Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Choosing a disc golf disc isn’t as easy as it used to be. Over the last 5 years alone the disc golf industry has exploded with new manufacturers and molds that has given the disc golfer more variety and options than ever before. But what is a blessing can also be a curse for folks who are new to the sport. They might feel intimidated by complex flight charts and numbers. While working at Infinite Discs, I have often been asked by newer players, “Could you just tell me which is the best disc?”

Well, that’s the question this new series of posts will hope to answer. Over the next few weeks, we will be naming nominees for the best disc golf disc in a variety of categories and awarding one of the nominees with the title of The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc in each category. Will our nominees and winners be subjective? Absolutely, but we will do our best to be fair and impartial judges.

How will we choose our nominees and winners then? The two key words we will use to guide us in the nomination process will be popularity and utility. We want to select a popular disc that can be utilized by disc golfers at a large variety of skill levels and arm speeds. We will also try to avoid nominating similar discs from the same brand. For example, we won’t be nominating both the Destroyer and the Wraith from Innova. While they are two different discs that can be used differently, that difference is slight enough to not merit nominating them each individually.

Today, let’s discuss the best disc golf distance drivers. We will first take a look at the top 10 selling distance drivers of 2018, and then I will name our nominees.

Top sellers of 2018:

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Innova Wraith
  3. Innova Shryke
  4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh
  5. Innova Boss
  6. Innova Tern
  7. Innova Beast
  8. Dynamic Discs Trespass
  9. Discmania PD Freak
  10. Innova Orc

If you have followed any of our sales reports, this shouldn’t be a very surprising list. The one that surprises me the most would be the Discmania PD. It wasn’t a new release this year, but its popularity has grown significantly over the last few years. This is a category that has been dominated by Innova for a while now, but as you will see in our nominees, there are other manufacturers that are producing high quality distance drivers that continue to grow in popularity.

So, without further ado, here are the nominees for the Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Distance Driver:

Discraft Crank

The Discraft Crank was originally released in 2013. Ever since then, it has been a staple in the Discraft lineup that has provided throwers with a long, slightly understable flight that works great for intermediate players who are just getting the hang of the distance drivers, but it still has enough stability for more expert throwers who need a reliable understable flyer that can just sail forever.


Discmania DDx

The DDx set the disc golf world on fire during the summer of 2016 with a hot release that was highly anticipated. The DDx is rumored to have been created by combining a Destroyer top and a Tern bottom. I’m not sure how true this is, but this allows for a great explanation for the DDx‘s flight pattern that is enjoyed by players of all skill levels. It isn’t too understable like a Tern is for some, and it isn’t too overstable like a Destroyer is for others. The DDx is a straight, stable flying disc with glide for days.


Westside Destiny

The Westside Destiny might be the most understable distance driver nominated, but don’t assume you have too much arm speed if you haven’t tried it yet. The Destiny offers higher arm speeds a reliable hyzer-flip disc that (in the right conditions) can turn over and sail a long time before slowly stabling up to have a soft fade to finish. If you’ve tried throwing the other discs nominated here and can’t seem to get the distance your more experienced friends are getting, try out the Destiny.

Innova Destroyer

The consistent king of the sales charts, the Destroyer definitely ranks high in popularity. It has an impressive performance as well that nearly all disc golfers can incorporate into their game. It may not be considered the most beginner friendly, but this disc is available in a wide variety of weights and plastic types that make it accessible for nearly all skill levels, and it is a disc that players do not outgrow. There has been some speculation already that the Destroyer will suffer from the recent Paul McBeth news, but they have a short memory. The Destroyer has been a game changer since 2007, and I think it will be just fine without the McBeast.


Discraft Nuke

The old question in the distance driver world was do you prefer the Nuke or the Destroyer?

Since then the distance driver world has gotten much more crowded, but the Nuke still remains a favorite for lots of disc golfers who prefer the higher speed and larger rim that it offers.

Like the Destroyer, Discraft has made the Nuke available in a wide variety of plastics and weights.


Dynamic Discs Sheriff

The Sheriff came to town in 2017 with a very welcomed reception. The Sheriff offers a little more stability than the Westside Destiny, making it one of the most utilizable distance drivers in the trilogy lineup.

The Sheriff can be hyzer-flipped by the big arms, and it offers reliable distance for nearly all skill levels.


Innova Shryke

The Shryke has had a somewhat sneaky climb into prominence. It rose above other understable high speed drivers that Innova released before by offering that perfect balance in stability that allows higher arm speeds to still enjoy and maximize the distance in the Shryke.

For many players, the Shryke has become  the Destroyer light.


Dynamic Discs Trespass

The Trespass was one of the first discs that Dynamic Discs released when they began manufacturing discs in 2012. It has been a strong seller ever since, and it was one of the first discs that really disrupted the “Nuke or Destroyer” train of thought. It disrupted the market with a similar flight in the now popular Swedish plastic blends, and now the Trespass has become a household disc golf name.

Those are the nominees for The Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc:

And the winner is….

Best Distance Driver of 2018




No upsets here. The Innova Destroyer was a game changer when it was first released over 10 years ago, and it continues to be a force in the disc golf community. It is available in nearly all plastics and weights, so if you haven’t given this disc a shot, you should be able to find a Destroyer that will fit for your game. We have thousands of Innova Destroyer’s in stock in dozens of fun and limited edition stamp types.

Best Disc Golf Mid-Range?

Why Not More Mid-Range Discs?

When it comes to mid-range discs, they are generally the overlooked and forgotten discs in a player’s bag. For a lot of amateur players, there is much obsessing over which putters will suddenly make all of those near misses fall in the basket, or which drivers will suddenly give them an extra fifty feet of driving range. But less often do those players think about which disc will navigate them through the twists and turns of shorter shots on tricky fairways, or fly moderate distances with great accuracy toward the basket. Mid-range discs really should be the meat and potatoes of most player’s games. Even pro’s often turn to mid-range discs for control shots and drives that they need to see land with precision. Yet for many players, it’s just hard to get excited about mid-range discs.

We can see in the sales statistics for 2016 at Infinite Discs, that certain mid-range models have won the hearts of the masses, like the Buzzz and the Roc3. But once you pass those top few best-sellers, the sales totals drop precipitously for other quality mid-range discs. It seems that many players purchase one or two of the most popular mid-range discs, and then consider that spot filled and move on to filling a bag with more drivers.

With all that said, here are the top 10 best-selling mid-range discs for 2016 at Infinite Discs, in order from first to last. This can help you discover which discs tend to rise to the top:

  1. Discraft BUZZZ
  2. Innova ROC3
  3. Innova ROC
  4. Innova MAKO3
  5. Discmania MD3
  6. Latitude 64 COMPASS
  7. Discraft BUZZZ OS
  8. Dynamic Discs EMAC TRUTH
  9. Discraft COMET
  10. Dynamic Discs VERDICT


Best Disc Golf Driver?

What is Best?

When it comes to disc golf drivers, there are many hundreds of different molds from dozens of different brands. Some are quite similar in purpose and design, while others have slight variations that give them a more unique feel and differing flight characteristics. When trying to judge “the best” disc golf drivers, it is a complicated task because the best driver for any given player is a disc that is “tuned” to that player’s throwing style, strengths, and weaknesses.

A player with a slower arm speed will find that a slower-speed fairway driver will probably be much easier to control and will even fly further for them than a high-speed driver that is designed in a way that requires more speed than that player can muster. Somebody who throws with a lot of speed and cocks their wrist in a certain way might find that overstable discs fly better for them while understable discs crash early onto the ground.  There are many little factors that go into a player’s throw, and different drivers can exaggerate or negate those factors.

Thus, the use of words like “the best” really amount to “best for you”. But if you want to measure the popularity of discs, meaning that those discs seem to work wonderfully for larger numbers of players, then disc sales figures are a very useful tool.

Here are the best-selling drivers (both fairway drivers and distance drivers) at Infinite Discs in the year 2016. They are arranged in descending order, from number one through number ten. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

Infinite Discs Top-Selling Drivers for 2016

  1. Innova DESTROYER (speed 12)
  2. Innova TEEBIRD (speed 7)
  3. Innova WRAITH (speed 11)
  4. Innova VALKYRIE (speed 9)
  5. Innova TERN (speed 12)
  6. Latitude 64 SAINT (speed 9)
  7. Innova BOSS (speed 13)
  8. Innova FIREBIRD (speed 9)
  9. Latitude 64 RIVER (speed 7)
  10. Discmania DDX (speed 12)

Some new drivers from 2016 that really made an impact for being so new on the market were the Discmania DDX, the Innova Colossus, and the Westside Destiny.  We’ll watch 2017 closely to see what trends fall into place with disc golf drivers.

Best Disc Golf Putter?

Best Frisbee Golf Putter. Gateway WizardWithout question, the best way to improve your score in a round of disc golf is to make putts. With more than 100 different putt and approach discs on the market, choosing the right putter can be overwhelming.

We understand that there is no putter which will be the best for everyone, and that this debate can never be fully settled. After all, we all have different styles and preferences. In an effort to help you determine which putt and approach discs are superior, we ask for your opinion, “What is the best putter for disc golf?” Please leave your comments to share what you love about your favorite putter.

For your consideration, here are the 10 top-selling putters in 2016 at Infinite Discs:

  1. Dynamic Discs JUDGE
  2. Gateway WIZARD
  3. Innova AVIAR
  4. Westside HARP (popular approach/ driving putter)
  5. Discmania P2 “Psycho”
  6. Latitude 64 PURE
  7.  Dynamic Discs WARDEN
  8. Innova NOVA (popular approach/driving putter)
  9. Latitude 64 DAGGER
  10. Discraft ZONE (popular approach/driving putter)

Two putters that made a splash and gained momentum from smaller brands were the Reptilian Discs Scale (overstable putter) and the Plastic Addicts Habit (an over-sized putter).

Best Disc Golf Discs – 2015 Edition

If money could talk, it would tell you that the best disc golf discs are those that are purchased the most. While we can’t guarantee that these are indeed the best discs for you, these were our top selling discs in the fourth quarter of 2014. Disc sale statistics used to determine the top discs include online purchases from all 50 states, as well as Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Germany.

[box] A couple of things to note, that skew the sales stats in a way that won’t give the most accurate representation of “the best discs”:

1. New discs tend to sell better. People like to try new discs, even if they might not actually be any better than their current discs.

2. During the holidays we had a several sales and promotions. Discs that are “on sale” tend to sell more than those that are not.

Top Selling Discs of Q4 2014

Our top 10 discs last quarter include a handful of the perennial top sellers, as well as a couple hot new discs especially popular among brand fanatics. While distance drivers are by far the most popular disc type sold, the top 10 includes a good selection of putters, midrange, fairway drivers, and the most popular midrange in the world.

Innova manufactures three of the top 10 selling discs. Also represented are Gateway, Legacy, Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, and up and coming MVP/Axiom.

1. Discraft Buzzz – The Buzzz has always been our top selling disc at Infinite Discs. It is no surprise that this popular midrange is still #1. This disc is available in a dozen different plastic types with the most popular being the Elite Z Buzzz.

2. Gateway Wizard. – It’s also no surprise that the Wizard came in at #2. While the Buzzz has consistently been the number #1 mid, the Wizard has consistently been the #1 putter. Super Stupid Soft was the most popular of the 11 different Wizard plastic variations we carry.

3. Axiom Envy – The Envy is a colorful new disc that was initially released by Axiom Discs at the beginning of 2014. This putt and approach disc is especially popular as a driving putter. While Envy sales were consistently strong all year long, fourth quarter sales really exploded with the release of the Envy in Neutron Soft plastic.

4. Legacy Outlaw – For Legacy fans, the Outlaw was one of the most anticipated disc releases we have ever seen. We had regular inquiries about this disc that began almost a year before it was actually available. This stable distance driver available in Icon plastic is said to be Legacy’s answer to the popular Innova Destroyer.
5. Innova Destroyer – The Destroyer is by no means a new disc, nor is it one of the fastest discs currently available, but this distance driver continually sells well. The Destroyer is most popular in Star plastic.

6. Latitude 64 Saint – Disc golfers are always looking to get more distance. While speed does not always translate into distance, the Saints glide rating of 7, keeps the attention of the disc buyer. The Saint is consistently a top seller that is most popular in premium Gold Line plastic.

7. Innova Thunderbird – The Thunderbird was Innova’s hottest new release of 2014. It’s fourth quarter sales were enhanced by its availability as a Halloween edition disc, and its recent release in Champion plastic. It also doesn’t hurt that 3 Time world champion Paul McBeth regularily throws this control driver.

8. Innova Aviar – Because there are so many different variations of the Aviar, it’s hard to really classify the Aviar as one disc. Enhanced by the release of some special edition Aviars at the end of the year, this popular putt and approach disc made the top 10.

9. Dynamic Discs Judge – 2013’s All Things Disc Golf disc of the year continues to be popular in 2015. With increased options, now available in seven different plastic varieties, including the new Fluid blend, the Judge was a hot item at the end of last year.

10. Innova TeeBird – The TeeBird continues to be the standard for disc comparisons. When people talk about new discs to be released, they always compare with the TeeBird. Even though this disc is more than a decade old, it is still one of the best discs and a top 10 seller on Champion was the plastic of choice for customers who purchased the TeeBird.

Listed below are the top ten selling discs of each disc type:

DistanceDriverProfileTop 10 Distance Drivers

  1. Legacy Outlaw
  2. Innova Destroyer
  3. MVP Inertia
  4. Innova Boss
  5. Prodigy D1
  6. Vibram Lace
  7. Westside King
  8. MVP Tesla
  9. Innova Tern
  10. Dynamic Discs Freedom

ControlDriverProfileTop 10 Fairway/Control Drivers

  1. Latitude 64 Saint
  2. Innova Thunderbird
  3. Innova TeeBird
  4. Latitude 64 River
  5. Latitude 64 Diamond
  6. Innova Valkyrie
  7. MVP AMP
  8. Dynamic Discs Escape
  9. Latitude 64 Saint Pro
  10. Prodigy H2

midrangeproflieTop 10 Midrange Discs

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Atlas
  3. Axiom Theory
  4. Innova Mako3
  5. Prodigy M4
  6. Dynamic Discs Truth
  7. Discraft Buzzz OS
  8. Latitude 64 Claymore
  9. Innova Roc
  10. Axiom Alias

PutterProfileTop 10 Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Gateway Wizard
  2. Axiom Envy
  3. Innova Aviar
  4. Dynamic Discs Judge
  5. MVP Anode
  6. MVP Ion
  7. Prodigy PA4
  8. Dynamic Discs Warden
  9. Axiom Proxy
  10. Prodigy PA3

Best Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners

Summer is here and disc golf courses are becoming overcrowded throughout the country. During this annual flock to the courses the great sport we call disc golf is being discovered by thousands of new rookies. As beginning disc golfers learn about the complexities of the game, the first thing they typically want to know is, “what are the best disc golf drivers?”

To a new disc golfer, the ‘best’ driver typically means the one that will fly farthest —  It’s all about getting distance. Beginners rarely want to start out with a “slow” midrange or putter.

When a new disc golfer first glances the many varieties of available drivers, they often assume that high speed discs will go farther. Experienced disc golfers know this is rarely the case. Until a player develops sufficient technique, other discs are best.

True, not all new players to the sport will start be at the same skill level. Define beginner as you would like. What we want to know is which disc is the best for your typical beginner.

[box type=”bio”]

Best Discs for New Players

We’ve asked the following questions to our site visitors:

  1. What prior disc-throwing experiences did you have before you played disc golf?
  2. What drivers do you recommend for new disc golfers?
  3. What discs worked well for you when you were new to the game? Why?
  4. What new discs have you seen work well for beginners that you wish you would have had?
  5. What disc advice would you give to a beginner?

Hopefully, advice from experienced disc golfers will help you select discs that will decrease the learning curve, and help you to get better more quickly.


[box type=”bio”]

Summary of Your Responses

After carefully reading all of your posts these are the main tips you’ve shared:

1. Disc golfers come from many different backgrounds including, but not limited to:
Ultimate, Catch-and-throw Frisbee, baseball, discus, catch with the dog, and badminton. Ok, that last one might not be true..

2. Here is a list of the most recommended drivers for beginners according to this post:


**22 other discs were mentioned one or two times.

3. Here are some discs that worked well for the experienced players when they were starting:

**20 other discs were mentioned one or two times.

4. Here are some discs that the experienced players wish they had when they started:

Others also mentioned:

5. Here are some common tips from the experienced players for those new to the sport:

  • Try driving with a putter, then moving to a mid-range, then finally a driver.
  • Play disc with others who are experienced and ask for tips.
  • Watch YouTube videos to learn proper throwing form.
  • Focus on your form first, not your distance.
  • Play often, and practice your throws in an open area.
  • Don’t get discouraged, and HAVE FUN!

This summary is a great overview of many posts. Feel free to read more below and find some real gems of advice!


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