Does Weather Determine If You Play Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a sport that can be played in a variety of weather condition.  Courses are rarely closed and baskets seem to remain in the ground year-round.  As part of the State of Disc Golf survey, we decided to ask how willing a person is to play disc golf under several severe weather conditions.  The conditions listed were; extreme heat, rain, snow, extreme cold and heavy winds.  For each weather condition many options were available to choose including; Never, Pre-Registered for a Tournament and Very Likely. We focused on these three with other options such as somewhat likely and doesn’t apply not shown.

Right of the bat you can see that extreme heat is not a big problem for golfers.  Over 2000 people responded they were very likely to play disc golf.  Extreme cold conditions on the other hand, cause almost 1000 golfers to never play.  If you play in a lot of tournaments,  it appears rain is the most unfavorable condition to play in. Of the roughly 6000 golfers surveyed, 18 percent will play in rainy conditions only if they have pre-registered for a tournament.

Though every golfer chose what state they live in, we did not look at individual states and what weather conditions they are willing to play in.  Also of note, it appears the colder it is, the less likely disc golfers are to get out and play.  With possible grip issues, frozen tee pads and other factors this is understandable. However, the surveys showed the majority of golfers will play in any weather conditions.  Sometimes you just gotta go throw no matter what mother nature throws your way!


When Did We Begin Playing Disc Golf and Are We Willing to Pay

As we take a look at the results of the 2018 State of Disc Golf Survey, it is fun to measure the growth of the sport by finding out when people discovered disc golf as apposed to when they started playing disc golf. We also asked survey participants how much they are willing to pay for “pay-to-play” courses which are usually on private property. Some interesting trends have surfaced.

First let’s take a look at when people first heard about disc golf vs. when they started playing. It is very interesting to see that a large percentage of people discovered disc golf more than seven years ago. If we create a dividing line at the year 2010, we find that 64% of those taking the survey heard about disc golf before (and including) 2010, while 36% first heard about disc golf after 2010.


This seems to demonstrate that disc golf has been in the public eye for quite a while, with the majority of current players having heard about it several years ago. In more recent years, a steady stream of people are still discovering disc golf, but even more interesting is that the number of people starting to PLAY disc golf is growing more rapidly in recent years.

Perhaps people who hear about disc golf or become aware of the sport are slow to try it out? Though they may have become aware of the sport several years ago, they are just now starting to play? Of course, there are current players who both discover and dive in at the same moment, but there is an interesting disparity between people DISCOVERING disc golf and BEGINNING TO PLAY disc golf.


Another interesting trend when comparing the data from the 2018 State of Disc Golf survey to the data from the previous year is the attitude about “pay-to-play” courses. Many disc golfers embraced the sport because courses have traditionally been free to play. The vast majority of public courses are still free, but there are a growing number of privately owned courses that are charging a fee for a round of disc golf. Here is a look at how much survey participants were willing to pay for a round of disc golf in 2018 vs. the previous survey year.

Look at the lower end of the price spectrum. You’ll see that more people were willing to pay a lower price a year ago. Why would fewer people be willing to pay a lower price this year? Even more interesting is that this year’s survey found more players willing to pay higher prices in the $9 – $30 range! So, while they are less willing to pay a low price, they’re more willing to pay a high one. It looks like the “premium price” side of the market is growing, with more players willing to pay to play a course that they feel is truly special.

With more players coming into the disc golf scene every year, and more people willing to pay to play, it will be interesting to see how the disc golf market and course development evolves over the coming years.

The Value of Stretching for Your Disc Golf Game

To start the discussion of the State of Disc Golf survey, we first decided to look at an aspect not often
discussed on the golf course. That would be the subject of stretching before a round of disc golf.
Stretching is often overlooked but something that most major sports suggest you do. In essence,
stretching is supposed to elongate the muscle in order to increase muscle flexibility and joint range. In
disc golf, that increased flexibility may result in more distance and longevity. So, let’s see what the State
of Disc
Golf survey can tell us about how often we stretch as disc golfers. As mentioned previously, over
6,000 golfers participated in the State of Disc Golf survey. Looking below you can see what percentage
of golfers stretch and how often they stretch.

As you can see, 10% percent of golfers stated they never stretch. Of the other 90%, only 38%
mentioned they always stretch before they play. Out of curiosity, we decided to compare each groups
of disc golfers and how often they stretch. Golfers were asked to rate their skill level from the options
of Professional, Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner/Rec. Below you can compare the responses of
each skill level and how often they stretch.

Disc Golf Stretching by Skilll Level


Of note for those who marked professional disc golfer, 51% stated they always stretch before a round.
This is the highest percentage of the four groups. In addition, they have the lowest percentage of
people who said they never stretched. Beginners appear to stretch the least with 13% saying they never
stretch. If you compare each skill level, you’ll see a pattern in the pie charts. The more advanced of a
player you are, the more likely you are to always stretch before playing disc golf.

So, does this mean if you stretch before a round you’ll shave off a couple strokes? It’s no guarantee, but
I don’t see any harm in taking a few minutes to stretch before a round if there’s a chance to improve.

As you think about disc golf and the many motions involved, some simple stretches to start your round
could include; torso twists, arm circles or simply rolling your head around to loosen neck muscles. If
you’re looking for other resources several pros refer to the Disc Golf Strong blog. They have a Youtube
channel where you can see exactly how to do specific disc golf stretches.

Who Participated in the State of Disc Golf Survey – Demographics

We plan to spend the next few weeks and months looking over the data from the 2018 State of Disc Golf Survey and sharing the information with the public through this blog. To kick things off, let’s take a look at who participated in the survey this year.  First of all, there were 6,194 survey participants. That is down from last year’s participation, but still represents a large cross-section of players from many locations. Here are the top ten states in the USA in terms of survey participation:

#1 – California – 6.5%
#2 – Texas – 6.1%
#3 – Michigan 5.8%
#4 – New York – 4%
#5 – Ohio – 3.9%
#6 – Illinois – 3.8%
#7 – North Carolina – 3.3%
#8 – Colorado – 3.2%
#9 – Wisconsin – 3.1%
#10 – Utah – 3.0%

There were also several other countries represented with the Scandanavian countries outpacing others.

We were surprised to see Utah hit the #10 spot since it is the home state for Infinite Discs. We admit that we’re happy that our home crowd made their voices heard. That brings up the question, how did survey participants find out about the survey? Here is where they said that they heard about the survey:


That is a full 50% of survey participants coming from Facebook, with another 34.2% coming from either the Infinite Discs website or email newsletter. Other contributing sources were social media sites like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter,, Instagram, as well as from notifications from the PDGA.

Other interesting demographics from the survey are the male vs. female participation, the age of participants, marital status, and employment status. The biggest gap was between males, making up 94% of participants, while the females made up only 6% of those who took the survey.

The majority of survey participants are also married or in a domestic partnership at 59.4% with 35.6% being single and 5% answering as widowed, divorced, or separated.

Here is the age spread from the survey participants:

We’re excited to see a wide age spread participating in the survey and in the sport of disc golf. We’re also happy to see that disc golf is becoming a popular activity even among those over fifty with survey participants reaching well into their sixties, seventies and a few in their eighties. We’re hoping to see more growth among a younger, teenage crowd, bringing up the next generation of exciting professional and recreational players.

State of Disc Golf 2018 Prize Winners

Infinite Discs has now completed the 2018 State of Disc Gold Survey, and that means we have some prizes to send out. These prizes were donated by some great brand sponsors, who we would like to thank once again for contributing to the success of the survey.

This year’s survey had 5,930 responding participants, so we have a lot of fun data to use as we share those results with the disc golf community in the coming weeks and months. We gave away a couple of prizes while the survey was in progress, to encourage participation.

Here were two of the prize winners along the way:

From the Infinite Discs FACEBOOK Page: Kim Zomberg won a Discraft Chainstar Lite, an excellent new portable basket!

From the Infinite Discs INSTAGRAM Feed: Kevin Stroud won a Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack, which is one of the top backpack bags out there.

Here are the winners from the random drawing at the conclusion:

Discmania Glow C-Line FD3 Winners:
Thomas Brown
Jacob Worlie
Zaq Jones
Christopher Coles
Caleb Miller
Justin Ponsor
Dave Bogaards
Nadia Coccaro
JT King

Innova Hat Winners:
Chad Klodowski
William Shinol
Daniel Panzer
Steven Poppler

Innova Starter Bag Winner:
Jason Bedell

Innova Heropack Winner:

Innova Super Heropack Winner:
Scott Hill

Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack Winner:
Michael Eiting

Axiom Pro Basket Winner:
Andy Hock

THANKS AGAIN to these QUALITY BRANDS that donated prizes!



State of Disc Golf 2018 Prizes and Contributors


We’d like to thank the disc golf manufacturers that contributed prizes to the State of Disc Golf 2018 Survey. If you haven’t had a chance to take the survey yet, please do so. That way you can share your voice about the game of disc golf and quality yourself for the prize drawings at the completion of the survey. You can go directly to the survey HERE.

These are the prize contributors that have helped Infinite Discs to promote the survey:

INNOVA CHAMPION DISCS has contributed a Super Heropack, a Heropack, and some Innova hats as prizes for winning survey participants.

DYNAMIC DISCS has contributed two Ranger H2O backpacks as prizes.

AXIOM (MVP) has contributed a green Axiom Pro Basket to giveaway for the survey.

DISCRAFT has kindly provided a Chainstar Lite Basket as a prize for the survey.

DISCMANIA provided a stack of new GLOW C-LINE FD3 discs as prizes for several survey participants.

PRODIGY DISC has provided a variety of Prodigy branded accessories for winning survey participants.

GATEWAY DISC SPORTS has provided a variety of discs as prizes for winning survey participants.


Some of the prizes provided will be given away while the survey is in progress, encouraging more participation from the disc golf community. FOLLOW INFINITE DISCS ON FACEBOOK for your best chance to win those prizes as the survey continues.

After the 2018 survey is complete and it is closed, we will do a random drawing of the participants to select the winners for the remaining prizes. We contact the winners through email, so be sure to include a valid email in the survey in case you win one of the prizes.

Thanks for participating in the survey, and thanks to the quality disc golf brands for providing excellent prize support!

A Few of the Excellent Prizes Being Given Away During the Survey



2018 State of Disc Golf Survey

It’s time to reflect on the past year and add your contribution to the biggest survey in disc golf. This survey is extremely valuable to us and everyone involved in disc golf. The results will provide beneficial data for disc golf manufacturers, tournament directors, promoters, and parks departments that need evidence of the growth, trends, and potential of disc golf. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

This survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and will close the last day of January.


Multiple prizes will be given to random winners who fill out this year’s survey. This years prizes include discs, backpack bags, and disc golf practice baskets. Manufacturers Innova, Dynamic Discs, Prodigy Disc, Vibram Discs, MVP Disc Sports, and Gateway have all donated prizes for this survey.

Please share the survey with your disc golf friends and social media disc golf groups. The results to this survey are valuable to disc golfers everywhere, and everyone’s input matters.

If you have trouble scrolling through the format of the survey Click this link to go directly to the survey.

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