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Disc Golf Disc with Light

Throwing at night with LED disc golf lights attached to your discs is a fun and amazing experience. We sometimes joke that during these “night rounds” of disc golf, that the authorities will be called due to sightings of UFO’s in the area. There’s really nothing quite like it. So get your warm clothes out, and keep playing at night!

With an LED light attached to your disc in the dark, we find that it is easier to find your disc during the night than during the day. However, LED’s attached to your disc can have a few drawbacks. So we’ve put together some “best practices” to make your night round as enjoyable as possible.

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Disc Golf Light Best Practices:

1: Use plenty of quality tape

We actually use the same packaging tape which we send your orders out with to secure lights to the dis.. This is the Scotch packaging tape made by 3M, and it works perfectly. This is transparent tape. We have seen others use duct tape to secure the light to the disc; duct tape works very well, but will sometimes leave a sticky residue afterwards.

2: Apply tape to clean discs

If you have a dirt or oil on your disc, the tape will stick to that instead of the disc plastic. This will cause your light to fall of your disc when it comes in contact with another object. You can clean your disc off by rinsing and rubbing it, or you can actually clean it off with some dish soap like you’re doing the dishes. Do not use anything abrasive, unless you hate the stock stamp that came on your disc and you like scuffs. A gentle wash should clean your disc nicely.

3: Apply tape when it is warm

This is where advanced preparation is incredibly important. We suggest doing this a day in advance. If that is not realistic, at least a few hours in advanced. Take your discs inside and let them come to room temperature. Once warm, apply the tape (which should also be room temperature) to the disc golf lights and discs, and let the tape settle in and adhere for a couple hours.

4: Place Light Correctly, Use Transparent Discs

Some people will place the light on the top of the disc, or they’ll place it on the bottom with the light facing towards the ground. This is not the best way to place your light. The best way is to tape the light to the bottom of your disc, with the light shining through the plastic. This gives the light some additional protection, decreases drag above the disc, and gives you the most visibility.

5: Package the disc golf light in clear tape, prior to applying disc light to disc

This serves two purposes:

  1. It may waterproof the disc light.
  2. Prevents damage to the light when removing the light from the disc (you’ll thank us later!)

6: Two Lights is Better than One

Two lights flying look amazing, just like a UFO. We admit, we haven’t seen a UFO, but we’ve heard from others who have that this is what they look like. Also, two lights will decrease your chance of losing the disc, if one light comes lose.

If you do so, understand that these lights are 2.9 grams (roughly 3.1g if you have taped them over), and will affect flight. You will not have the truest flight to what you are use to with that disc. However, to keep flight consistent, place the lights on opposite ends.

7: Attach disc golf lights to targets or obstacles

It’s great that your disc is now visible, but unless you light up your target, you may be out of luck.

8: Buy from Infinite Discs

Our pricing is the best. The higher the quantity package you order, the better pricing that you will receive (on both shipping and cost per item). Our prices are so excellent that even larger stores purchase their lights from us at the 20 quantity pricing.

If you’re serious about disc golf after dark, you may also want to consider purchasing glow in the dark discs. Not all discs glow as well as others (most trilogy discs in terms of glow-ability, are almost worthless). These discs work best when you use a UV black light flashlight, and also worked great when a disc light is also attached to them for maximum visibility.

9: Not PDGA Approved (Somewhat True)

Every time we say something about playing in the night with disc lights, somebody will point out that lights are not PDGA approved. We use to think this was true, until Dan R. chimed in below:

Q: Are players allowed to tape LED lights on discs for night or winter play?

A glow stick or LED light may be attached/taped to any PDGA Approved disc for use in sanctioned events where play occurs after sunset in that time zone. In addition, these lights may be attached to PDGA Approved discs for use during sanctioned play in daylight, specifically when there is sufficient snow cover on the course where the lights might make discs easier to locate. Non-PDGA Approved discs such as those with built-in LED lights cannot be used at any time during sanctioned play.

So when the self-proclaimed PDGA police come out after sunset, you can grimly point them to PDGA FAQ.

10: If Playing at Night Public Parks, Inform Local Law Enforcement

Many public parks have a curfew, or will not allow citizens to be at them after dark. However, if you inform your local law enforcement in advance that you are organizing an event they will more-than-likely be happy to let you hold your event after dark.

11: Do not use flashlights or phones

Over time, your eyes will adjust to the dark. If you use a flashlight or whip out your phone to check Facebook, it will make finding your discs more difficult; especially if you have a buddy who is using glow discs. If you are going to use a bright light, give your fellow players a warning so they can shield their eyes. It’s much easier to see disc golf lights when your eyes are adjusted to the darkness.

Check out this article for more disc golf in the dark tips.

We want to know:

What is your favorite course to play in the dark (don’t forget to tell us which state!).
Are there any other “best practices which you would like to add?
How often do you disc golf at night through the cooler months?


  • These lights will help anyone looking for a fun round of night disc golf!

    • Glow rounds are my favorite! Less distraction from the scenery, more focus on your throwing. Watching a lit up disc fly is so cool, especially if you use the 7 color cycling feature. If you tape your lights up, you can switch from one disc to another, and they mostly survive going into water hazards. You have to work really hard to lose a lit up disc!

      • Oh ya! Interlocken DGC in Broomfield, Colorado- wonderful all times of the year! Quiet, isolated, technical, and guarded by water hazards. Last spring we had a Great Horned Owl nest on the course. The fledged two owls, and hooted at us during the night!

  • I love playing glow at Cumberland Green in Fountain, CO. Low ambient light, and no long holes to totally lose your discs on

  • Mesker, Evansville Indiana

  • Anywhere in Central Texas! Austin area has awesome weather at night!

  • on any disc golf course in WI

  • I love playing night golf these lights are the best

  • Dickey Five Hole

  • I’ve never had the chance to play at night, but I have heard that it is a lot of fun.

  • Love playing night rounds on my college course but my favorite basket is on the darkest part of campus. Would make it so much more enjoyable to play that basket at night. Or when I camp at Lake Casitas over the weekends.

  • Jester Park, Houston, TX. Lots of long holes to watch the disc soar!

  • I have yet to play night disc golf yet, but I really want to! I know Shore Acres in Saugatuck, MI does it sometimes, so I’ll put my vote in for there.

  • I play at out homemade courses at night .

  • Love at first sight!! These lights are great for finding discs in the dark on my home course (or anywhere for that matter) in Selinsgrove, PA

  • Disc golf rules. Night time rules! Discing at nightime superrules!

  • Cranbrook, BC. DGC fun to play at night

  • I would love to play a night round up at Solitude! I think I would lose fewer discs that way too!

  • It’s awesome at Lockhart and Ryan Park in the woods!

  • Fall Creek in Indiana. Lights look amazing flying throught the trees and over the water.

  • Riverside in Victoria Texas

  • Carroll Marty Ames, IA

  • Beaver Lanes,League night 52 weeks a year light necessary for 20 weeks lol.great times

  • Murray Park in Ripon, WI.

  • This article missed one point
    Place the light with the battery centered over the nipple

    The advice to use 2 lights is terrible
    This will grossly affect flight and is pointless

    • I should add some additional clarification on that, and will make an edit to the article.

      Two lights works excellent, but you do need to make sure to place them on opposite sides of the disc. Yes, disc flight will change with the additional 3 grams per light. If you are going for the truest flight, then use just one light, so it ultimately is up to what the person on what they prefer: awesome looking flight, or truest flight.

      It is not terrible advice, and it is not pointless.

  • reds seem to be the best color.

  • Have yet to play in the dark for real. Closest I’ve come is at Shore Acres in Saugatuck, MI.

  • I’ve never played at and have wanted to do so for a while now. This sounds like just what I need to get started!

  • I have never played night Disc golf, but that’s would be so much fun!!! Please pick me to win one of these!!!

  • Moab Base Camp. Blue lights. Winter Wizards X!

  • thanks for the great tips on night disc golf. Love to win me some lights.

  • We would so love this we play all over Maine and we love it

  • Dude! Lights! They look cool going through the air on a disc!

  • Love to play at night at Shelly Sharpe Memorial Disc Golf Course Scottsdale, AZ.

  • I could use a set of lights for this year… I play in the boone woods day glow most years, but moved away this year and couldn’t make it back 🙁

  • Sebastian von Stedingk

    I always play better in the dark. Probably from the pressure of not throwing stray shots, this keeps me from bad form. With these lights, I’ll be able to develop my game!

  • I had tons of fun playing at Mont Du Lac in Superior, WI. It’s a ski resort, so obvious elevation changes, and night rounds with the lights on are great; not too bright to make finding your glow disc challenging, but enough to keep you from falling off a cliff or tripping on uneven ground.

  • Patriots Park in Homewood, Illinois. An awesome little par 3, nine-basket course in a fantastic community park in Chicago’s south suburbs!

  • never thrown at night but sounds fun

  • Champoeg State Park in Oregon. Flat land and creepy in the old oak grove! Glow round this Saturday too!

  • Haven’t played at night before, but river park in Ogden is awesome for it, I here

  • Never played after dark but think it would be awesome

  • i would have thought that the lights would come with their own tape, but any way be careful with the cotton mouths since they may be lurking in the night. Place one in the center for proper balance. I like to play at bear run creek in TX.

  • I want this! It’s cool!! 🙂

  • #nightdiscgolf is a blast

  • Night disc golf! Awesome now no one can see me play bad 🙂

  • cant wait to try these after the time changes for fall.

  • I’d like to play some night disc golf at River Park.

  • These look so awesome. I can’t wait until I play a round at night.

  • My brother and son would love these!

  • I wish I could play night disc golf. I have never have before.

  • Rutgers. Great place for night golf. also as a side note… Lifted from the PDGA page


    Are players allowed to tape LED lights on discs for night or winter play?

    A glow stick or LED light may be attached/taped to any PDGA Approved disc for use in sanctioned events where play occurs after sunset in that time zone. In addition, these lights may be attached to PDGA Approved discs for use during sanctioned play in daylight, specifically when there is sufficient snow cover on the course where the lights might make discs easier to locate. Non-PDGA Approved discs such as those with built-in LED lights cannot be used at any time during sanctioned play.

  • Play night golf at the local church

  • I am looking forward to playing at night soon, i am still new and have not had the opportunity to play at night yet. I have almost lost some discs at night so lights would be a great way to make sure that doesn’t happen

  • I just played at night for the first time last Saturday and it was a blast, but the glow disc is hard to see. This disc light would be ideal for night golf. Beacon Glades in NY is where I played.

  • I started throwing at night for the first time with these lights. You can’t go wrong. Make sure you use heavy duty clear tape for the best results. Keep on discin people!

    • I prefer any course I have been to. It helps to have a general idea of the layouts of the baskets.

  • Love disc golf!Love following this page!!
    Fun night golf!
    Anywhere in Cali baby!!!

  • I like to play at Dr. Disc in Orrington ME

  • Tully Lake in Massachusetts is awesome for night golf!

  • Johnson University Disc Golf Course

  • For best results when playing at night with glow discs, use a certain wavelength UV light (385-400nm)to make the reaction in the plastic glow for the longest and brightest possible. In my experience the limited edition Vibram Glow discs are by far the brightest offering short of disc lights, but using the UV light to cause the glow reaction will work best with whatever glow discs you might have access to. Also using EL strings or glow necklaces woven through the basket chains is a fun way to see the targets from afar. Just remember to take them out when you’re done.