New Disc Golf Gear

Over these past few weeks we have been adding some new disc golf gear that you will need for your disc golf adventures. There are a good variety of new products added to our product catalog. You can check out the newest ones below. We’re always working hard to ensure that we provide all of the disc golf needs that you have.

There are some retrievers, a night round accessory, grip enhancers, and some trading cards!

Infinite Discs Holster XL

Well if you liked the original holster that we made, you’ll love this one. As this holds more discs, and has room for a mini marker. Basically, making it all that much more useful. This fits comfortably on the leg, just like the original does, but it holds 4-5 discs instead of 3-4. It also can still double as a putter pocket for your cart. Overall, this is a pretty nifty way to carry a few discs, its pretty affordable, and convenient.

The Infinite Discs Holster XL is a fun and functional disc pouch that you can strap to your waist with an adjustable belt strap and a secure leg strap to comfortably carry 4-5 discs for quick, casual disc golf rounds. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you tuck your go-to discs into the holster and strut around the fairway. It is comfortable enough to wear while you throw.

The Infinite Discs Holster XL also features a hoop on the top to work in tandem with the belt strap and leg strap to attach the pouch to backpacks. Or it can be attached to disc golf cart handles or frames to use as a spare putter pouch. Basically, you’ll have a very affordable pouch for 4-5 extra discs. Plus the XL edition features a handy pocket for your mini marker.

Whether you strap it to your body, hang it from your backpack, or affix it to your cart, you’ll have a very handy way to carry around extra discs!

Check these out here.

Option Discs Option Bag

This grip bag is a pretty cool take on a grip enhancer. I like that it is small and easy to grab, easily covering my hand in its grip enhancing powder. I additionally like that I can play hacky sack with it. I think that in so doing it makes the grippiness factor increase, as it breaks apart the pellets inside the bag allowing for more of the powder to get onto my hand. Overall, this thing is pretty great and enjoyable to have.

The Option Bag is a grip enhancement tool that is filled with a blend of chalk and ceramsite with a subtle minty scent. It is also designed as a footbag, or a Hacky Sack.

This will help you to have better grip on your discs. Or, it can keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the card in front of you to finish.

Learn more by clicking here.

Hive Talon

This Hive Talon retriever is pretty solid. It has two hooks on it, both of which make for grabbing the disc quite easy. Not as good as a single hook to poke it out of a tree though. It extends a good length, and it is reliable.

The Hive Disc Talon Retriever a versatile took for disc retrieval. With its twin-hook talon and a telescoping pole, this retriever makes getting hard to reach discs easy. Whether your disc is in the water, stuck in a tree, or trapped in a thorny thicket, the Hive Disc Talon Retriever is up to the task. With a Talon Retriever in-hand you’ll spend less time and effort saving your discs and more time playing!

Learn more about it here.

Pro Tour Trading Cards

I’ve been waiting for someone to do this for a while now. Trading cards are cool and fun to collect. It is also a fun little thing to purchase and be surprised by who you got within the packet.

These are 12-card packs of the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) 2022 trading cards for collectors and fans. There are 123 cards including many pros, all stars, champions, and more. Collect them all by purchasing random card packs and trading with your friends.

Check them out here.

MVP 100 LED Blacklight

I am impressed with how well this thing works. It is kind of bulky, but man, does it charge my glow discs well. Its large surface area works in its benefit to provide a lot of UV light to the disc. Proving to charge more of the disc in the same amount of time as other, smaller, UV lights. Overall, this is a pretty cool UV light.

This is a powerful UV flashlight from MVP. It has an extra large 100 LED lights, designed to charge your glow discs. It charges glow plastic in record time, allowing you to spend more time focusing on playing the night round. Powered by 6 AA batteries (which are included). This is encased in a sturdy a metal casing, to help it last.

Learn more here.

DiscreetTriever Driver Diver Disc Golf Retriever

This retriever is a surprisingly useful tool. It is quite useful, and super light! I’ve found that it works very nicely with all sorts of sticks. I am a little nervous about hitting it hard against something, as I know some 3D printed plastics aren’t the strongest. But this one does seem pretty strong. It grabs the rim of the disc pretty securely, I like it a lot. Also, I love the fact that this doesn’t take up that much room, it just clips onto one of my towel D-rings. It is pretty great.

The Driver Diver (Patent Pending) is a new disc golf retriever. This is a little different than other retrievers as it is merely the retriever head. You will use the reusable zip ties to attach it to any stick that you find around. Then when you are done, you can detach it from the stick and clip it back onto you bag. Eliminating the bulkiness of a large retriever stick.

The Driver Diver has many benefits. As it can attach to most any stick around. Additionally, it has a low profile and is extremely light. Making this an easily portable retriever that doesn’t take up much space. The low-cost and low profile make this a great retriever.

Check it out here.


Thank you for your loyalty, keep throwing what you love!

Focus Friday – Infinite Discs Alpaca

Thats right, its Friday!! gotta get down on Friday. Another Focus Friday, this weekend we’re providing a discount code on the Infinite Discs Alpaca. Use the discount code FOCUSALPACA to save 20% on all Alpacas.

The Alpaca

This putt & approach disc is one of my favorite molds from the Infinite line. Its incredibly versatile, I bag so many of these in various plastics. It works excellently as a putter, it works wonderfully as an approach disc. I’ve been able to get this disc to fly a large variety of lines. I’ve seen it fly completely dead straight, and to fly quite stable, as well as to hold a turnover line. I love this mold.

Check it out on our website to read other people’s opinions regarding this mold, here. This is described as the quintessential beadless putter. It presents a deep rim in line with a traditional putter feel. Quite capable of carrying your workload with ease.

The Discount Code

You can select your disc by clicking here. Simply add as many Alpaca discs to your shopping cart as you want, then BEFORE you click to checkout, look below the shopping cart. Right below the shopping cart is a box for Discount Codes. Click there and paste the code, FOCUSALPACA, into the box. Then proceed to checkout and you’ll get the discount.

Here is a screenshot to help you out, though it doesn’t necessarily show an Alpaca in the cart – it’s just a generic visual to help you find the discount code box:


We hope that you love throwing the Alpaca. If you’ve thrown the disc, feel free to share what you think of this putt & approach disc. And if you’re ever looking for other discs that are on sale, check out this link. Or read through this blog post to see all of the ways that you can save money here at Infinite Discs.

Have an excellent weekend all!



Newly Stocked Infinite Discs X-Outs

X-outs are pretty awesome. For those who do not know, an X-out, or Factory 2nd, is a disc that during the manufacturing process ran into some sort of imperfection. These imperfections can be large or small, the disc can have one or many. However, regardless of these imperfections, the disc will still fly just as good a “perfect” disc. What does this mean for you, you may wonder. It means that you can get X-out disc at a discounted price. Which helps you to save money, and still throw the disc that you want with just as good of a flight as the “perfect”.

We have recently added a lot of new Infinite Discs X-Outs to our disc selection. So, if you like X-Outs, check out our most recent restock of our Infinite Discs X-Outs:

Aztec in Splatter S-Blend and I-Blend

The Aztec is a speed 10 driver, flying straight with a little bit of fade at the end. Don’t let the speed 10 fool you, the Aztec will bring unexpected distance and accuracy to your game. This disc has a skinnier rim than the big distance drivers, making it more comfortable for most disc golfers. The Aztec is said to be a longer Exodus or Sphinx.

Tomb in I-Blend

The TOMB is a flat-topped, low-profile, putt-and-approach disc with a comfortably smooth, beaded rim. The Tomb has just the right amount of stability to cover ground while threading the needle on approach shots, whether thrown forehand or backhand. It can also be used as a crossover mid-range, driving putter, or to hold the line while putting for distance or in moderate winds.

Exodus in Splatter S-Blend

The Exodus by Infinite Discs is a stable, controllable fairway driver. The comfortable rim design and manageable speed are perfect for players at all experience levels. The Exodus is a trustworthy disc on the fairway and excellent for navigating wooded courses.  It has a precise, long flight pattern with a consistent fade, plus it can also handle all the power you can give it for long-distance flights. All Infinite Discs branded discs are manufactured by Innova Champion Discs.

Alpaca in Splatter S-Blend

The Alpaca is the quintessential beadless putter. While the Infinite Discs Cohort has a somewhat low profile rim, the Alpaca presents a deeper rim for more of a traditional putter feel. Whether thrown at the basket or lofted high for approaches and drives, the Alpaca will carry your workload with ease.

Pharaoh in Swirly S-Blend

The Pharaoh is the quintessential distance driver, built for a high speed release and maximum distance. The fade is not overpowering, making this a distance driver that will work wonders even for intermediate players. Throw the Pharaoh off the tee when you need to cover as much territory as possible. Rule your local disc golf course with the Pharaoh!

Centurion in D-Blend Glow

The Centurion is a workable fairway driver. It is a straight-flying, precision driver that will fit into the bags of both novice and professional players. All players can count on the Centurion to hold whichever line they put it on with only a slight end fade. It is a workhorse control driver for precise placement on the fairway.


Divergent Discs Glow Discs

Divergent Discs is a very beginner friendly brand. They focus on making discs that are incredibly easy to throw and that will provide satisfactory distance. In addition to these molds that they make, Divergent also makes plastic selection easy. This matter helps the overall disc selection easy. As their molds only come in one plastic, rather than a multiplicity of plastics that all affect the flight of the disc in some way or another.

Divergent Discs has been around for a short amount of time, and are doing a lot to get their foot in the door of the disc golf market. Recently they’ve released a new version of their plastic. They’ve created a glow version of their plastic. Now, you’ll be able to use some of your favorite Divergent molds for your night rounds.

Molds Available for Single Purchase

At the moment, not every mold is available in the the Max Grip Glow or Stayput Glow plastic options. But a good large portion of their lineup is available. You can purchase the Narwhal, Leviathan, Kraken, and Lawin in the Max Grip Glow and the Golem in Stayput Glow right now. These molds are pretty solid molds.

The Narwhal is a really nice floaty putter. Makes it great for putting and throwing. It is an understable mold, designed to be thrown easily. Helping the disc golfer to achieve good distance, control, and easy putting.

The Leviathan is an understable midrange that is easy to throw. It offers high glide and minimal fade. Providing a solid disc that works excellently in the hands of a new player. Providing a solid flight that is quite manageable for the player, easily a go-to midrange.

The Kraken is an understable fairway driver that helps the beginner get used to high speed discs. This mold provides a good controllable flight path, and offers good distance. Helping the player achieve better distance, all because of its easy-to-throw tendencies.

The Lawin is a distance driver that offers a lot of glide a good amount of turn and a decent fade. Offering a stable flight that is manageable, and controllable. This high speed distance driver is a good introductory disc for the high speed distance drivers.

These molds are all available on Infinite’s site, and are more affordable than other glow plastic. As the Max Grip plastic is available for $13.99.

The Golem, comes in the Stayput glow. And this mold is a very overstable disc. It has little glide and a very hard fade. It makes for an excellent utility disc that can be trusted in many situations. Additionally, in the Stayput rubber blend, this absorbs impacts and limits ground play. This is available for $17.99 on our website.

Divergent Discs Glow Set

In addition to the single molds, there is a Max Grip Glow disc golf set as well. Within this box set of discs comes some other molds that are not available from single disc purchase at the moment. The disc golf set comes with a Kraken, Kapre, and Nuno; all in Max Grip Glow of course. While the Kapre and the Nuno are unavailable for purchase by themselves, you can still check them out on our site.

The Kapre is a nice stable midrange. it flies straight with a little amount of fade to finish its flight. Capable of a variety of flight paths because of its stability. This is a mold that can handle power and has the same easy-to-throw tendencies that Divergent Discs is known for.

The Nuno is a stable putter that has a straight flight with a minimal fade at the end. The Nuno is able to handle power and fly well for the beginner and the advanced player alike. This putter does well as an approach disc and as a putter.

Overall, the Divergent Discs Glow Set is a great introduction for night rounds. It provides 3 good discs to use that are in a glow plastic. This is available on our website for $24.99.

The Effectiveness of the Glow

The Max Grip Glow and the Stayput Glow are pretty solid glowing blends. They both charge pretty quickly and easily, especially with a UV light. The length of the glow is somewhat proportional to the amount spent charging the disc. If you spend a minute putting it under a UV light, longer than a minute. My definition of glow is bright enough that it is easily visible. The feel of the plastic with the glow variant is different than the original blend. To me it seems that the feel is just a slight difference, so it doesn’t seem that the glow addition ruins the benefits of the Max Grip or Stayput blends. They both still offer good grip and durability. The Stayput rubber blend still provides a flexible mold that will absorb impacts and or grip the ground; all to limit the ground play.

It seems that the Stayput Glow charges and glows better than the Max Grip. It seems that the opaqueness of the Stayput allows it to absorb the UV rays more easily. Which helps the plastic charge faster and resulting in a longer glow.

Overall the new plastic addition to the Divergent Discs lineup is a good add on. It provides a good material that will glow in the dark, and make playing those night roughs a possibility, and enjoyable. If you haven’t heard of Divergent Discs you should check them out, you can read more about them in this article. Or you can check out their site here. Especially if you find that your discs aren’t flying as far as you would like and want something that is easier to throw.

New Disc Golf Accessories

Here at infinite discs we have recently added some new products to our catalogue of items available for sale. Have you heard of Discology? Well, Discology is a brand of disc golf equipment that offers a good handful of needed items. From bags to retriever poles and to night round accessories. They focus on providing solid gear that is durable and efficient.

At the moment, there are two bag options, a retriever and a basket light.

Disc Golf Bags

Discology provides two large backpacks for disc golf. The OG and the IZZO bag.

The Discology OG provides a large bag that is functional and ample. It has two side pockets, one main compartment, and two middle top compartments. This can hold a good amount of discs, about 26 of them. The side pockets are expandable if you need more space. it also has the fun feature of a velcro (the loop side), this allows you to easily add a velcro patch of your choosing. I think this is cool as it makes the bag a little bit customizable. This bag is available on our site for $89.99

While the Discology IZZO bag is a larger bag than the OG. It has a little bit different of a design than the OG, as it has many more pockets on the sides than the OG. It features four side pockets, a main compartment and one top middle pocket. Some of the side pockets allow for more disc storage, or for items that you would need while out on the course, or playing tournaments. You can get this off of our site for $96.99.

Disc Golf Retriever

The Bird Dog Retriever is a solid retriever pole to have. It features the screw-on heads. This retriever comes with multiple heads. Allowing you to alternate which head you are using for the situation that you are in. It comes with a cage head, a single hook head, and a double hook head. Thus, allowing you to use your pole in any situation. whether you need to reach into a tree and poke the disc out of the branches, or you’re in water and the cage will more easily snag and hold onto the lost disc. Or your discs is in a tight spot but allows for the double hook and not the cage. This retriever will be sure to have you prepared to save your disc from a variety of hard to reach places. You can purchase this for $42.99 off of our site here.

Disc Golf Night Round Accessories

The Birdi Disc Golf Beacon is an LED light that is magnetized. This LED light offers a variety of colors to suit your favorite. It also has a strong magnet to place it on any metallic surface. Allowing you to attach to it to the disc golf basket. The light then illuminates the disc golf basket, which makes it easily seen from most anywhere on the course. This comes with a remote which you can change the light’s colors. This two pack is available on Infinite Discs for $22.99.


Hopefully, this article finds you well within your day to day. Additionally, that you’ll find one of these products helpful to your needs. If not, be sure to check out our website for your unfulfilled disc golf needs. Have a great one!

Upper Park Disc Golf Bags Newly Added

Upper Park has been around since 2011. Since then they have focused on disc golf bags and accessories with unique styles, innovative designs, and excellent comfort. They employ cutting edge design with the use of durable, outdoor materials with a lifetime guarantee, so you can focus on throwing those perfect shots!

They’re in the business to make the game better for all. They do this through partnering with their sponsored team and helping them grow their brands, by donating to great charities like UPlay Disc Golf, by maintaining a 98% customer satisfaction rating, and by living our core values:

Play different ® – Fuel growth through experience and innovation.

Create legendary relationships – Turn suppliers, vendors, team members, and customers into raving fans.

Be a good human – Treat all people equally. Celebrate diversity. Be genuine and kind.

Enjoy the ride – Be grateful and celebrate the journey we share.

So when you buy from Upper Park Disc Golf know you’re buying from a company that loves the game as much as you do.

These are the bags that are now available on Infinite Discs Website!

The Trainer

The Trainer is an excellent tool to use for storage or for fieldwork. It is on the more expensive side, however, Upper Park has done a good job to make it worth it. The quality of this bag is solid. It provides a good durable fabric, many pockets, and confidence that this bag will last. Its available on our website for $59.99.

The Upper Park Disc Golf Trainer is the ideal storage solution or for the fieldwork days. This has the capacity to hold up to 40 discs, and some additional needed items; like a water bottle, a towel a wallet, keys, a phone. This makes for an excellent bag to take out on the field and do some practice, or to simply store your discs and clean up your space.

The Draw

The Draw is a nifty little bag. Its like the beloved drawstring bag, but better. As it provides a drawstring main compartment for your discs, extra zippered pouches for other items, and shoulder straps that are not a part of the drawstring. Allowing you to have the bag open or close and still comfortably wear the bag. All in all this is a sweet little tiny bag. Its now available on Infinite Discs website for $19.99

The Draw is an entry-level disc golf backpack. This backpack is excellent for the beginner, for the traveler, for the casual thrower, and the penny pincher. Upper Parks customized the drawstring design by separating the string opening from the shoulder straps. The player can leave the bag open, transforming this from a standard gym bag to a workable disc golf bag.

The Pinch

The Pinch is a well thought out medium sized bag. This bag exhibits an urban style, and it looks good. It works very well in a pinch, as it looks good to take to around and not look so out of place with a more typical looking disc golf bag. It offers good disc storage as well. It’ll hold 17-20 discs in this, which is sufficient to hold most needed discs if not all. Check this bag out, its only $69.99.

The Pinch an urban style backpack that adds a disc golfing functionality, and meets the demands of the day.  Whether you’re going into the office or the gym, heading on a weekend hike, exploring another country, or playing at your favorite local disc golf course, the Pinch works to meet the situation and does it with ease.

The Shift

The Shift is a very comfortable bag. It provides a bag that distributes the load evenly across your back. Its quite remarkable the thought put into this bag. The design is quite incredible as it still offers great storage capacity. Overall this is a good bag that disperse the load evenly and carries what you need out on the course. Check this one out on our website, it is available for $164.99.

This is the new 2022 Shift. It has upgraded ergonomic design to increase your comfort. Because of its lightweight ergonomic design it’ll feel like it was built just for you. Due to this design, it’ll decrease the amount of energy used to just carry the bag. Allowing you to enjoy a full round with more energy than before, even while carrying 18 discs!

With The Shift, you’ll enjoy all-day playing performance with a disc golf bag that is designed to meet the needs of serious disc golfers while still providing the versatility for intermediate and casual players alike.


The Shift provides ample space for storage. It has the capacity to hold discs, gear, snacks, and more. Additionally there are D-Rings for rags and towels and waist stash pockets, too.


This is an excellent bag for any weather. It features a 40 oz insulated water bottle holder and a ventilated back panel for those hot days. It has a waterproof base and included flap-access rain fly. And don’t be afraid to get a little dirty with the 4 individual feet and an abrasion resistant, waterproof base that will keep your bag upright and your discs at the ready.

The Rebel

The Rebel is Upper Parks flagship backpack. This is a comfortable bag that holds a lot of things. Making it an excellent daily, tournament, or fieldwork bag. For me, this carries more items than what I typically want to carry with me. This is a great bag for those who love to carry 30+ discs, its comfortable and stores things nicely. You can get this bag off of our website for $239.99.

The Rebel is the bag to hold all of your disc golf discs and gear. Whether you’re a touring professional or a recreational disc golfer; this bag will provide a spacious and durable disc golf backpack. The Rebel has a 30+ disc capacity, all the while providing a comfortable disc golf backpack.

Be sure to check these bags out on our website and any other disc golf need you may have. Here at Infinite Discs we work hard to provide you the needed items so that you can enjoy the wonderful game of disc golf.



Focus Friday Discount Code

Well, this morning my wife made some orange juice. I thought it looked a little funky, regardless I tried it . .  . it was orange jello – completely undrinkable. Happy April Fools Day! Hopefully your day is going well, that you have fun playing pranks, not playing pranks, or getting pranked.

Axiom Envy

Today, we’re focusing on the Axiom Envy, use the provided discount code to save 20% on all Envy molds. The Envy is a well-beloved putt & approach disc. While the most common use of this disc is for driving or approach throws, it makes for a good windy putter. As a thrower, it is reliable and versatile. Which is why, people like to use this as a thrower. It can hold the hyzer line as well as the anhyzer line. It is an incredible disc capable of so many things, after all, we all saw its performance in action with James Conrad’s epic throw-in at worlds last year. If you haven’t, it was the last hole and he was one away from a tie with Paul. Paul was on his par throw when James threw this in for a birdie, forcing a sudden death playoff. Watch below, its awesome.

Well, April fools on you, the Envy is not the sole focus of Focus Friday, this discount code will get you 20% off the Paradox, and the Pilot also! Maybe not the best prank, but it is definitely pulling a quick one over you, but in your favor! Use the discount code FOCUSENPAPI to save 20% on all Envy molds, Paradox molds, and Pilot molds.

Axiom Paradox

The Axiom Paradox is a fairly new mold. It is an understable midrange that was designed for new players, and for the understable utility space in your bag. It’s high glide and turn enable it be quite the controllable disc. Whether that is for a turnover shot, an easy straight shot, or a roller; the Paradox can easily take these shots on and execute them with ease. While for the beginner, this will prove to be an easy-to-throw disc. Capable of flying straight, and proving to be a consistent midrange.

Streamline Pilot

The Pilot is a beaded putter from Streamline. This putter is a stable low speed mold with a high amount of glide. Where it isn’t as stable as the Envy, people enjoy this disc as a putter. This flies pretty straight and very consistent. Its bead is small, and comfortable. I’ve enjoyed throwing this mold around. Definitely a good disc that deserves the positive reviews and love it receives.

The Discount Code

Starting today, and over the weekend you can use the promo code: FOCUSENPAPI to save 20% off all the Envys, Paradoxes, and Pilots that you want. Simply head on over our site and select the ones that you want. Now is a great time to try out these molds or get those backups that you’re looking to have for that dreaded day of loss or retirement.

Simply add as many of these molds to your shopping cart as you want, then BEFORE you click to checkout, look below the shopping cart. Right below the shopping cart is a box for Discount Codes. Click there and paste the code, FOCUSENPAPI, into the box. Then proceed to checkout and you’ll get the discount.

Here is a screenshot to help you out, though it doesn’t necessarily show a Drone in the cart – it’s just a generic visual to help you find the discount code box:

We hope that you love throwing the Envy, Paradox and/or Pilot. If you’ve thrown these discs, feel free to share what you think of this midrange. And if you’re ever looking for other discs that are on sale, check out this link. Or read through this blog post to see all of the ways that you can save money here at Infinite Discs.

New Disc Golf Disc Releases

Another week has come and gone, and we have some new releases to introduce. Not as many disc releases as the previous weeks, but there are some other disc golf items. There is a new disc mold, and some new equipment that may just fit your needs.

New Disc Mold

The Lone Star Discs Warbird has recently been approved by the PDGA and has found its way onto our shelves. You can check this mold out in the link above. This is a new 12 speed distance driver. It offers high glide and a reliable fade. It is somewhat similar to a Destroyer, though, I found it slightly easier to throw than a typical Destroyer. It is quite capable to handle power, and easily handle wind.

The Warbird is a long distance driver. As an overstable driver with a high amount of glide, this can handle headwinds or power. Proving to be a long distance bomber of a disc. The Warbird fits in between the Curl and the Bowie.

Disc Golf Equipment

The Cascadian DG Lie Towel is quite the unique towel. It is designed to illustrate the lie wherein you may place your foot without incurring a foot fault. Not only is the size functional, I find it nice in the fact that it is smaller than other towels – it doesn’t get quite as dirty hanging off my bag. But its size limits its abilities to dry/clean discs as well.

The Cascadian DG Lie Towel has two functions. This high quality sublimated towel works well to dry and clean your discs. In addition to this, the towel works to help you visually comprehend the PDGA regulated lie (20cm X 30cm). Simply lay this towel on the ground behind your disc/mini marker. Then, anywhere on the towel is where you may plant your foot for you next throw.


Disclaimer: Due to the elastic nature of textiles, the dimensions are a good approximation of a regulation lie.

The Hive Firefly Glow Vinyl makes any disc a glow disc. These vinyl stickers are pretty awesome and useful. I like to put one on the top of the disc and on the bottom, just in case the disc lands upside down. The stickers glow pretty good, very similar to the MVPs Eclipse 2.0.

Are some of your go-to discs not in a glow plastic? Firefly Glow Vinyl from Hive is here to save your night rounds! These glow vinyl stickers attach easily to any disc and provide a level of glow that, when exposed to UV light, will light up and glow. The glow is strong and bright.


Once you’ve finished your round, feel free to peel the Firefly Glow sticker off and place it back on the sheet for your next round. These Vinyl stickers are reusable! Each sheet has 46 stickers (23 small hexagons and 23 hexagon rings) – definitely enough glow stickers for your entire bag!


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