Top Selling Discs–Q1 of 2018

Well, the weather is warming up! Disc golf season is (finally) here! It is time to look back on the first quarter of 2018 and discuss the best selling discs. This was the long and cold offseason, which is often the collector’s disc buying season, and I think these results show that a bit. You will notice that most of the discs that moved up the charts had a limited edition or tour fundraiser edition released during the first three months of the year. As always, we also have some new releases that climbed into these charts. So let’s take a look!


Top 10 Overall

  1. Discmania P2 Psycho
  2. Innova Destroyer
  3. Innova Firebird
  4. Discraft Buzzz
  5. Innova Aviar
  6. Innova Shryke
  7. Dynamic Discs Judge
  8. Discmania FD Jackal
  9. Innova TeeBird
  10. Innova Wraith

Last quarter the Discmania P2 made Infinite Discs history by knocking off the Innova Destroyer as the top selling disc for the first time ever, and it held its ground at the top spot. The top three discs here are the same, but after that we see a pretty good mix up. TheDiscraft Buzzz, which was a long time number 2 on this list before dropping quite a bit over the last year or two, jumped up 4 spots to come in at number 4 this quarter. Also three discs made it into the overall top 10 that weren’t there last quarter–Innova ShrykeDynamic Discs Judge, and Discmania FD. The FD is also making its debut on the top 10 overall.

Top Distance Drivers

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Innova Firebird
  3. Innova Shryke
  4. Innova Wraith
  5. Innova Valkyrie
  6. Discmania PD Freak
  7. Innova Boss
  8. Streamline Trace
  9. Discmania PD2
  10. Innova Tern
  11. Vibram Lace

So the top half of this chart looks like business as usual, with only two discs swapping placements since last quarter, but the next five spots shook up quite a bit. We have two Discmania discs cracking into the top 10 for the first time, the PD Freak at number 6 and the PD2 at number 9. The Streamline Trace finished in 8th making it into the top 10 for the first time since Streamline Discs‘ initial release. I mentioned that special releases and runs impacted our charts, and we see that here as the Plasma Trace was released this quarter including the very popular “Trace of Hearts” stamp. However, the two Discmania discs did not have a special release this quarter, which I will discuss more later in this post. Also an honorable mention–The Vibram Lace finished 11th. Vibram announced that they will no longer be manufacturing discs in February, so we have seen their sales increase since that time.

Top Control/Fairway Drivers

  1. Discmania FD Jackal
  2. Innova Teebird
  3. Innova Thunderbird
  4. Infinite Discs Exodus
  5. Innova TeeBird3
  6. Innova Leopard3
  7. Innova Leopard
  8. Latitude 64 Explorer
  9. Innova Roadrunner
  10. Latitude 64 River

There were a few notable surprises in the Control Drivers this quarter. The Discmania FD jumped up 5 spots to be the top selling Control Driver for the first time ever. We also have two new release discs that jumped into the top 10, Infinite Discs Exodus and Latitude 64 Explorer. As you probably already know if you are reading this article, Infinite Discs partnered with Innova in 2018 to release our own lineup of discs. The first disc released in this collaboration was the Exodus. Some might be surprised to see how high the Exodus climbed in its initial release, but just keep in mind that we are the only place you can buy an Exodus, unlike the rest of the Control Drivers we sell (but, I mean, if you only buy them from us, we won’t complain! :)).

Top Midrange Discs

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Roc3
  3. Innova Mako3
  4. Innova Roc
  5. Discmania MD3
  6. Hyzerbomb Mortar
  7. Innova Rat
  8. Dynamic Discs EMac Truth
  9. Innova Gator
  10. Infinite Discs Chariot

Not a lot of excitement for the Midrange Discs this quarter. The top 3 discs stayed the same. The biggest climb up the chart came from another Discmania mold, the MD3. We also have two new releases here, the Innova Rat and the Infinite Discs Chariot which was the second Infinite Discs mold released this year.

Top Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Discmania P2 Psycho
  2. Innova Aviar
  3. Dynamic Discs Judge
  4. Gateway Wizard
  5. Westside Harp
  6. Dynamic Discs Warden
  7. Axiom Envy
  8. Innova Nova
  9. Latitude 64 Pure
  10. Dynamic Discs Deputy

While there was some movement in the placing, this quarter’s chart actually has the exact same 10 putters as last quarter’s. If my memory is right, that is the first time that has ever happened for any category. The Dynamic Discs Judge climbed up 3 spots to be the third best selling putter. This is noteworthy because though the Judge has been a consistent name on this chart, it has slipped a bit over the last year or so. 3rd is the highest we have seen the Judge for a while, so it will be interesting to see if it will hold or even climb higher in the future.

And there you have it? Any surprises? I’d say what surprised me most was how well the Discmania molds performed. Unlike several of the molds throughout this post, We didn’t have any special releases from Discmania this quarter. So what changed? I think we could attribute this spike in sales to the performance of Team Discmania members in the first two big tournaments of the year. Eagle McMahon won the Las Vegas Challenge, and then Simon Lizotte won the Memorial Championship the very next weekend. Whether this influenced sales or not, I am curious to see if these molds will hold their ground moving forward. What do you think? Anything I missed? Leave us a comment and let us know!


The Race is On for 2018 Best-Selling Discs

When it comes to best-selling discs, we’re going to keep you posted as the 2018 year progresses. It is still early in the year, at this point, with only the winter months in play. However, we can already see which discs are taking a significant lead. We expect sales at Infinite Discs to speed up dramatically with the coming of spring, and that may shake up the sales figures. Upcoming new disc releases will also play into the ongoing tally.


#1 – Discmania P2

The P2 Putter picked up a lot of momentum throughout 2017 and that has continued into the new 2018 sales year. So far, Infinite Discs has been able to better keep up with the high demand as Discmania has beefed-up production for the P2. Plus, the 2018 tour support edition of the C-Line P2 for Simon Lizotte (called the “Sky God”) gave the sales an extra boost.

We expect to see the momentum with the P2 continue through the spring as many players begin stocking up on their favorite putters for the new, warmer disc golf season. After all, when it is time to start perfecting your putting skills, it helps to have more than just one or two.

#2 – Innova DESTROYER

The Destroyer distance driver has held the top spot for a long time when it comes to sales at Infinite Discs. But at the moment, it has fallen to 2nd place behind the P2. The top two discs are still in a close sprint, but well ahead of the next discs in line. As the tournament season accelerates, we fully expect to see the release of some signature editions that will increase the Destroyer sales even more. Last year there were a couple of very popular signature editions, including the Swirly Star Philo Brathwaite edition and the Splatter Star Steve Brinster edition. Regardless of what editions come out, we fully expect the Destroyer to keep a strong foothold in the top three or four all year long.

#3 – Innova AVIAR

The Aviar is the most popular Innova brand putter, by far. So far in 2018 it is taking up third place in the best-seller race. But just to clarify how far ahead the top two discs are, the Aviar has sold 1/3 the number of discs as the 2nd place Destroyer. So, there is a large void between those two leaders and all the discs that are chasing.

If 2018 is anything like 2017 then the sales for the Aviar will take a huge jump once this year’s McPro edition is released. Everybody is waiting to see what this year’s Paul McBeth tour support edition will look like, and it will likely become the best-selling edition of the Aviar once it hits the market.

#4 – Innova SHRYKE

The Shryke is the most popular newcomer when it comes to Innova drivers. It quickly sprang into popularity as a high-speed distance driver that can be handled by a wide range of players, from relatively new players to experienced players. With a little bit of understability upon release, the Shryke can fly in great s-curves, plus it has high glide for optimum distance results. For players who have trouble handling the often overstable flight of the Destroyer, a Shryke can fill the spot as a go-to for distance. This is a disc that has the potential to gain momentum as more and more players discover it and try it out, so we expect to see the Shryke stay within the top ten throughout 2018, even with a possible wave of new distance drivers hitting the market this year.

#5 – Infinite Discs EXODUS

The Exodus is the initial disc released in the new Infinite Discs line. Manufactured by Innova, the Infinite Disc branded discs will have a familiar feel while adding some quality molds to the market. It was perhaps expected that the Exodus would jump to the top of disc sales at Infinite Discs because the initial launch of the entire brand is only available through the Infinite Discs store. The max weight discs sold out within a couple of weeks of the first run release, leaving only low weights in the inventory until a second run is released (we do not yet know when that 2nd run will become available). So, as supply diminishes, the sales numbers will likely drop. With the very positive response to the flight characteristics of the Exodus, we expect to see the sales figures spike once another run is available to order. As a fairway driver that can handle torque, it is a great disc that fits a crossover position, straddling the line between control driver and distance driver. It is another disc that can find a solid place in the bag of players at all levels.

Putter Wars 2017 Finale – The Best Selling Putters

We’ve been tracking putters sales all through the year 2017, curious to see which would rise to the top by the end of the year. The early lead by the Discmania P2 simply gained momentum as the year went on. The results are in, and these are the top 20 best-selling putt-and-approach discs at INFINITE DISCS.


#1 Discmania P2
#2 Innova AVIAR
#3 Dynamic Discs JUDGE
#4 Innova NOVA
#5 Gateway WIZARD
#6 Westside HARP
#7 Latitude 64 PURE
#8 Axiom ENVY
#9 Dynamic Discs WARDEN
#10 Innova AVIAR3
#11 Latitude 64 DAGGER
#13 Streamline PILOT
#14 Discraft ZONE
#16 Innova KC PRO AVIAR
#18 Dynamic Discs SLAMMER
#19 Dynamic Discs DEPUTY
#20 Westside SHIELD


That list of top-20 features a lot of great putters. But perhaps the most interesting statistic about that list is the huge disparity between #1 and #20 in terms of numbers sold. The #20 Shield putter sold less than one tenth the number of the #1 P2 putter!  The P2 also sold more than the #3 Judge and #4 Nova combined!


The top-selling putter, the Discsmania P2, is popular in several plastics. Here are the plastic types ranked in order by most popular in terms of sales at Infinite Discs in 2017:

#1 D Line
#2 P Line
#3 S Line
#4 D Line Glow
#5 Swirly S Line
#6 C Line Luster
#7 X Line
#8 Signature P Line (Pro Support disc)
#9 D Line X-Out (factory second or misprint)
#10 G Line

When it comes to putters, softer plastic blends still rule. They are usually preferred for actual putting, while the more durable plastics are preferred for approaches and drives.



Putter Wars 2017 – Summer Update


At the end of April 2017 we took a look at how putter sales at Infinite Discs were panning out. The disc golf season was still young at the time, but we could already see which putters had momentum behind them.

Now it is time to follow-up and see if that momentum has carried through the summer months. This update covers through the end of July 2017.

At the end of April, the top four spots were held by the Discmania P2 at #1, the Innova Aviar at #2, the Gateway Wizard at #3, and the Dynamic Discs Judge at #4. Interestingly, those top four spots have not changed since the spring, though the sales have accelerated, leaving a larger gap between those leaders. For example, the quantity difference between the P2 and the forth place Judge is now a 57% difference!

Here is a chart of the top 10 putters according to numbers sold through Infinite Discs:

As you can see, the discs that are chasing the top four include three of the popular approach discs, like the Innova Nova, the Westside Harp, and the top-10 newcomer Innova Aviar3. In fact, the Aviar3 joined the race as a new disc this year and has moved up two spots since the last Putter Wars update.

The Streamline Pilot, which started the year as a hot new release, has dropped from the top 10, while the Latitude 64 Dagger has moved into the 10th spot. Rounding out the chart, we can see the Latitude 64 Pure holding strong in 8th place, and the MVP Atom holding on in 9th place.

The two honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the top 10, but that are still strong sellers are the Streamline Pilot and the Dynamic Discs Warden.

We will keep you updated as we head into the home stretch, just before the final, end-of-year holiday sales kick in. Until then, will anybody be able to catch the P2? 

Putter Wars 2017 – Which Disc Golf Putter Will Win?

Putters are very personal discs. Some players can go through a lot of different putters before settling on one, primary putter for running the chains. Other players like to keep a variety of putters on hand for different settings and conditions. Some putters are better for approaches or drives. We all have our favorites, and we could argue for hours about which one is “best,” but honestly, the “best” putter is the one that feels right to each individual player.

For example, I currently have a stack of TUI putters by RPM Discs as my primary practice putter. The owner of Infinite Discs has been putting faithfully, and very accurately, with MONEY putters from ABC Discs. Another Infinite Discs employee putts with the Latitude 64 MACANA. These putters all have something in common– none of them are best-selling putters. However, they feel right to each individual player.

So for the sake of argument, let’s take a look at the one thing that can help determine which putters are the “top” putters in terms of the numbers of players using them. That can be determined by the number of players purchasing those discs, and those stats are readily at hand.

Let’s Talk About SALES

We are now approaching the month of May 2017, and we are starting to see putter sales rise as players, both veteran and novice, stock up on putters for the season. Which putters are the hottest movers? Undoubtedly, we’ll see some well known, long established putters rising to the top, but there are also some new putters that are making a splash in 2017.

First of all, here are a couple of comparison charts for the top 10 best-selling putters at Infinite Discs so far in 2017 (4 months including January, February, March, and April):

The Judge by Dynamic Discs was the best-selling putter at Infinite Discs in 2016, but has fallen behind in the first four months of 2017, dropping to 4th place while the three top-sellers are running a close race.

The Discmania P2 “Psycho” has jumped to the top, with the base D-Line plastic exploding in sales. Both P-Line and S-Line are also pushing the sales through the roof.

In second place, we see the juggernaut Aviar by Innova. With many different plastic types, it consistently adds up to being one of the top-selling putters. The McPro Aviar is the plastic blend that is pushing the sales much higher, accounting for more than 1/3 of total Aviar sales so far in 2017.

Third place is held by another long-time best-seller, the Wizard by Gateway. With probably more different plastic blends than any other putter out there, the Wizard is the top-selling disc for the Gateway brand. The most recent blends are the 4S (the most flexible, even more so than Super Stupid Soft) and Evolution Diamond, which is a premium, durable blend. Wizard sales at Infinite Discs have been given a big boost in 2017 with the addition of Wizard 6-Pack bundles which allow customers to grab a bunch of Wizards at once.

Fifth and Sixth place are both owned by discs which are actually more notorious as approach discs, rather than discs for putting. The Westside Harp is very popular, primarily because of the high profile use of the disc by pro disc-golfer, Ricky Wysocki. Sales of the Harp would be higher, possibly giving the Judge a run for the money if the most popular BT Hard plastic had been in stock. But the BT Hard blend has been out of stock from the manufacturer for most of early 2017.

The Nova by Innova is likewise popular as an approach disc, with its reputation boosted by pro disc-golfer, Paul McBeth. The sales have been helped recently by a love for the artistic frame that the over-mold design of the Nova provides. With attractive stamps and great dual color combinations, customers race to buy the most appealing discs whenever a new supply arrives.

The Atom by MVP is making a surprising run into the top 10 best-selling putters of 2017, lifted by the new release of the Atom in Proton plastic. Many fans of the Atom had clamored for a more durable Proton plastic version of the disc for driving, and it was delivered. The Atom was also released in the new Electron Firm plastic blend right at the end of April.

The Pure by Latitude 64 has been a consistently selling putter at Infinite Discs for quite a while, released in glow-in-the-dark Moonshine Plastic in April 2017.

The 9th and 10th place putters are both 2017 newcomers. The Aviar3 by Innova flew off the shelves as a flat-topped, faster, more overstable version of the famous Aviar. Being presented as a new variation of the Aviar, it is no wonder that players want to give it a try. The momentum will likely carry on as the Aviar3 is released in more plastic blends.

The Pilot by Streamline, a brand new spin-off company from MVP in 2017, made a very strong introductory showing, spiking to 10th place so far. A lot of those sales at Infinite Discs were due to a special edition Pilot in Electron Soft plastic with five stamp variations for collectors. There were also 5-Pilot Packs and a massive 21-Pilots Pack which boosted initial sales. The long-term sales of the Pilot are yet to be seen, but it has started off the year strong.

Other Strong Newcomers

Aside from the Aviar3 and Pilot launching with impressive sales in 2017, there are some other putters that are making a splash, and as the year pans out, they have a shot at reaching the top 10.

The Slammer by Dynamic Discs is another disc which could fall more into the category of being an approach disc, though it works wonderfully as an overstable headwind putter. With limited editions helping to build anticipation, the launch of the Slammer was certainly strong, and we will see if that momentum continues.

The Caltrop by Latitude 64 is an interesting putter, being the first by Latitude 64 with a thumb-track. Sales were initially strong, as it was the first major putter release of 2017, though the momentum has slowed under the shadow of other new putters like the Aviar3, Pilot, and Slammer.

The Crown by Westside is another new putter that came out in the spring of 2017, and the initial reviews have been very positive. With a feel and style similar to two of the top 4 putters in this article, the Wizard and the Judge, it has the potential to at least become the best-selling putter released by Westside so far.

Other putters are on the way in 2017, and we will soon see what kind of a splash they make in the disc golf market. Will they dethrone other newcomers like the Crown, the Slammer, or the Pilot? Or will they fade into a growing arsenal of discs that are pouring into the market each year, becoming yet another lesser-known favorite for a few players. Stay tuned, and we’ll find out!



Best Disc Golf Mid-Range?

Why Not More Mid-Range Discs?

When it comes to mid-range discs, they are generally the overlooked and forgotten discs in a player’s bag. For a lot of amateur players, there is much obsessing over which putters will suddenly make all of those near misses fall in the basket, or which drivers will suddenly give them an extra fifty feet of driving range. But less often do those players think about which disc will navigate them through the twists and turns of shorter shots on tricky fairways, or fly moderate distances with great accuracy toward the basket. Mid-range discs really should be the meat and potatoes of most player’s games. Even pro’s often turn to mid-range discs for control shots and drives that they need to see land with precision. Yet for many players, it’s just hard to get excited about mid-range discs.

We can see in the sales statistics for 2016 at Infinite Discs, that certain mid-range models have won the hearts of the masses, like the Buzzz and the Roc3. But once you pass those top few best-sellers, the sales totals drop precipitously for other quality mid-range discs. It seems that many players purchase one or two of the most popular mid-range discs, and then consider that spot filled and move on to filling a bag with more drivers.

With all that said, here are the top 10 best-selling mid-range discs for 2016 at Infinite Discs, in order from first to last. This can help you discover which discs tend to rise to the top:

  1. Discraft BUZZZ
  2. Innova ROC3
  3. Innova ROC
  4. Innova MAKO3
  5. Discmania MD3
  6. Latitude 64 COMPASS
  7. Discraft BUZZZ OS
  8. Dynamic Discs EMAC TRUTH
  9. Discraft COMET
  10. Dynamic Discs VERDICT


Best Disc Golf Driver?

What is Best?

When it comes to disc golf drivers, there are many hundreds of different molds from dozens of different brands. Some are quite similar in purpose and design, while others have slight variations that give them a more unique feel and differing flight characteristics. When trying to judge “the best” disc golf drivers, it is a complicated task because the best driver for any given player is a disc that is “tuned” to that player’s throwing style, strengths, and weaknesses.

A player with a slower arm speed will find that a slower-speed fairway driver will probably be much easier to control and will even fly further for them than a high-speed driver that is designed in a way that requires more speed than that player can muster. Somebody who throws with a lot of speed and cocks their wrist in a certain way might find that overstable discs fly better for them while understable discs crash early onto the ground.  There are many little factors that go into a player’s throw, and different drivers can exaggerate or negate those factors.

Thus, the use of words like “the best” really amount to “best for you”. But if you want to measure the popularity of discs, meaning that those discs seem to work wonderfully for larger numbers of players, then disc sales figures are a very useful tool.

Here are the best-selling drivers (both fairway drivers and distance drivers) at Infinite Discs in the year 2016. They are arranged in descending order, from number one through number ten. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

Infinite Discs Top-Selling Drivers for 2016

  1. Innova DESTROYER (speed 12)
  2. Innova TEEBIRD (speed 7)
  3. Innova WRAITH (speed 11)
  4. Innova VALKYRIE (speed 9)
  5. Innova TERN (speed 12)
  6. Latitude 64 SAINT (speed 9)
  7. Innova BOSS (speed 13)
  8. Innova FIREBIRD (speed 9)
  9. Latitude 64 RIVER (speed 7)
  10. Discmania DDX (speed 12)

Some new drivers from 2016 that really made an impact for being so new on the market were the Discmania DDX, the Innova Colossus, and the Westside Destiny.  We’ll watch 2017 closely to see what trends fall into place with disc golf drivers.

Best Disc Golf Putter?

Best Frisbee Golf Putter. Gateway WizardWithout question, the best way to improve your score in a round of disc golf is to make putts. With more than 100 different putt and approach discs on the market, choosing the right putter can be overwhelming.

We understand that there is no putter which will be the best for everyone, and that this debate can never be fully settled. After all, we all have different styles and preferences. In an effort to help you determine which putt and approach discs are superior, we ask for your opinion, “What is the best putter for disc golf?” Please leave your comments to share what you love about your favorite putter.

For your consideration, here are the 10 top-selling putters in 2016 at Infinite Discs:

  1. Dynamic Discs JUDGE
  2. Gateway WIZARD
  3. Innova AVIAR
  4. Westside HARP (popular approach/ driving putter)
  5. Discmania P2 “Psycho”
  6. Latitude 64 PURE
  7.  Dynamic Discs WARDEN
  8. Innova NOVA (popular approach/driving putter)
  9. Latitude 64 DAGGER
  10. Discraft ZONE (popular approach/driving putter)

Two putters that made a splash and gained momentum from smaller brands were the Reptilian Discs Scale (overstable putter) and the Plastic Addicts Habit (an over-sized putter).

1 2 3