Infinite Bags

Introducing the Infinite Bags

Over the course of the last year we have been quietly working on our own version of bags for disc golfers. Our goal throughout the process was to create a bag that exceeds similarly sized bags in both quality and affordability. We feel that we have accomplished that with both the Infinite Small Bag and the Infinite Large Bag.

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Launch Promotion – Limited Time Only

During the entire month of October, we are offering this bag at an excellent introductory price.

  • Small Bag Value: $19.99. On sale for $13.99

  • Large Bag Value: $49.99. On sale for $39.99

  • Straps Value: $23.99. On sale for $19.99

  • Large Bag w/ Straps Value: $74.99. On sale for $49.99

  • * Offer Ends 10/31/2014


    Bag Features

    Small Infinite Bag – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $19.99

    1. Holds 8-10 discs
    2. 1680 denier nylon (The most durable)
    3. High quality zippers
    4. Pocket for putters
    5. Drink holder with drawstring
    6. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    7. Padded bottom with rigid plastic
    8. Single divider so discs stay better organized
    9. Shoulder strap with rubber shoulder pad
    10. Available in: Red, Blue, Black or Orange

    Large Infinite Bag – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $49.99

    1. Holds 18 – 22 Discs
    2. 1680 Denier Nylon (The most durable)
    3. YKK Zippers
    4. Strong elastic putter pocket holds 1 or 2 putters
    5. 2 large strong elastic bottle holders
    6. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    7. Large storage pockets on both sides
    8. Two removable dividers to keep discs organized
    9. Scorecard and/or phone sleeve
    10. Mini pocket
    11. Small accessory pocket
    12. 3 small pencil holders
    13. 1 large pencil holder
    14. 4 plastic pegs which prevent rollovers and keep bag slightly elevated
    15. Shoulder strap with fabric shoulder pad.
    16. Compatible with all major backpack style bag straps.
    17. Available in: Red, Blue, Black, Orange or Burgundy

    Infinite Straps – Shop Here
    Regular Price: $23.99

    1. Compatible with all major large bag designs
    2. Chest clip to more evenly disperse weight load
    3. Spring loaded metal clips
    4. Embroidered Infinite Discs logo
    5. Available in black only

    Addressing Previous Bag Issues

    Fabric Durability
    We had two options to fix concerns with fabric. Stop using fabric, or use better fabric. To keep the bag affordable, fabric is the answer. To make it more durable we found 1680D Nylon; the most durable nylon fabric available in textile manufacturing. When you touch the fabric you can feel the density of this durable material which is more and made of dense strands of nylon which are more resistant to shredding or tearing. This is the most resilient fabric to adverse conditions.

    Zipper Durability
    Zippers frequently come off their tracks, or the pull tab completely breaks off of the zipper; requiring you to improvise with a paper clip or just never zip your bag again. To remedy this, we went with YKK zippers. In case you are unfamiliar with zippers, YKK is the most trusted brand of zippers in the world. All metal, and smooth sliding, you should be pleased with your YKK zipper.

    Straps tearing out of seams
    Seams in other bags separate easily. We have strong stitching on all seems; especially on seems where straps are attached. That way if your bag

    Having addressed all of these issues, we hope that your Infinite Large Bag or Infinite Small Bag treat you well for years to come. Will your bag have issues eventually? We hope not, but unfortunately everything comes in need of repair; with an Infinite Discs bag, chances are that your time between replacement bags will be drastically reduced.

    Our Promise

    We feel confident that we have created a very quality bag made of durable material. If you experience any issues with the workmanship listed above within the first three months, contact us and we’ll gladly help you. Please view our Return & Exchange Policy.

    New Discs For Spring 2014

    New Golf Discs 2014Spring is in the air and the disc golf manufactures have been pumping out new disc models just in time for peak throwing season. In case you’ve been taking the winter off from disc golf, here is an update on the new releases of 2014 thus far.

    While there are already more than a dozen new releases, there really aren’t very many new disc types to choose from. Most of the newest discs are either overstable putters, understable midranges, or beginner friendly understable drivers. In addition to the new molds, there is also a variety of new plastic blends that have been released Innova’s new GStar blend.


    Axiom Envy – Axiom Discs (new MVP brand) was launched at the beginning of the year. One of their initial new colorful discs is the putt and approach Envy. This new disc is described as a great driving putter, and is more overstable than the MVP Ion and Anode.

    Crosslap Credo – Okay, this disc isn’t actually a new disc, but it is new to us at Infinite Discs. This overstable putter from Germany has a very unique feel, a flat top, and is available in two different plastic blends.

    Westside Harp – Westside fans are excited about the new release of the second Westside putt and approach disc. This new putter will be available in BT Soft plastic and is described as an overstable wind-fighting putter. Like the Envy, this disc will probably be more popular as an approach disc than a putting putter.


    Axiom Alias – The second disc in the Axiom line is a straight flying midrange described to be similar to the MVP Tangent with the same flight ratings as the Innova Atlas. Like the Envy, this disc is available in a plethora of color combinations.

    Innova Foxbat – The Foxbat is a slightly understable disc with an Innova glide rating of 6 and a fade at 0. This straight flying disc is excellent for beginners and anhyzer turnover throws.

    Crosslap Lucky – If you’re looking for a unique feeling plastic blend, you may want to try your luck with the Lucky. This German made midrange has a unique look, feel, and understable flight path.

    Prodigy M5 – The M5 is an understable midrange perfect for newer disc golfers and shots that you want to turn right (for right handed backhand throws). This disc has a unique rim with an indented line that goes surrounds the circumference of the disc. First run M5’s are available in a unique “2014” stamp in Prodigy’s 400G and 300S plastics.

    Salient Antidote – The Antidote is another understable midrange with a very similar shape, feel, profile, and flight path as the Innova Foxbat. This disc is available in two different plastic blends that have been highly esteemed by our reviewers.

    Fairway Drivers

    Discraft Mantis – The 2013 Ace Race disc has been slightly re-tooled to be more understable and is now available in Elite Z plastic. This will be one of the most popular discs of 2014.

    Dynamic Discs Witness – The Witness is Dynamic discs first real beginner driver. This new fairway driver is described as a more understable River.

    Latitude 64 Jade – The Jade is the fourth disc in Latitude 64’s “Easy to Use” line. This driver is supposed to have a touch more stablility than the Diamond. All Jade’s are light weight and easy to throw.

    Legacy Mongoose – If you can’t decide which of the many new understable drivers to choose, you might as well try one out one with an eye catching stamp. This is where the Mongoose shines. Like most of the new fairway drivers, this one was designed with the new disc golfer in mind.

    MVP Switch – The Switch is the understable low speed driver in the Resistor/Servo class. It’s described as a cross between the Tangent and the AMP, a disc that is very beginner friendly.

    Westside Hatchet – Bring on the Hatchet. If you’re looking for an overstable wind fighter, the Hatchet is not the answer, but this disc is supposed to be more stable than the Underworld and most of the other new releases. Should be a good all purpose fairway driver.

    Distance Drivers

    Millennium Aries – Millennium Golf Discs started the year off by releasing a new high speed understable driver. This disc is a little faster than the new release fairway drivers, but still understable and designed to give more distance to disc golfers with moderate arm speeds.

    Westside Sorcerer – The new Sorcerer released on March 1st is really the only high speed driver of the year designed for big arm advanced disc golfers. This might be the most popular of the new discs this year. The Sorceerr has a 2.3cm rim, like the King, and a glide rating of 6. It’s been described as a faster Sword.

    MVP Distance Drivers Release

    MVP SwitchWe received some big news from MVP Disc Sports today — a new driver, the Switch, will be available in stores on February 21st. While any MVP release is newsworthy for the disc golf world, this particular driver  isn’t the biggest news of the day. The MVP Switch will be an understable low speed fairway driver.

    MVP fans have been craving a distance driver with the unique MVP look, feel, and Gyro Technology, for a very long time.

    MVP Distance Drivers ChartThe big announcement is that four distance drivers of varying stability will be released beginning this spring. These drivers are called the Motion, Tesla, Inertia, and Impulse.

    The Motion will be an overstable driver, the Tesla stable-overstable, the Inertia stable-understable, and the Impulse understable.

    All four MVP distance drivers will have moderate width rims of 2cm. While the rim width of these distance drivers is only 1.5mm wider than the popular MVP Volt, the aerodynamic profile places these drivers in a different speed class. With that said, these drivers won’t be quite as fast as the speed 13 and 14 high speed drivers made by other companies.

    All the MVP distance drivers will have a similar size diameter of 21.1cm. Weight ranges for the new discs will range from 155 to 175g. The new distance drivers should be great for long controlled drives.

    The Inertia has already been PDGA approved and we are expecting its release in early spring (likely the end of March or the beginning of April).

    MVP says this about the Inertia,

    The first release will be the Neutron Inertia, date to be announced. The stability spectrum of this driver class places the Inertia in a workhorse stable-to-understable slot. It provides a sampling of the speed, workability, and GYRO™ effect of the full distance class.

    Axiom Proton EnvyOther exciting news for MVP/Axiom fans is that the Alias and Envy will also be available in Proton plastic beginning February 21st. This transparent plastic blend gives Axiom fans dozens of additional attractive color options.

    If you are an MVP fan, start saving your pennies as there will be lots of hot new products hitting the market in 2014.

    Innova GStar Plastic Release

    Innova Discs has launched their newest plastic, GStar to retailers throughout the country. The G is for “grippy”. This new plastic is similar flexibility to Discraft’s ESP, but often has the marbling effect of that you’ll find in Latitude 64’s premium Gold Line plastic.


    Until recently, this plastic had only been available in the Innova Factory Store. It is now available through retailers to price and sell at their own discretion. The MSRP for GStar is $17.99, which is where you’ll most commonly find these discs priced. However, we do things a little differently, we’re moving GStar out the door for $14.47.

    The most popular disc in this first release we feel will be the Krait. This disc is the second disc of the Paul McBeth signature series, and is the first time the Krait is released in an opaque, star plastic. In addition, the Krait has already been a very popular disc that has had no trouble selling.[/one_half][one_half_last][box type=”shadow”]The first lineup has several classic Innova discs in the mix, including:


    With the GStar plastic, how many gaps are left in the Innova lineup that still need to be filled? It will be interesting to see what Innova does next!

    Innova Christmas Discs

    Christmas Edition Innova discs

    Innova Nova Christmas Stamped DiscMake the holidays truly special this year with Innova Christmas edition golf discs. Celebrate the holidays for years to come with these special commemorative discs. 2013 will be the year your family cherishes forever as they savor the memory of giant Christmas snowflakes and little tiny disc golfers making snow angels.

    Holiday stamped golf discs are perfect for the Mrs. as they make great wall decorations and tree ornaments (on very large trees). If you don’t have a home, or Christmas tree, these discs also work well for playing rounds of disc golf.

    Finally the gift that everyone can enjoy.

    Christmas Edition Innova AtlasOkay, with the cheese aside, this year’s holiday stamped discs are featured on some pretty sick new discs; the all new Nova and the new Atlas with a clear Champion flight plate.

    These limited edition discs are now available for pre-order. Order yours today. Christmas edition discs will ship December 6-7 and arrive just in time for the holidays!

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