Factory Seconds and Misprints

Factory Seconds

Factory second golf discs (also known as X-Out) have slight factory defects that don’t meet manufacturer standards. These defects are cosmetic and are not supposed to affect flight characteristics or durability.

Air Bubble in RimThere are several reasons why certain discs get classified as factory seconds. The most common defects come from unwanted air bubbles in the rim, black specs that somehow end up in the disc, and errors in color configuration.

With some of the factory seconds we have seen, we can’t even tell why they didn’t meet manufacturer standards.

Latitude 64 Factory Second Riot With Blem From ColoringTo make things slightly more confusing… When golf discs have serious defects that may alter flight, manufacturers like Innova and Latitude 64 recycle the plastic rather than try to resell it. Discs made from this “recycled plastic” are sold as a unique plastic blend called “echo star” or “factory second recycled.” These discs aren’t actually factory seconds, they are simply a different plastic blend made from recycled materials — and usually priced less.

We also have several factory second recycled discs available for sale. This plastic is an option for most of the common Trilogy Discs. These plastic types are known respectably as “factory second recycled”, “reprocessed” and “Bio Fuzion” and are found under the individual disc pages.

Latitude 64 factory seconds have an oval silver stamp marking them as “factory second.” Innova marks their factory seconds (including Discmania and Millennium Discs) with a big Innova-X stamp. Prodigy seconds are marked with a small “Prodigy X” stamp.

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Misprint Golf Discs


Double Stamped Disc

Misprint discs met manufacturer standards for the actual disc, but have flaws with the printed stamp. In many cases these discs were stamped multiple times. This Dynamic Discs Trespass was stamped twice in slightly different places.


Minor Stamp Blemish

In other instances the foil didn’t set properly and created a flaw in the print.  Sometimes these print blemishes are very minor. In this Misprint Latitude 64 Halo, you can see how the O is slightly faded, and how part of the Gold Line emblem is blank.

Once in a while discs are simply given the wrong stamp. While it may have the Ape stamp, it’s actually a Valkyrie. Always look at the handwritten or engraved disc name on the bottom of the disc to determine the actual mold.

Double Stamp Misprint

Unique “3D” Misprint

The reality is, after a few throws disc stamps are going to get scratched anyways. Discs that are double stamped are unique, and sometimes create even more impressive artwork. The double stamp of this Westside Stag gives it a unique 3D effect.

If you’re the type of person that likes high quality discs but not high prices, misprint and factory seconds are your best bet for low cost discs.

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Best Way to Find Misprints and X-Outs

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