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You have probably found this page because you’ve played a round of frolf (frisbee golf) or two, or three, and are interested in getting some golf discs.

There are primarily two types of frisbee golfers: those who play occasionally and refer to the flying discs as “frisbees or frolf discs,” and hard core players who refer to these objects only as “discs”. Now, I’m sure the terminology varies by location, years playing, etc., but here is my basic run down of frolfers vs. disc golfers.

Frolfers use one to three discs per round, sometimes actual Frisbees, and can rarely throw more than 200 feet. While frolf is sometimes played on actual courses with chain filled baskets, it is also played with using trees, poles, or other objects as targets.

Hard core “disc golfers” own literally dozens of discs in a variety of different plastic makes and blends. These players have huge backpacks they use to carry around their discs made by companies such as Innova, Discraft, and Latitude 64. These disc golfers can throw their distance drivers 300, 400, and sometimes even 500+ feet.

As a good frolfer, I thought I could throw a frisbee pretty hard until I started playing with with real disc golfers.

Best Discs for Frolfers

There are literally hundreds of different frisbee golf discs available. The reality is that most discs made specifically for disc golf are not suitable for beginning frolfers. Throwing “high-speed overstable discs” will simply provide more frustration for a player trying to master the game.

Our site has several tools to help golfers find the absolute best frolf discs.

1. Sort by discs that are recommended for beginners.

Using our “find the perfect disc” feature, one of the options is, “player skill level.” By selecting beginner, you’ll be able to see different putters, midrange discs, and drivers, that will help improve performance for a round of frolf. Click this link to see the best frolf discs for beginners.

2. Beginner Frolf Sets

One of the best way to get good golf discs for beginners, at a good price, is to purchase a beginner set. We offer several different variations of starter sets. If you want the least expensive starter set, then you’ll want to consider our Gateway beginner set. Here’s a quick link to view all of our package sets.

3. Beginners guide to buying golf discs
Our beginners guide to buying frolf discs goes over some of the basics of golf discs, as well as tips to help navigate our site. This will help you to understand what the many different disc golf options mean, like the differences between plastic types, disc weights, and the best ways to get cheap frisbees. Read the beginners guide now.

Cheap Frolf Discs

If you’re looking for cheap, inexpensive discs, then you have also come to the right place. We offer the best price for frisbee golf discs. For even lower prices, be sure to check out our “on-sale discs” page.

While there are many different manufacturers and models of frisbee golf discs, the biggest key to determine which discs are inexpensive has to do with the plastic type. The cheapest frolf discs available come in an inexpensive plastic that isn’t very durable. For most frolfers, these inexpensive discs work just fine and fly well enough, even when they are “broken in” a little and have a few dings. To sort solely by discs with cheap plastic, use this link.

Buying discs online is very easy, and our shipping is incredibly affordable. Shipping for the first disc is just $2.81 and $1.98 for each additional disc. Most disc purchases arrive at your home in two to three days. Even with shipping added, our prices are much better than local sporting good stores.

Frolf, Frisbee Golf, Disc Golf, or whatever you want to call it, is a great sport. We at want to be your disc supplier, regardless of how serious you are or what you want to call it.