New Tournament Seat Available

After a long time of having no tournament seats available, we now have one available. Check out the Infinite Discs Tournament Seat that is now available on our site. This is available for $35.99.

The Infinite Discs Tournament Seat is an excellent seat to have during a back-up during a tournament, or to simply wait for your friends at the course This is a very durable seat that folds into its self, allowing for easy storage and carrying. Making a great disc golf tournament seat that will be comfortable, portable, and durable.

This seat sits a little higher than others, allowing for an easier sit down and up. Check this out on Infinite’s website today.

Handeye Supply Bags

Handey Supply Co Civilian Backpack

The Handeye Supply Civilian backpack is a great functional disc golf bag. This is designed to carry your needed disc golf gear all the while providing a compact bag. The patterns and colors were inspired from southwest region of the United States. This bag is sure to help you have a fun time out on the course.

Handeye Supply states that this “. . . is a fully FUNctional backpack and after testing it out all summer, we are very proud of the final product. The patterns and colorways were inspired by a trip last year that took me through the American Southwest. These bags are dedicated to my father-in-law Richard Thomas Schwam and all the kind people I encountered throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado while on that hard journey. With the help of my friend, Kris Edson, I feel we have created a beautiful product for the ever growing and diverse population of disc golfers. Roomy, yet compact, allowing you to carry all the gear you would need whether it be a big tourney event or a fun casual round with friends at your local course. I’ve even used it as a carry-on while traveling and as a day bag when going to the beach. This bag wants to help you have FUN and I can’t wait for them to get out there and start doing their job!”

This bag comes in four different patters; Elevado, Inverse, Winslow, and Yuma. You can check out the patterns and reviews here. You can purchase this bag for $69.99

Handeye Supply Co Bindle Bag

The Handeye Supply Co Bindle Bag is a great bag where space is limited. It will hold 12 discs; 10 in the main compartment and 2 putters in the front accessible pouch. There is a zippered pocket that can hold your valuables. While this is made out of a 16 oz. canvas, providing a long lasting bag.

As an additional feature, this bag has two loops  that allow you to wear that bag on your belt. Making it for a great no-hands bag.

This Bindle bag is available for 24.99 and comes in a black/heathered maroon and blue/light blue color combination. Check out the bag and read reviews at Infinite Discs site here.

These bags are available now on now. You can check them out online along with all of your other disc golf needs.

Introducing Alfa Discs

Inspired by Infinite Discs


It isn’t often that people who stop by the Infinite Discs store in Logan, Utah are impressed enough with their visit that they start their own disc golf manufacturing business, but that is exactly what happened to brothers Alexander and Benjamin Eliassen. The pair, who hail from Norway, dropped by our store in 2019 during a family vacation to America. Here is their story.

Made in Norway

If you hop on a boat traveling East from New York City you could navigate the Atlantic Ocean until you got to the North Sea, east of the UK and south of Norway. If you head north on the Oslo fjord to the Drammensfjorden, you could make your way to the Drammenselva River, which flows right next to Kokksund Norway. In Kokksund you will find the Nostetangen Museum, where visitors can learn about how glass was made anciently. You will also find the Haug Church, which was originally constructed in 1152. Kokksund is also home to Alfa Discs, one of the newer disc golf companies, and the only manufacturer in Norway.

Inspired by Infinite


Shortly after their visit to America, and Infinite Discs, Alexander started studying Entrepreneurship and had to come up with an idea for a student project as part of the degree. Remembering the excitement he felt at seeing how successful Infinite had become, he and his brother decided to start the disc golf store they were dreaming about.

The brothers started their business two years ago by selling online and at local tournaments. They started selling only Infinite molds, but soon expanded by added more and more brands, until they had a well-rounded selection of discs. Unfortunately, several months after they started, Covid hit.

Making Their Own Discs


The global pandemic was a double-edged sword in the disc golf world. The sport is perfect for social distancing, and grew significantly. Unfortunately, the increased demand for discs, combined with slower production due to shutdowns and materials shortages, meant that there was a much bigger demand than there was supplies to meet the demand. This shortage was felt throughout the industry, and Alfa Discs was no exception. The owners decided that the best way to ensure they had the discs to sell was to manufacture their own. That’s when they decided to become the first manufacturer in Norway.

The founders of Alfa Discs (L to R): Alexander Eliassen, Christoffer Eliassen, Reidar Finnerud, Benjamin Eliassen


The decision to manufacture their own discs was made in June of 2020. The next few months were spent planning and working out the details to become a manufacturer. After much thought and discussion, the team, which now included a third brother and a friend, decided to make a stable midrange as their first disc. And thus was born the Apollo.

The Apollo


The Apollo is a straight flying disc that can be easily shaped for long, technical approach shots, or for a drive where distance is necessary. The mold was designed to be a good fit for beginners, and experienced players.

Their inaugural mold was named after the Apollo 11 mission, which flew the first people to the moon. That name seemed fitting for the first mold produced. The challenge of starting a new company, then producing their first mold, felt like an achievement akin to standing on the moon for the first time. As for the names of future molds, we will have to wait to see what they come up with.

Alfa discs has two different plastic types. The first Apollo release will be in their Crystal plastic. This is a premium plastic that is extremely durable. In fact, Alfa discs makes their premium plastics a point of pride. They want only the best discs for their customers. To that end, they even inspect each disc to make sure they are perfect. The Apollo and future molds will also be made in Chrome plastic, which is another premium plastic.

Future Molds


As for any future molds, Alfa is keeping the details close to the vest. They suggest checking their website for updates on future discs. They are planning on releasing a few more molds next year (2022), and will be working toward providing a full lineup of molds for their fans.

Even though Alfa is a young company and just producing their first mold, they want to help grow the sport by sponsoring players. Currently, they only have one sponsored player, but expect to add more to the roster as they grow and expand. Their current pro is Morten Brenna. Morten is one of the best disc golfers in Norway. And he loves the Apollo. He qualified for the UDGC, so you may very well see the Apollo flying around Rock hill this year!


Alexander is very optimistic about the future of the sport. Although disc golf is a much newer sport than ball golf, he believes that it could be just as popular as its cousin. He recognizes the role that Alpha Discs has in helping the sport grow, and looks forward to businesses like his having even more sponsored players and increasing the visibility of the sport. He will do his part by providing unparalleled customer service.

“Our customer is our boss,” said Alexander. “And we will listen to them no matter what.”

The new Apollo was just released and are available now! Check out the link below and get your first run Apollo from Infinite Discs.

Check out Alfa Discs’ sponsored player, Morten Brenna, PDGA #79859, you can see his Norwegian-language In The Bag video here:

Visit the Alfa Discs website here:

We would like to give you an opportunity to win a First Run Apollo from Alfa Discs. To enter, let us know in the comments below what midrange mold that you throw that has a similar flight to the Apollo. Next week we will randomly select three commenters to win an Apollo.



Top 50 Best Selling Discs of August 2021

As a replacement to the Top 20 Tuesday, we now have the Top 50 monthly best sellers. This should be a more complete comparison of what was hot at Infinite Discs during the month, rather than a weekly stock report. We’re excited to see how it goes.

As was customary, we will count the disc AND plastic type for each spot, so it is possible that a single model could show up on the list several times, each time in a different plastic type. This also helps you to know which discs sold the most in which plastics.

Here are the top 50 bestselling discs of July 2021 at Infinite Discs:

Top 50 Best Sellers – August 2021

#2 – R-Pro PIG
#3 – Star WRAITH
#4 – Ethos PRAXIS
#5 – Tour Series ESP PASSION
#6 – Halo Star DESTROYER
#7 – Gummy C-Blend MAYA
#8 – Big Z ZEUS
#10 – Star DESTROYER
#11 – Signature I-Blend EMPEROR
#12 – Signature Swirly S-Blend EMPEROR
#13 – Halo Star LEOPARD3
#14 – Signature ESP HADES
#15 – DX AVIAR
#16 – Signature Glow C-Blend CHARIOT
#17 – Champion FIREBIRD
#18 – D-Blend ALPACA
#20 –Star MAMBA
#22 – KC Pro AVIAR
#23 – Star VALKYRIE
#24 – Star MAKO3
#25 – Champion MAKO3
#26 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#27 – Star TEEBIRD
#28 – I-Blend SPHINX
#29 – ESP HEAT
#30 – Discraft Prototype Putter Blend FIERCE
#31 – I-Blend X-Out PHARAOH
#32 – Halo Star WRAITH
#33 – Star LEOPARD
#34 – KC Pro ROC
#35 – Z Glo Sparkle UNDERTAKER
#36 – Premium Sparkle JOKERI
#37 – Signature ESP MALTA
#38 – Champion MAMBA
#39 – Champion THUNDERBIRD
#40 – R2 Neutron ANODE
#41 – Signature ESP ANAX
#42 – Prism Proton PYRO
#43 – Champion SIDEWINDER
#44 – Ethereal MANTRA
#46 – Signature Cryztal FLX ZONE
#47 – R2 Neutron SPIN
#48 – Champion BEAST
#49 – Big Z FIERCE
#50 – Eclipse 2.0 REACTOR

With a big Innova restock in August, the Innova line-up dominated the chart with many of their popular disc models. Discraft held strong with some discs that were restocked. Even on the monthly chart, it’s still a battle of who has the most restocks to boost their sales. The #1 spot was taken by a special run of ESP Glo BANGER GT discs. The Thought Space Athletics Ethos PRAXIS took the #4 spot as the highest ranking new release on the chart for August.

Here is a look at how many times the different brands showed up in the top 50 this month:

The Guessing Game

Every month you’ll be able to place your guess for a certain spot on the chart for the next month. The first person to guess the disc and plastic type correctly for the named chart position will win a $20 gift card for the Infinite Discs online store.

— This month we had asked for a guess of the #4 spot. That spot was taken by the Ethos PRAXIS by Thought Space Athletics. The winning guess needed to be placed on the chart for the Top 50 Sellers for July, but we don’t see any guess for the Ethos PRAXIS as the #4 spot there. Be sure to place your gust for next month (September) on THIS blog.

PLACE A GUESS for next month. If you can by the first to guess the #5 spot for SEPTEMBER, then you can be a winner. Leave your guess in the comments on this blog. Thanks!

Course Design Connections

Disc Golf course design seems like an easy feat until you get started. There is quite a bit of planning involved. However, as the sport of disc golf continues to grow, so does the demand for more courses. If you need help in course design and don’t know where to turn, Team Infinite has you covered. Our team has several members across the US with experience in designing disc golf courses.


Here is a list of contacts and how far they’re willing to travel to help design your course:

Jordan Infield
text/call at 865-323-2053
Jinfield Disc Golf Design
Located in Kentucky but willing to travel anywhere

Chad Eads
Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma or Southern Missouri

Tricia Lafferty
State College, PA
~150 Miles

Bobcat Buckley
2-3 hours of Charlotte

Ryan Flahive
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

 These are some extra disc golf course design resources provided by the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Additional Resources

Benefits of Disc Golf

Course Installation


Disc Golf Hats

You have been playing disc golf for a while now, and the more you play the more you want a hat to wear while out on the course. Over the past month or so, Infinite Discs has increased the hat selection with some new styles. Whether you want to represent your favorite brand or just show that you like to play disc golf. Be sure to check out all of the hats that we have available as this post is only to highlight the new hats added to

MVP & Axiom Hats


Axiom Pyramide Logo Hat

Wear this Axiom hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and to rep Axiom Discs. Staying true to Axiom and their fun colors, this is available in a variety of neon colors as well as some standard colors. There are a handful of hat styles available also, you can purchase this hat as a snap-back trucker hat, a flexfit hat, or a fitted hat. Ensuring that you get the hat that suits your style.

Be sure to check out all of the available colors here. You can purchase one of these slick hats for $31.95.

Fitted Sizes Available:
S/M (6 3/4” – 7 1/4”)
L/XL (7 1/8” – 7 5/8”)

Snapback sizes are adjustable.

MVP Orbit Logo Hat

Wear this hat to represent MVP Disc Sports all the while keeping the sun out of your eyes. This is available in a variety of patterns, solid colors, or heather colors. Also, you’ll find the style of hat that you prefer, as they come in a snap-back trucker hat style, a flexfit style, or a fitted hat style. Ensuring that you get the hat that suits you best.

There is a lot of variety to these hats, be sure to check out all of the combinations of patterns, colors, and styles here. This hat is available for purchase for $31.95.

Fitted Sizes Available:
S/M (6 3/4” – 7 1/4”)
L/XL (7 1/8” – 7 5/8”)

Snapback sizes are adjustable.

Infinite Discs Hats


Professional Disc Golfer Guaranteed Hat

Show off your love of disc golf, and your unbridled overconfidence with this attractive mesh, snapback hat that proudly declares, “Professional Disc Golfer Guaranteed”.

This hat comes in a handful of color combinations. The brim and front panel will be black or grey, while the mesh will be white or black. For only $10.99 this hat is priced nicely to help show off your skills as a disc golfer without breaking the bank.

NOTE: This hat fits small to large heads (not extra large). Also, it does not guarantee enhanced performance on the disc golf course.

Infinite Discs Dad Hat

The Infinite Discs Dad Hat comes in a soft, comfortable material with an adjustable strap on the back for all sizes (strap-back). It has the Infinite Discs circle logo on the front for a sleek, simple look on and off the course.

This dad hat comes in a variety of colors, helping you have the right color of your preference. You can get yours in black, blue, or a gray color. This easy and comfortable hat is available for purchase at $12.99 here.

Dynamic Discs Hats


DD Flexfit Hat

Dynamic Discs provides a comfortable and stylish hat with a variety of logos. Whether you’re looking for classic style logo, or a sleek logo, or something flashy on your hat. Dynamic provides this hat to match your preference. This hat also comes in a handful of color combinations; all are shades of gray or black.

Check the variety of colors and logo combinations of the DD Flexfit Hat and get yours for $22.99.

DGA Hats


DGA Leather Patch Cap

The DGA Leather Patch Cap is sure to become your wardrobe staple with the classic snapback cap construct.  Each cap features a leather patch with the DGA Basket Icon, “DGA Disc Golf” on the top ring and “Established 1976” on the bottom.

This DGA Leather Patch Cap comes with either a flat bill or a curved bill. So, whichever type of bill you prefer, DGA has you covered. This hat is available for purchase for $20.


Be sure to check out our other apparel items as well. If you’re looking for other hats, you can look at our hat section found under apparel. If you want to support Drew Gibson, he has some hats that are pretty solid as well.

Simon and Eagle Feature Card Jerseys

Earlier in the year at the OTB open, Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon wore a jersey while on the feature card. This jersey was specifically designed by Thought Space Athletics. Discmania has made these jerseys available for purchase. Starting on Tuesday, August 17, at 8:00AM, you’ll be able to order your very own Eagle and/or Simon jersey.

These jerseys are made out of a very comfortable, stretchy, and moisture wicking fabric. They have a sublimated design on them that engulf the entire shirt. Make sure to check these jerseys out and if you like it, pick up one for yourself here for $59.99.


To ensure product longevity, please consider and follow the instructions below:

– Warm/Cold water wash- Keep water temperatures under 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
– Garments that are stained due to grass or playing conditions should be washed immediately to avoid stains from drying and setting. Leaving garments in kit bags will cause odors and possibly permanent stains.
– Extremely stained garments should be pre-soaked with regular detergent or non-bleach based stain removers, then rinsed in cold water, and washed immediately after without allowing the garments to dry in between stages.
– Air dry and/or hang dry garments- tumble dry on low heat if absolutely necessary.
– Socks and/or any dye-knitted garments separately. Washing with lighter colored sublimated items in particular, could cause dye migration from socks to sublimated item.
– Do not Iron
– Avoid abrasive surfaces- Do not wash with equipment, and take special precaution to avoid Velcro in particular.


Be sure to check out other new Discmania apparel, or all of the apparel available on

Infinite Discs: Disc Sales & Discount Codes

Since 2012 Infinite Discs has provided a multiplicity of disc golf necessities to the disc golf community. On our site you can find discs, carts, bags, grip enhancers, and even putting aids (to name a few things available online); most everything disc golf related can be found on

Here at Infinite Discs, we have the goal to provide you with all of your disc golf needs at the best price available. To fulfill this goal, we are always working to sell the discs at the least expensive price possible.

The purpose of this article is to detail how to navigate Infinite Discs’ sales (and their frequency), its “On Sale” page, and how to use discount codes. All to help you to take advantage of available savings while shopping at Infinite Discs.

Weekly Sale Items

Every week we work to have a group of items on sale for you. These products are updated on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, then will remain on sale until the following Wednesday. There are a handful of ways to tell which disc golf products are on sale. The easiest and the fastest way to tell is by looking at the “What’s on sale” page which can be found HERE. The link to this page is found while browsing the website by looking at the right sidebar on a PC, or scrolling down on your phone. The “What’s on sale” page will detail everything that is on sale for that week. There are always discs on sale, as well as some non-disc items. The “What’s on sale” page divides everything into its appropriate groups of Distance Drivers, Control Drivers, Mid Range, Putter, and Other Products (non-disc items).

Again, this page can be accessed from almost any page on the Infinite Discs website. You’ll need to click on “What’s on sale” to view all products that are cheaper than usual for that week. If you click on one of the discs within the green box you’ll be taken to that disc’s landing page rather than the page illustrating all sale items. The items are automatically discount, so no discount code or coupon is necessary for these items. After their week in the spotlight is up, the item price will return to the regular price.

Another way to tell which products are discounted, is that there will be a green banner going across the top right corner of the picture. The banner will simply say, “Sale”. Like you can see on the Yikun Wei as pictured below:

Sometimes only certain plastic types or special editions will be featured on sale. For discs, it is a little harder to tell which plastic type is on sale without knowing the previous prices and browsing through the available discs.

To see the prices of some individual items (and subsequently which items are on sale) click on “Buy Now” a little pop-up window will appear with the available items. In this window, you’ll see the prices of the products helping you to know which portion is on sale. As you can see with this Prodigy bag example below. The Prodigy bag will show up on the “What’s on sale” page and upon clicking on it you will see that just the pink bag is on sale:


Discount/Promo Codes

In addition to those weekly sale items, Infinite Discs does sometimes have discount codes. We are very strict about time limitations and product limitations when issuing discount codes. If you find a discount code on one of the many “coupon” websites, it is most likely that the code is long expired and was only being used for a very short time. This is because we reward our regular followers on social media with these fixed-time offers, rather than throwing discount codes all over the internet. Since we already sell discs at inexpensive prices, we do not find it necessary or feasible to offer general discount codes.

There are a handful of ways that these discount codes are advertised. They are primarily announced through social media or through our blog posts that feature specific items.

One of the common discount codes is offered through Focus Friday. This is an off-season weekly post that features a specific disc or product. It releases on Fridays, and the code provided therein will last until the following Monday (only for a weekend). Depending on the product, the code can provide 10% – 20% off that featured item. This blog post may also be shared through our social media means as well in hopes that it helps our customers to try out new products at a discount.

Other discount codes are usually for limited timeframes, like during a Black Friday sale event, or a weekend Father’s Day offer, or other special occasions. While those codes can help you take advantage of a discount during that short period of time, they will expire.  We cannot extend discount codes beyond the designated time period.

Using a discount code is very easy. You’ll simply put the promo code into the “Discount Codes” box, which can be found on the shopping cart page under all of the products in this shopping cart. To make that box available for text entry, you’ll need to click on the arrow found on the right had side. Once clicked, the box will appear where you paste your code. Once you enter the code in the text box and hit enter on the keyboard or click on “Apply Discount”, it will show the discounted price above in the shopping cart. Only one discount code can be applied per transaction.

Questions Regarding Sales or Discount Codes

Hopefully this article has helped you to understand the availability of sales and discounts on the Infinite Discs website. Again, the “What’s on Sale” link on our website will quickly forward you to the featured sale items or the week. Any discount codes will be shared through social media or our blog and will have a very limited timeframe for use. If you have any questions, feel free to email  But remember, we won’t be able to share discount codes with you over the phone or through email, since the purpose of the discount codes is to reward those who are actively following our announcements on social media, through newsletters, and on our blog.

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