Disc Golf Mystery Box and Package Set Deals

Over the last few years, we have seen an increasing interest in disc golf mystery box deals and package sets which offer a bulk lot of discs at a low cost. Many of those mystery box deals on the market offer a selection of discs by a single brand. However, here at Infinite Discs, we wanted to built a selection of bulk lots and mystery “Deals Box” deals that featured a wider variety of discs by multiple brands. That way we could target the more adventurous players. If you love to explore and throw a mixed bag, these deals boxes are for you.


Whether you only want to explore a handful of discs, or you want a whole pile, Infinite Discs has several choices to fit your mood and budget. These deals boxes can contain a mix of discs with stock stamps, misprints, and tournament stamps. All discs will be new, but may not all be stock stamp editions. Here is a look at the package deals currently available at Infinite Discs:

INFINITE DEALS BOX JRDeals Box Junior 5-Disc Package Set

This is a small mystery box deal that features only a handful of discs to check out. It can features discs from multiple brands. However, with only 5 discs, the variety won’t be as large. This box will contain the following:

  • One putter
  • One mid-range
  • Three drivers including overstable and understable models

Of the five discs in this Junior box, two of the discs may be in budget, base plastic, and the other three discs will be in a premium or durable plastic blend. Though the package set is called “Junior” because of its size, it should not be assumed to be easy-throw discs for young players. The discs will generally be fine for players of any experience level to use.


Infinite Deals 7-disc Mystery BoxINFINITE DEALS BOX

This is by far the most popular mystery box on the Infinite Discs website. This is a 7-disc collection that will instantly build your bag with a variety of discs from different brands. This box will contain the following:

  • One Putter
  • One or Two Mid-Range Discs
  • At least one understable driver
  • At least one overstable driver
  • Discs from at least 3 different manufacturers

Of the seven discs in this Deals Box, none will be in base plastic. The putter or one of the other discs may be in mid-grade plastic, as preferred in most putters, and the rest will be in premium or more durable, long-lasting plastic blends. The weights of the discs may vary. Again, this is a great variety of discs in a single package with a variety of uses on the disc golf course.


Mystery 12-Disc Deals Box INFINITE DEALS BOX XL

If you are even more adventurous, or you have a bigger budget, then consider the 12-disc XL deals box. This is another mystery box that is popular as a gift idea since it provides maximum anticipation and surprise for any disc golfer who loves trying new discs. Once again, it will contain a mix of different disc brands. This XL box will contain the following:

  • Two putters
  • At least three mid-range discs
  • Seven drivers ranging from understable to overstable
  • Discs from at least 3 different manufacturers

Just like with the regular Infinite Deals Box, this larger version will not contain discs in base plastic, but will contain putters (or sometimes a mid-range) in a mid-grade plastic. Putters and approach discs are often popular with more grip. The rest of the discs will be in durable, long-lasting premium plastic blends.


Extreme 15-Disc Mystery Deals BoxDEALS BOX EXTREME

This is the largest disc golf mystery box offered by Infinite Discs. It has 15 discs from a wide variety of brands but also includes a large disc golf bag to carry them around the course. If you really want to surprise a disc golfer with a fantastic gift, then this is great way to do it– especially if the player is new and wants to try a lot of discs while needing a bag as well. It can also be a lot of fun for disc golf clubs where a lot of prizes are needed at a low price. This deals box includes the following:

  • Two or Three Putters
  • Three to Five Mid-Range Discs
  • A Variety of Drivers from Understable to Overstable
  • Discs from at least 3 different manufacturers (usually more)
  • A large shoulder-strap disc bag

The discs included will not be in base plastic, but there may be two or three putters or mid-range approach discs in mid-grade plastic for better grip. The rest of the discs will be in durable, long-lasting premium plastic blends for long term use.



The newest addition to our mystery box selection at Infinite Discs is the 5-Disc Budget Box. This one differs from the Deals Box Jr because it is entirely focused on discs in base plastic. It’s meant to be a very inexpensive way to get a few discs for a new disc golfer. Like with the Deals Box Jr, the set includes a putter, a mid-range disc, and three different drivers. It is the kind of box that you can hand to anybody who wants to get into the game and they’ll have the basic tools they need to get started at a very low cost.  That’s 5 discs at a retail price of only $29.99, which adds up to only $6 per disc. It will feature a variety of manufacturer brands for a variety and the discs will switch up from time to time, just to keep things interesting.



Perhaps the disc golf mystery boxes are not your style? If you’re a player that perfers to know more specifically what you’ll receive, then we can help you with that as well. Aside from popular disc golf starter sets which are geared toward new players, there are also some brand-specific package sets for players with a more focused taste. Let’s take a quick look at some of those brand-specific starter sets and Infinite Discs package deals:

Infinite Discs 3-Disc Beginner Set

  • INFINITE DISCS BEGINNER STARTER SET – Designed for the beginner with lightweight putter, mid-range and premium plastic driver.
  • INFINITE DISCS 2-DISC STARTER SET – The very basics with a putter and premium plastic, easy-throw driver.
  • INNOVA DX STARTER SET – One of the most popular entry-level 3-disc sets with lightweight discs.
  • INNOVA CHAMPION STARTER SET – A more expensive, durable starter set for beginners who want longer-lasting discs.
  • VIKING DISCS STARTER SET – A fun, affordable starter set with a putter, mid-range, and driver in base plastic, imported from Finland.
  • DYNAMIC DISCS EASY-THROW STARTER SET – This is another 3-disc set designed for beginners with discs that are relatively light and easy to throw.
  • DYNAMIC DISCS STARTER SET WITH BAG – This is a quality set for new players that also adds a basic, small bag to carry your new discs around the course.
  • MVP ELECTRON STARTER SET – The MVP brand is unique with their overmold “gyro” technology rims, and this is a starter set for those who want to try that unique disc design. The electron plastic is a softer, more affordable blend.
  • MVP PREMIUM STARTER SET – The MVP brand is unique with their overmold “gyro” technology rims. This is a starter set with more durable plastic. Though more expensive, the discs should last a lot longer.
  • DISCRAFT DISC GOLF SET – This is another very popular starter set in the market with easy-to-throw, lightweight discs including a putter, mid-range, and driver.
  • DISCRAFT DELUXE DISC GOLF SET – This is a step up from the other Discraft starter set because it adds another driver for disc variety and a small disc golf bag to carry your discs around the course.
  • LATITUDE 64 ADVANCED STARTER SET – If you don’t need light weight or easy-throw discs, but want to start with discs appropriate for intermediate players, this is the set for you.
  • INNOVA DX GLOW STARTER SET – If you want to try playing in the dark with a set of basic glow-in-the-dark discs, Innova now has a set for you, including a popular putter, mid-range, and driver.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT STARTER SET FOR KIDS – This is a set of three very basic discs including a putter, mid-range, and driver. But they are extremely lightweight for young children who want to join their parents or older siblings on the course.
  • LEGACY 2-DISC SET – This is another very basic pair of discs including a mid-range and distance driver in base plastic. The two discs are appropriate for players with strong throwing arms and some experience who just want to try out a couple popular discs by Legacy.
  • INFINITE DISCS 8-DISC LINE-UP – If you want an excellent deal on a complete set of discs from the Infinite Discs brand, this is a perfect way to dive in. For one low price, you can grab a collection of putter, approach, mid-range, and drivers in quality plastic blends.
  • COMPLETE DISC GOLF SET WITH SLINGER BACKPACK – This is another collection of 8 different discs from the Infinite Discs brand lineup, It also includes a Disc Slinger backpack to carry around your new collection. Any player would have everything they need with this package set.

Complete Disc Golf Set with 8 Discs and Slinger Bag

Which Starter Or Disc Golf Mystery Box Sets Have You Tried?

Have you tried any starter sets or package deals? Have you purchased a mystery disc box before? Let us know which are your favorites! Please share your comments below and let us know about the most exciting disc you’ve discovered in a mystery box. Or maybe you have a custom selection of discs that you’d recommend for new or experienced players who want to try something new? Feel free to share!


  • Great company! Thanks for everything!!

  • I love getting a good mystery box!

  • Great choice of sets

  • That slight pack and set is a fantastic deal. I run a disc golf club at a junior and this would be perfect for a stater set.

    • Only ever bought one. Discraft ESP misprint 5 pack. Was a great deal though and I got a beautiful swirly GMC Nuke and an insanely swirly ghost stamped Nuke SS.

  • I am commenting on the blog! My favorite disc I have ever gotten is a double stamped Cryztal Buzzz! Neon yellow with a white stamp

  • The best disc I’ve received from a mystery box was a brand new SDS star destroyer! Straight into the bag it went!!

  • Best disc I ever recieved in a miystery box was a emac. It’s been my midrange ever since.

  • Buzzz is the best I’ve received so far

  • I received a midrange with a pic of Bob Ross and “happy little trees” printed on it. For a mystery box being random …. that’s about as random as it can come. Thanks.

  • My best disc I’ve ever received is my FR Explorer best mystery box is my very first one from my wife getting me falling down this black hole called disc golf that I love playing.

  • I got a bolt with as a mystery disc! It’s my go to driver!

  • I love these ideas. Especially for players who think they are tied to one brand only to find other disc brands suit their needs better. Thanks!

  • No better time than now. I’ll let you know on the flip side

  • The best box I’ve received was an x plastic box. Got a lucid-x Maverick, lucid-x convict, and Opto-x Chameleon Fury

  • Bradley Skowronski

    My favorite thing I have ever gotten from a mystery box was a big bee midnight buzzz.

  • I’ve only ever got one mystery misprint box from discraft but it was great

  • I’ve never gotten a mystery box , but I’d always recommend an understable fairway driver , an easy to control mid and putter for any beginner.

  • I’m stoked to give the mvp mystery box a go!

  • I got a few buzz’s from a Discraft mystery box that are great.

  • The coolest mystery disc I’ve gotten was a GT Crystal Buzzz. It turned out more overstable and less glide that a normal buzzz but still a cool disc

  • Christopher Noble

    I have only ever done a DD mystery box and I got 2 of my favorite drivers in it! What a great surprise that was!

  • Stoked to try the mvp mystery box!

  • Best mystery box I received has been the Infinite Deals Box. The box had a putter that is now my go-to inside the circle. It’s a Vibram Ridge, something I never would have thought to try on my own, and I haven’t gone with anything else in the past two years.

  • I get starter sets for youth events our club hosts. great prize package.

    great way to help get different manufacturers plastic out there so you are not just only a one brand type of thrower.

  • I like the discraft mystery boxes.got a disc out of there never tried it now its my fav mid range.you could get tourny stamps or custom order misprint stamps.

  • I’ve never received a mystery box, but I’m interested in doing so in the future.

  • Ordered a new disc from Infinite disc when I lost my goto disc and opt for the mystery disc. Was excited at the idea that I was going to get a disc that I had no clue what it was. What could it be? Will I like it? When my discs arrived I opened up the box and there behold was an Infinitedisc Sphinx. Looked up the numbers, read some reviews and got really excited to throw it. Went out and threw a fantastic round with it. It quickly became a staple in my bag and turned me on to try more infinitedisc discs. Which now has become one of my favorite brand of discs. I now carry 2 sphinx and an emperor!

  • Only mystery box I have received is Discrafts. I still throw my TI Nuke and Crystal Zone.

  • Seems like a great deal. Would be awesome to get someone as a starter set.

  • Received a mystery box earlier this year, the jr. It was a great box and got a pharoh, that was a good disc.

  • Gotta get me one of these

  • I’d love to win becauseI never win anything and I always buy from infinite discs. You guys are great at what you do! I’ve done mystery swag but never a disc box.

  • Ive never won a mystery box
    Would love to win

  • The coolest disc I’ve gotten from a mystery pack was a Valerie Jenkins Z Thrasher

  • Last Christmas my wife surprised me with a discraft buzzz with a sawblade stamp on it and it’s my go to midrange

  • Gotta get me one of these. Got a swirl glo buzzz that hangs on my wall

  • I got a fuse in a mystery box…turned into one of my favorite midranges!

  • I would say the coolest starter set is probably the discraft deluxe.

  • MVP Premium Starter Set

  • Thank you for the chance to win

  • I got an awesome Discmania mystery box a few years ago with a couple discs that were actually SWIRLY Lol!

  • I only got one mystery box and received the buzz. It is my absolute favorite!

  • I would love to win a mystery box.

  • I started with the Dynamic Discs Prime Starter Set. Even though I expanded my bag, Judge is still a putter I reach for on longer putts and approach shots.

  • I am a fan of the misprint mystery boxes myself

  • I received an esp zone in the mail gift wrapped. Still do not know who sent it.

  • I haven’t ever gotten a mystery box, but I have a cannon I like to use for high turn because I cant throw it well enough lol

  • This one if I win

  • I’ve never got a mystery box before but it sounds awesome! Alot of choices and chances!

  • I got the Innova starter pack as my first set of discs and absolutely loved them.

  • Last year Santa dropped off a sick box of Innova swirly plastic. Destroyers, and thunderbirds are all I need.

  • Love mystery packs

  • By far the best disc box I received was the 7 disc one from infinite discs. A buddy and me split one, hoping to get some cool discs for a white elephant gift (and a subsequent mini tourney gift sets as well) that we decided to throw for our friends. The discs were incredible for gifts with several high quality unique discs, and gave us a few we wanted to try as well! This helped us start a tradition going on the 4th year now of a goofy round having to use this 1 disc you get, and with additional gifts for ctps, ring of fires, etc. It has become an event everyone looks forward to every year. Just a small group of guys, between 10 to 15 of us, but we aren’t tourney players, just casual players and it definitely has made a great time.

  • Best disc was a Buzzz

  • Daniel McWilliams

    Love the infinite disc starter set would love to have it when I started

  • Got a felon in lucid x plastic and is my go to forehand disc. Love it

  • I’m ready to get my first mystery box!!

  • L64 Customs consistently puts out the best mystery boxes. If there’s a disc you get and don’t want, somebody does. Value is always more than you pay

  • Love ID, wondering about westside disc black friday deals!

  • Discraft mystery box with a buzzz and a nuke ss, which became my favorite driver for the longest time. Thanks for the chance!!

  • I like the idea of doing brand specific mystery boxes. It gives people the chance to try a variety of discs by a single manufacturer.

  • I got a sweet lat 64 putter I never would have bought but use every time now.

  • I have tried the discmania mystery boxes in the past, would love a chance to try the infinite discs mystery box.

  • Innova starter set. The ~150G dx leopard have me my first bit of confidence as a beginner.

  • I’ve never gotten a Mystery box but it sure sounds like it would be a GREAT surprise for sure!!

  • My 1st Dd mystery box with 1st production runs of the oh line up. Truth, suspect, trespass and escape. A few other non Dd molds, but until joining team infinite this box influenced my game and disc lineup for the next 5 yrs. Winning this would replace that now that my bag is 90. % infinite

  • These boxes are super cool!

  • Innova Champ starter set for the win!

  • I’ve slways wanted a mystery box but never bought one… time to take the plunge… 😉

  • I think the MVP Electron Starter set has got to be one of the best! The electron plastic is great to learn on, beats in quickly, and is relatively cheap to replace!

  • Love these deals!

  • I like the glow starter set for this time of the year with glow rounds being popular.

  • Definitely a moonburst manala!

  • Best Mystery box was a Discraft box with A THRASHER, AVENGER, NUKEOS, STRATUS, AND UNDERTAKER.

  • I got an exodus as a mystery disc. As advertised, it’s a nice controllable driver

  • Can’t go wrong with an MVP mystery box.

  • Chase Michael Marcus

    I want to win everything. It’s been a rough year.

  • I’ve never gotten or won a mystery box. Would be awesome.

  • Discraft mistery Box with NukeOS thrasher, undertaker and buzzz

  • The best disc I ever received was a world’s biggest disc golf weekend Beast.

  • My best score in a mystery box was a lucid x maverick, man i love that disc!

  • I have ordered 2 infinite deals mystery boxes in the past 2 years(both times talked my wife into that being my fathers day gift). I pulled several discs from both that are still bagged or at least stay in rotation. A few of the stand out discs were a latitude 64 pain that was no longer in production at the time, a vibram disc after they stopped making discs and my local store was out, a kastaplast falk (from the infinite discs vip club) at the time i had not heard of kastaplast and now i have a couple, and my first buzzz a swirl esp ledgestone. Oddly i got duplicates of the vibram and the buzzz one year later, but the second time i got an infinite discs exodus that i love and lead me to buy an emperor, and a legacy phenom that i would have never tried but now it doesnt leave my bag. I love mystery boxes that have a variety of brands so i can try things i might never pick up in a store, i have been very happy with my experiences.

  • Best disc by far: a tournament stamped sidewinder that is super stable for some reason. The perfect straight flying driver!

  • The best disc I’ve ever received was a beautiful purple neutron deflector. Love that disc!

  • I’ve never purchased a mystery box, however someone anonymously sent me a MVP Deflector when they came out. That was awesome.

  • Almost every time I order discs from Infinite I’ll opt for their mystery disc bonus. I haven’t tried out the variety mystery box option yet but it’s tempting….

  • Do you have a mystery stamp box of particular discs? I pick a putter, mid, fairway, and driver mold. You pick the random stamps.

  • I previously purchased the 7 disc mystery box earlier this year and loved the discs I got! I bagged an awesome X-out Pharaoh, and my favorite disc right now which was also in the mystery box is a Latitude 64 opto trident. I have only been playing for 6 months and it is a great forehand disc for those like me who dont have the best arm speed or form yet. I will definitely be buying another mystery box.

  • I’ve never gotten a mystery box, would love one though!!

  • The Infinite Deals Box XL looks like a fun way to fill a bag. I’d have so much fun trying new discs.

  • All starter sets are good if they’re helping someone new get into the sport! Although if I had to choose I pick the one with the sling pack so it’s easier to bring all the discs to the course.

  • Best disc I ever received was a ☆DS for guessing an individual’s score for both rounds ON THE DOT pretty cool little raffle thing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I did not know about the Innova glow set. Very cool!

  • Hope my wife gets me an infinite deals box for xmas!

  • Best disc I’ve ever gotten in a mystery box is a DGA Tremor in a special limited FLX plastic.

  • I have a putter in my bag from a box.

  • Matthew Bialkowski

    Mystery box deals are awesome! Love trying out stuff I’ve never thought to use.

  • A pearly white bigZ roach with a bronze stamp has been my favorite mystery box disc (so far). My friends and I have purchased a few boxes and split them up draft style.

  • My first real foray into disc golf was a mystery box and I just ran with it from there. Highly recommend this for new players to test out multiple brands, plastics, and shot shapes.

  • My favorite disc I’ve gotten in a mystery box was a foil stamp buzzz of the bee in full color!

  • My fave starter back is the WestSide discs pack, doesn’t look like you carry it. But I may have to pickup a mystery box this year they look awesome!

  • The best disc I ever received was a Champion Destroyer. Love the disc and thanks for the chance!

  • My wife got me an XL mystery box for my birthday and it was Amazing! I highly recommend these to anyone looking to try new molds or wanting to get some sweet looking discs.

    P.S. will you send me another one?

  • Latitudes mystery box deal was sick!

  • Yes! I got a couple mystery boxes last year for Xmas gifts and they were great! Love all the options!

  • Best mystery disc was a DyeMax eye stamp latitude 64 gold scythe

  • My friend was sent a $75.00 proto-disc in his mystery box, and now i want one too! Thanks for being Awesome Infinite!

  • my wife offered me for my birthday a series of infinite record, and I loved the stamps and records! So I started playing infinite on the French courses!

  • I haven’t checked out the the whole list of boxes before. What a great way to get a friend hooked on this awesome sport.

  • I’ve never gotten a mystery box, but these sound awesome.

  • The best mystery disc I got was Discraft Titanium Heat that was a misprint.

  • I like the budget box because I can’t throw the hard plastic.

  • Best mystery disc I have received was a zone. I got it when I first started and still use it today.

  • The Junior box sounds awesome, always ready to try something new, besides, the announcement is the day before my birthday, what a great present.

  • I got a discraft misprint mystery box before was pleasantly surprised with what it had

  • Mystery boxes are so fun to Open. I tell my friends and family that’s what I want for holidays and birthdays.

  • I tried the DD basic starter, but the lower grade plastic ended up beating in or denting too quickly. I have been happier with the premium plastic sets, particularly Innova and MVP. I feel the driver and mid should both be premium for sure, but a decent putter is also an early approach disc, so it probably should be, too.

  • I love a mystery disc! Got a discontinued Trident last time;

  • I’ve actually gotten the Discraft Drone out of the Mystery Disc a few times and I’ve got to say I absolutely love it for windy days or shots where I need to stay hard left (as a righty).

  • I still remember my first starter pack. I sure wouldn’t mind getting one of those GStar Innova packs to grow my collection!

  • I got a sugar buzzz from a mystery box and absolutely love it

  • These boxes are overall good deals. The Convict in lucidX plastic has been in my bag since getting it in one of these mystery boxes.

  • Hand eye supply Trilogy mystery box… discs I actually could use… but would love some lightweight for the kid now

  • Mystery box you say… sounds like a job for Scooby and the gang. Scooby dooby doo!

  • I received the 7 disc mystery box in the past year and loved it. I enjoyed the selections of discs a ton, especially with the price. My favorite disc ever, the slab, I got in my mystery box. That disc turned out to be a great workhorse, and I’m hoping that one day I can hit an ace with it. Overall, the mystery boxes are great; I can’t wait to get another one soon.

  • The “Jr.” box seems to be the best option for someone like me. BTW, really appreciate all the things you do for the sport. Your selection of discs is great.

  • I would definitely go for the xl mystery box

  • Digging those mvp starter sets yerp.

  • I’d go with the XL, probably. I really like that there is no base-line plastic, but as a dyer, I hope the medium-line would be dyeable. Thanks for putting these together! 🙂

  • Never tried this. But would definitely like to in the future. I definitely love their discs.

  • Received a Biofuzion Dynamic Discs Truth in an Infinite Deals Box. Got my first ace with that disc about a month ago!

  • Joseph Guanajuato

    Dynamic Discs Prime Starter Set is awesome!

  • i got a sweet watermelon-y lucid felon in a mystery box once. is that good?

  • Wow, lots of choices….
    Would love to win the Innova DX glow starter set. I live in the desert, and in the summer, its always at dusk or later to play….

  • Mystery discs have always given me interesting discs, stamps, or both, and allowed me to throw something I might not otherwise pick up for my bag. Love this!

  • That’s a spectacular line up of mystery boxes you have available. My first mystery box was from Dynamic Discs and included an older run Truth that flies like they were meant to. Helped me get an ace on hole 18 at the Boontfling tournament last year.

  • Latitude 64 Advanced!

  • The infinite deals box xl is calling my name, I’ll be asking for one for Christmas if not using gifters for one afterwards.

  • Mystery boxes are tons of fun and a chance to get/see/throw discs one normally would not get to. May get lucky and find your next go-to.

  • Infinite 8 disc set would be awesome. Cool to try an entire lineup in one box!

  • I’ve never received a mystery disc before but I’m very interested in the chance to win one!

  • My older brother usually gets me a surprise disc for my birthday. My favorite was my most recent Prodigy 750 F1

  • My favorite disc has been Innova R-Pro Pig(s)

  • Never purchased a mystery box before. Would be super exciting to open.

  • The best disc I have got from a mystery box is a star destroyer love the thing

  • So far the coolest disc I’ve gotten from a mystery box is a light-blue Vibram 13 speed. It’s a chunky monkey that I can’t throw yet, but it sure looks slick!

  • I love these mystery disc boxes! Its a great way to try some different brands, plastics, or discs that you might not have thought of before. I will definitely be buying more of them. Couple of my favorites from the 1st box I ordered was a Discraft Force, DD Gaurd, Gateway Spear, and Infinite Exodus. I really liked all the discs I received and play with them all regularly, with the exception of maybe one as of now. I also bought an Innova 5 piece DX starter set when I first started playing and it was a great investment getting me into the game. Both my kids now use that same set!

  • This would be the best ever cause I’ve never gotten one :'(

  • All mystery boxes are great gifts to receive. I have never purchased a box, but i did get a mystery G-star Wraith from a mystery disc buy.

  • Colby Christophersen

    Never got one but I want one.

  • These seem like a great idea. Never bought one yet but that could change.

  • Would be cool to win one for the kids

  • Latitude 64 advanced starter kit sounds sweet

  • The infinite deals box junior sounds good for me.

  • I would love to win the Latitude 64 Retro Burst advanced starter set.

  • I got a groove top Crystal buzz. Felt and flew amazingly

  • Loved my buzz that I got

  • I’ve received one mystery box as a package that a store thoughtfully put together knowing I was a beginner. It had a Classic Warden putter, a Reprocessed Fuse midrange, and an Opto Vision fairway driver; something a bit different from the standard starter set but still a mystery box. I love the Warden putter as it grips the chains but found the other two discs a bit more challenging at the time. It might be time to start using the Vision now though, which now I think of it makes me want to go straight out for a round. Thanks.

  • Roc mystery box!!!

  • If I were to choose a starter set I would be interested in the LATITUDE 64 ADVANCED STARTER SET. The opportunity to learn new discs that are quality plastic and closer to max weights is ideal. Feel in love with the XXX as a forehand disc after receiving one in a mystery pack.

  • I got Innova dx starter packet when starting out and I think it is a great way to go.

  • I once got a box mystery box with a green DD Evidence in it with an Inifinite Rocket Stamp on it. It quickly became my favorite midrange and I’ve even bought another Evidence in case I lose that one. That package also came with a clip on sunscreen sprayer and a T-shirt. Definitely my best box to date.

  • My first ever mystery disc was an innova Shryke in champion plastic. That was about 2 years ago and I still bag it today. It is neon green and practically glows which always makes it easy to find when I’m throwing in the rough .

  • I wanna win a mystery box!!!!!

  • I bought the Innova DX starter set for my boys a few years back. 10 and 12 years old. Perfect for young kids to learn. I recently purchased the MVP factory 2nd box releasing later this month. I’ll update as soon as I unbox.

  • My best box had a Raptor with a custom crystal stamp, Buzz mini, Discraft microfiber towel, and Discraft pin. I really haven’t done a mystery box, but I want to!

  • I love the mystery boxes concept so much. I’ve used them as gifts many times and there’s always that one putter or clean mid range that I never knew about that goes straight into my bag. A beaded Wizard immediately comes to mind as well as stable midranges that fly just as straight as I throw them. Love it!

  • The best mystery box I’ve purchased was a 7 disc box that I gave my dad for Xmas. I don’t remember what was in it, but he was so ready to get out and try the discs that we went out the next day in sub-freezing temperatures and 14+ mph winds to throw. Great way to spend Xmas.

  • I’m a sucker for mystery discs! I pretty much always add a mystery disc to every one of my orders, and I’ve bought one or two mystery boxes as well. I got a Gold Line Burst Explorer once that has become my go-to forehand disc.

  • The best mystery box I’ve ever gotten was the first one that my son gave me. It was a total surprise and all 4 discs made the bag.

  • Mine would be a doctor strange limited figure in a mystery box.

  • I got a soft magnet putter in a mystery box last year! Used it a ton!

  • Never gotten a mystery box before, but the best surprise disc I’ve ever received was from my local shop after teaching a kids putting clinic. It was an Ahti signed by Eric McCabe!

  • I think these will make a great gift for my duo partner!

  • I got the discmania mystery box last Christmas and my favorite disc was a misprint TD that had the Nate Perkins Night Strike stamp over the top. So cool, Nate Perkins almost didn’t give it back to me when he signed it.

  • Love mystery boxes

  • Infinite deals box

  • I’ve never received a mystery box before from anyone. I’ve only been playing a couple of years but I like Dyanamic Disc so if I could get one that would be awesome

  • Best mystery box disc I ever received was a Discraft Sparkle Raptor with a custom raptor stamp.

  • Brandon englehart

    I have never seen so many choices for mystery boxes. I am going for the Budget box.

  • Secret Santa Box with an AGL Madrone turned me on to AGL!!!

  • The best mystery box disc I’ve ever gotten is a Discraft Crystal Sparkle Raptor with a cool custom raptor stamp.

  • The coolest disc I have received is also one of my favorites in my bag: a discraft zone. Super useful disc.

  • My favorite disc I’ve gotten from a mystery box was an Exodus! Mystery boxes are such a great deal and as a bonus are really exciting. Highly recommend using these if you are looking for new discs but don’t really care what they are! Or just as a gift I would still love this honestly, even though I already have most discs I need

  • This is fantastic stuff.

  • I have orderd a mistry disc on every online order i have done and have loved them and got me out of just 1 type of plastic and try new brands i love it

  • Innova Factory 2nd Tour Series Swirly Star Destroyer with Sexton Firebird Stamp, Anthon stamp, and teebird stamp.

  • Best disc I’ve got from a mystery box is my go to Legacy Rival and I think a good mystery box would be a mix of the top putters for people to try and find the best putter for them.

  • The Dynamic Disc 3 disc bundle with the bag included seems like the way to go! Dynamic Disc has quickly become my preferred brand and I’ll have no problem staying loyal with the expansive amount of discs that they have on the site.

  • I’ve tried the Infinite Deals Box. Would love to try the Infinite Deals XL or the Deals Box Extreme!

  • I wouldn’t mind trying out the infinite discs 8-disc line up. I have a few molds already and think they are good quality discs. It would be nice to try the rest of them.

  • The best disc I ever received was a badass green and gold Axiom Insanity with the old Infinite Discs Bomber stamp. I received it in a Secret Santa gift.

  • Picked up the deals box extreme recently and got a foil wrap Buzzz

  • MVP Premium Starter Discs

  • Got my first ace off an Innova Starter pack DX Shark!

    If I had to pick one, I’d probably go with either of the MVP packs since I love their stuff and only have some of it and need more.

  • Love mystery boxes. My favorite mystery box disc I’ve recieved is a Prodigy D4 bottom stamp.

  • I prefer the simplicity of the Infinite Discs Box as a good way to try new discs or new plastics. This time I’m interested in an Extreme Deals box as my wife started playing this summer and I could have an extra bag to keep in my office for after work play and also to replenish my discs after donating some to my wife.

  • I once received a snow line ballista in a mystery pack. One of the best finds ever!

  • I got a 5 disc mystery box last year for Christmas and it contained an Infinite Discs Sphinx which to this day is my go-to forehand disc! It’s really fun getting exposed to new discs you normally wouldn’t try in the box.

  • Tough one, have gotten a few mystery boxes. Best disc I’ve gotten would have to be an esp undertaker. Its been in the bag since I’ve got it and use it regularly.

  • I’ve never gotten a mystery box, but I would love it!

  • Christopher Rouse

    My best mystery box was the Trilogy Ghost Stamp box last year.

  • Grabbed a mystery disc this summer and was not disappointed. Excited to see the different size packages, and potentially might snag a few as Christmas gifts for the disc golfers in my life!

  • Would love a Latitude 64 Retro Burst Advanced Starter Set to give for Christmas.

  • Best disc I’ve ever received is a Latitude 64 Anchor.

  • Got a giant from trilogy in a mystery box not ready for it yet but i love working with it. One day lol one day.

  • Sphinx is the best mystery disc my husband has received.

  • One of the first things I did to build a bag when I first started was buy the regular infinite discs mystery box. It introduced me to a few discs I bag regularly now. The most memorable being the CD2, it is my go to control driver now.

  • The Sphinx was the best driver a got in a mystery box

  • I like the Innova GStar starter set. I love the Star plastic.

  • I got a dope factory second box once.

  • My boys and husband play and have just recently introduced my dad to disc golf. It would be awesome to win and get him started with his own discs.

  • I got a DGA Rogue as a mystery disc once, that was pretty sweet since I had never thrown any DGA discs.

  • Have never got a mystery box yet but want one really badly. Best mystery disc I’ve got has been a snow line explorer.

  • Am look forward to get my frist Infinite Deals Box..in the next few weeks

  • A few years ago I purchased a mystery box and received my first Emac Truth. Little did I know this disc would change my game for ever. This disc has won me quite a few CTPs and also given me quite a few throw ins. I know my first ace will come from this disc.

  • I have to admit I am a little greedy, definitely the EXTREME DEALS BOX. Nothing but the best with the most.

    • Forgot to mention …..One of my first mystery box disc was a 2013 world amateur stamped dga breaker

  • I’ve always wanted to get one but I’ve had other priortories that had to come first. Food on the table vs new plastic but still a great way to introduce new things to players that otherwise wouldn’t of used or bought that disc.

  • Christopher Hunter

    For my birthday Last year I purchased a mystery box from a local dealer. Thankfully it came with a disc i still bag to this day a C-line FD.

  • I received a very cool Predator from a mystery box. It has had a spot in my bag ever since.

  • The best disc I ever received was a hand dyed rpm kea from Kyle Martin from New Zealand.

  • Best mystery disc I ever got was a Kanji Storm Escape. Not to mention that mold is my favorite disc ever.

  • Best mystery discs I have gotten have been the VIP discs.

  • Echostar destroyer

  • It would be so awesome to get either of the mystery box sets! That’s the fun, it’s a mystery hahaha

  • I didn’t even know it was available until I read this article, but I’d probably recommend the “COMPLETE DISC GOLF SET WITH SLINGER BACKPACK” package set. It has some great starting discs, as well as some that a person can grow into as they get better. I own a few of the infinite discs, and like all of the ones I’ve tried. If I was going to buy a box it would probably be the xl, or the Extreme, as I love trying new discs, and plastics.

  • Innova champion starter set

  • Marcelino salcedo

    Best disc I have ever got is an infinite discs slab!! It’s the only disc with enough stability for me to forehand with!!

  • Have tried the classing Innova DX starter set but I think only my Aviar is still around these days lol.

    I’d love to win the MVP Premium starter set as part of the giveaway, found someone’s MVP disc and got to try it out when the dude came to get it back and really dug it but haven’t gotten any for myself yet!

  • I didn’t hear aboit this until today. I really want to get one of these boxes.

  • I havent ever gotten a box, would live to get this one!!

  • Best disc received discraft cruiser

  • The Extreme Box looks great!

  • I’d be interested in the MVP Premium pack

  • I recently received a Lat. 64 explorer as a mystery disc and it has quickly become my go to fairway driver!!

  • I love surprises!!!

  • Never got a mystery box, but got a dx roc in my first ice bowl, and it’s pretty much been my go to disc.

  • I had a friend just last week get me a Discraft Mantis. Just thew it for the first time and really enjoyed it. My new goto distant driver.

  • The best disc I have received ever was a bio fusion emac truth. Even though it is a much lighter weight than I normally throw, it is a handy disc to work and use in the woods.

  • Best surprise disc I ever got was a disc member glow culture with that yeti stamp in oil slick foil.

  • Got a Disc craft mystery set that’s been terrific with the X Buzzz being a do-everything disc.

  • Best surprise disc I have is a sidewinder

  • Jessica Rae Cowen

    I got a Discraft drawstring bag in a mystery swag pack on my last order!

  • MVP Premium Starter Set

  • I have bought several of the single mystery disc’s and have loved every one the surprise of what you get is half the fun

  • I got a mystery box for Christmas last year and it was totally awesome!! My favorite disc was a DD Defender that had a custom bar stamp with an octopus on it!! Cant wait to get another one this year!!

  • So far I haven’t been too impressed with any mystery boxes I’ve tried thus far. I like seeing and trying new plastic, and it’s nice when a special disc or two is included that can only be found in a mystery box. However I’d still rather pick out my own discs, weights, stamps, colors, etc. I like that you have a good variety of boxes and can mix brands, though.

  • Love the Dynamic Discs starter set with bag!

  • Got a custom explorer with American flag stamp, once never anything better

  • Discraft Golf set

  • I have never recieved a mystery box because of being a newbie to this great sport.

  • I received a no stamp truth that looked like lava.


  • Discraft Z Vulture. I love the vulture as a nice straight control driver. I even bought 3 more.

  • got a Mystery box a year ago, and I got a Nate Doss Rubber Blend Challenger as a mystery disc. it is a very consistent disc and one that I use in winter league. A very good disc that is still in good shape despite hitting trees and misc. stuff

  • I’d like to see a light/air box set. I have been playing for a few years and have a mixed bag, mostly because I can never seen to find the Blizzard/Air Plastic in the mold I am looking for at the right time. I wouldn’t call my self a beginner, but I definitely like to throw the lighter stuff, because I feel as a casual rec player I can’t get the distance that the better players can. It may be my form, but I still want to enjoy playing. I’d also like to see some light weight glow plastic, maybe even create an air glow box set? It looks like you have mystery boxes that are close, but aimed at kids :/

  • The Latitude 64 starter set sounds great!

  • When I got back into disc golf a couple years back, I received a Prime Truth that until I lost it recently was an amazing go to Mid-Range. Helped me reshape form and my touch.

  • I started a few months ago and have grown to love the sport. I started with an innova DX starter set and was able to really get a feel for it. I’ve since picked up a bunch more innova plastic as my collection has grown. I’d love to try out the innova DX glow starter set now that the local courses are shifting to glow rounds. Thanks for all the great sets!

  • Coolest freebie I have received was actually a mini. I was sent from Andrew Dulmes. I told him how cool it was he did all the free giveaways. Out of nowhere he asked my adress. I then received a Sparkle Airforce mini. I was so touched by the gesture I sent him a CE Firebird I know longer needed.

  • This looks like a rather fun mystery box.. I like the about of discs and how you divide them up in molds..

  • The best one was a c line wings pd. It was perfectly beat.

  • Best disc has prob been the Aussie Open disc that was mailed to me by champion Patty! It was unexpected and highly appreciated!!!

  • I’ve never received a mystery box. Sounds cool…and mysterious.

  • Nice! I can’t wait to pick one of these up when I get paid.

  • I’ve only gotten one mystery box, and it was last year from legacy discs! A lot of great collectors on that box!

  • If I won this mystery box it would be my first one..but the best disc I’ve received would be my proto prism insanity hands down!

  • Mystery boxes are always interestning

  • Only had 1 mystery box last year for Christmas. Got the discmania, got a couple of sweet and 1 PD2 with a sweet stamp

  • I received a mystery pif and got a super ugly Buzzz that I put in my bag for water holes and any situation I didn’t want to lose a disc I liked. I tried like heck, but I just couldn’t shake the thing and now I always carry multiple. Other than that I love receiving unique swag.

  • These mystery disc boxes are great. Some of my favorite discs have come from adding a $12 mystery disc to my orders from Infinite. I love my Pharaoh the most, and the Sphinx is awesome, and I got a Compass that is my main midrange–all curated selections by Infinite. I would love to win an XL Box of discs from across various brands.

  • Never tried a mystery box before

  • Infinite discs starter set

  • Dynamic Discs Easy-Throw Starter Set

  • Only mystery box I ever bought was a 20 disc misprint pack from dynamic discs. Before this I only had some cheap Big 5 discs and getting this pack and getting my first bag in one box solidified my love for The sport. Favorite disc I got in it? My lucid warship, still my go to mid range!

  • I have never received a mystery box before. An XL would be cool for my son and I. Sure would help a Dad out under the Christmas Tree!!!

  • I started almost 20 years ago with a set from DGA in 150 grams. I’d love to try the 3 disc ultra light set from Innova with my kids as they have trouble throwing the heavier discs well.

  • I got the large box and ended up with a pharaoh I really liked it especially since I was a beginner at the time I also got a cool putter (harp)

  • DYNAMIC DISCS EASY-THROW STARTER SET. Daughter might find this from Santa under the tree. Cause you know Santa plays.

  • I would love to win one of these boxes. I have yet to win anything, so this would be awesome.

  • I prefer the infinite deals box! Best bang for your buck.

  • My wife bought me one of the deals boxes a couple months ago. We just had our first child and were trying to get out and exercise more, and disc golf has been our favorite outlet. I got an unreal amount of high-quality discs, but the disc that changed my game was the infinite disc Tomb! I’m a right handed forehand player, and for me this flat top putter is perfect for touchy up-shots. With hardly any power it will glide quite a long way, and it keeps its line perfectly! Throwing straight at the pen, uphill from 200’ away, it isn’t unusual for this thing to draw metal! I definitely won’t be caught without a Tomb in my bag anytime soon!

  • The 5 disc budget box would be great for a new course that a group of us are building in our town. We are including a “free discs to borrow for a round” box to allow new players the chance to try out disc golf without needing to purchase their own discs yet. Since the cheaper plastic options will end up flying more understable, we think it would be a good choice for this purpose.

  • I only purchased one mystery box, and it was from Discraft. It was the premium plastic box, and I think I enjoyed all of the discs I received at some point in my playing. The star has turned out to be a Big Z Comet, though. I have sold a couple “mystery” boxes to new players for cheap, which is always fun.

  • The infinite 8-disc starter set looks nice! That’d be a great way to check out infinite’s line up.

  • The extreme box would be awesome, I’ve got a lot of friends who are starting to show interest in the sport and I’d love to be able to share some plastic with them!

  • I’ve always wanted to try some latitude 64, but I’d be happy with any of them.

  • I got a mystery box a few years ago….it gave me some discs I would of never tried without getting the box! The riot, and a glow buzz os!

  • My first discs were 4 random Discraft discs! I got a Force, a Stratus, a Buzzz, and a Magnet! Great discs! Now if I can stop throwing them into gravel before they become bad discs!

  • Best disc I’ve gotten is a tie between my H4V2 and my Star Wraith!!!

  • I love mystery boxes. I got an Opto-X fury out of one.

  • I’ve had my eye on the Infinite Deals Box for a while. I love Infinite Disks!!!!

  • I have never received a mystery box however this sounds super fun.

  • Always wanted to try more MVP discs, the premium pack would be amazing!

  • My favorite is the Infinite Deals box with 7 discs. You get a nice selection of new plastic to try out without being overwhelmed.

  • love to buy started packs for children just getting into the sport

  • Very nice packages available guys!
    For sure i could use any of them starter sets.
    I started with a latitide 64 jade in yellow through your shop and got a discraft force world ch. In blue as a mystery disc woth it! Love em both anf so do my 2 daughters.
    Buy we sure could use some more in quantity and variety to have even mkrr family fun!
    I quite enjoy strolling around your excellent webshop in the evening… But a starter pack would sure give us a very very start for a collection in a bag!
    Greets from the Netherlands from an infinite family

  • I’ve never gotten a mystery box, would love to make this my first!

  • Mystery boxes have been great for our club prizes. Good variety at good price

  • I would recommend the Innova Champion Starter Set. Champion plastic one of the most durable plastics available and for a beginner who will hit many trees and practice a lot once they catch the inevitable “bug” so I would recommend having a quality disc that will still fly similarly for a long time despite the beating it will take. Also, in my experience, I got very cheap discs when I started and liked them but once I realized there was other more comfortable plastics those I began with were obsolete to me personally. Light weight is great to start with but once you grow out of that you will have discs that are not of use to you but with the Champion Starter Set you don’t have to worry about the discs wearing out quickly. Plus Innova is just a consistent, comfortable, and quality brand of disc. Can’t go wrong with this!

  • The best and only mystery box I’ve gotten was from Matt Bell to help out his tour .
    I know Matt from tournaments in Delaware great guy, in the box were multiple discs a shirt, signed discs, a picture of a Disc Golf basket that somebody had made for him that was really cool.

  • I recieved a recycled plastic, latitude 64 Mace in a mystery box. Never would have bought one before but to my surprise I made the bag. Love it.

  • Dynamic Discs easy-throw starter set is what I recommend to everyone who wants to get started. The plastic is great for the price and the discs included really are “easy-throw”. For someone brand new to the sport, they dont need to be confused with flight numbers and stability. This kit let’s new players have a great first, second, third, experience until they are hooked! We all know what happens after that.

  • Would like to see a mystery box of 150g-class discs from multiple vendors

  • I have a friend that’s getting into disc golf and I’d really like to give him a mystery box for Christmas to get him started! Help me out! I’ll post it on Instagram and tag you in it so you can repost his reaction!

  • I like the mystery box as a gift idea

  • I have never received one yet.

  • Again you’re ability to offer so many variations and options is what makes you the best in the game!

  • I love that this is a real thing! Hard to believe! Love you guys and everything you do f the disc golf community. Keep up the great work! Would love to experience my first mystery box!

  • I never win these things, but it doesn’t keep me from trying… much like tournaments…

  • Would love to try the Infinite deals box XL!

  • I’ve never received a mystery box, but when I helped with the beta version of the Infinite Scorecard you sent me a sweet glow Pharaoh and a mini with a scarab beetle, best mystery gift ever!

  • Wife got me the Discmania christmas box last year, was awesome.

  • Misprint discraft premium z box. Got 10 nice discs for $50. Still carry some of them.

  • The disc matrix is always my go to for looking into new discs

  • The disc matrix is always my go to for looking for discs to give my bag a variety

  • The disc matrix is always my go to for looking for discs to give my bag a variety

  • I received an infinite deals box for Christmas last year which contained a Latitude 64 Vision. It is the disc that made me fall in love with Disc Gold

  • Mvp these discs disappearbecsuse they are different and sometimes colorful.

  • I haven’t actually purchased and of these sets but if I did it would be the infinite deal’s box or the Inginite Discs 8 Disc line up set. However, I have gotten tons of mystery discs with my orders over the years. Thanks!

  • The best mystery box I’ve ever done is the one that dynamic discs does once a year. I got 3 discs that are now my go to discs. I’m really interested in the infinite discs box to see how it compares.

  • I got an esp crank as a mystery disc and it’s been a lot of fun using a disc I would never have thought to get myself.

  • Never had a box set. Would love to get one sometime

  • Looking to try different types of discs,
    I was an old school player now plastic is way different, now I’m back in to playing I’m experimenting.

  • Looking to score my first mystery box to try new things the 7 disc one would be nice.

  • I got a latitude 64 Fuji out of a mystery box and I was happy with it because I love latitude and throw trilogy.

  • My start to disc golf was on this site 10 years ago or so with a bunch of putters and a Scout (which has been discontinued). It really helped me practice and get hooked and I still have 6 of them today. I actually still use my scout as my over water hole and can’t lose it if I tried.

  • L64 Ghost Stamp Burst Maverick. Flies like a dream.

  • Haven’t tried a mystery box yet.

  • Cameron Someliana-Lauer

    The Jr. set and the new set seem to be the best beginner sets. I started with the Innova Dx set, but The first pull, I nearly split the driver’s wing in half…

  • I’ve bought one discraft putter mystery box and came out with a zone that I mow use for scramble shots

  • Half of my bag is filled with disc I have gotten from mystery packs. Best disc that it added to my bag was a meteor

  • I’ve always wondered what the best way to do these boxes. Do you get people putters when that’s something most people don’t usually change as often. Do you stick just to drivers and mids or swag? I think the new zombie fro. Latitude64 is the coolest thing yet. It’s a disc with a unique stamp, and it’s not even out to be purchased any other way.

  • This would be a great disc golf package forshure. Iv gotten the best star destroyer from a giveaway that will forever change the game of disc golf for me. Hope to win something to replace it. Thanks for the chance

  • I’ve never opened a mystery box, so hopefully from this contest I can win one of these boxes to expand my collection of discs!

  • Some friends and I went in together for a mystery box awhile ago and we each got discs that fit well with our bag

  • Some friends and I went in together for a mystery box awhile ago and we each got discs that fit well into our bags!

  • I’ve purchased a few mystery boxes from Infinite over the years, and I always loved opening them and what was inside (always a great deal)! My favorite disc I received was one of the early VIP discs, which also got me interested in the VIP Club that I’m now happily a member of and will renew again! I’d highly recommend trying out both…

  • Trilogy are the best so far and Discmania was good as well

  • Best mystery box I’ve gotten was a discraft misprint box that I split with friends.

  • Received my first Pharaoh as a mystery disc (now own 3). Also got a metal flake streamline trace that is fantastic!

  • This is a great way to generate interest in a variety of manufacturers. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Always love a good mystery box! Looking forward to getting one soon.

  • My ghost stamp mystery box from L64 custom was my favorite.

  • I received a signature Paige Pierce Lucid-X Suspect in my last mystery deals box, which is now going to be somewhat of a collector’s item!

  • My husband and I got one of the mystery boxes last year and loved it. Would recommend them to anyone!

  • The Innova DX starter plastic has got to be my go to starter set for any friends wanting to get into the sport. Love this site, keep the great work up guys!

  • I’ve actually never done the box, but my wife said she’ll buy me the smaller one for christmas, best christmas gift ever! I’m like actually so excited!


    I have tired the innova starter sets. I would love to try out others.

  • Haven’t been disappointed with any discs that I got. The best disc was a Firebuzzz.

  • That’s cool that some thought is actually put in these boxes. Different discs for different shots.

  • This would be the first thing I’ll have won frisbee related

  • Now I really want that Deals Box Extreme! I’ll have to be a really good boy for Christmas, I guess.

  • The best mystery disc I’ve ever gotten was a KC Pro Roc. It’s beat to heck but has never left the bag!

  • I could really use this Mystery Box

  • They all seem like great deals …. hard to pick … have to get my 10yr old son new discs so he can replenish his stolen discs …

  • I haven’t had the pleasure of purchasing a mystery box but hopefully that changes soon!

  • I love getting at least one mystery box every few months. Just to keep things interesting. I’d say the best mystery disc I ever received was a misprint Zone, with an Infinite Sphinx coming in a close second. To this day, they are two of my most thrown discs.

  • I’ve never gotten a mystery box, but the idea of a box full of disc golf mysteries is enticing.

    • Oh, almost forgot, if I were looking for a starter set probably would be something from the MVP family.

  • I haven’t heard of this before. I will now keep up on this site.

  • Would love to try the MVP premium starter set. What a great idea.

  • I got an infinite mystery box last year as a gift and received an MVP Volt as one of the discs. I had never used an MVP disc before, and now I love it, bag it for every round.

  • Never had the privilege of a mystery box, but they look exciting

  • Awesome selection of mystery boxes to choose from. Can’t go wrong no matter what you pick.

  • Haven’t yet ,but I’ll let you know!

  • I really love my buzz.

  • Never won a box or disc!

  • The best disc I’ve received from a mystery box is the Glow Moonshine DD Truth @ 174g. Still in my bag and still my go to straight driver…!!!

  • My favorite mystery disc was a swirly buzzz…had it for 4 years…one lefty forehand parked it in the middle of a local course lake…still sick about it…thing was money

  • I’ve gotten two starter kits from disccraft. My favorites in the kit have been the Mantis driver and magnet putter

  • love my discs, mystery box’s are fun

  • I’ve never heard of these mystery boxes but would like to try one someday….the best disc I ever received was my wombat 3 midrange

  • I’ve never received a mystery box or disc before… that would be awesome.

  • Very cool, will definitely consider buying one of these!

  • Latitude 64 2018 team series mystery box with bonus Opto X Warship. 10 discs in all, several Opto X discs, no misprints and of course, the Warship!

  • I have purchased several of these mystery boxes. They are great for gifts and random rounds with friends. Also great to split with the wife. Wouldn’t mind winning the give away, but ill always support infinite discs , their players and the open bag philosophy! ! Go throw!! 🙂

  • Mystery boxes can be a great way to try new molds.

  • The best disc I ever got from a mystery box was an EMac Truth. Completely changed my game and I have been throwing them since. The absolute right amount of stability.

  • I love trying new discs out. So bring on a mystery box, sounds like a great treat for a lucky someone!

  • Those look awesome