome company.

  • The lightweight Orca looks pretty cool. I’d chuck it around the course!!!!!

  • David Spartac Drew

    I love that they give 5% away of their proceeds. I’m looking to increase my putters or midrange so the Addax or Hummingbird look great. I like discs with glide so they both are intriguing

  • I’d like to give the Orca a go. Looks like a fun disc.

  • Nathanael preston

    An addax in whirlpool plastic sounds great. I love a firmer plastic and every since my buzz got to beat in I haven’t had a go to midrange, maybe the addax can help my upshot game.

  • The Orca or maybe the Addax sound like contenders for my bag. The Plastics all sound really interesting. Guess I’d lean to the Whirlpool or Quicksand to try.

  • I’m from Buffalo and just heard about Wild discs in this blog. I’d love to try a whirlpool Orca by the whirlpools at Joseph Davis state park.

  • Would love to try out an Orca!

  • Never heard of Wild disc’s, but I’d like to try the Orca!

  • The Orca looks super cool! Would love to try it out!

  • I wonder about naming a disc after a nearly extinct animal – the superstitious part of me wonders if that would tend to “make” the disc disappear :}

  • Haven’t seen them yet but that Orca looks fun to throw.

  • I’ve never used this brand before but I love how they donate 5% of proceeds.
    I would love to try the Humming Bird or Addax. I’m currently trying to improve on my short range game so they both look exciting.

  • I fear that I don’t possess the arm speed for an Orca, but I would dearly love the opportunity to try the Addax in Quicksand!

  • I have yet to try out a Wild disc, but the Orca would be the one which I would like to try out first. I do not have a go to Understable Distance Driver. I mainly forehand but I really want to improve my backhand and see if I can add some distance. Since my bag is composed of mostly Overstabke discs for forehands, the Orca would hopefully be a great addition to help me diversify my game.

  • I haven’t heard of Wild Discs until now. Their focus on conservation and growing the sport among women and youth resonates quite a bit with me. The Addax is the disc I’m most interested in trying!

  • Meaghan Lorentson

    Seems like a pretty great idea to use Disc golf to help conservation efforts
    Disc golf is a pretty giving community. The whirlpool Orca is great looking disc especially in the Whirlpool plastic and I’d love to give it and Wild Discs in general a try.

  • I’d love to try the Addax or Hummingbird. Working on my short game!

  • I love trying out new putters, so I think I’d like to try out the Hummingbird.

  • I’ve ordered them all and I can’t wait to try them, especially the Addax. I’m a mid-range guy. Buzzz, Compass, Roc3, Mako3, Piwakawaka, all in the bag. I also love the mission.

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