Infinite Discs Stamp Wars 2019

Post updated December 4th.

Designs have been submitted, and online voting is live. To vote for your favorite Stamp Wars designs, go to the Stamp Wars Website

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It is time once again for the annual STAMP WARS competition! Infinite Discs is now taking submissions for the 2019 Stamp Wars contest, and everybody is invited to participate. Just like last year, we’ll be accepting submissions for the entire month of November 2018. Draw your stamp design, and submit it this month and we’ll all see how people like your design in December 2018 when the voting and elimination process begins.


In order to submit your stamp design for voting, you must read and agree to the rules and submit THIS FORM along with your stamp design file.


It is important to understand the rules, so be sure to read them. Basically, you will be promising that your work is original, not taken from anybody else, and not including any copyrighted material or characters. We did disqualify some stamps last year for being traced or flat-out copied from other people’s work, including some clip art submissions, and monochrome versions of existing photos. We will also disqualify any stamp that we consider tasteless, pornographic, or offensive. Please stick with your own, original designs.

Get your creative juices flowing! You’ve got all month to submit your artwork, and you CAN submit more than one design, if you feel extra creative and want more chances to win.


Once November is over and December 2018 arrives, we’ll begin the process of elimination through a voting process. The Voting will be open to all Infinite Discs customers. We will announce the voting each week through our social media. The field will be narrowed each week until, at the end of the month, only four stamp designs will remain.

You are welcome to encourage your friends to vote and to campaign as much as you’d like for your design. On our end, we’ll simply move the stamps with the most votes during each round of voting onward to the next level. Voters will not be able to vote more than once on each round.


The final four stamp designs remaining after December’s voting will be stamped onto discs in January 2019. We will stamp the same quantities on the same molds of the same brands in order to make sure that there is no unfair advantage for any of the four designs. Then the grand prize winner will be decided by which design sells the most or the fastest. We will either wait until the end of the month if there is a close race, or we will declare the winner if the disc quantity for one of the stamps gets low enough that it becomes the obvious winner.

For example, in 2018 we called a winner before the end of the month because the “Always Watching” owl stamp pulled far enough ahead and ran low enough on disc quantities that the others could not catch up, and no way that the leader could maintain sales with so few discs remaining.


The prize for reaching the final four is a $100 gift card to the Infinite Discs online store, plus 5 discs with your design. The prize for winning 1st place after the sell-off is an additional $250 gift card to the Infinite Discs store. Plus, we’ll continue to use that winning design on additional runs of the stamp across several popular brands.

We’re excited to see your designs, so let the 2019 Stamp Wars begin!


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