Discmania PDx Finally Available

The stock release of the Discmania PDx has been anticipated for a long time! It first made it’s debut in November of 2015 as a 2016 World’s Fundraiser disc. However, these sold fast and were not easy to get one’s hands on.

Their next appearance was in the form of a McBeast Fundraising disc- equally hard to acquire. Since these teaser releases, the public has been waiting anxiously for the stock release of the PDx.

Now, the wait is over! The PDx has been officially released in C-Line plastic and is now available to the public for purchase. Here at Infinite Discs we have a couple hundred ready to take to the skies!

The PDx has the speed and overstability of Discmania’s meat hook driver PD2 and the control and versatility of Discmania’s possibly best known all-around driver, the PD. The PDx is the perfect combination of these two Discmania favorites. It’s flight rating is shown as 11, 4, 0, 3.

To see our stock of PDx’s, click here!

Stock C-Line PDx

Infinite Discs – Official Vendor for the Ledgestone Insurance Open

Infinite Discs is pleased to announce that we will once again be the Official Vendor for the 2018 Ledgestone Insurance Open in Peoria, Illinois. We are happy to support this fantastic event, for all it does for disc golf and for charities like St. Judes.

As the official vendor we will be able to offer a huge number of Discraft Limited edition discs. The first wave of these special fundraiser discs will be available at the beginning of April.

Full press release can be found here.

Infinite Discs VIP Club – Big Plans for 2018

The Infinite Discs VIP Club has been active since May of 2016. As of December 2017, the club had released 20 special edition, monthly discs, plus several club-only limited editions through the VIP Club Store. It has been a fun ride and the support for the VIP Club has grown as we’ve worked out new features and benefits to the members. If you have not heard of the VIP Club, it is a “disc-of-the-month” club designed for adventurous disc golf players and collectors. You can see the original introduction to the VIP Club HERE.

We want to take a look forward at what to expect in 2018, without spoiling the surprise of the monthly featured discs. But first, here is a list of what has been released so far:

Infinite Discs VIP Club
Releases to Date

#1 May 2016 – Titanium Undertaker by Discraft (quantity manufactured = 500)
This was the first run of the Undertaker in Titanium (TI) plastic and the silver color was run for the VIP Club. 

#2 -June 2016 – DyeMax Defender by Dynamic Discs (quantity manufactured = 300)
The Defender was a new, overstable, high-speed driver at the time of this release, so we wanted to feature a cool, full-color Dyemax edition for the VIP Club.

#3 -July 2016 – Tournament Destiny by Westside Discs (quantity manufactured = 300)
This was a special order of black discs. Some were more swirly grey, but until this run, there were no black Destiny’s.

#4 -August 2016 – 750 A4 by Prodigy (quantity manufactured = 300)
This was the first run of the A4 in 750 Plastic. 

#5 – September 2016 – Metal Flake C-Line FD “Jackal” by Discmania (quantity manufactured = 300)
Metal Flake C-Line FD’s were hard to find at the time we put this disc out. Since then Discmania has restocked only a few FD’s in Metal Flake C-Line.

#6 – October 2016 – X-Link Glow Vamp by Vibram (quantity manufactured = 300)
This was specially-manufactured for the VIP Club with edge-to-edge glow (solid glow disc) which had not been done with a Vamp before.

#7 – November 2016 – Proton Matrix by MVP (quantity manufactured = 300)
At the time of this release, the Matrix had been featured as an MVP Circuit disc, so we released the VIP edition before the general market release of the Matrix.

#8.1 – December 2016 – Green Peppermint Scented Strata TUI by RPM Discs (quantity manufactured = 400)
RPM had never attempted anything like scented plastic before, and they were willing to give it a try exclusively for the VIP Club. The Green Tui featured a stamp with Mr. Caribou.

#8.2 – December 2016 – Red Peppermint Scented Strata TUI by RPM Discs (quantity manufactured = 400)
RPM had never attempted anything like scented plastic before, and they were willing to give it a try exclusively for the VIP Club. The red TUI featured Mrs Caribou.

#9 – January 2017 – Plasma Insanity by Axiom (quantity manufactured = 400)
We special-ordered half of the Plasma Insanity to be run in black plastic, and the other half in white plastic because both colors were hard to find in Plasma.

#10 – February 2017 – Atomic Kahu by RPM Discs (quantity manufactured = 400)
RPM made a special run of gold Kahu’s for the club and they attempted their first 2-color stamping for the VIP design. They worked out beautifully.

#11 – March 2017 – Swirly (Transitional) Icon Ghost by Legacy (quantity manufactured = 400)
Legacy was attempting their first “swirly” discs and called it “Transitional Icon” at the time. Since the VIP edition Ghost, they’ve made other Swirly Icon discs.

#12 – April 2017 – Armor Tyrant by Reptilian Disc Golf (quantity manufactured = 400)
This was the second run of Tyrants in a darker plastic, and it turned out more straight-flying than the original, overstable Tyrant.

(note: Scheduled discs were switched in March and April, and series number printed on the Tyrant and Ghost did not match up with shipping months.)

#13 – May 2017 – S-Line CD3 by Discmania (quantity manufactured = 400)
The CD3 had not been released to the public in S-Line plastic at the time of this release. Discmania made it available to the VIP Club before the general market.

#14 – June 2017 – Swirly Frontline Mortar by Hyzerbomb (quantity manufactured = 400)
The Mortar had not yet been released in Swirly Frontline plastic (the equivalent of Innova’s Swirly Star), so Hyzerbomb made it especially for the VIP Club.

#15 – July 2017 – Star Aviar3 by Innova (quantity manufactured = 400)
Innova had started offering XXL stamping and allowed us to run a limited edition Aviar3 with an XXL (oversized) stamp for the VIP Club.

#16 – August 2017 – Z-Glo Punisher by Discraft (quantity manufactured = 400 with VIP stamp + 100 with Aztec stamp)
The Punisher has not been released on Z-Glo plastic yet. This VIP edition was the first run on Z-Glo plastic. An extra 100 Aztec-stamped discs were made as budget extras for the VIP Store, where they were much less expensive than typical Z-Glo.

#17 – September 2017 – Sublime ALPHA by Mint Discs (quantity manufactured = 400)
The Alpha was such a popular new disc from a new company that they had to make a 2nd run much sooner than expected, so the VIP Club edition was part of that 2nd run of the disc, with a special stamp.

#18 – October 2017 – K1 Line FALK by Kastaplast (quantity manufactured = 400)
The Falk was a new driver by Kastaplast in 2017 and as soon as it was released, we arranged with Kastaplast to make a special run, including a couple of different colors, for the VIP Club. This was the first VIP Club featured disc where we featured a version of the stock stamp with an added Falcon logo graphic.

#19 – November 2017 – Opto-G ZION by Latitude 64 (quantity manufactured = 400)
Latitude 64 introduced their “Opto-G” overmold discs in 2017 and we acted early to get in on the first run of the Zion driver, including our own VIP Edition stamp.

#20 – December 2017 – 400S Special Edition X4 by Prodigy (quantity manufactured = 500)
After meeting personally with the Prodigy crew, we arranged to have a special run of X4 distance drivers made with a lot of special effects and color varieties in the plastic, plus a beautiful stamp. They were serious eye candy, and great to throw.


THE STORE: The first big change for 2018 was the migration of the VIP Club Store from a secret website onto the Infinite Discs main website. Now the VIP Club Store can be browsed and shopped by the club members at the same time they shop our huge, general disc inventory. The VIP Club Store features listings for any remaining discs from the monthly features, plus other limited edition discs and prototypes. Some of those special editions are offered exclusively to the VIP’s and sometimes they are listed FIRST to the VIP’s before moving to the general website. This portion of the website can only be accessed by the current club members after logging in.

The selection of discs in the VIP Club Store was very small while we explored this feature, but we plan to grow the selection of limited editions and early access discs in 2018 so that it becomes a valuable hangout for VIP members who love to collect and try new discs.

DISC TESTERS: As mentioned above, the VIP Club Store will feature prototype discs from time to time. These will be early editions (testing runs and first runs) of new discs that are entering the market. We plan to use the VIP Club members as part of a team of disc testers in 2018.

MEMBER DISCOUNTS: The members of the VIP Club now have permanent discounts on the Infinite Discs website for all of their disc purchases. Plus, no shipping is added on the discs purchased from the VIP Club Store section of the website (it is added normally for other, non-club discs). So, as long as the club member is logged in, they’ll get discounts on their orders, for as long as they remain a member of the club!


Let’s End With Some Photos

VIP Club members are currently part of a Facebook community where they love to exchange photos of discs, set up disc trades, and chat about the thing they love– disc golf. So, let’s wrap up with a gallery of photos as shared in the Facebook VIP Club group:

Yeah, we could go on, and on, and on, and on…

Become a VIP Club member HERE.

The Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket from DGA

DGA has always been a solid manufacturer in the portable basket market. Here at Infinite Discs, we have seen steady sales when it comes to the excellent, high-quality DGA Mach Lite collapsible basket which is very easy to set up, take down, and carry around when on the go. So it isn’t a surprise to see DGA push the envelope in their design and creativity for their newest portable basket, the MACH SHIFT.


The Mach Shift portable basket has three different catching positions:

  1. Standard Shift Position: This is the standard basket configuration with two rows of chains.
  2. Advanced Shift Position: All chains hang from the center 12-inch inner chain holder and the outer chain holder is removed, making a narrow practice basket.
  3. Pro Shift Position: For added challenge, the outer chain holder is removed and the chain assembly lowers using the telescoping pole, locking into the new , smaller position.

These three settings allow the player to use the basket in multiple ways, from standard play, or as a narrow putting practice basket (similar to the MVP Black Hole Precision, or the Dynamic Discs Marksman), or even as a “macro” basket for play with throwable mini discs like the Junior Judge or the Mini Buzzz. But you don’t need to buy multiple baskets for those different purposes– only one!

The Mach Shift also comes with high-quality, gunmetal grey, powder coated base, lower pole section, trapper basket, and outer chain assembly. The upper, retracting pole is weather resistant, silver zinc coated and the top inner chain holder band has a durable, powder coated finish in either blue or white. So it both looks good and is durable for long life, all for a price tag well under $200!

The Mach Shift will begin shipping in December of 2107, just in time for holiday gift-giving. It can be pre-ordered in advance to make sure that it arrives as soon as possible.

Halloween 2017 Special Edition Stamps

Whenever October arrives, we find a bunch of new stamps that have a more seasonal, Halloween flare. Let’s take a look at some of the discs that have hit the shelves at Infinite Discs for the 2017 Halloween season:


Infinite Discs likes to present some unique, fun stamps during October, and here are some that we’ve put together this year. First of all, there is the PLAGUE DOCTOR stamp, presented on popular disc models from both Innova and Trilogy (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside).

Infinite Discs also made a limited number of Spooky Sabertooth stamped discs only on Discmania models.

And of course, Halloween isn’t complete without something cool from MVP / Axiom / Streamline. This year Infinite Discs made a special run of 3-color Creepy Clown stamped discs on many of the most popular disc models. They are coming very soon.


Also for the fans of the popular Gateway putters, Infinite Discs also put together a super-spooky skull stamp on Wizards, Warlocks, Magic, and Voodoos.


Innova made use of their XXL stamping setup to release some really good-looking pumpkin discs in 2017 including the DX Glow Aviar and the Star RocX3. They also released a really cool bunch of Champion Dyed Beast drivers with stenciled Halloween shapes, like skulls, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and cats. The Beasts have already become hard to find.


Axiom has created some anticipation each year for their special Halloween disc, and this year they’ve introduced a great-looking 3-colored Owl stamp that will be a big hit for the collectors, on Plasma Envy discs.


Legacy likes to keep up a tradition of special Halloween stamps, and this year they’ve got a couple, including the Icon Ghost, the Icon Cannon, and the Icon Aftermath. Plus they’ve got Protege Ghosts with a wreath of ghosts stamped on the discs.


Discraft released the “Buzzzeyman” for Halloween 2017. You can the limited edition stamp on a Z Glo Buzzz, as well on a Z Glow Supercolor Mini Buzzz.



Discmania presented a special stamp this season on their most popular putter. This cool spider stamp is found on a limited edition Glow D-Line P2.


Prodigy presents a nice Halloween stamp on their PA-3 putters this year. You can get the stamp on either 400S plastic, or on Prodigy Glow plastic for your night rounds:


Let’s finish with a look at the Halloween Alpha from Mint Discs that is hitting the Infinite Discs store very soon:


The Joy of the Mystery Disc

There is a growing niche within the disc golf market that loves a pleasant surprise. This has become apparent with mystery boxes and mystery disc programs popping up from different retailers. Infinite Discs has been a leader in the mystery disc market and have now added a new program, alongside their longer-running programs that have grown over the last few years, like the Deals Box and the VIP Club

The Mystery Disc – Anytime You Want It!

Other disc sellers have joined the trend in selling mystery disc packages. One popular subscription program features a mystery disc plus mystery disc golf swag for $24.99 per month and has been received with open arms by hundreds of disc golf lovers who simply want to try something new without having to think about it. These usually aren’t custom stamped discs, yet still provide the element of surprise to the subscriber. The arrival of a monthly package in the mail is usually cause for excitement.

INFINITE DISCS is happy to introduce a way that customers can get a mystery disc anytime they want! This new program removes the subscription approach and is designed for those who simply want to try a new disc that is a complete surprise to them, but at an affordable price. Infinite Discs now has a Mystery Disc listed on the website, for those who want to buy one, or two, or more as part of their shopping trip. These are not necessarily custom stamped, or limited editions (though some mystery discs may have tournament or special stamps), but they are guaranteed to be premium plastic and high quality discs. Each Mystery Disc is only $12.

But here is an even easier way to get a mystery disc: If you just happen to be shopping the Infinite Discs website, you’ll also see an option during checkout that allows you to add a mystery disc to your package for only $12 extra, on top of your existing order. Plus, you can select to add mystery disc golf swag for another $8 in order to receive any item or combination of accessory items that amount to a value higher than $8. If you click to add one of each, then you’ll be paying only $20 for a mystery disc and mystery swag, and the best part is that you can do it whenever you want. If you don’t necessarily need a monthly surprise, then simply click to add a little mystery to your package every once in a while, when you’re in the mood. Don’t want to spend too much when you can’t afford to? Just be impulsive when you happen to have the extra money and you want a little surprise.

If you only want the mystery swag, which could include anything from a t-shirt in your specified size, a sportsack, towel, keychains, hats, etc. then you can just add it to your cart and check out.

Infinite Discs is always looking for ways to give our customers what they want at an affordable price, and in ways that are convenient to them.

Looking for Deals?

Infinite Discs has had the Deals Box as a product on our website for more than two years now, and it has steadily risen in demand. The boxes sell out quickly whenever a few more are added to inventory. At a price of $67.88, it’s a great deal considering that at least 6 of the 7 discs are guaranteed to be premium plastic blends (the putter can be a softer blend), with a mix of a putter, mid-ranges, plus both overstable and understable drivers. That’s less than $10 per disc. However, there is an element of surprise– either celebratory or disappointment when the box is opened, because the discs are a complete mystery to the buyer!

Some shoppers love the idea of trying out a bunch of randomly selected discs, even if a few are misprints or tournaments stamps, so they don’t really care what is inside the box. Other players are more selective in what they throw, so they run the risk of opening the box and finding discs that they don’t necessarily prefer or need. That’s the risk of a mystery box. But something keeps prompting shoppers to put these Deals Boxes in their cart. This product has remained the best-selling, non-specific disc product on the Infinite Discs website, and has sold far more than any other package set or disc golf starter set that we stock.

The VIP Club

In the spring of 2016, Infinite Discs launched its VIP Club, which is a subscription program that sends a unique, collectible, and completely unannounced disc to subscribers every month. Every month a shiny envelope arrives in the mail that contains a mystery disc. There are only enough discs made for the existing club members, making them instantly collectible and rare because the stamp design, and sometimes even the plastic blend, is unique for the club. Additional small items are usually thrown in the package with the disc, just for fun, like towels, minis, stickers, and other accessories. The opening of the shiny package each month is cause for great anticipation among VIP Club members who rush to post photos online and show-off their special editions. The support for the club has been wonderful, giving collectors and mystery disc lovers a monthly fix and something new to try from different disc makers.

However, the VIP Club isn’t for everybody. Some people really don’t want to spend $19.99 every month for the thrill of a mystery disc that may or may not be something they need. Yet still, there are club members who are very brand-specific in their tastes, but who subscribe because they know that their disc will most likely have a higher resale value than what they paid, when sold to somebody in the right collector market. Some subscribers are signed up for two each month, just because they want one to hang on the wall, and one to throw. Plus, VIP Club members have access to the VIP Club Store which features other uniquely stamped discs from time to time.

All of these programs and products are designed for those players and disc collectors who love the thrill of the unexpected.

The New “Macro” or Throwable Mini Disc Craze

There is a very new trend within the disc golf market that I don’t believe many people saw coming. There has always been a small market for mini marker discs, since they are used in tournaments to mark a disc’s lie. There has been a collectible element to mini markers as well, since they have sentimental or stamp value when tied to a special event, or there are people who are fans of certain brands and want to collect related minis. Small, novelty baskets were made for mini markers and mini rounds have been played as a matter of entertainment novelty.

But now, with the hugely successful release of the Mini Buzzz in 2016, the “macro” trend has lifted into high gear. Players are loving larger mini discs that are made to throw at respectable distances, rather than just marking a lie.

Discraft was the innovator with the Mini Buzzz, a smaller replica mold of the popular mid-range disc. It was initially released in Elite Z plastic with the same stamp design as the regular-sized Elite Z Buzzz, including the misleading text “PDGA Approved” (which obviously, the mini Buzzz itself is not PDGA approved). The Mini Buzzz has since been released in other plastics, including with the Big Z design, a limited Jawbreaker edition, limited Z Dyed Ledgestone edition, and a full-color Supercolor edition. Mostly collectors and Buzzz fans snagged the first run, which became very valuable very quickly. But almost immediately the word got out that they actually fly very well, with some players throwing them consistently over 200 feet and even up to 300 feet. In fact, one of our Infinite Discs associates managed to hit a 250 foot ace on one of his first Mini Buzzz throws. Demand soared, almost faster than Discraft could keep up for the first few months.

Since the Mini Buzzz, Discraft has pushed relentlessly to release new, throwable, miniature versions of their other popular molds. One of the hottest discs in the next wave was the Mini Nuke because of its sharp-edged design and overstability, making it easy to throw for impressive, high-speed distances. The Mini Undertaker was much more understable and difficult to launch at high speeds. The Mini Challenger was Discraft’s first macro putter, released in Jawbreaker plastic.

The third wave of Discraft macro’s included another distance driver, the Mini Crank, plus a marco version of their easy-throw mid-range, the Mini Comet, and another Jawbreaker plastic putter with the flat-topped Mini Zone.

With the success of Discraft’s Mini Buzzz, it wasn’t long before other brands jumped on the bandwagon, including Dynamic Discs with their introductory Junior Judge.  The macro putter was released in their soft plastic, Prime, as well as in their premium durable plastic, Lucid. The mini was introduced at the 2017 Glass Blown Open tournament and received a warm welcome by fans of Dynamic Discs. The brand has since followed up with another miniature replication of their top-selling mid-range mold, the Emac Truth Jr. It remains to be seen if Dynamic Discs, or other Trilogy brands, Westside Discs and Latitude 64, will continue to produce these small versions of their popular disc molds. Will there be a Sheriff Jr, Compass Jr, Saint Jr, or Harp Jr?

MVP is another brand that tested the macro market by introducing their Macro Tesla. This was the first such disc with an overmold design, using MVP’s trademark Gyro technology. It is a great flyer, and sold wonderfully to MVP collectors upon its release. The quick sales are also due to MVP’s knack for catering to their brand’s fan base with limited edition stamps. The first release of the Macro Tesla was on Neutron plastic, and the limited edition stamp became an instant collector piece. The Proton plastic edition soon followed, again with another limited edition stamp which flew off the shelves of disc retailers. It remains to be seen if MVP / Axiom will continue to push the limits of the macro disc market.

While both Dynamic Discs and MVP have touched upon the macro disc market, they haven’t attacked it with the vigor of Discraft. Until it comes to baskets. Both brands were quick to introduce baskets that are appropriately sized for the new mini disc craze. MVP put out the Black Hole Macro which stands at 39 inches tall, with an 18-inch diameter. It is approximately 3/4 size of a regular Black Hole basket. With almost a $100 price tag, a player must be committed to the trend to want a special basket. Dynamic Discs also released the Junior Recruit basket, which is just under three feet tall and has the 18-inch diameter. With a price tag of $125, it is a sturdy, but expensive novelty basket.

Will such baskets begin to be used on a regular basis along with these larger mini discs? Or will they be an expensive investment into a passing trend? Will macro tournaments catch on over time, or continue to be a very small part of the disc golf novelty market? There is a lot that is still unknown about the craze.

A couple of other brands have had small versions of actual disc molds, including the Innova Sonic Jr, which is smaller and lighter than the other throwable minis, making it less useful in terms of game play. Their Sonic isn’t one of their most popular molds to begin with. Innova is yet to commit any serious effort or resources to the trend. There is also the Lil Wizard by Gateway which is larger than the other macro discs, but still smaller than the very popular Wizard putter. It is produced only in small runs, so it can be a bit difficult to find.

Like any trend, time will tell if more disc makers will consider this a real, long-term market. It takes financial commitment to invest in the small molds and add the new products into the marketing system. If the trend dies after a short life, then it would seem like wasted resources. But one thing is for sure– Discraft believed that there was money to be made, so they embraced it quickly and have been the leader so far. They also have introduced a new, Micro-Mini Buzzz, going to the even smaller side of the spectrum to see if there is anything to be done with a mini that is small enough to be a lid for a soda or beer can. At least with that product introduction, the cost can’t be very high. How much does it really cost to make a disc that is only 7 centimeters wide and takes only 17 grams of plastic material? With a retail price of $3.99 it is undoubtedly a profitable venture if it catches on. As with most product introductions, time will tell.


A Year of Fun Stamps from Infinite Discs

About a year ago, Infinite Discs decided to improve our selection of discs for our customers by adding some unique and diverse stamp designs. The new stamps could be presented across a number of different brands, or limited to a single brand or even a single mold. After all, we do believe, as a core part of our company philosophy, that a large and diverse selection of discs is best for disc golf shoppers.

One Year of the Infinite Bomber

One of the first stamp images that we presented was the “Infinite Bomber” which is a simple, logo-style image of a bomb with wings. Now, a year later, the Infinite Bomber lives on as a regular part of our disc inventory, and it has also been presented in a few different versions through the year (Blitzkrieg stamp, Atom Bomb Stamp, etc.). To celebrate an entire year of that stamp design, we’ve just released a pair of trucker hats for players who like the Infinite Bomb.

The hats are manufactured by a leading sport hat brand called Headsweats, and they’re comfortable, flex-fit hats for using out on the course. These limited edition hats can be ordered from Infinite Discs HERE. There is a white-and-black version with a colored bomb, and an all-black hat with a grey bomb.


The Monster and the Aztec

One of the next big stamps for Infinite Discs was the Monster, which was released for Halloween of 2016 featuring a three-headed beast. This stamp was limited to a few disc models from Innova and Discmania and was only a one-time run of about 300 discs. A few stayed in the vast disc inventory at Infinite Discs for a few months before eventually selling out.

To kick off the 2017 year, Infinite Discs presented two stamp designs after a dispute among company employees. The younger employees generally believed that a stamp design featuring a tough, gun-toting cat would be very well received, given the popularity of cats online and in other markets. However, the older guys believed that an ancient Aztec design would be more popular. Thus, 300 discs were stamped with each design. The disc models and quantities were exactly matched, using Innova as the brand testing ground. Whichever stamp sold the fastest and the most in a month’s time would continue on as a regular Infinite Discs stamp design.

The contest was presented to our customers as “stamp wars” and a couple of Facebook fan pages were created where people could proudly display photos of their newly acquired discs. Though the contest was close at first, the Aztec stamp eventually took off and left the Tommy Cat stamp in the dust. Thus the Tommy Cat was abandoned (all discs eventually selling out, not to be seen again), while the Aztec stamp moved on to other disc brands like Dynamic Discs, Discmania, Latitude 64, Westside, and more. It has since been restocked on some brands and will be a regular part of the Infinite Discs selection for the foreseeable future.

Limited Edition Stamps

Along with the new year came announcements of new discs. Three of the first to be announced by Trilogy were the Dynamic Discs Sheriff, the Latitude 64 Gladiator, and the Latitude 64 Anchor. With two new distance drivers and an overstable mid-range in the mix, Infinite Discs decided to try a limited edition stamp which would be unique for each. Using the names of the discs as inspiration, three stamps were designed for the three discs. The Sheriff turned out to be the hottest selling of the three, and though it had the largest number of discs made with the stamp (250 total), it was the limited edition that became the most sought-after. The Gladiator limited edition had 150 stamped discs, some of which are still available. And then the Anchor had only 100 limited edition stamped discs featuring the only female character of the three discs– a woman disc golfer holding…well…an anchor.

Other single-mold stamps followed and were received well, including discs like the Dynamic Discs Slammer, Streamline Pilot, Streamline Trace, and very recently the Axiom Mayhem. Others are planned to be released as new discs hit the market, again focusing on fun and interesting stamp designs.

Most of the Infinite Discs stamp designs so far have come through the hard work of a talented artist who uses the online name of NEOmi-triX. The same artist helped to design several stamps for the Infinite Discs VIP Club, which is a subscription service that presents a limited edition stamped disc each month to the disc enthusiasts who subscribe. Most of the VIP Club discs have already become popular collectors pieces, as well as favorites in the bags of many subscribers who choose to throw their limited edition discs.

Sprucing Up Vibram

Vibram’s disc golf branch is a unique disc manufacturer because all of their models are made with rubber rather than plastic. Their discs are high quality in both material and performance. Fans of Vibram are very loyal and dedicated.

However, one thing that disc golfers will immediately notice about Vibram discs is that they do not feature traditional stamps. They are generally “blank” with only an embossed disc name and the Vibram logo. While that clean presentation is a plus for many players, it is also a missing element for other disc enthusiasts who like to have a little more personality and flair with their discs. One of Infinite Disc’s new 2017 efforts in increasing variety and selection is to add some unique images to Vibram’s great discs. So far, fans have been able to collect and throw Vibram discs with full-color Aztec variations, as well as with a really cool Medusa art image, and a new volcano graphic. More designs are planned in the future to spruce up Vibram discs for those who want to try the brand.

Infinite Discs plans to continue approaching different brands and working together on our mission to create an infinite supply of infinite disc choices. The journey will continue through 2017 and beyond!


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