The TOMB Has Been Opened for Putt and Approach

INFINITE DISCS is proud to introduce a unique and trustworthy putt-and-approach disc, THE TOMBWe wanted to add a disc to the line-up that can be used for putting with precision, long-distance accuracy, but that also works as a great upshot and driving putter. The Tomb features a flat top and a comfortable, smooth, beaded rim that feels great for driving or putting. Feel confident outside the circle with the Tomb. Or unleash it for your longer approaches, knowing that it will hold the line and fly straight with only a gentle end fade.

Speed: 3.0 / Glide: 4.0 / Turn: 0.0 / Fade: 1.0

The Tomb has been introduced in durable, smooth S-Blend plastic for the first run.  The upcoming 2nd run will be presented in D-Blend for a softer, more grippy putter feel.

Alex Geisinger MYTH

Infinite Discs is happy to support Alex Geisinger in his 2018 professional disc golf season with a signature MYTH putter in P-Blend plastic. Alex is a fan of the Myth and now you can pick up this debut putter from the Infinite Discs disc line with his awesome signature stamp. The P-Blend plastic is durable with a nice grip, similar to KC Pro or McPro plastic from Innova. The Myth is a straight-to-overstable putter with a comfortable, beaded rim.

Flight numbers are: Speed 2 / Glide 3 / Turn 0 / Fade 2


The MYTH is also available in D-Blend (compare to Innova DX plastic) and a very limited run of X-Blend (compare to Innova XT).

The Infinite Discs PHARAOH Rules Distance Drivers

Infinite Discs is proud to present the first distance driver in our new brand! The Pharaoh was PDGA approved on February 26th, 2018 and is now officially released in the First Run stock edition on March 30th, 2018.

The First Run was made in Swirly S-Blend plastic and there are a total of 800 discs in that first run. Infinite Discs has opted to put the run number and quantity for each run on the disc stamp so that the players and collectors can know exactly what they have.

Of those 800 First Run Pharaoh discs, 100 of them were stamped with Garrett Gurthie’s signature at the bottom as a signature edition. Garrett Gurthie is a 4-times USDGC distance champion who loves throwing discs as hard and as far as possible, and he instantly fell in love with the Pharaoh. He’s planning on using it as a regular distance driver in his bag as he continues competing during the 2018 season.

So far, the feedback from early testing has been very positive, so we’ve already scheduled the next two runs of the Pharaoh. We’re looking forward to this disc becoming one of the top, high-speed distance drivers in the market!

Here is a little video clip of Garrett Gurthie crushing the Pharaoh over 600 feet!

Get Yours Here!

March New Releases and New Look from Discraft

DISCRAFT has just released a couple of new discs and has also unleashed a whole new look with their disc catalog. Most notably, the newer runs of their most popular discs now come with the 4-digit flight rating system that has been adopted by most disc golf brands, large and small. Discraft had kept a single digit stability rating for years, but has finally opted to give not only their rating, but the 4-digit variety for those players who believe that it better represents the complete flight characteristics of the disc. We applaud this move!

First you’ll see the four digits which equate to speed / glide / turn / fade, followed by a fifth number which is the old-school Discraft flight number. So now players who like one system or the other can have both for easy reference.

They’ve also given their Titanium plastic a new look with a large, attractive two-color stamp as their regular stock stamp.

While they’ve always had quality discs and great plastic blends, this new look and the effort to conform to the expectations of the growing disc golf market really raises the appeal for the Discraft brand.

According to Discraft, the new Titanium plastic is also an improved blend with greater durability, improved strength, and better grip. So, not only should you see the difference, you should feel it in the plastic as well.

Here is a list of discs that are already released with the new Titanium, plus a few that are coming soon:

Archer (coming this spring)
BuzzzSS (coming this spring)
Challenger (coming this spring)
Comet (coming this spring)

On top of the new Titanium, Discraft is also unleashing the new, more attractive ESP Plastic blend with more swirls and decorative effect. They also say that the plastic is now more durable and grippy, but most consumers will instantly notice the added beauty and the unique look to each disc.

Here is another list of the discs that are already released in the new ESP plus some that are coming later this spring:

Archer (coming this spring)
Avenger SS (coming this spring)
Buzzz SS (coming this spring)
Buzzz OS (coming this spring)
Challenger (coming this spring)
Comet (coming this spring)
CrankSS (coming this spring)
Flick (coming this spring)
Impact (coming this spring)
Mantis (coming this spring)
Meteor (coming this spring)
Nuke (coming this spring)
NukeOS (coming this spring)
Surge (coming this spring)

BIG Z VULTURE – Now Available!

The Vulture is now released on Big Z plastic with a very cool, large stamp. The Vulture is an overstable fairway driver that has a bit less fade than the Predator, with excellent control and the ability to fight moderate headwinds. Pros and less experienced players will appreciate the shot-shaping and consistency of the Vulture.

These are the flight numbers for the Vulture:

  • Speed: 9.0
  • Glide: 4.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 2.0

The traditional Discraft flight number is 1.7

BIG Z STING – Now Available!

The Sting was released as the 2017 Ace Race disc. This understable driver provides long glide and more distance for newer disc golfers. The Sting is easy to control for short to medium range drives.

These are the flight numbers for the Sting:

  • Speed: 6.0
  • Glide: 5.0
  • Turn: -2.0
  • Fade: 1.0

The traditional Discraft flight number is 0.0


Discraft also released the 10th Anniversary Zone in both Elite Z with a traditional hot stamp, plus a Z Supercolor. There were just over 2000 of the hot stamp made, and just over 1000 of the colored version. They’ve been hot sellers.

Watch for more from Discraft!


The Race is On for 2018 Best-Selling Discs

When it comes to best-selling discs, we’re going to keep you posted as the 2018 year progresses. It is still early in the year, at this point, with only the winter months in play. However, we can already see which discs are taking a significant lead. We expect sales at Infinite Discs to speed up dramatically with the coming of spring, and that may shake up the sales figures. Upcoming new disc releases will also play into the ongoing tally.


#1 – Discmania P2

The P2 Putter picked up a lot of momentum throughout 2017 and that has continued into the new 2018 sales year. So far, Infinite Discs has been able to better keep up with the high demand as Discmania has beefed-up production for the P2. Plus, the 2018 tour support edition of the C-Line P2 for Simon Lizotte (called the “Sky God”) gave the sales an extra boost.

We expect to see the momentum with the P2 continue through the spring as many players begin stocking up on their favorite putters for the new, warmer disc golf season. After all, when it is time to start perfecting your putting skills, it helps to have more than just one or two.

#2 – Innova DESTROYER

The Destroyer distance driver has held the top spot for a long time when it comes to sales at Infinite Discs. But at the moment, it has fallen to 2nd place behind the P2. The top two discs are still in a close sprint, but well ahead of the next discs in line. As the tournament season accelerates, we fully expect to see the release of some signature editions that will increase the Destroyer sales even more. Last year there were a couple of very popular signature editions, including the Swirly Star Philo Brathwaite edition and the Splatter Star Steve Brinster edition. Regardless of what editions come out, we fully expect the Destroyer to keep a strong foothold in the top three or four all year long.

#3 – Innova AVIAR

The Aviar is the most popular Innova brand putter, by far. So far in 2018 it is taking up third place in the best-seller race. But just to clarify how far ahead the top two discs are, the Aviar has sold 1/3 the number of discs as the 2nd place Destroyer. So, there is a large void between those two leaders and all the discs that are chasing.

If 2018 is anything like 2017 then the sales for the Aviar will take a huge jump once this year’s McPro edition is released. Everybody is waiting to see what this year’s Paul McBeth tour support edition will look like, and it will likely become the best-selling edition of the Aviar once it hits the market.

#4 – Innova SHRYKE

The Shryke is the most popular newcomer when it comes to Innova drivers. It quickly sprang into popularity as a high-speed distance driver that can be handled by a wide range of players, from relatively new players to experienced players. With a little bit of understability upon release, the Shryke can fly in great s-curves, plus it has high glide for optimum distance results. For players who have trouble handling the often overstable flight of the Destroyer, a Shryke can fill the spot as a go-to for distance. This is a disc that has the potential to gain momentum as more and more players discover it and try it out, so we expect to see the Shryke stay within the top ten throughout 2018, even with a possible wave of new distance drivers hitting the market this year.

#5 – Infinite Discs EXODUS

The Exodus is the initial disc released in the new Infinite Discs line. Manufactured by Innova, the Infinite Disc branded discs will have a familiar feel while adding some quality molds to the market. It was perhaps expected that the Exodus would jump to the top of disc sales at Infinite Discs because the initial launch of the entire brand is only available through the Infinite Discs store. The max weight discs sold out within a couple of weeks of the first run release, leaving only low weights in the inventory until a second run is released (we do not yet know when that 2nd run will become available). So, as supply diminishes, the sales numbers will likely drop. With the very positive response to the flight characteristics of the Exodus, we expect to see the sales figures spike once another run is available to order. As a fairway driver that can handle torque, it is a great disc that fits a crossover position, straddling the line between control driver and distance driver. It is another disc that can find a solid place in the bag of players at all levels.

The Infinite Discs Chariot Has Arrived!

In February of 2018, Infinite Discs launched our first branded disc model, the Exodus fairway driver. It was received warmly by disc golfers and the first run is already sold out of max weights, with just over a hundred of the lower weights still available in early March.

Infinite Discs now presents our first mid-range disc, the CHARIOT!

The Chariot first run is manufactured in Glow C-Blend Plastic which feels great, glows great, and flies great as well. There are only 700 discs available in the first run. All of the Infinite Discs stock stamps say exactly which run it is, and how many are included in the run!

The Chariot is a straight-flying mid-range disc with excellent glide and a knack for following the thrower’s angle of release. It can be guided on smooth hyzer lines, on anhyzer turns, or can be used for straight, precision approaches on the fairway. The Chariot finishes with a gentle and consistent fade and is ready for frequent use in your disc golf game.

All Infinite Discs branded discs are manufactured by Innova Champion Discs. 

State of Disc Golf 2018 Prize Winners

Infinite Discs has now completed the 2018 State of Disc Gold Survey, and that means we have some prizes to send out. These prizes were donated by some great brand sponsors, who we would like to thank once again for contributing to the success of the survey.

This year’s survey had 5,930 responding participants, so we have a lot of fun data to use as we share those results with the disc golf community in the coming weeks and months. We gave away a couple of prizes while the survey was in progress, to encourage participation.

Here were two of the prize winners along the way:

From the Infinite Discs FACEBOOK Page: Kim Zomberg won a Discraft Chainstar Lite, an excellent new portable basket!

From the Infinite Discs INSTAGRAM Feed: Kevin Stroud won a Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack, which is one of the top backpack bags out there.

Here are the winners from the random drawing at the conclusion:

Discmania Glow C-Line FD3 Winners:
Thomas Brown
Jacob Worlie
Zaq Jones
Christopher Coles
Caleb Miller
Justin Ponsor
Dave Bogaards
Nadia Coccaro
JT King

Innova Hat Winners:
Chad Klodowski
William Shinol
Daniel Panzer
Steven Poppler

Innova Starter Bag Winner:
Jason Bedell

Innova Heropack Winner:

Innova Super Heropack Winner:
Scott Hill

Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack Winner:
Michael Eiting

Axiom Pro Basket Winner:
Andy Hock

THANKS AGAIN to these QUALITY BRANDS that donated prizes!



State of Disc Golf 2018 Prizes and Contributors


We’d like to thank the disc golf manufacturers that contributed prizes to the State of Disc Golf 2018 Survey. If you haven’t had a chance to take the survey yet, please do so. That way you can share your voice about the game of disc golf and quality yourself for the prize drawings at the completion of the survey. You can go directly to the survey HERE.

These are the prize contributors that have helped Infinite Discs to promote the survey:

INNOVA CHAMPION DISCS has contributed a Super Heropack, a Heropack, and some Innova hats as prizes for winning survey participants.

DYNAMIC DISCS has contributed two Ranger H2O backpacks as prizes.

AXIOM (MVP) has contributed a green Axiom Pro Basket to giveaway for the survey.

DISCRAFT has kindly provided a Chainstar Lite Basket as a prize for the survey.

DISCMANIA provided a stack of new GLOW C-LINE FD3 discs as prizes for several survey participants.

PRODIGY DISC has provided a variety of Prodigy branded accessories for winning survey participants.

GATEWAY DISC SPORTS has provided a variety of discs as prizes for winning survey participants.


Some of the prizes provided will be given away while the survey is in progress, encouraging more participation from the disc golf community. FOLLOW INFINITE DISCS ON FACEBOOK for your best chance to win those prizes as the survey continues.

After the 2018 survey is complete and it is closed, we will do a random drawing of the participants to select the winners for the remaining prizes. We contact the winners through email, so be sure to include a valid email in the survey in case you win one of the prizes.

Thanks for participating in the survey, and thanks to the quality disc golf brands for providing excellent prize support!

A Few of the Excellent Prizes Being Given Away During the Survey



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