Focus Friday – Discs at a Discount

Focus Friday – The Orc

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where you get to learn about a disc and receive a great discount so you can give it a try yourself. This week, we are focusing on a very popular 10-speed driver… The Orc from Innova Champion Discs

The Orc is a classic Speed 10 driver made by Innova. This is a fast but accurate flying disc that is great for intermediate players. The Orc flies well for both backhand and forehand throws. This is an overstable disc, but it has a degree of understable turn (-1) which gives it a nice flying S path.

The Orc is taller than the average distance driver and has a thinner rim. In lighter weights, this disc is a good driver for newer disc golfers. The Orc is also a good beginner disc for new players who prefer forehand throws.

DISCOUNT -> To get ANY Orc at 20% off, just use this code at check out: “FOCUSORC”

This will end Monday night, so get on this amazing deal while you can! 
Additionally, check out this page, to see all the other items that are on sale for the week.

Note: After placing your discs in the shopping cart and before checking out, click on the “Discount Code” box under the shopping cart and enter that code. Then proceed to checkout.


Top Twenty Tuesday – Dec. 11th – 17th

Welcome back to another week of Top Twenty Tuesday! Every week, we take a look at the twenty top-selling discs on the Infinite Discs website from the past week, broken down by mold and plastic-type.

You also have a chance to win a $10 Infinite Discs gift card if you correctly guess one of the spots for next week (scroll down to see specifics for the weekly giveaway).

Here are the top sellers from last week in order –

#1 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend DYNASTY
#2 – Discraft ESP Swirl CAPTAIN’S RAPTOR
#3 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend EXODUS
#4 – Thought Space Athletics Nebula Aura PATHFINDER
#5 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend SLAB
#6 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend CZAR
#7 – MVP Neutron soft GLITCH
#8 – Finish Line Discs Forged PACE
#9 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend TOMB
#10 – Infinite Discs Signature P-Blend Glow ALPACA
#11 – Finish Line Discs Forged SUPRA
#12 – Discraft Z Line Misprint BUZZZ
#13 – Innova Star WRAITH
#14 – Thought Space Athletics Nebula Aura MANA
#15 – Infinite Discs D-Blend X-out ALPACA
#16 – Infinite Discs Metal Flake Glow C-Blend X-out DYNASTY
#17 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#18 – Kastaplast K3 Line BERG
#19 – Kastaplast K1 Line BERG
#20 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend PHARAOH

We had some speciality released Santa Hat stamped halo molds released last week! These molds haven’t been officially released yet, so we hope you were able to get your hands on these speciality released molds.

The Captain’s Raptor from Discraft is another popular mold that doesn’t come around very often. This is a modified molds similar to the Raptor; it has a flatter top and is designed to be more overstable.

GUESSING GAME –> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The #9 spot this past week was the Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend Tomb. Not much needs to be said about this mold, is it one of the most popular putt & approach discs on the market! If you haven’t tried it, you MUST. 

NEXT WEEK: Guess the #12 spot for next week. The first person to get it right (including the disc model and plastic type) will win!





The data before looked like this – 

Read more

Will My Package Arrive By Christmas?

With Christmas drawing near, we have a lot of customers who want to know if their package will arrive by Christmas.

Our staff at Infinite Discs is doing all we can to ensure that your package will arrive by December 25th. All orders received by 4:30 PM MST, are shipped out the same day. With that said, we have to rely on the different parcel carriers for the actual delivery. We cannot guarantee any delivery by a certain date. Here are some guidelines for the last days you will want to order different items, if you want to make sure* they arrive before Christmas. Read this article if you’re looking for good Christmas Gift Ideas.

Small_PackageSmall Packages:

Safe Order Deadline to arrive by Christmas: Friday, December 16th.

Small packages (2 or less discs), towels, small accessories, mini’s, physical gift cards, etc. weighing less than 16oz will ship by USPS first class mail with a 2-5 day delivery.

Because we are located in Utah, areas in the Western United States are likely to receive packages in less transit time than those in the Eastern US. For those in the West there’s a good chance that you still might receive your package by Christmas if you order it before Dec 21st.

Assuming the worst with a 5 day delivery (in most instances it will be less), unless you make a Priority mail upgrade you will want to make sure your order is in by 4:30 on Friday, December 16th, 2022.

With Priority Mail Upgrade

If you pay extra for the “Shipping Upgrade” (2-5 day delivery), your likely safe date to receive by Christmas is extended two additional days to Monday, December 19th. The package will most likely arrive in time if the order is placed early in the day by Friday as well, but if your order is made after 4:30 PM on the 20th, and you NEED it by Christmas, contact and we can give you a quote of what the cost will be for expedited shipping.

MediamPackage_5890Medium Sized Packages:

Safe Order Deadline without Priority Upgrade: Monday, December 16th

For medium sized packages 5-11 discs and economy bags, we usually ship UPS Ground to Easern states and USPS Priority mail to Western States. Depending on your proximity to Utah, and the size of your package, these packages may also go USPS Priority Mail.  Orders received by 4:30 on Friday, December 16th, should arrive by Christmas.

UPS offers a service to estimate your approximate shipping time. Use this tool to see what they estimate for a shipment from Logan, Utah 84321 to your address with this tool.

If your order is made after December 16th, and you NEED it by Christmas, contact and we can give you a quote of what the cost will be for express delivery.

Large Packages

Safe Order Deadline: Friday, December 13th

IMG_5887Large packages including baskets, large backpacks, and 11+ discs are typically shipped by UPS ground, which can take up to a week to arrive depending on your location and proximity to Utah. It’s also important to know that many of these products are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, who may not process your order as quickly as we do in house. If you want a large package to arrive by Christmas, you’ll likely be fine if your order is in by December 16th, but to be safe, you’ll want them in by 2:00 on Wednesday the 14th.

Unless you want to specifically arrange to pay a small fortune for expedited shipping, make sure you have them in early. Large packages are not eligible for USPS priority upgrade shipping. When shipping upgrades are made on our website, you receive expedited processing, but there are often no 3 day shipping options. Shipping large packages overnight or priority mail can literally cost you hundreds of dollars. If you need an expedited order for a large package, contact for a quote on your different shipping options.

International Orders

Safe Order Deadline: It Might Be Too Late

If you want something internationally, it might already be too late to get to you by Christmas. For international shipping we use UPS Mail Innovations which usually arrives to Canada and Europe within two weeks, but not always. So if you order before December 9th there is a good chance you will receive it by Christmas, but there is no guarantee.

There are expedited international shipping options, but they are very costly. Contact our support team if you would like a quote for expedited International delivery.

If you’re too late for a disc golf Christmas gift, There is always next year right? Or, consider a Happy New Year gift… But you don’t really need a reason to give somebody a great disc golf gift do you?

Gift Cards

Deadline to Arrive By Christmas: December 25th

The safest bet (and arguably the best Christmas gift for an avid disc golfer) is an E-Gift card. An email gift card code will be sent to you (or directly to the recipient) within seconds. The other nice thing about an electronic gift card is that you can personalize it any way you want. Print it up and put it in a card or a picture with an original poem you wrote, or a picture of yourself. Who doesn’t like a personalized gift? Or to make things super simple, just email the code directly to the recipient.

Overnight Shipping?

Safe Order Deadline: Nonexistent

What if I wait until the week of Christmas to make my order? Overnight and rushed 2 day shipping options are available, but these can get pricey and there are no promises on delivery time. This is not a safe option, however, if you would like to give it a try, email or call us before you make the order. The shipping price on these are determined case by case. Again, at this point, the best ordering option may be a gift card.

*In rare instances (less than 1% of all orders), packages get misplaced or lost by the individual carriers, or bad weather slows pickup or delivery, and packages do not arrive by the estimated time frame. We cannot guarantee that any package will actually arrive by Christmas.

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway



To celebrate the approach of this beloved holiday, we will be hosting a MASSIVE giveaway, spanning over a twelve-day period. Here is how YOU can enter to win one or more of our various giveaway prizes

Much like a raffle, you can put your name in the hat for ALL 12 giveaways by filling out the THIS google form. Each day, one winner will be chosen from the google form, and any additional winners will be chosen from the Second Entry (explained below). Winners will only be selected from the lower 48 states.

*You only need to fill out the form ONCE to be entered to win ALL giveaways 

Additionally, by performing A SECOND ENTRY you will have the chance to win the gift of the day by performing an additional action, such as following a social media account or making a comment on a post. Read all specifics for each day below.

Each day, we will have a certain manufacturer or product on sale in addition to our giveaway. These certain brands/products will be specified below.

Daily winners will be chosen at 8:00 p.m. MST, the winners will be tagged in the social media post and/or emailed. If you do not message us back within 24 hours of being chosen, the gift will go to another winner. 


Day 1 – December 12th

On the first day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

ONE Dynamic Discs Paratrooper Flag Bag, a $100+ value for FREE!

FOR A SECOND ENTRY Follow us (Infinite Discs) on INSTAGRAM, and comment on the giveaway post.

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one bag per winner, winner may choose the state or country bag they want from our remaining stock.)

All Paratrooper Flag Bags will be on sale!

Paratrooper - State and Country Flag Edition $89.99 - $89.99 - Infinite Discs

Day 2 – December 13th

On the second day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

TWO Thought Space Athletic Sets, complete with 7 discs. The disc selection will include two putt-and-approach discs plus one premium mid-range and four different premium drivers.

FOR A SECOND ENTRY – Like Thought Space Athletics on FACEBOOK & Follow them on INSTAGRAM, the winner will be chosen from their followers

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one 7-disc set per winner)

All TSA will be on sale this day! 

Thought Space Athletics 7-Disc Set $84.99 - $84.99 - Infinite Discs

Day 3 – December 14th

On the third day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

THREE-Disc Finish Line Set. Complete with a Forged Era, Forged Supra, and the NEW, unreleased Finish Line Putter, the Pace. There will be a very limited number of these pre-release Pace’s with the Infinite Holiday edition Santa Hat Stamp.

FOR A SECOND ENTRYFollow Finish Line Discs and us (Infinite Discs) on TWITTER, and then comment on the Tweet made by Infinite Discs.

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one 3-disc set per winner)

All Finish Line Discs will be on sale this day! 

Day 4 – December 15th

On the fourth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

FOUR Halo S-Blend Discs, including the following molds (all max weight):

FOR A SECOND ENTRY Join the Infinite Discs Discord chat, follow THIS link to join. The winner will be chosen from our community members.

*There will be two winners chosen this day (4 Halo molds per winner)

Wide selection of Santa Hat stamped Infinite Molds available! 

Day 5 – December 16th

On the fifth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

FIVE Infinite Discs Gift Cards, FIVE chances to win! Each gift card will be $20

TO ENTER – Comment on each of the following Infinite Discs platform post, and one winner will be picked from each platform. The plaforms you can interact with are:

*There will be five winners chosen this day (1 winner pulled from each social media platform, NONE pulled from the Google form this day)

Infinite Discs Gift cards are GREAT Christmas gifts!

Day 6 – December 17th

On the sixth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

An Apex NF 600 Rangefinder, perfect for practicing your disc golf accuracy.

FOR A SECOND ENTRY Join us on REDDIT, and comment on the post made by Infinite Discs

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one Rangefinder per winner)

All Apex Range Finders on sale this day!

Apex NF600 Rangefinder $109.99 - $109.99 - Infinite Discs

Day 7 – December 18th

On the seventh day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

SEVEN Discs from the Doomsday Discs Lineup, a complete set for all your disc golf needs

FOR A SECOND ENTRY Follow Doomsday Discs on TWITTER, the winner will be chosen from their followers

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one 7-disc set per winner)

All Doomsday Discs on sale this day! 

Day 8 – December 19th

On the eighth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

EIGHT Disc Viking Starter Set –  Includes 8 Viking Discs that are a mix of molds in a variety of plastics.

FOR A SECOND ENTRY – Follow Viking Discs on INSTAGRAM and comment on the collaborative post.

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one 8-disc set per winner)

All Viking Discs on sale this day! 

Day 9 – December 20th

On the ninth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

NINE Disc Yikun Set – This set gives you a full selection of quality discs to meet any disc golf shot!

FOR A SECOND ENTRY – Follow Yikun Discs onFACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM, the winner will be chosen from their followers

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one 8-disc set per winner) + Yikun will pick a winner to recieve a FREE Taloon Disc Golf bag

All Yikun Discs on sale this day! 

Day 10 – December 21st

On the tenth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

TEN Disc Divergent Narwhal Pack + TEN Assorted Divergent Disc Molds

FOR A SECOND ENTRY – Follow Divergent Discs on INSTAGRAM and comment on the collaborative post

*There will be two winners chosen this day (One Nuno Pack & 10 assorted molds per winner)

All Divergent Discs on sale this day! 

Day 11 – December 22nd

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

ELEVEN Chains… plus the rest of the basket! Win a FREE MVP Black Hole Pro Basket

FOR A SECOND ENTRYNO second entry today

*There will be one winner chosen this day (one basket for one winner)

All Disc Golf Baskets on sale this day! : MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Pro HD 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target : Sports & Outdoors

Day 12 – December 23rd

On the twelth day of Christmas, Infinite Discs gave to me…

The ULTIMATE Infinite Discs Bundle… complete with the following TWELVE objects->

  • Huck Pack
  • 5 Different Halo S-Blend Molds
  • Infinite Discs Retriever
  • Infinite Swag (Lanyard, Bacelet, Mystery shirt)
  • Infinite Discs (Hoodie style/size of choice)
  • Infinite Waffle Weave Towel
  • Infinite Dad Hat
  • Infinite Wooden Mini

FOR A SECOND ENTRYSubscribe to our YouTube Channel and comment on THIS video (video to come)

*There will be two winners chosen this day (one bundle per winner)

All Bundles and Deals Boxes on sale this day! 

2022 Disc Golf Christmas Gift Ideas

During the holiday season we like to put together a list of fun gift ideas to help you shop for the disc golfer in your life. It is also a great way for disc golfers to help their sweethearts know what to shop for!

Here is the 2022 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guide!

Disc Golf Discs!

While it can be challenging finding the exact disc that your disc golfer throws, it’s easy to look for special discs that will stand out in their collection. Special stamps, signature discs, and limited edition discs are fun to receive as gifts.

Signature Series Discs – These are discs which support the top players in disc golf. They are often designed by the actual player, and are limited in number. As your disc golfer who they would love to throw a round with and you’ll learn who their favorite players are. Pro series signature discs are especially good gifts for avid players who like to support their favorite professionals.

Limited Edition Discs – Disc golf manufacturers release discs that are only available in limited numbers and for a limited time. These collectable discs are fun to own and frequently go up in value.

Holiday Themed Discs – Every year there are several manufacturers that release holiday themed stamps on their discs. These include the Christmas holiday, and also scary Halloween-themed stamps. Start a tradition by getting your disc golfer a cool holiday stamp every year!

Infinite Halo Discs – A fairly recent creation in disc golf is the ‘halo’ disc, which is a discs there the rim of the disc is a different color than the rest of the disc. These are good looking discs and very popular. Recently, Infinite began producing some of its molds with the popular design.

Thought Space Athletics Discs – If you want to find some of the best looking stamps in the business, check out the discs from Thought Space Athletics. Their designs are on another level and the molds come in a variety of flight ratings. They have amazing plastic, too!

Deals Boxes – Want to give your disc golfer a bunch of new discs to try out? Do you love trying new discs? Deals boxes are an economical way to try a variety of molds and plastics. They are also perfect for trying new molds. Get the deals box size that works for you.

Misprint and X-out Discs – Pick up the same great mold that you normally throw, but at a cheaper price! You’ll always find all kinds of brands and molds in this category. Great for the disc golfer who wants more plastic for their money. Perfect for disc dyers who will wipe the stamp.

Bigger Gifts       







Disc Golf Cart – One of the best things for the die-hard disc golfer is a disc golf cart. They make hauling around a bunch of discs a lot easier and give you more room for snacks, accessories, and backup discs. Help your disc golfer take his game to another level by putting a cart under the Christmas tree. And don’t forget the accessories that make a cart extra special!

ZUCA – If you want a cart for your bag or a cart that holds your discs, check out the ZUCA options to fulfill your Christmas list.

Rovic – The Rovic is a stable cart that holds any bag and wheels around the course effortlessly.



Check out all the cart options HERE

The Power Pocket – The number one disc golf cart accessory! This putter pouch holds up to 8 additional discs for easy access. It attaches to the pole of the ZUCA cart, keeping your go-to discs within reach. Additional storage for a rangefinder and mini. Plus a pocket in front that is perfect for your phone or a snack. It can also be attached to the Rovic Cart using bungee cords.



Check out all the cart accessories HERE

Practice Baskets
– The best way to improve the disc golf short game is to have a practice basket handy for regular putting/approaching. A portable basket can be moved around a yard to give disc golfers different looks with different obstacles. They can also be used on courses to add new holes.

Black Hole Pro HD with Transit Bag – The Black Hole Pro HD even comes with its own carrying bag!

Streamline Lite – The Streamline Lite is an inexpensive way to get a quality practice baskets.

Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket – The Mach Shift is a nice Hybrid basket that works as a narrow target basket and a full-size basket.

See all practice baskets HERE



MVP Pod – If you’re looking for the perfect companion for a practice basket, check out the MVP Pod. It holds up to 25 discs while you’re practicing your putting or driving. It keeps your discs easy to reach, which maximizes your practice time.



Disc Rack – Organizing our discs is something every disc golfer grapples with. A disc golf rack is a convenient way keep discs from ending up in stacks and piles around the house. They make storing and searching for discs a breeze!


Disc Boxes – If you have discs that you want to stash, but don’t want to put them in a random-sized box, check out the disc box options at Infinite. Fill up these custom sized boxes with your extras and they will fit perfectly! Also a handy option if you need to transport a bunch of discs.



A Year-Long Subscription to the VIP Club – If you want to impress an avid player or disc collector, you can purchase a complete, one-year subscription to the Infinite Discs VIP Club. Give the gift that will give your loved-one a collectible, limited edition disc every month for a year, mailed directly to their door!

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE VIP CLUB before subscriptions close in 2023.

Medium-size gifts








Rangefinders – Rangefinders help disc golfers with their disc selection by giving accurate measurements to the basket. Used in practice rounds and tournaments, these handy little gadgets help get holes dialed in for lower scores





Retrievers – Losing a disc in a pond or in a tree is a frustrating part of our game. Having a retriever not only helps disc golfers keep their discs, but they pay for themselves after retrieving just a couple of discs.


Bags – Whether it’s a first bag to hold all the discs you’ve been carrying, or a second, smaller bag for quick rounds or rounds with a couple discs, your disc golfer will appreciate getting a bag for Christmas. The Infinite Discs Huck Pack is a great size for a starter bag. It is also perfect for a backup bag for time where you just want to take a few discs with you.





Check out all our SMALLER bags HERE

See our LARGER bags HERE

Check out BACKPACK bags HERE


Hoodie – Who doesn’t love reppin’ their favorite retailer by wearing a hoodie? Grab an Infinite hoodie for your disc golfer and they will stay warm while showing everyone that they order from the best retailer in the world!



Check out other apparel HERE

Disc Puzzle – Stuck in the cold for the winter and unable to get outside to throw your discs? Consider this 1000-piece disc puzzle! It’s a fun gift that can keep a homebound player happy for hours!

Stocking Stuffers


 Night Gliders – Don’t let the setting sun stop you from playing a game of catch with your friends. The Dynamic Discs Night Glider is an easy-to-throw disc with built-in light for playing in the dark. A great way to warm up before a night round!




Galaxy Starter Bag – An inexpensive bag that is perfect for beginners, or experience disc golfers looking for a bag suitable for a quick round with a few discs. Small enough to be easily carried, yet roomy enough for a handful of discs, a drink, and some snacks.

Check out all our SMALLER bags HERE

See our LARGER bags HERE

Check out BACKPACK bags HERE


Towel – One accessory that every disc golfer will use as some point is a towel. Great for rainy days or hot, sweaty days. Also nice to have when playing near streams or ponds. Morning dew will no longer be an issue with a towel in your disc golfer’s bag.







Books – Your disc golfer will learn strategies, find out about disc golf history, and discover the mental aspects of the game when you get them a book for Christmas. Plus, they can still stay engaged with the sport by curling up with a book on those stormy days.


Night Round Accessories – Disc golf isn’t just a game played during the day. Many people love to gather at night for a fun round of glow disc golf. Having the right equipment makes all the difference. Glow plastics with a good UV flashlight make for an enjoyable round. Getting lights that attach directly to their discs is another option that will let your night owl have fun in the dark!


Check out disc lights HERE

Check out night round accessories HERE


Hats – Be sure to check out our wide selection of hats and beanies. Show the world that you love disc golf by sporting a hat with your favorite brand’s logo. The hats come in a variety of colors and designs.


Check out hats and other apparel HERE

Other gift options


Foam Kneepad Mini – For those times when you have to take a knee for your shot, the foam mini makes a nice cushion. And it can serve as a mini marker, too. Keep one of these cushy minis in your bag!

Check out all of our mini’s HERE

Grip Enhancers – Playing in wet or humid weather can affect our grip on our discs. Grip enhancers are a great way to help us get the exact feel that each disc golfers want. Check out the variety of Grip Enhancers that we offer, and pick one for your disc golfer (or YOU!).




Gift Cards – If you aren’t quite sure what your disc golfer wants for Christmas, we still got you covered. Check out our E-gift cards! Our E-gift cards are also great for those last-minute gifts that sneak up on us. They are available in a variety on denominations, the gift card is the best way to make sure people get the gifts they want!

Great Disc Golf Christmas Gift

What is a Disc Golf Christmas Gift you have given or would like to receive?

Comment on what you think the best disc golf gifts are in the comments below for a chance to win a $50 Infinite Discs gift card.



Team Infinite Applications Are Now Open

Woah, 47 days are left in the 2022 year. Its funny how some days in the year things just last forever, but then when you look into the past, the time has simply sped on by. Simply outstanding. With a new year around the corner comes time to open up applications for Team Infinite.

This year has been quite a good year for Team Infinite! We’ve had excellent team members do well in their tournaments, put on some large tournaments, or grow personally. Drew Gibson taking the Las Vegas Challenge, Cole Redalen going on tour for the full year, the Lynds twins dominating the Florida area, Zoe Andyke helping disc golf grow in South America, Shawn Swapp’s beloved Beehive classic gaining enough traction to become an A tier next year, Joanna Latini starting a disc golf podcast with some friends, Al Hobbs getting his 2nd Pro Masters win this year, Das Boutin participating in a the MVP Open Throw off, Blaine Anderson becoming the first Nebraska State Champion, Taylor Aubuchan doubling his YouTube channel’s subscribers, and Hali Trevena, Seth Dey, Jordan Lynds, Emmanuele Lizama, Dallas Garber, Carter Pearson, and Hunter Snow all had huge increases to their PDGA ratings over this year. And so many other feats were accomplished by other members of Team Infinite, they are all awesome!

Now, here is your chance to join the ranks of Team Infinite. It is a pretty simple process, fill out the application that is found at the end of this post. Below you’ll find information regarding the team tiers, what we are looking for, and how to better your chance to get on the team. There isn’t one tier that is better than the other, they are just oriented to a different type of player. Either way, if you belong to one of them, you’re on Team Infinite.

There are three levels within our team, before you apply, please review the guidelines of each so that you know which level suits you:

Elite Team

  • The Elite team is reserved for the fast-improving up and comers of the sport. These individuals are highly rated.

Ambassador Team

  • The Ambassador team is reserved for those who are active in promoting disc golf, and they want to work with Infinite Discs as a partner. Such as tournament directors, club officers, educators, and disc golf reviewers. These individuals tend to run multiple events, or have a large social media presence.

Core Team

  • The Core team is for the disc golfer who loves Infinite Discs. They are also doing their best to contribute to disc golf in a positive manner. These individuals may not be the highest rated player, but they have a large presence within their local disc golf community.

What Are the Benefits of Being on Team Infinite?

All Team Infinite members receive:

  • Team Infinite Swag Pack
  • Pre-Release versions of all new Infinite Discs Mold(s) that will release in 2023
  • Discounts on products
  • Extra insight on new products and happenings at Infinite Discs
  • Access to the Team Infinite Store
  • Access to the VIP store
  • Opportunities for bonuses based on performance at high-level events
  • Access to play in Team Infinite contests
  • An allotment of Infinite Discs molds


  • Elite Team members will receive added benefits based on their play and/or video coverage in top-tiered events. They also have the opportunity to receive more discounts on products based on their current PDGA rating
  • Ambassador Team members will receive extra support and sponsorship when running events.  Additionally, they may also receive other benefits based on what type of involvement they have with reviewing products, videos, or social media
  • Core Team members will receive a swag pack

Requirements For Team Infinite 2023

  • Be an exemplary member of the disc golf community
  • Be a current PDGA member
  • Interact with (comment, like, and share) Infinite Discs social media posts
  • Wear Infinite Discs apparel at tournaments and other disc golf events
  • Actively participate in disc golf tournaments, clinics, and other disc golf events
  • Make social media posts with #InfiniteDiscs and #TeamInfinite
  • Throw what you love, and promote disc golf – and Infinite Discs
  • Have a current Infinite Discs profile and use it to review discs, products, courses, etc.

How do I increase my chances of making the team?

We will receive hundreds of excellent applicants, but we can only accept a limited number of new members.  Here are a few tips that will help your chances of making the team:

  • Active social media presence with a significant following
  • Be active in disc golf forums, groups, and your local community
  • Maintain a positive attitude, control your emotions, use clean language, and avoid controversial statements in public settings
  • Regularly participate in and/or run/help run disc golf leagues and tournaments
  • Have a active PDGA membership
  • Check out this Northern Chain’s podcast for more tips


In Conclusion

Our application process is simple and easy, all you’ll have to do is click on the below link and provide all information that is asked of you. Once you click the submit button, we receive your application. The application will be open until December 1, 2022, at 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The Team Infinite members will be announced before January 10, 2023.  Between December 1, 2022, and January 10, 2023, we will reach out to the applicants who will represent Infinite Discs for the 2023 season via the provided email with a team contract.

We look forward to learning about you. Please submit your application through the below link, it’ll take around 15 minutes:


P.S. Last tip of advice, within the application, please tell us why you share what you’re sharing – what is the benefit to disc golf, to your disc golf community, to us. Think of it as a value proposition.

Custom Disc Golf Discs

So You Want a Custom Disc Golf Disc?

You’ve seen them before. Those colorful discs with intricate designs that make them stand
out from the rest. Perhaps you’ve even been tempted to purchase one, but you weren’t quite sure what they were all about. Well, wonder no more! We’ll explore the world of custom disc golf discs and everything that goes into making them. From UV printing to fabric dyes, there’s a lot that goes into making these discs unique. And with so many professional dyers out there, the possibilities are endless!

The first step in creating a custom disc is starting with a premium plastic disc golf disc. If
you’re looking for a premium disc golf disc, look no further. We have the largest selection of premium plastic discs available. Use the advanced search tool to isolate white premium
plastic discs or select from already dyed discs you can purchase immediately.

Fabric Dyes

The most popular method for customizing discs is through the use of fabric dyes. This
method allows for a wide range of colors and designs to be applied to the discs. Fabric dyeing is often done by professional dyers who specialize in this type of work.

We’ve worked with several different dyers over the years to provide a unique selection of completely custom disc golf discs.

If you’re looking to create a custom disc golf disc, look no further than Jory Reid. He’s a professional dyer with years of experience in the industry and a large selection of colors and designs to choose from. His discs are made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring that your disc will be one-of-a-kind. Check out current Jory Fly Dye discs for sale here.

Hot Stamped Discs

At Infinite Discs we have two different hot stamping machines. A traditional single foil machine and a custom built three foil machine that allows us to have three different foil colors on each disc. This allows us to create some unique custom options. Anyone can order custom stamps as part of our custom stamp program here.

The disadvantage of hot stamping is that their is a substantial cost to each stamp plate. It currently costs about $100 for each stamp plate, which means an up front cost of $300 for a triple foil job. Because of this significant up front cost, custom hot stamping doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you plan to do large quantities of discs.

Custom Hot stamping is an excellent choice for tournaments and special events. To be cost effective, you typically want to order at least 100 hot stamp discs.

UV Printing on Discs

Another popular method for customizing disc golf discs is UV printing. This involves using a
special printer to apply a design to the disc. The design is then cured with UV light, which
makes it permanent. This method is great for complex designs or for reproducing logos and other images on discs. Innova uses this popular method to create their latest full color
InnVision stamps. Check out the Invision Wraith here.

Some sites allow you to create and upload a specific design or photo for a full-color custom disc golf disc. Infinite Discs has plans to make this an option on a variety of different blank discs in 2023. We should have lots of fun possibilities available at low quantities with this exciting technology.

If you’re looking for a truly unique disc golf disc, there are plenty of options available to
you. From UV printing to fabric dyes, there’s a lot that goes into making disc golf discs one-of-a-kind. And with so many professional dyers out there, the possibilities are endless!

Find or create your perfect custom disc today!

Halloween Sale


Loads of candy. An excuse to dress up. Spooky decorations… this is Halloween

Halloween is the beginning of the end-of-year holidays. It is a unique holiday, one that brings around good memories and sugar rushes. To celebrate this spooky time of year, we are offering 10% off ALL Halloween-themed discs.



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Infinite Discs Swirly S-Blend Tomb

Infinite Discs Luster C-Blend Emperor/Pharaoh

Infinite Discs D-Blend Glow Chariot

Legagy Glow Ghost 

Legacy Icon Outlaw

DX Color Glow Aviar/Roc

MVP Exlipse 2.0 Resistor

Infinite Discs “Eye”- Blend Tombs

Discraft Z Glo BuzzzSupercolor Buzzz

Mint Discs FreetailLatitude 64 Ballista Pro

Dynamic Discs EMac Truth & Westside Maiden


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