Disc Golf Sales Trends by Brand

Infinite Discs has officially completed four full years of business. A lot has changed in the disc golf world since we got started at the end of 2012. I thought it would be fun to put together some numbers that show the amount of inventory we’ve purchased from each manufacturer to see how disc preferences have changed.

Note that in 2013, we were a very small online retailer that did approximately one tenth of the business we did in 2016. The graphs and numbers in this chart are in no ways an indication of the overall success or popularity of individual disc brands. These figures simply demonstrate the popularity exclusively from InfiniteDiscs.com. The total volume of sales when demonstrated as a percentage makes it appear that some disc manufacturers are declining, when in reality, our total purchases from all the major manufacturers have increased every year.

Percentage of Sales by Year


Innova has always been the dominating brand for disc golf sales at Infinite Discs, as you can see by the steady blue line at or above 30% of sales. Discraft took up the second-most shelf space in our warehouse, but accounted for significantly less sales at 11.15%. As the hot new thing, Prodigy and Vibram actually accounted for more sales than did Discraft. With many of the top pros switching to Prodigy, everybody needed to try their discs. All the new Prodigy releases flew off our shelves. The Vibram Lace was our most consistent seller throughout the year. In 2013, we purchased “Trilogy” discs directly from Latitude 64 in Sweden. At that time, Dynamic Discs was primarily a retailer, and had just begun manufacturing their own line of discs. MVP was still a rather new company and only offered a handful of disc models.


In 2014 you can see the rapid rise of Trilogy and MVP plastic. At this point, Dynamic Discs became a major distributor and Trilogy discs became more mainstream. MVP introduced their first distance drivers as well as their secondary brand Axiom. Dynamic and MVP sales increased at such a rapid rate that Prodigy and Vibram sales accounted for a substantially smaller percentage of sales than the previous year.


2015 sales follow a similar path as 2014. Trilogy and MVP sales continued to take a bigger share of the pie while Prodigy and several smaller brands became less significant in terms of sales. Dynamic disc sales especially rose with the popularity of their increasing line of disc golf bags. 2015 Vibram sales flat-lined while Legacy Discs started to see a small bump in percentage points with the release of the popular selling Outlaw. Discraft purchases were fairly steady, in large part due to the massive number of Ledgestone Insurance Open Discs introduced.


Last year our biggest increase in percentage of sales came from Discmania. Because previous years Discmania purchases had always been made directly through Innova, these sales are still lumped in the same category. Discmania’s rise in popularity was at the expense of Trilogy, MVP and Discraft. Prodigy saw a slight bump last year, in large part because of the popularity of their inexpensive BP3 and Practice bags.

What will 2017 hold?

The one thing we know for sure is that disc golf will continue to grow and that it’s a great time to be in the industry. There will continue to be new discs and improvements that will help us enjoy the game even more. Innova and Trilogy may be the primary providers of the discs we throw, but you never know if someone, or something, might come along that will alter our disc preferences. We know by experience that one thing is true– most players never tire of exploring new discs!

Best Disc Golf Putter?

Best Frisbee Golf Putter. Gateway WizardWithout question, the best way to improve your score in a round of disc golf is to make putts. With more than 100 different putt and approach discs on the market, choosing the right putter can be overwhelming.

We understand that there is no putter which will be the best for everyone, and that this debate can never be fully settled. After all, we all have different styles and preferences. In an effort to help you determine which putt and approach discs are superior, we ask for your opinion, “What is the best putter for disc golf?” Please leave your comments to share what you love about your favorite putter.

For your consideration, here are the 10 top-selling putters in 2016 at Infinite Discs:

  1. Dynamic Discs JUDGE
  2. Gateway WIZARD
  3. Innova AVIAR
  4. Westside HARP (popular approach/ driving putter)
  5. Discmania P2 “Psycho”
  6. Latitude 64 PURE
  7.  Dynamic Discs WARDEN
  8. Innova NOVA (popular approach/driving putter)
  9. Latitude 64 DAGGER
  10. Discraft ZONE (popular approach/driving putter)

Two putters that made a splash and gained momentum from smaller brands were the Reptilian Discs Scale (overstable putter) and the Plastic Addicts Habit (an over-sized putter).

Christmas Ideas for Disc Golfers

Christmas is just around the corner. Golf discs make great, affordable, Christmas presents. Disc golfers love trying different discs and gadgets that make their disc golf experience more enjoyable.

Here are a few ideas to help the non-disc golfer choose a winning gift for the avid disc golfer.

New Disc Golf Discs

Disc golfers love trying new discs. But with hundreds of different options to choose from, how do you know which Frisbee to choose? Here are a few of the hottest selling new releases of 2016.

Distance Bombers

Newer technology and disc mold innovations continue to make disc golf technology better. There have been plenty of new discs released this year that flat out fly farther than discs of the past. Here are a few to consider.

Discmania DDX – The Discmania DDX has been one of the most hyped up drivers ever. This disc is very similar to the Innova Destroyer which is the most popular distance driver currently on the market.

Westside Destiny – Every disc golfer wants more driving distance. The Westside Destiny is ultra fast and glides forever. There is a good chance your loved one will set a new distance record with the Destiny, and they will thank you every day because it was you who so thoughtfully bought one for them.

MVP Catalyst – The Catalyst uses multi weighted Gyro technology to produce a unique disc flight. The most popular of these Gyro distance bombers released this year is the MVP Catalyst.

Discraft Thrasher – Unlike many of the other major brands, Discraft doesn’t release a lot of new molds, but when they do, they are usually excellent. The Thrasher fits that mold. This is another distance bomber that is the perfect stability for max distance for the Intermediate Disc Golfer.

Great Discs for New Disc Golfers

Until a player develops adequate form, snap, and arm speed, distance drivers like those listed above won’t necessarily provide more distance, and will likely provide more frustration. For a newer player, consider one of these new discs.

DGA SailThe DGA Sail is effortlessly controllable. This disc drives very well and stays incredibly straight for a frisbee golf driver.

Vibram Onyx – For new disc golfers the Onyx has been described as a game changer. This disc is very easy to control and gets newer disc golfers more distance than just about any other disc.

Collectible Discs

In the disc golf world, discs aren’t only thrown, but they are also used as wall hangers for their artistic beauty. Limited disc runs are manufactured with unique designs and stamps and many become valuable collectors items. If you’re looking for a collector discs, here are some options to consider:

DSC06043Discraft Buzzz GT – The Buzzz is the most popular midrange disc on the market. The Bangar Groove Top (GT) is one of Discrafts most popular putt and approach discs.

As the official vendor of the 2016 Ledgestone Insurance Open, we were able to have a limited run of 500 of Groove Top Buzzes made. You might love the way the groove top feels, but if not there is no doubt that this disc is a thing of beauty.

blitzkriegbombercloseUnique Infinite Stamp Discs – Infinite Discs released a limited number of bomber stamp discs in 2016 including the MVP Blitzkrieg stamp. Find your disc golfers favorite disc and get them one just like it with a unique Infinite Stamp. To search these discs,

To search specifically for uniquely stamped discs, use our Advanced search.

Simply select “Extras” then stamp type you are looking for.


Infinite VIP Club

If you want to spoil your disc golfer with an entire years worth of new and collectible discs, then sign them up for the VIP club. On December 12th, 100 additional spots in the club will be made available for new members.

Lots of Discs for Cheap

If you like value, where you get more bang for your buck, consider an Infinite Deals Box. This is the perfect sampler package for disc golfers of all skill levels. Each mystery box includes a combination of discs from collectibles to misprints. Each box is carefully selected to include discs with a variety of different flight types and discs from multiple manufacturers. If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, this is the perfect, inexpensive, way to delve into a new spectrum of disc and plastic types. With an Infinite Deals box the average cost of each premium plastic disc is about half the normal MSRP, and your average cost per disc is less than $10 each!

Multiple PuttersIMG_4953_2

Every disc golfer I have ever met wants to improve their putting game. Improved putting comes through practice, and the easiest way to practice is to have multiple putters of the same plastic and weight. Figure out what putter your disc golfer is using, and buy them 6-10 more. A handy way to get lots of putters at once is with an Infinite Discs Putter pack.

Disc Golf Accessories

Disc Retrievers

Disc Golf Retrieval DeviceIf your disc golfer regularly plays courses with water hazards, a disc retriever is a must have.  The Golden Retriever will help him rescue his most favorite discs. This ingenious device makes it easy to fish discs out of the water. It’s small, light weight, and effective.

For fishing out of streams and running bodies of water, the Disc Gator is the retrieving device of choice. The easy collapsing tent pole extends about 12 feet making it quick and easy to get your disc out of water or tall trees.

Disc Golf Bags

If your disc golfer owns multiple discs, but doesn’t carry a bag, or uses something that wasn’t designed for disc golf, a small bag will make a great gift. The Infinite Discs starter bag offers the best value on the market and has a large variety of colors to choose from.

For the disc golfer who has a small bag, but is now really getting into the sport (acquiring lots of discs, playing in organized events etc.), a larger bag ($30 – $80) or disc golf backpack ($70-$220) is an ideal Christmas gift. From a disc golfers perspective, there is something very satisfying about being able to carry enough discs to satisfy any shot you might face.

The hottest trend for the serious tournament playing disc golfer right now is a disc golf cart.  These things aren’t cheap, but there is no better way to show your disc golfer you really care about them than by gifting them a cart that will allow them to carry around 30+ discs without breaking their back.

For a tournament playing disc golfer, the cart allows disc golfers to bring everything they need for a serious round of disc golf including a sweatshirt, jacket, umbrella, disc retrievers, backup discs, backups of the backups, large water bottles, and best of all it provides a comfortable seat anywhere on the course.

Disc Golf Basket

For that extra special someone, a portable disc golf basket is a great gift that will really get them excited. Portable baskets are ideal to help improve putting, and for setting up temporary disc golf courses. My recommended portable disc golf basket is the DGA Mach Lite.

Special Halloween Edition Stamps and Monsters for 2016

The trend of releasing special holiday edition discs with special stamps is growing in the disc golf market. Let’s take a look at the discs that have been released to celebrate Halloween in 2016.

halloween_buzzzOne of the most hotly anticipated Halloween discs of the year is the Z Glo Buzzz a stamp featuring the traditional Buzzz Bee mashed-up with the iconic Freddy Krueger.  The glow plastic is perfect for the shorter, darker days that come this time of year.

vanishAnother very popular disc that is already hard to find is the Vanish by Axiom Discs with the awesome, three-foil stamped spider. There were a few extra-limited editions with color variations which already sell for high prices on the internet to collectors.

nemesisLegacy Discs also put out their 2016 Halloween stamp which you can get on a Bandit, Rampage, or a Nemesis disc.  The foil stamps come in a variety of colors, from solids to some of the more flashy foils.

teebirdInnova stuck with a more traditional Halloween look by using primarily orange and black discs, available with Firebirds, Rocs, TeeBirds, and Aviars. There are black, white, or orange stamps on the discs featuring a skull and disc golf basket with bat wings.

At Infinite Discs, we’re most excited about our October special edition stamp that looks awesome in your bag all year, even beyond Halloween. We call it the “Infinite Monster” and it is featured on almost all of the most popular Innova disc models, as well as a few Discmania disc models, with many color combinations to suit your tastes. Here is a look at the Infinite Discs three-headed monster created by our VIP Club artist, NEOmi-trix.

monster-stamp monsterstamp_smaller_jpg

Here is a quick tutorial on how to search remaining Halloween stamps, as well as other special edition stamps on Infinite Disc’s website:

1 – Use the Advanced Disc Search feature near the top of the page.
2 – Check-mark the box next to the word “Extras”
3 – Scroll down the resulting list until you see and check-mark the box next to “Holiday Edition”, or check-mark next to “Infinite Discs Monster” or any other special stamp you want to search.
4 – Click the “View Individual Discs” button and scroll through the resulting pages of disc images, which you can click to purchase.advancedsearch

Happy Halloween!



The New Infinite Disc Golf App Is Now Available

Infinite Discs is very happy to announce that the new INFINITE DISC GOLF app is now available for download through the Google Play Store for Android users!

This multi-purpose disc golf app ties together many wonderful features, including course searches, course reviews, game scoring, round and player rankings, and personal statistics to track your progress. Pull out your phone and create a profile, or log in with your existing Infinite Discs or Infinite Courses website profile to start tracking your own player progress. Everything you enter on the app is available at your fingertips on your PC as you comb through your putting averages, course averages, green hit percentages, and more. See how you compare to other players and watch your rating fluctuate as you continue using the app.

Jump from the app directly into the Infinite Discs disc golf superstore with a single click to search and order your favorite discs!

Visit InfiniteDiscGolf.com for more information!

Coming Soon for iPhone!

The Buzzz GT – Exclusive Infinite Discs Cryztal Edition

Let’s talk a bit about the Buzzz GT

Nobody can deny that there are a plethora of disc golf discs available. There are discs manufactured for every possible throw in every possible course condition. Some discs vanish into the misty background of history as other, newer molds take their place and dominate the spotlight for a while. Players and disc enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough. Do most of us really need new discs, or do we merely strive to convince ourselves of the necessity?

Some discs hold a strong place in the game for many years, managing to stay in player bags, fortifying their reputation as disc golf staples. They manage not to be replaced or discontinued due to their ongoing popularity. The Buzzz by Discraft has been one of those discs that has held a strong reputation as the best-known and best-selling mid-range disc on the market. It has been produced in many plastic types since it was PDGA approved on September 30th, 2003. It has inspired the more understable version in the Buzzz SS which was PDGA approved on February 21st, 2008, and the more recent overstable Buzzz OS which was PDGA approved on July 19th, 2014.

Another disc manufactured by Discraft is the Banger-GT putter, which is a unique putter which introduced a “groove track” on the top of the disc which gives it an interesting feel and grip. The thumb rests inside the indentation that encircles the disc. The Banger-GT was PDGA approved on October 31st, 2005, only a couple of years after the Buzzz, but has really only enjoyed a cult following among players, rather than the massive fame of the Buzzz.

Somewhere along the line, Discraft decided to combine the Buzzz disc with the unique “groove track” of the Banger-GT to create the Buzzz-GT. The history of the Buzzz-GT is a little bit fuzzy but it didn’t remain in regular production at Discraft. Oddly, old website pages can be found declaring that the disc was discontinued in December of 2007, yet the PDGA shows the Buzzz-GT as being approved on February 21st, 2008, the same day as the Buzzz SS.

Regardless of how long it stayed in production and when it was approved, the number of Buzzz-GT discs in the market diminished quickly and it became a hard disc to find. Fans and collectors found themselves paying high prices on EBay for the rare groove track mid-range. Yet Buzzz-GT discs showed up from time to time as special event discs, pulled out of the archives as a sort of novelty.

DSC06043Now, as part of the 2016 Ledgestone Insurance Open series of special edition discs, Infinite Discs arranged to bring back a limited edition manufacturing run of Buzzz-GT’s in Discraft’s Cryztal Plastic. Now the groove track can be found on a Buzzz once again for those who want to try out the disc’s unique feel.  They are available in blue, yellow, green and pink with that beautiful, translucent look and an exclusive stamp design.



2016 Disc Golf Pro Tour Products


The first ever Disc Golf Pro Tour is rolling! And we here at Infinite Discs are happy to be a part of it. Steve Dodge and his team are working hard to make this tour something special that will help grow this sport that we all love.

Just last week we added some exclusive Disc Golf Pro Tour Products to our store inventory. These products include discs, apparel, and some really cool cups!

DGPT Silipint Cups

Cups may seem like a silly promotional gag product for an event like the DGPT, but these cups are actually pretty nice. These super durable and rubbery cups are made by Silipint. They are microwave and dishwasher safe, and can even be used on cooking grills.

DGPT FlexFit Hats


We only got a handful of these classy DGPT FlexFit Hats, so if you want one, grab it now. These are available in a few sizes and only in black or gray.

DGPT Sport T-Shirts

DGPT Shirt

100% Polyester and 100% awesome shirt for playing disc golf in. These shirts are lightweight and very soft. Again, we only got a handful in so grab one right away if you want one!

DGPT Discs

Vibram–No surprises here. Steve Dodge and Vibram have thrown together these classy runs of the Lace, O-Lace, and Un-Lace for the DGPT!
 DGPT Lace
Prodigy–Already a hot new product, the A3 in Prodigy Glow plastic with a two color stamp is especially exciting!
Discraft–A Super Color Buzzz from Discraft seems more than fitting for this “super” awesome series of disc golf events!
 DGPT Buzzz
Legacy–We got quite a few molds in Legacy’s Legend plastic for the DGPT, but only about 1 or 2 of each! The molds include the Cannon, Hunter, Nemesis, Outlaw, and Prowler.
 DGPT Nemesis
DareDevil Discs– Still one of the smaller companies in disc golf, this awesome Canadian manufacturer has hooked it up with this special edition of the Great Horned Owl.
 DGPT Great Horned Owl
DGA–The DGA Sail has been the hottest new release from DGA that we have seen in a while, so we were exdited to see special SP Line Sails for the DGPT!
 DGPT Sail

Newest 2016 Ledgestone Insurance Open Discs–July 2016

With the 2016 Ledgestone Insurance Open coming up next month, we are beyond excited here at Infinite Discs. We had a blast with last year’s event, and we are pumped to get back out there and be the official vendors of this year’s event.

I just updated our master list of this year’s Limited Edition Discraft LIO discs, but here is a look at the latest discs we got in that are now for sale on our site. Tournament Director Nate Heinold has made it very clear to us that this year’s LIO Discs are much more limited than the runs they did last year. Nate even told us just how many some of these molds were made worldwide:

Soft X Glo RoachX Soft Glo Roach

Glo UndertakerZ Glo Undertaker

St Jude's BuzzzSt Jude Z Sparkle Buzzz

Glo Flag Dye Buzzz OSZ Glo Flag Dye Buzzz OS

Ledgestone Ti BuzzzTitanium Buzzz Big Bee Stamp (Only 300 Worldwide!)

Ledgestone Cryztal BuzzzCryZtal Buzzz (Only 150 Worldwide!)

Ledgestone Z Glo BuzzzZ Glo Buzzz (Only 100 Worldwide!)

Ledgestone Z BuzzzElite Z Buzzz (Only 150 Worldwide!)

Ledgestone Cryztal Buzzz OSCryztal Buzzz OS (Only 150 Worldwide!)

Ledgestone Ti Buzzz SSTitanium Buzzz SS (Only 350 Worldwide!)

Ledgestone Ti RoachTitanium Roach (Only 300 Worldwide!)

Ledgestone Ti UndertakerTitanium Undertaker (Only 100 Worldwide!)

Ledgestone Z ZoneElite Z Zone (Only 400 Worldwide!)

There you have it! We only have one more Ledgestone Insurance Open disc that we will be getting in, and that is our very special Infinite Discs Edition LIO disc. Discraft gave us the opportunity to create our own special edition Discraft disc.

I can’t say much about this disc yet, but I will drop this two letter hint that may create some Buzzz:


More info to come soon!

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