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Welcome to December disc golfers! Hopefully these best disc golf discs posts are helping you survive the off-season! And today we have a category that may cause some fights. We all have our favorites, but today we at Infinite Discs are going to try to select one disc golf putter as the best!

Before listing the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Putter, let’s break down what we are looking for when making our selection. The two words I always come back to are popularity and utility. We want to choose a popular putter that is utilized by disc golfers of every skill level. Also, please note that this category is titled “Putter” and not “Putt and Approach.” We will be splitting those categories. For our purposes today, we are naming discs that are most commonly used as the disc inside 50 feet or so when you are trying to hole out. So for example, the Westside Harp which is an overstable Putt and Approach disc that is most commonly known for approaching will not be nominated in this category.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best selling Putt and Approach discs of 2018 so far:

Top sellers of 2018:

  1. Discmania P2
  2. Innova Aviar
  3. Dynamic Discs Judge
  4. Westside Harp
  5. Dynamic Discs Warden
  6. Axiom Envy
  7. Gateway Wizard
  8. Innova Nova
  9. Innova Sonic
  10. Latitude 64 Pure

Some of you might be surprised to see the Innova Sonic make the top 10, but there were some special editions released during this year that helped to boost those sells. Beyond that, these are all very familiar names that those who are close to disc golf shouldn’t be surprised to see make the top 10.

Now, here are our nominees for the best putter!

MVP Atom

The Putt and Approach category is what helped put MVP on the map, but the MVP Atom wasn’t released until a few years later and has become the most popular putter in their lineup. It has a very comfortable rim that seems to be the perfect middle ground between their two original putters, the Anode and Ion. The Atom offers a flight that is straight and reliable, and of course, MVP gives you its signature Gyro technology with the overmold on all of their discs.

Innova Aviar

This disc is a common first putter to own with the DX Aviar available at most sporting goods stores, but it is the McPro Aviar that has kept this mold at the top of the sales chart. It will be interesting to see how Innova brands that plastic blend next year with Paul McBeth leaving. Either way, the Aviar is a beadless putter that offers a straight and reliable flight that is great for disc golfers of all skill levels.


Latitude 64 Dagger

The Latitude 64 Dagger is the tallest putter on the market, which allows for a nice glide. The large bead and “deep dish” might make the Dagger a little harder for smaller hands, and it is an adjustment for golfers used to pretty much any other putter, but those who learn to use it can be lethal with long range putts (just ask Raptor Legs Ricky…).



Axiom Envy

The Axiom Envy is a slightly overstable putter that flirts with the line between approach and putting putters, this putter has a flatter top and of course the gyro technology overmold. The Envy like the Dagger, is not your typical putter, but those who take the time to practice with it enjoy the way it feels in their hand and the way it performs on the course.




Dynamic Discs Judge

The Dynamic Discs Judge has become one of the standards of the Putt and Approach category since its release in 2012. The Judge is a beaded putter that has a comfortable height that is perfect for all hand sizes and ages. The Judge is a straight flying putter that is very predictable and easy to learn to use.




Discmania P2

The Discmania P2 has been on the market for over 10 years, but recently it has become one of the best selling discs in the world regardless of category. The P2 is a popular approach putter as well as putting putter. It is a tall, beadless disc that offers a very comfortable grip and predictable, straight flight. Discmania does a good job as well of differentiating the different plastic blends and the benefits of each blend. But regardless of plastic type, the P2 offers a flight that offers something for disc golfers of all skill levels.


Latitude 64 Pure

The Latitude 64 Pure is another unique putter that has a strong following among those who use it. It is a shallow, beadless, and understable putter that feels just a bit different when compared to other putters. The small and short rim might be uncomfortable for players with larger hands, and the understable flight is not ideal for the wind, but in the right conditions this disc flies true to its name–pure. The Pure goes straight for a long time, making it great for longer putts.

Dynamic Discs Warden

The Warden is another standard in the Dynamic Discs family. The Warden‘s mold is basically a beadless Judge that flies just as straight and just as consistently. If you have tried the Judge and decided you like it but the bead isn’t for you, then you shouldn’t skip a beat switching to the Warden. And of course, vice-versa.


Gateway Wizard

The Wizard has been doing it for over 15 years, and has become the “old reliable” in the putters category. It has an average to slightly taller height and a beaded rim that fits great for all ages and hand sizes. The Wizard is a straight flying putter that can be lethal from distance as well. Gateway has also done a great job of making the Wizard available in LOTS of plastic blends. So from Firm to Really Freakin’ Flexible or anywhere in between, you should be able to find a Wizard that is right for you.




And that does it for the nominees! Our winner will be announced next Friday.

Your Opinion: Win a disc of your choice!

Which putter do you think is the best? Comment telling us which disc you think is the best putting putter and why. We will be selecting three people who leave comments to receive their favorite putter for free from Infinite Discs!

Best Disc Golf Midrange Disc–Winner

Time for this week’s winner for the Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Midrange Discs. We got a lot of comments and discussion in last week’s post where we announced our nominees, but there can only be one winner! Let’s review the nominees:

Every midrange that we have nominated is a great disc that can add to the arsenal of any disc golfer. But now, it is time for the winner!



If you have been following these posts, you should know by know that we aren’t picking upsets. The Buzzz is the old standard for midrange discs. It is a pure, straight flyer that disc golfers of every skill level love to use. The old debate of Roc v. Buzzz will never die, but we had to choose the Buzzz because of its friendlier stability for newer players and the comfortable beadless rim that allows for the occasional forehand throw. The Discraft Buzzz is our choice for the best midrange on the market today.

We will be announcing the nominees for our next category this afternoon, so check back soon!


Infinite Discs is happy to present the weekly blog post called TOP TWENTY TUESDAY where we let you know about the short-term sales trends for discs. We’ll show the sales figures from the previous Tuesday through the most recent Monday.
New discs will often spike in the chart as other top sellers shuffle spots. It can be fun to see which discs keep up the pace. These will also be broken down by plastic types, so the same model can show up in multiple plastics.

Top Twenty Tuesday for NOVEMBER 13th, 2018

#5 – Star ORC
#6 – D-Line P2
#7 – XT Mix NOVA
#10 – P-Line P2
#11 – DX ROC
#14 – Star SHRYKE
#15 – Star BEAST
#16 – Eclipse ENVY
#18 – Prime DEPUTY
The Destroyer held a strong 1st position this last week, though the Full Foil Super Color BUZZZ made a good run with a strong #2 spot. Those Ledgestone 2019 edition Full Foil Buzzz discs are limited to 250 per Bee, with seven different bee designs, so collectors jumped on those quickly. Discmania made a good showing with their two new releases, the C-Line PD Freak which had a 10th anniversary stamp, and the Metal Flake C-Line MD4 which was new this last week. The rest of the chart shook up with several new entries, but all with moderate sales. In fact, there are only six discs out of this week’s top 20 that were also in last week’s chart, so that is quite a shake-up.
–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The first three people to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $15 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.
We had not winners for this week’s guessing, since the DX Roc jumped from nowhere into the #11 spot. That was pretty random, and hard to predict. We’ll make it easier this week…
GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Guess the #3 spot for next week’s chart!

State of Disc Golf 2018 Prizes and Contributors


We’d like to thank the disc golf manufacturers that contributed prizes to the State of Disc Golf 2018 Survey. If you haven’t had a chance to take the survey yet, please do so. That way you can share your voice about the game of disc golf and quality yourself for the prize drawings at the completion of the survey. You can go directly to the survey HERE.

These are the prize contributors that have helped Infinite Discs to promote the survey:

INNOVA CHAMPION DISCS has contributed a Super Heropack, a Heropack, and some Innova hats as prizes for winning survey participants.

DYNAMIC DISCS has contributed two Ranger H2O backpacks as prizes.

AXIOM (MVP) has contributed a green Axiom Pro Basket to giveaway for the survey.

DISCRAFT has kindly provided a Chainstar Lite Basket as a prize for the survey.

DISCMANIA provided a stack of new GLOW C-LINE FD3 discs as prizes for several survey participants.

PRODIGY DISC has provided a variety of Prodigy branded accessories for winning survey participants.

GATEWAY DISC SPORTS has provided a variety of discs as prizes for winning survey participants.


Some of the prizes provided will be given away while the survey is in progress, encouraging more participation from the disc golf community. FOLLOW INFINITE DISCS ON FACEBOOK for your best chance to win those prizes as the survey continues.

After the 2018 survey is complete and it is closed, we will do a random drawing of the participants to select the winners for the remaining prizes. We contact the winners through email, so be sure to include a valid email in the survey in case you win one of the prizes.

Thanks for participating in the survey, and thanks to the quality disc golf brands for providing excellent prize support!

A Few of the Excellent Prizes Being Given Away During the Survey



Fun With Disc Stamps at Infinite Discs

Here at Infinite Discs, we’ve had a lot of fun with disc stamps over the last couple of years. We’ve presented a huge variety of styles and artistic approaches. A couple have become standards that we keep bringing back, like the Infinite Bomber stamp which has been a hit in several configurations. The Infinite Discs Aztec stamp was the first “Stamp Wars” winner, though it only had to beat out the Tommy Cat design for that first Stamp Wars title. But that Aztec design became very popular during the 2017 year and was offered on many brands and molds.

The Infinite Discs VIP Club was a fun program initiated in 2016 with a goal to present a variety of artistically interesting stamps on great discs. Since the inception of the VIP Club, over twenty stamps have been presented on a variety of disc brands and plastics. The members of the club tend to be made up of players who appreciate unique and interesting images on the latest discs. But even among them, it has been very interesting to see the responses to different stamps. Sometimes we worry as we’re mailing out the discs that a new stamp approach won’t be popular, but inevitably we get feedback from members declaring that it is their new favorite. The club members often end up trading and selling back-and-forth, based on their differing stamp tastes.


Infinite Discs has also presented a lot of custom stamps on new release discs, as well as on entire brands, or across multiple brands. Those stamps are added to our online store for anybody who wants them. Some were sleepers, while others were instant hits. But once again, it became instantly apparent that, when it comes to stamps, every person has their own taste. One person’s “most amazing stamp ever” is another person’s “most hideous stamp.” Even within the walls of the Infinite Discs headquarters, tastes in stamps vary greatly. Some prefer minimal, others prefer heavy detail, and so it goes.

One thing is for sure, we’re not afraid to try about anything. We’ve gone with basic stamp designs featuring characters (Sheriff, Anchor, Infinite Discs Clown, Relativity Einstein, etc.), we’ve gone with geometric design concepts (see the latest runs on MVP and Axiom), we’ve gone with logo-style images (the Infinite Bomber, Infinite Illuminati), we’ve gone with monsters and skulls (see Halloween stamps), and we’ve even started a series of joke stamps (see Firebread, Foxbat, etc.).


The joke stamps have been some of the most fun, and obviously the most controversial, criticized, hated, and absolutely loved stamps we’ve put out so far. Whenever an idea comes up as a joke, then makes it to a disc, we’re a little nervous about who will “get it” and who will simply write us off as a bunch of tasteless idiots. Well, we see both sides among the forums and fan groups, but usually the number of people who “get it” is large enough to scoop up the discs from the store.

When we released our series that started off with the Firebread stamp on Firebird discs, we were amazed how well they sold. It was a very simple design put together by Kesler who works at Infinite Discs. It was a loaf of bread with flames on it, in a minimal line art style. So, we followed up with the next two in the series, the Thunderbread (on Thunderbirds) with lightening bolts coming out of a loaf of bread, and the Teabread (on Teebirds) with a cup of tea next to the loaf of bread. Suddenly we had a hit trilogy and even ordered a follow-up run of discs with those stamps because the response was so positive…at least in terms of sales. Meanwhile, some of the feedback online was negative, saying things like “worst stamp ever” or “how could they ruin such a good disc!”

After such an unexpected hit, we followed up with a Thanksgiving disc called “Firebird” which was…well…on Firebirds. But it was a cooked turkey in the same style as the bread series, with flames on it. That one didn’t go over quite as well, probably because it felt more seasonal, and the joke was old at that point. Oh well. It was still fun to throw it out there.

Another joke stamp recently released was the “Beware the Foxbat” stamp which was presented on Foxbat discs. It was basically a dog with a fox tale and bat wings. Duh. It wasn’t supposed to be scary, or impressive, or realistic, or convincing. After all, we’re talking about a foxbat. Who even knows what that is? Apparently it is a Ukrainian aircraft? Maybe an animal? Maybe not? But now it is a dog-like, fox-like, bat-like creature on a disc. Why? Well…why not? Immediately there was an outcry on disc collector groups, thinking that Infinite Discs had once again hit a new low in stamp design, while here at headquarters, employees were musing at how many Foxbats we were suddenly shipping out to customers. After all, this isn’t exactly a top-selling disc. But those sales figures are now on the rise.

Other joke stamp ideas didn’t make it to the discs. At least not yet. For example, we came up with a concept for a stamp featuring Kim Jong Un of North Korea smiling for a selfie with his arm around a missile. We were going to put that one on a run of Discraft Nukes. Another idea that made it through the art stage, but not to the disc was a great version of the Dynamic Discs Justice stamp that simply added space between a couple of letters to change the meaning to “just ice”. Of course, ice cubes were a must.

Yes, we can be strange. Some people get it. Some people don’t.


Aside from the jokes, the serious stamps, the spooky stamps, and the simply strange stamps, we decided that all of our customer should have a chance to submit their own ideas as stamp designs. That is why we introduced the 2018 Stamp Wars contest as a way for anybody to introduce a stamp design for voting. After three rounds of voting, the 20+ submitted designs were narrowed down to a field of four stamps. Those final four stamps are being presented on equal runs of discs from both Trilogy and Innova. Whichever sells the fastest will be the top winner.

We were thrilled with the number of cool submissions to the Stamp Wars contest. There is a lot of talent out there. Once again, the stamps ran the gamut as far as style goes. There were some of the typical monsters and skulls, but also some truly creative and unique stamp concepts. Some didn’t make it far in the voting, perhaps because they didn’t have the necessary appeal to the disc golf market, but we still loved some of those eventual losers. We may find ways to work at some degree with those artists who didn’t make it to the final four. Why not strive to incorporate as many artists and ideas as possible when it comes to presenting stamps to the public? We keep an open mind when it comes to art. The only things we try to exclude are those ideas that are generally seen as tasteless or insulting.

Watch for the Stamp Wars “final four” stamps to hit the Infinite Discs inventory in the beginning of February. Then watch for the winner to make appearances throughout the 2018 season.


Why all these stamps anyway? Well, Infinite Discs is in the business of selling discs, and we are also disc golfers. When it comes to selecting our discs, oddly enough, the way those discs look often comes into consideration. We have come to accept and embrace a simple fact: Even though we’re selling discs that are meant to be thrown around in a game, the throwers are all individuals who like to express that individuality with the images on their discs. Whether the clean text of a stock stamp, the chaos of misprints and x-outs, the intricate design from an artist, a full-color image on Vibram rubber, or the silliness of an office joke, everybody has a preferred style. So, Infinite Discs wants to bring the largest variety of stamp styles, images, and tastes to our inventory for ALL players. We don’t ask that every person like every stamp, because that will NEVER happen. But we hope that among a huge selection of tens of thousands of individually photographed discs, you’ll find some that really appeal to you. Enjoy!

Infinite Discs VIP Club – Big Plans for 2018

The Infinite Discs VIP Club has been active since May of 2016. As of December 2017, the club had released 20 special edition, monthly discs, plus several club-only limited editions through the VIP Club Store. It has been a fun ride and the support for the VIP Club has grown as we’ve worked out new features and benefits to the members. If you have not heard of the VIP Club, it is a “disc-of-the-month” club designed for adventurous disc golf players and collectors. You can see the original introduction to the VIP Club HERE.

We want to take a look forward at what to expect in 2018, without spoiling the surprise of the monthly featured discs. But first, here is a list of what has been released so far:

Infinite Discs VIP Club
Releases to Date

#1 May 2016 – Titanium Undertaker by Discraft (quantity manufactured = 500)
This was the first run of the Undertaker in Titanium (TI) plastic and the silver color was run for the VIP Club. 

#2 -June 2016 – DyeMax Defender by Dynamic Discs (quantity manufactured = 300)
The Defender was a new, overstable, high-speed driver at the time of this release, so we wanted to feature a cool, full-color Dyemax edition for the VIP Club.

#3 -July 2016 – Tournament Destiny by Westside Discs (quantity manufactured = 300)
This was a special order of black discs. Some were more swirly grey, but until this run, there were no black Destiny’s.

#4 -August 2016 – 750 A4 by Prodigy (quantity manufactured = 300)
This was the first run of the A4 in 750 Plastic. 

#5 – September 2016 – Metal Flake C-Line FD “Jackal” by Discmania (quantity manufactured = 300)
Metal Flake C-Line FD’s were hard to find at the time we put this disc out. Since then Discmania has restocked only a few FD’s in Metal Flake C-Line.

#6 – October 2016 – X-Link Glow Vamp by Vibram (quantity manufactured = 300)
This was specially-manufactured for the VIP Club with edge-to-edge glow (solid glow disc) which had not been done with a Vamp before.

#7 – November 2016 – Proton Matrix by MVP (quantity manufactured = 300)
At the time of this release, the Matrix had been featured as an MVP Circuit disc, so we released the VIP edition before the general market release of the Matrix.

#8.1 – December 2016 – Green Peppermint Scented Strata TUI by RPM Discs (quantity manufactured = 400)
RPM had never attempted anything like scented plastic before, and they were willing to give it a try exclusively for the VIP Club. The Green Tui featured a stamp with Mr. Caribou.

#8.2 – December 2016 – Red Peppermint Scented Strata TUI by RPM Discs (quantity manufactured = 400)
RPM had never attempted anything like scented plastic before, and they were willing to give it a try exclusively for the VIP Club. The red TUI featured Mrs Caribou.

#9 – January 2017 – Plasma Insanity by Axiom (quantity manufactured = 400)
We special-ordered half of the Plasma Insanity to be run in black plastic, and the other half in white plastic because both colors were hard to find in Plasma.

#10 – February 2017 – Atomic Kahu by RPM Discs (quantity manufactured = 400)
RPM made a special run of gold Kahu’s for the club and they attempted their first 2-color stamping for the VIP design. They worked out beautifully.

#11 – March 2017 – Swirly (Transitional) Icon Ghost by Legacy (quantity manufactured = 400)
Legacy was attempting their first “swirly” discs and called it “Transitional Icon” at the time. Since the VIP edition Ghost, they’ve made other Swirly Icon discs.

#12 – April 2017 – Armor Tyrant by Reptilian Disc Golf (quantity manufactured = 400)
This was the second run of Tyrants in a darker plastic, and it turned out more straight-flying than the original, overstable Tyrant.

(note: Scheduled discs were switched in March and April, and series number printed on the Tyrant and Ghost did not match up with shipping months.)

#13 – May 2017 – S-Line CD3 by Discmania (quantity manufactured = 400)
The CD3 had not been released to the public in S-Line plastic at the time of this release. Discmania made it available to the VIP Club before the general market.

#14 – June 2017 – Swirly Frontline Mortar by Hyzerbomb (quantity manufactured = 400)
The Mortar had not yet been released in Swirly Frontline plastic (the equivalent of Innova’s Swirly Star), so Hyzerbomb made it especially for the VIP Club.

#15 – July 2017 – Star Aviar3 by Innova (quantity manufactured = 400)
Innova had started offering XXL stamping and allowed us to run a limited edition Aviar3 with an XXL (oversized) stamp for the VIP Club.

#16 – August 2017 – Z-Glo Punisher by Discraft (quantity manufactured = 400 with VIP stamp + 100 with Aztec stamp)
The Punisher has not been released on Z-Glo plastic yet. This VIP edition was the first run on Z-Glo plastic. An extra 100 Aztec-stamped discs were made as budget extras for the VIP Store, where they were much less expensive than typical Z-Glo.

#17 – September 2017 – Sublime ALPHA by Mint Discs (quantity manufactured = 400)
The Alpha was such a popular new disc from a new company that they had to make a 2nd run much sooner than expected, so the VIP Club edition was part of that 2nd run of the disc, with a special stamp.

#18 – October 2017 – K1 Line FALK by Kastaplast (quantity manufactured = 400)
The Falk was a new driver by Kastaplast in 2017 and as soon as it was released, we arranged with Kastaplast to make a special run, including a couple of different colors, for the VIP Club. This was the first VIP Club featured disc where we featured a version of the stock stamp with an added Falcon logo graphic.

#19 – November 2017 – Opto-G ZION by Latitude 64 (quantity manufactured = 400)
Latitude 64 introduced their “Opto-G” overmold discs in 2017 and we acted early to get in on the first run of the Zion driver, including our own VIP Edition stamp.

#20 – December 2017 – 400S Special Edition X4 by Prodigy (quantity manufactured = 500)
After meeting personally with the Prodigy crew, we arranged to have a special run of X4 distance drivers made with a lot of special effects and color varieties in the plastic, plus a beautiful stamp. They were serious eye candy, and great to throw.


THE STORE: The first big change for 2018 was the migration of the VIP Club Store from a secret website onto the Infinite Discs main website. Now the VIP Club Store can be browsed and shopped by the club members at the same time they shop our huge, general disc inventory. The VIP Club Store features listings for any remaining discs from the monthly features, plus other limited edition discs and prototypes. Some of those special editions are offered exclusively to the VIP’s and sometimes they are listed FIRST to the VIP’s before moving to the general website. This portion of the website can only be accessed by the current club members after logging in.

The selection of discs in the VIP Club Store was very small while we explored this feature, but we plan to grow the selection of limited editions and early access discs in 2018 so that it becomes a valuable hangout for VIP members who love to collect and try new discs.

DISC TESTERS: As mentioned above, the VIP Club Store will feature prototype discs from time to time. These will be early editions (testing runs and first runs) of new discs that are entering the market. We plan to use the VIP Club members as part of a team of disc testers in 2018.

MEMBER DISCOUNTS: The members of the VIP Club now have permanent discounts on the Infinite Discs website for all of their disc purchases. Plus, no shipping is added on the discs purchased from the VIP Club Store section of the website (it is added normally for other, non-club discs). So, as long as the club member is logged in, they’ll get discounts on their orders, for as long as they remain a member of the club!


Become a VIP Club member HERE.

Great Disc Golf Gift Ideas for 2017

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a disc golfer, we’re here to help you out! There are a lot of great ideas that you may not have considered. But first, let’s talk about the thing that disc golfers love the most… DISCS!


Here are some of the new discs for the 2017 year which have stood out as popular sellers and could make the perfect gift.

MVP RELATIVITY – This is a great choice for players who love to test their long distance throwing abilities. It is the most understable of MVP’s highest-speed disc class. That means that it can be a fun disc to push the distance limits even for relatively new players. But if you’re looking for a distance bomber that requires serious power, better for a very experienced player, you could go for maximum overstability with the MVP LIMIT instead, or choose the middle ground with the excellent distance driver, the MVP TELEPORT. All of these were new, maximum speed drivers released in 2017.

DISCMANIA TDX – Discmania continues to grow their brand with excellent discs for a variety of players. The TDX is a new understable driver that works great for players at all levels. For newer players, it will help increase distance. For experienced players, it is a great utility disc for anhyzer lines and lower-speed control shots that can hold a straight line. Also check out the new CD3 power driver for more experienced players, mixing control with distance. Or consider the new the P3X as a nice driving putter. All of these were released by Discmania in 2017.

PRODIGY X3 – Prodigy increased their line of power distance drivers in 2017. The standard edition for experienced players would be the X3. For newer or intermediate players, the X4 or the X5 would be better choices, being more understable. For those players who throw with a lot of power, go to the X2. As a little reminder, the Prodigy discs are numbered from low which are overstable, to higher numbers which are more understable (easier to throw). So, X1 would be the most overstable (experienced) to X5 being the most understable (easier to throw).

WESTSIDE CROWN – Perhaps you are looking for a good, general purpose putter that will feel instantly comfortable and will fly right for almost all players. The Crown was one of the more popular new putters of 2017. It is beaded and similar to other popular putters like the Dynamic Discs Judge or the Gateway Wizard. All of those are good, beaded putters if you want to give a gift of putting consistency. Give them a try.



DYNAMIC DISCS DEPUTY – Another one of the hot, new putters of 2017 was the Deputy which was introduced as the putter for the Trilogy Challenge recreational tournaments. With the signature backing of professional player, Paige Pierce, this putter got a lot of momentum right away. It is a slightly understable, straight-flying putter that will work for players at all levels, but will likely be a gentle, accurate putter for beginning players.



DGA TREMOR – The Tremor by DGA was the next in a line of excellent discs that DGA has released lately. The Tremor is an easy-throw mid-range for great control shots. It will work as a go-to disc for new players who are concerned more with accuracy than with huge distance. It will also work wonderfully for controlled anhyzer shots for experienced players. It is one of the stand-out midrange disc releases of 2017. If you want a more overstable mid-range with predictable and accurate fade, then go to the other new release from DGA, the Quake. Both are excellent and actually compliment one another very well in any bag.

MINT DISCS ALPHA – Mint Discs launched as a disc brand in 2017 and the Alpha was their flagship disc. It is a power driver – a hybrid between a distance driver and a control driver. As far as introductory discs go, this one was a real winner. For intermediate and experienced players it can quickly become a go-to disc for many situations. It can be thrown for great distance, but can also be used for shorter control shots that need dependable and predictable fade. Some players have claimed that they were able to handle almost all of their driver needs with a handful of Alpha’s in their bag. It makes an excellent give idea, since it is a disc that many players have yet to try, but will most likely impress.

LATITUDE 64 TRIDENT – This disc makes a great gift idea because it is a model that was announced to be discontinued by Latitude 64. Though they aren’t making stock editions of the Trident at this time, they did make a special run of Gold Line Burst, Retro Burst and Moonshine (Glow) Tridents for the 2017 holiday season, and they are pretty! They look good, and they’ll be hard to find later, so it’s a great gift idea.



Another gift idea that is more of a possibility this year than ever before is an affordable disc golf backpacks. For several years, all of the major backpacks on the market were very pricey, ranging from $100 to $200 or more. That made the backpack more of a luxury item. But several bags have become available in 2017 which have dropped the price for simple, yet functional backpacks. Check these out as possible gifts!

INFINITE DISCS STEALTH BAG $29.99 – At just about thirty dollars, the new STEALTH BAG is a unique, comfortable, and fun bag for any disc golf who wants to grab a few discs and go for a quick round of disc golf. It is light-weight, has several pockets, holds a water bottle, and fits 4-10 discs. It is a great backpack for rugged courses where players would not want to lug around heavy backpacks with many discs. A 2-liter water bladder can be purchased separately to add to the bag for a great water supply on hot days or rough courses. Or, the Stealth Bag can also be purchased with the 2-liter Bladder Included for $37.99 (only $8 more for this great added feature). There are four colors available: Red, Light Blue, Green, and Black, all with grey highlights.

DYNAMIC DISCS TROOPER $39.99 – At just under $40, the Trooper is a solid, affordable backpack that first 18+ discs in its main pocket, plus additional putters in the top pocket. It comes with a side pocket and drink holder. It also features padded straps and back panel for comfort. It is a great backpack with all the added features for the price. It comes generally in grey/black but with three versions featuring different colored highlights: Red, Green, and Blue.


DISCRAFT TOURNAMENT BACKPACK BAG $79.99 – At a higher pricetag than the other economy bags, it the Discraft Tournament Backpack still falls under the $100 price range and is a high-quality bag for frequent use. It is durable, comfortable, and carries 18-22 discs inside a water-resistant, sturdy structure with reinforced stitching. It has extra pockets and a front putter pouch. If you want to spend a little more for a quality backpack, but don’t have a large budget this one makes an excellent choice.


If you really want to spoil a disc golfer this year, sign them up for the Infinite Discs VIP Club. This is a very special subscription club that sends out unique, collectible, limited edition discs every month! You can subscribe yourself or another player up for month-to-month service until you decide to leave the VIP Club, or you can subscribe for an entire year at one price so you don’t have to worry about monthly payments. You can also sign up for multiple discs per month in case you want one for yourself, and one to give away…or one to throw, and one to collect. There are many options for this top-tier disc club. Plus, all subscribing members have exclusive access to the VIP Club Store where other collectible discs can be purchased, and will receive discounts on the Infinite Discs website on regular disc purchases. It’s the ultimate gift for disc enthusiasts!


The INFINITE DEALS BOX is one of the most popular gift items on the entire Infinite Discs website. It is a fun way for players to explore several discs that may or may not be familiar to them. The box includes seven discs, including at least one putter, one or two mid-range discs, and a variety of overstable and understable drivers. There are at least three brands represented in each box. The box may include some mis-prints or tournament stamps, but also includes stock stamps and some limited edition stamps. All of the discs are premium plastic. There are no guarantees of what brands, disc models, or weights and colors, but for the adventurous disc golfer, the surprise is worth it! And if you think about it, at only $67.88 it comes to less than $10 per disc for premium plastic discs.


Maybe you aren’t interested in picking up a box of seven mystery discs in a Deals Box, but you DO want to include at least a taste of unpredictable mystery in your order. Infinite Discs now allows you to add a MYSTERY DISC or MYSTERY SWAG to every order during checkout. Watch your shopping cart for the easy click-to-add features. For only $12 you can receive a premium plastic mystery disc in your order (will NOT be a misprint or x-out). Or for only $8 you can add mystery swag which could include fun items like t-shirts, towels, keychains, beanies, etc.  The Mystery Disc and Mystery Swag can be purchased independently on the website, or simply as an add-on during checkout.


When it comes to disc golf, there are a lot of little extras that can be added to any order for potential gifts. Check out the ACCESSORIES PAGE or the APPAREL PAGE for a lot of options at all price levels. Here are a few fun ideas for your consideration.

FRICTION GLOVES – These gloves are specially designed for players who want to play disc golf in adverse conditions, where hands could be cold, or grip could be an issue. These gloves help keep a hold of the disc and throw accurately, even if the weather is cold and snowy.
Friction gloves are available as a pair, or they can be purchased individually if the player only wants one glove for their throwing hand. Check the sizes and make sure you get the left or right hand if you buy them as singles.


POCKET DISCS – This fun, woven discs are not necessarily for disc golf, but for disc fans, they’re a blast to throw around. You can play catch, or throw them at targets, or even toss them around the house, since they are soft and less likely to hurt people or damage property. You can go for the fun, smaller size Indoor Pocket Disc or the larger, heavier El Grande if you want to go for distance. Plus, click the “Select Yours” button to browse through all the fun designs and patterns!


SPORTSACKS – There are a lot of different varieties of grip enhancing sacks around. One of the most popular styles is the Sportsack, and you can get them with logos from several disc brands. Of course, we prefer the Infinite Discs Sportsack. They can increase your grip before you throw on those hot summer days when your palms and fingers are getting sweaty and slippery.

Other styles on the Accessories page can be found that are filled with everything from sand, to dirt, to chalk. One of the most popular is the WHALE SAC because of the “tail” on the whale that can be tied onto a cart or backpack frame.

UV FLASHLIGHT GLOW DISC CHARGER – One fun aspect of night disc golf is using glow-in-the-dark discs or glow tape. That usually requires carrying around a flashlight. But if you haven’t tried a UV Flashlight before, you’re in for a treat! This handy flashlight lights up glow-in-the-dark discs in mere seconds. Plus it can help to spot those discs out on the fairway without casting a lot of white light around. It adds a whole new level of fun to your glow disc golf experience.


MINI DISCS GALORE! – It goes without saying that Mini Discs / Mini Markers are a huge part of the disc golf experience, especially when involved in tournament play. But recently they’ve become even more fun with a large selection of larger mini’s that can be thrown for respectable distances. Check out the huge selection of mini discs available. Some of the most fun ones we’ve seen lately are actually minis and coasters, from VIBRAM. Click to “Select Yours” and look at the fun designs!


DISC RETRIEVERS – Every disc golfer knows that they loose discs in hard-to-reach places sometimes. Water hazards can especially be a pain. That is when disc retrievers come in very hand. These make great gifts because they are items that every disc golfer wishes they had at certain moments, but rarely think to buy. The DISC GATOR is an extendable pole with a trap that grabs discs, while the DISCDIVER GOLDEN RETRIEVER and DISC CLAW are worked with a string and a trap that are tossed out into water and dragged along the ground to “fish” for the lost disc.


One of the fun developments in the disc golf scene is the revolution for mini discs and mini baskets. You can now get small baskets that will catch mini markers, macro (flying) mini discs, as well as tiny, primarily decorative baskets to put on your desk at work or in your living room to show you passion for the sport. The smallest is the BLACK HOLE MICRO which is only 6 1/2 inches tall. The next size up, while still being a small basket, is the MICRO RECRUIT standing at 13 inches tall with a diameter of 6 inches (this one perhaps is the best as a decorative basket in a room).

If you want baskets that catch your mini markers, then go for the BLACK HOLE MINI or the MINI RECRUIT. Innova also entered the mini basket market this year with the DISCatcher Mini.


Of course, there are those big, extra special gifts that fall into the more pricey category, but that really makes a disc golfer feel important. There are Portable Baskets which allow every player to set up their own practice rounds or putting practices. Or there are DISC GOLF CARTS which allow players to push around large numbers of discs in tournaments with the luxury of a portable seat and lots of run for their other accessories.

One of the new 2017 baskets on the scene is the DISCRAFT CHAINSTAR LITE. Or consider one of our long-time best-selling baskets for portability is the DGA MACH LITE which is a sturdy basket that is functional as well as easy to fold up and carry around in the accompanying pouch. You can throw it in the backseat or trunk and take it wherever you’d like for a new disc golf adventure. Or, you can try the brand new 2017 release, a DGA MACH SHIFT which can be configured into three different sizes, all in one basket.



Halloween 2017 Special Edition Stamps

Whenever October arrives, we find a bunch of new stamps that have a more seasonal, Halloween flare. Let’s take a look at some of the discs that have hit the shelves at Infinite Discs for the 2017 Halloween season:


Infinite Discs likes to present some unique, fun stamps during October, and here are some that we’ve put together this year. First of all, there is the PLAGUE DOCTOR stamp, presented on popular disc models from both Innova and Trilogy (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside).

Infinite Discs also made a limited number of Spooky Sabertooth stamped discs only on Discmania models.

And of course, Halloween isn’t complete without something cool from MVP / Axiom / Streamline. This year Infinite Discs made a special run of 3-color Creepy Clown stamped discs on many of the most popular disc models. They are coming very soon.


Also for the fans of the popular Gateway putters, Infinite Discs also put together a super-spooky skull stamp on Wizards, Warlocks, Magic, and Voodoos.


Innova made use of their XXL stamping setup to release some really good-looking pumpkin discs in 2017 including the DX Glow Aviar and the Star RocX3. They also released a really cool bunch of Champion Dyed Beast drivers with stenciled Halloween shapes, like skulls, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and cats. The Beasts have already become hard to find.


Axiom has created some anticipation each year for their special Halloween disc, and this year they’ve introduced a great-looking 3-colored Owl stamp that will be a big hit for the collectors, on Plasma Envy discs.


Legacy likes to keep up a tradition of special Halloween stamps, and this year they’ve got a couple, including the Icon Ghost, the Icon Cannon, and the Icon Aftermath. Plus they’ve got Protege Ghosts with a wreath of ghosts stamped on the discs.


Discraft released the “Buzzzeyman” for Halloween 2017. You can the limited edition stamp on a Z Glo Buzzz, as well on a Z Glow Supercolor Mini Buzzz.



Discmania presented a special stamp this season on their most popular putter. This cool spider stamp is found on a limited edition Glow D-Line P2.


Prodigy presents a nice Halloween stamp on their PA-3 putters this year. You can get the stamp on either 400S plastic, or on Prodigy Glow plastic for your night rounds:


Let’s finish with a look at the Halloween Alpha from Mint Discs that is hitting the Infinite Discs store very soon:


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