Best Disc Golf Putters for 2023

We’re going to wrap up this blog series where we look at the best disc golf discs according to sales at Infinite Discs. We looked at the best distance drivers, the best fairway drivers, and the best midrange discs. Today we check out the top 50 putters.

Putters are the type of disc that we use on nearly every hole we play. They can be used as drivers or approach shots. And they are used almost exclusively inside the circle to finish a hole. Some putters are used just for drives and approaches, while others are used for both driving and short putts. Their rim profile is larger than other types of discs, and they can have beads or be beadless.

Let’s look at the top selling molds from 2022 to see which ones you might want to check out for 2023.

Top 50 Best Putt & Approach Discs

Best Selling Disc Golf Putters of 2022 Chart with percentages

Best Selling Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  2. Infinite Discs Tomb
  3. Discraft Zone
  4. Axiom Envy
  5. Kastaplast Berg
  6. Discmania P2
  7. Gateway Wizard
  8. Innova Aviar
  9. Discraft Luna
  10. Dynamic Discs Judge

Two straight-flying Infinite molds top the list of best-selling putters. The beaded Tomb and the beadless Alpaca have been popular since they were released. These two molds, along with the third-place Zone, make up 20% of all putter sales at Infinite. The Zone is the most overstable of the top three, and is widely used as an approach disc and throwing putter.

Best Putters Monthly Trends Chart

It’s fun to watch the trends of putter popularity. By following the monthly living chart you can see when the best putters were newly released or were simply restocked as they climb up the sales chart in popularity.

Hot New Putt and Approach Discs to Watch

Several molds that made the top 50 were PDGA approved just last year. Those include the Thought Space Athletics Temple, MVP’s Glitch, and the Doomsday Discs Land Mine. The MVP Glitch’s position on the top charts is especially impressive considering it was released near the end of 2022. We’ll have to see if those molds move up the rankings with a full year of sales.




Top Putters Sorted By Brand

Best Disc Golf Putters by Brand

Despite Infinite Discs having the top two spots, Innova was the brand with the most molds in the top 50. Their popular Aviar family (Aviar, KC Aviar, Aviarx3, and Aviar Yeti) accounted for almost half of their top 50 molds. MVP and Discraft tied for second with five molds each. There were a total of 20 different brands in the top 50, and a whopping nine manufacturers that had one mold on the list. Those molds include the Divergent Discs Golem and Viking Discs Rune.

Best Putter Brands Sorted by Percentage of Sales

Percentage of putters sold by disc golf brand chart

When it comes to market share, Infinite Discs dominates the putter category, selling almost 6% more than the next brand. The top three brands account for almost one out of every three discs sold! Half of the brands on the list sold less than 2% of the total putter sales.

Top Throwing/Approach Putters

Although any putter could be used for short putts, there are many discs that are usually only used as throwing/driving/approach discs. These are usually overstable molds that can handle a solid drive. Here are the top ten best throwing putters according to 2022 sales data.

Best Approach Discs and Throwing Putters

Top 10 Approach Discs/Throwing Putters

  1. Discraft Zone
  2. Axiom Envy
  3. Kastaplast Berg
  4. Gateway Wizard
  5. Discraft Luna
  6. MVP Glitch
  7. Westside Harp
  8. Thought Space Athletics Muse
  9. EV-7 Penrose
  10. Lone Star Discs Penny Putter

The Zone is the popular throwing/approach disc that regularly does well in the sales rankings. It can handle a lot of power, and still finishes reliably. It is similar in flight characteristics to the Innova Pig, which was recently reclassified as a midrange.

A couple ticks behind the Zone is the disc that got a huge boost from James Conrad at Worlds, the Axiom Envy. Not quite as overstable as the Zone, the Envy is still a great approach disc that can be thrown by people of all skill levels.

Putter PDGA Approval Dates

Mold Approval Date Rank
Gateway Wizard 9-Jan-02 4
Discraft Zone 28-May-08 1
Westside Harp 28-Oct-13 7
Axiom Envy 12-Jan-14 2
Kastaplast Berg 27-Mar-15 3
Discraft Luna 28-Dec-18 5
Lone Star Disc Penny Putter 29-Sep-20 10
EV-7 Penrose 21-Nov-20 9
Thought Space Athletics Muse 27-Sep-21 8
MVP Glitch 27-Jun-22 6

Checking out the PDGA approval dates and comparing them to their mold rating, we see that the oldest two molds, the Wizard and the Zone, finished at or near the top of the overstable/approach discs. Two newer discs, the Muse and the MVP Glitch, were approved in the last couple years, but still made the chart.

Putting Putters

Best 10 Putting putters and their percentage of sales.

Top 10 Putting Putters

  1. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  2. Infinite Discs Tomb
  3. Innova Aviar
  4. Dynamic Discs Judge
  5. Axiom Proxy
  6. Prodigy PA-3
  7. MVP Nomad
  8. Streamline Pilot
  9. Dynamic Discs EMac Judge
  10. Dynamic Discs Warden

It is interesting to see that the top ten molds represents seven different brands. As mentioned above, Infinite’s two best selling putters make up a bulk of the sales, followed by the Aviar and Judge. After that, the numbers level out.

PDGA Approval Dates

Mold Approval Date Rank
Innova Aviar 1-Jan-84 3
Dynamic Discs Judge 7-Dec-12 4
Dynamic Discs Warden 14-Oct-13 10
Prodigy PA-3 25-Mar-14 6
Axiom Proxy 24-Sep-14 5
Streamline Pilot 22-Feb-17 8
Infinite Discs Tomb 29-Mar-18 2
Infinite Discs Alpaca 16-Nov-20 1
Dynamic Discs EMac Judge 5-Jan-21 9
MVP Nomad 22-Mar-21 7

The mold that has been around longer than many of the disc golfers throwing it, is the Innova Aviar. Approaching its fortieth birthday, the Aviar has been used by disc golfers of all skill levels. The Aviar got a podium finish behind the two Infinite molds. The MVP Nomad and the EMac Judge are the newest molds. They’ve only had a couple years to gain some traction in the disc golf world.

Win a $50 Gift Card! What are the Best Disc Golf Putters for You?

What will be the best putter of 2023? Will it be an existing mold, or a new one?

What are your favorite throwing molds? What is your go-to putting and throwing putters? Are there putters on our list that you consider approach discs or approach discs that you putt with? What putters do you think will be the best selling in 2023?

Comment below for a chance to win a $50 Infinite Discs gift card.


Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers for 2023

In a recent blog we took a look at the top disc golf discs in each category (Distance Drivers, Control Drivers, Mid Ranges, and Putt and Approach). In this blog we wanted to focus on the Distance Drivers and take a deeper dive into the most popular molds in that category. We’ll look at the top 50 molds, some of the manufacturers on the list, and the best over- and understable drivers.

The top 50 list is based on the sales at Infinite Discs for 2022. They show which discs are in the most demand for the year. Here is the list of the top 50, and what percentage they sold of all distance drivers.

Top distance drivers by 2022 sales

Top of The Class

Nearly one out of every four distance drivers sold in 2022 were either an Emperor, Wraith, Destroyer, or Pharaoh. That’s a pretty impressive domination of the market! After the top four, the numbers drop off sharply, and then continue a slow decline in percent of sales.

Thoughts Space Athletics was the first manufacturer to break the Infinite/Innova streak, and the top ten, by finishing 8th and 9th. Those two molds represent 4.4% of all distance drivers. TSA had a couple other molds that made it into the top 15. In fact, there were quite a few brands that had multiple molds in the Top 50 List. Here are the numbers:

Top 50 Drivers by Disc Brand

Top Manufacturers

Long-time manufacturer Innova came out on top with over one-fifth of the top 50 molds. Five brands only had one mold. But that is one more than Prodigy and Legacy had. Lone Star and Dino Discs are two newer brands, but they each had a couple molds in the top 50. Now let’s see what percentage of distance driver sales were held by the top 50 molds:

Innova molds sold nearly one in every four distance driver discs in 2022. Infinite sold nearly one in five molds. Over half of all discs in this category came from Innova, Infinite, or Discraft! Innova and Discraft are well-established names in the disc golf world. And Infinite is, or course, our own brand. Although not quite up to the top three levels of sales, there are several newer brands that have made huge gains in the market in recent years. We will talk more about those brands in a future blog.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the Top 50 and break it down into stabilities. We will find out the top 10 overstable molds, and the top 10 understable molds. See how many of these YOU throw.

Top Overstable Distance Drivers

Overstable (and Very Overstable) discs will be defined as molds that have a flight rating Fade of more than 2. The Turn can vary, but is usually 0 to -1. Molds with those flight numbers are favorable among skilled players because they can be thrown very hard, not flip too much, and still have a reliable finish. Here are the Top 10 overstable discs:

Top 10 Overstable Distance Drivers of 2022:

  1. Infinite Discs Emperor
  2. Innova Wraith
  3. Innova Destroyer
  4. TSA Animus
  5. TSA Synapse
  6. TSA Omen
  7. Innova Orc
  8. Infinite Discs Czar
  9. Discraft Nuke
  10. Discraft Zeus

The top 10 Overstable list is divided among four brands. Innova and TSA have three molds each on the list. Infinite and Discraft have two molds each. The first and second molds account for more sales than the last seven combined.

Overstable Discs Approval Dates

I pulled up the PDGA approval date for the Top 10 Overstable distance drivers and there is quite a range of dates. Here is the list:


PDGA Approved
Innova Orc Jan-04
Innova Wraith Aug-05
Innova Destroyer Jun-07
Discraft Nuke Oct-09
Discraft Zeus Dec-18
Infinite Discs Emperor Feb-19
Thought Space Athletics Animus Jun-20
Thought Space Athletics Synapse Jan-22
Thought Space Athletics Omen Mar-22
Infinite Discs Czar Oct-22

The oldest three were approved in 2004, 2005, and 2007. The most recently approved molds just got the PDGA nod last year! The Czar was just a couple of months ago as of this writing. That is an impressive start in a very crowded field of discs.

Top Understable Distance Drivers

Now let’s check out the understable distance drivers. This sub-category includes molds that have at least -2 Turn. That is typically a good number for beginners or more advanced players who want to shape their shot a little more.

Top Understable Disc Golf Drivers by Sales 2022

Top understable disc golf drivers of 2022:

  1. Innova Mamba
  2. Infinite Discs Maya
  3. Discraft Avenger SS
  4. Discraft Scorch
  5. Axiom Virus
  6. MVP Inertia
  7. Dino Discs Pterodactylus
  8. Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed
  9. Dino Discs Tyrannosaurus Rex
  10. Innova Katana

Understable Discs Approval Dates

The Mamba and the Maya were the clear leaders for understable distance drivers. Those had double the sales of the third-place Avenger SS, and nearly as many total sales as the remaining molds in the top 10. Let’s take a look at the PDGA approval dates for the top 10 understable molds:

Understable Driver PDGA Approved Date
Discraft Avenger SS Feb-08
Innova Katana Oct-09
Innova Mamba Jan-12
MVP Inertia Feb-14
Axiom Virus Dec-14
Infinite Discs Maya Jun-20
Discraft Scorch Apr-21
Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed Mar-22
Dino Discs Pterodactylus Not Approved
Dino Discs Tyrannosaurus Rex Not Approved

The top two oldest molds are the Avenger SS and the Katana. And once again, there is a mold that sold enough to make the top ten, yet was approved less than a year ago. The Tumbleweed was approved in March of 2022. Nether of the Dino Discs have been approved by the PDGA. They are lightweight discs that are designed for beginners. (Learn more about Dino Discs HERE).

Next Up: Control Drivers

That does it for our look at the Top 50 Distance Drivers. Next up we’ll take a look at the Top 50 Control Drivers.

What are the Best Distance Drivers for You?

What will be the best distance drivers of 2023? Will they be new discs, or the same traditional classics. A new distance driver the Innova Charger was just announced that will likely make next years top list.

What is your favorite distance driver? What is the disc you have thrown the farthest? What distance drivers do you think will be the best selling in 2023?  Comment below.


Best Midrange Discs of 2023

In this blog series we have looked at the top disc golf discs for 2022 according to sales. Then we focused on each the top distance drivers and the top fairway drivers. This time we’ll look at the top 50 midrange discs. We’ll also find the top overstable and understable mid’s.

Midrange discs fill the gap between short shots and putts, and longer distance throws. Their slower speeds make them a good fit for beginners, and valuable tools for skilled players. They don’t skip like faster discs so they make great approach discs. Like the other categories, midrange discs come in different stabilities to help you achieve the flight you need. Let’s look at which molds were the most popular, and which ones you might want to check out for 2023.

The top 50 midrange discs is based on sales at Infinite Discs for last year.

Best Midrange Discs top 50 Chart Discraft Buzzz, Innova Mako3, Infinite Discs Anubis, TSA Pathfinder, Innova Pig, Discraft Buzzz SS Infinite Discs chariot, Innova Roc, Innova Roc3, Axiom Paradox

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Mako3
  3. Infinite Discs Anubis
  4. Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder
  5. Innova Pig
  6. Discraft Buzzz SS
  7. Infinite Discs Chariot
  8. Innova Roc3
  9. Innova Roc
  10. Axiom Paradox

Far and away the most popular mid range disc is the Discraft Buzzz. The Buzz has been a hot seller for Discraft from the beginning. It has a straight flight and comfortable beadless grip. Plus, it comes in a variety of plastic types. The Buzzz sold almost three times as many discs as the second place Mako3. The Infinite Discs Anubis was in third place.

Best Selling Midrange Discs by Month

This fun graph helps to visualize the hot selling brand trends. Some months saw more obscure selling discs like the Doomdsday Discs Frag, and the Mint Discs Lobster.

Not only did Discraft own the number one spot, they have the most molds in the top 50. The ‘most molds’ title has been held by Innova in the Top 50, Top Distance Drivers, and Top Fairway Drivers. In the midrange category, Innova had to settle for second place.

Top 50 Mid Ranges Sorted by Brand

Top Midrange Discs by Brand Chart

There were a total of 19 different brands in the top 50. Discraft and Innova are old-school brands, so it’s not a surprise to see them on the top of the list. How many names on the list are new to you? We’ve seen a lot of pros switch sponsor brands this year, so it will be interesting to see how much of an impact those changes make for their brand. Now let’s look at the sales percent.

Top 50 Mid Ranges Sorted by Sales

Market share of midrange disc sales by brand

As expected, the brands with the most molds in the top 50 had the highest percentage of sales. Discraft was boosted with the huge numbers from the Buzzz. Innova had four molds in the top 10, which helped their numbers. Infinite Discs also had top-10 molds to add to their total.

Top Overstable Mid

Top Selling Overstable midrange disc golf discs

Innova takes the podium when it comes to the overstable midrange discs. Their Pig, Roc3, and Roc accounted for about 8% of all midrange sales. There were six different molds in the top 10, although Innova and Discraft still made up half the brands. Let’s take a look at the PDGA approval dates to see if some which newer molds are taking a chunk of the market.

Mold Approval date Rank
Innova Roc Jan-87 3
Discraft Drone Feb-05 6
Innova Pig May-08 1
Discraft Buzzz OS Jul-14 4
Kastaplast Kaxe Z Oct-14 10
Dynamic Discs Justice Mar-15 5
Dynamic Discs EMac Truth Mar-16 9
Innova Roc3 Aug-17 2
Axiom Pyro Feb-19 7
Elevation Disc Golf Interceptor Dec-20 8

Although the Pig has been around for many years, it got a nice boost when Ricky Wysocki started throwing the mold. It has kept up the momentum ever since. The Innova Roc is celebrating its 36th birthday this month. It is by far the oldest overstable mold in the top 10. It was in the bag when Ken Climo dominated the 90’s, and remains a staple of the top Innova pros today.

At the other end of the timeline, the Elevation Interceptor (one of the staples in MY bag!) is just a couple years old, but still managed to land as the 5th most popular overstable mid range. The silicon disc is like Velcro when it hits the ground.


Top Understable Mid Range Discs

Best understable (easy to throw) midrange discs graph by sales percentage

Discraft leads the pack when it comes to understable mid’s. Three out of the top four molds come from Discraft. They also have four out of the top 10 discs. Dino Discs is the only other brand with more than one mold in the top 10. There were six different brands in the top 10. Here are their approval dates:

Mold Approval date Rank
Discraft Comet Oct-95 3
Discraft Meteor Sep-06 4
Discraft Buzzz SS Feb-08 1
Westside Tursas Apr-16 10
Discraft Sol Nov-18 6
Infinite Discs Kon Tiki Apr-21 8
MVP Uplink Jul-21 7
Axiom Paradox Jul-21 2
Dino Discs Brachiosaurus N/A 9
Dino Discs Stegosaurus N/A 5

The two oldest molds, the Discraft Comet and Discraft Meteor, are in the top four. The two most recent approvals, the MVP Uplink and Axiom Paradox, are less than two years old. Although it is apparent that some of the older molds are still selling well, it will be interesting to see how they hold up against the barrage of new molds on the market recently.
Dino Discs‘ don’t have an approval date because they are not PDGA approved. Dino decided that it wasn’t worth the cost, since their target market is beginners, and they are unlikely to compete in sanctioned tournaments.

In the next blog will look at the top putters.

$50 Gift Card ! What are the Best Midrange Discs for You?

What will be the best midrange of 2023? Will Discraft stay on top, or will a dark horse arise and claim the top spot?

What are your favorite overstable, understable and straight flying midrange molds? What mid’s do you think will be the best selling in 2023?  Comment below for a chance to win a $50 Infinite Discs gift card.


Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers of 2023

In a recent blog we took a look at the top disc golf discs in each category (Distance Drivers, Fairway Drivers, Mid Ranges, and Putt and Approach). Then we checked out the top 50 disc golf distance drivers, including the top overstable and understable molds. This week, we’ll do the same with the top  fairway drivers.

Fairway drivers have slightly slower speeds than distance drivers. They can be used for drives and approach shots in all but the longest distances. Their rims are narrower than distance drivers, making them easier to grip for most people. Plus, their slower speed makes throwing them within skill set of most people. Fairway drivers are also called ‘control drivers’.  Let’s see which fairway drivers were the most popular, and which ones you might consider throwing for 2023.

The top 50 list is based on the direct to consumer sales at Infinite Discs for last year.

Top Selling Disc Golf Fairway Drivers

Top 50 Fairway Drivers Chart. Percentage of sales of each of the best control drivers.

Sitting at the top of the chart is the Infinite Discs Dynasty. This speed 9 control driver is not even a year old, but is already working its way into many of our bags. This was one of Eric Oakley’s 2022 signature discs which helped propel it as one of the top fairway drivers. The Dynasty has a stable flight, with a little turn and a dependable, but not too harsh fade.

The Finish Line Era got a podium finish for the year. Finish Line was started by Drew Gibson. It is another very new brand, but is making a mark in disc golf. The Finish Line Era has a very similar flight to the Dynasty in Forged plastic, but is substantially more overstable in the Composite blend.

The Centurion, Sphinx, Exodus and Firebird round out the top five (the Exodus and Firebird tied for fifth) Three are sold by Infinite, and one is an Innova classic.

The Leopard and Teebird have been around for decades and are popular among disc golfers of all skill levels. Those two staples were the next two on the list, followed by Axiom’s entry in the top 10, the Axiom Insanity. The Innova Valkyrie Rounded out the top 10.

Brands In The Top 50

Disc golf brands with number of top 50 Fairway Drivers

Innova was the top manufacturer for fairway drivers with 13 molds in the top 50. Discraft was in second, but several molds behind Innova. MVP and Infinite had the next most molds. Latitude 64 and Dynamic were the only other brands with more than two molds. There were a few manufacturers with two on the list, and a lot with one mold. In all, there were 17 different manufacturers in the top 50.

Let’s see how those molds translates to sales. We listed manufacturers of the top 50 fairway drivers and sorted them by the percentage of fairway drivers sold. There are a few interesting numbers on the list.

Percent of Fairway Drivers Sold by Disc Golf Brand

It is not surprising to see Innova on top, since they had the most molds. Infinite was next in line. Although Infinite is quite a bit ahead of third place, it is even more behind Innova. In third place is Discraft. The top three make up 50% of all control driver sales for the year!

Top Overstable Fairway Drivers

Just like the distance drivers, we will find the top 10 overstable fairway driver molds. This category is for overstable and very overstable discs. Here are the top 10:

Best Overstable Drivers Graph ranked by percentage of sales

  1. Innova Firebird
  2. Innova Teebird
  3. Innova Thunderbird
  4. Discraft Raptor
  5. Thought Space Athletics Votum
  6. Infinite Discs Scepter
  7. Discraft Anax
  8. Discraft Undertaker
  9. Discraft Captain’s Raptor
  10. Dynamic Discs Escape

Discraft has the most molds in the top 10 with 4, with Innova one mold behind them. Five brands had a disc in the top 10.

Overstable Discs Approval Dates

I like to see what dates each mold was approved to see which molds have been around for a while, and which ones are newer. The older molds are well established and have been popular for a long time. Newer brands might be hype, but they might also be the popular for a long time. Here are the dates.

Mold Approval Date Sales Rank
Innova Teebird May-99 2
Innova Firebird Mar-00 1
Dynamic Discs Escape Dec-12 10
Innova Thunderbird Aug-14 3
Discraft Undertaker Apr-16 8
Discraft Raptor Dec-18 4
Infinite Discs Scepter Apr-19 6
Discraft Anax Jun-19 7
Thought Space Athletics Votum Mar-21 5
Discraft Captain’s Raptor Dec-21 9

The oldest two molds are also the top molds. The Firebird and Teebird are more than two decades old. The Votum and Captain’s Raptor are the new kids on the block, each getting approved around two years ago as of this writing.

Top Understable Fairway Driver

For this blog, understable fairway drivers are those molds that have a turn of -2 or more. Understable discs are popular among beginners and people who don’t have a lot of arm speed. Here are the top 10 understable fairway drivers.

Top 10 Understable Drivers

  1. Infinite Discs Sphinx
  2. Innova Leopard
  3. Axiom Insanity
  4. Innova Valkyrie
  5. Though Space Athletics Mantra
  6. Innova Leopard3
  7. Discraft Heat
  8. Innova Sidewinder
  9. Innova Roadrunner
  10. Latitude 64 Diamond

Innova had half of the molds in the top 10. The other five spots were taken by five different brands.

Axiom and Latitude 64 made the understable list, but not the overstable list.

Understable Discs Approval Dates
Mold Approval Date Sales Rank
Innova Leopard May-99 2
Innova Valkyrie Aug-00 4
Innova Sidewinder Nov-04 8
Innova Roadrunner Aug-05 9
Latitude 64 Diamond Mar-11 10
Discraft Heat Oct-14 7
Axiom Insanity Dec-14 3
Innova Leopard3 Aug-17 6
Infinite Discs Sphinx Mar-18 1
Thought Space Athletics Mantra Oct-19 5

Just like the overstable molds, Innova has a couple discs in the top 10 that have been around for decades and have earned their way in our bags. That didn’t get them the number one spot, but they did get second in the top 10. Infinite took first with the Sphinx. While not as old as most of the Innova molds on the list, it has still been around for nearly half a decade.

Next Blog Well Look At Mid Range Discs

What are the Best Fairway Drivers for You?

What will be the best fairway drivers of 2023? Will any brands catch up to Innova or Discraft? Or will the old school molds continue to dominate? The PDGA has already approved 17 new molds for this year (as of this writing). Maybe one of them will be a top fairway driver.

What is your favorite fairway driver? What fairway drivers do you think will be the best selling in 2023?

Best Disc Golf Discs for 2023

As a new year and new tournament season dawns, disc golfers will once again be considering which discs we will be throwing, and looking for new discs to try. Here at Infinite Discs, we thought we would check out our sales from 2022 to let you know what the most popular discs are and give you some discs to consider trying this year. We’ll break it down by disc type and find the top five for each category. Let’s check out the top discs!

Before looking at the individual disc types, let’s look at a graph of all discs sold by Infinite last year, sorted by category. The category that won by a small margin is Putt & Approach, which is just under a third of all sales. Second place was more of a battle. Distance Drivers barely beat Control Drivers by a fraction of a percent. Midranges brought up the rear.

Top Selling Disc Types

  1. Putt and Approach Discs
  2. Distance Drivers
  3. Control Drivers
  4. Midrange Discs

Best Distance Drivers

The top three drivers were all pretty close in sales, with each of the three representing about 6% of all Distance Driver sales. They are also very similar in flight, having a little turn and good fade. The Infinite Disc’s Emperor just edged out the Innova Wraith for the top spot, both selling within a hundred discs of each other. Innova’s hot selling disc, the Destroyer, was the third most popular disc for 2022. In fourth place was another popular Infinite mold, the Pharaoh. It accounted for about 5% of all Distance Driver molds. Wrapping up the top five is the Aztec, Infinite’s speed 10 driver.

It will probably not come as a surprise the most popular plastic for the first-place Emperor is the Halo S-Blend. That good-looking plastic is a hit for any mold. About 22% of all Emperors sold in 2022 was in the Halo S-Blend. The next closest was the Metal Flake Glow C-Blend, with 16% of all Emperors sold in that plastic.

2022 Top Selling Distance Drivers

  1. Infinite Discs Emperor
  2. Innova Wraith
  3. Innova Destroyer
  4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh
  5. Infinite Discs Aztec 

Read the full breakdown of best disc golf distance drivers of 2023 here.

Best Control Drivers

Stepping down in speed a little bit we find Control or Fairway Drivers. The best Control Drivers for 2022 were also quite close in sales. The Infinite Discs Dynasty was the best-seller for the year, just beating the Finish Line Era by half a percent of all Control Drivers sold. There was a neck-and-neck race for third place with two Infinite molds. The Centurion ended up beating the Sphinx by a fraction of a percent. Rounding out the top five is the ever-popular Innova Firebird, not too far behind the Sphinx.

The best-selling plastic for the top Control Driver, the Dynasty, is the Signature Swirly S-Blend. The Eric Oakley Dynasty is a beautiful stamp, and the Swirly S-blend adds even more to its appeal. A little over a third of all Dynasty’s cam in the Signature Swirly S-Blend. The second most popular plastic is the I-Blend. Infinite’s I-Blend has the perfect balance of amazing feel at an inexpensive price. It’s one of my favorites.

Top Selling Fairway Drivers

  1. Infinite Discs Dynasty
  2. Finish Line Era
  3. Infinite Discs Centurion
  4. Infinite Discs Sphinx
  5. Innova Firebird

Get the data and read our article on the best fairway drivers here.

Best Midrange Discs

For the Mid’s, there isn’t much of a surprise in discovering the mold that sold the most in 2022. It feels like it has been the category leader forever. Selling more than double the second place mold is the amazing Discraft Buzzz. The Buzz made up 12 percent of all Mid’s sold last year. Taking second at around 5% is the Innova Mako3. Just a smidge behind the Mako3 is my favorite, the Infinite Anubis. Another smidge back and you have the Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder. Bringing up the rear, a tick behind the Pathfinder is the Innova Pig. The interesting thing about the Pig, is that for many this disc is classified as a putter or at least an approach disc.

A little over one in four Buzz fans preferred the mold in ESP plastic. ESP was the most popular Buzzz plastic in 2022, beating Z-Line by about 4%.

Top Selling Midrange Discs

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Mako3
  3. Infinite Discs Anubis
  4. Thought Space Pathfinder
  5. Innova Pig

Get the full article on the best midrange discs here.

Best Putt and Approach Discs

On to the final, and largest category, Putt/Approach. Technically, that is two categories. Most of us have our putting putters, and separate discs for throwing. Many molds do both quite well, like the number one seller for 2022, the Infinite Alpaca. Just a couple years old, the Alpaca has quickly become a favorite of many disc golfers. The Alpaca was the best seller in the Putt/Approach category AND the number one selling mold in all categories in 2022.

Next up, also with some respectable sales numbers, is the Infinite Tomb. It trailed the Alpaca by a couple percentage points. Nearly matching the Tomb in sales is the Discraft Zone. Coming in as the third hottest Putt/Approach disc, the Zone is a perennial favorite among disc golfers. The Axiom Envy moved up a little from last year, cinching the number four spot. Last on the top five best-selling Putt/ Approach discs is the Kastaplast Berg.

The top plastic preference for the top Putt/Approach disc is the Signature P-Blend Glow. Nearly one in four Alpaca buyers chose that plastic. A little over 15% of the Alpacas sold were in D-Blend.

Top Selling Disc Golf Putters and Approach Discs

  1. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  2. Infinite Discs Tomb
  3. Discraft Zone
  4. Axiom Envy
  5. Kastaplast Berg

Read this article for more sales stats and recommendations on the best disc golf putters.

Best Discs Compared To All Disc Sales

Looking at just the top mold in each of the four categories we see that just those four molds make up over 7.5% of all disc sales for the year!

There you have the top five disc sales in each of the four categories. We will provide follow up articles with more details about top sales for each of the four categories of golf discs.

The Best Disc Golf Brands for 2023

And finally, let’s check out the top five discs in each category, and sort by the number of molds each manufacture has in the top five. It turns out that Infinite dominates the field, even beating out Innova as having more molds in the top 5. It’s also interesting to see some of the smaller brands make the list. Here is the breakdown:

Top Selling Disc Golf Brands of 2022

When you include all disc sales of all brands (not just those that included top five discs) on these were the top selling disc golf brands of 2022.

  1. Innova Champion Discs
  2. Infinite Discs
  3. Discraft
  4. MVP
  5. Thought Space Athletics
  6. Axiom
  7. Dynamic Discs
  8. Discmania
  9. Prodigy
  10. Latitude 64
  11. Lone Star Discs
  12. Kastaplast
  13. Gateway
  14. Westside
  15. Finish Line Discs
  16. Yikun
  17. Streamline
  18. Dino Discs
  19. Divergent Discs
  20. Viking Discs

Check out this moving graph showing monthly disc sales by brand on since 2014.

Best Disc Golf Discs for 2023

We Want YOUR feedback!

What do you think the top selling discs of 2023 will be? Let us know what discs you think will make the list for the top distance driver, top control driver, top midrange and top putter. Which disc golf brands do you see moving up or down the list in 2023?

How many of the top molds do you throw? Do you throw the top plastics for the top molds? How many of discs on our list are in your bag?


2022 Disc Golf Christmas Gift Ideas

During the holiday season we like to put together a list of fun gift ideas to help you shop for the disc golfer in your life. It is also a great way for disc golfers to help their sweethearts know what to shop for!

Here is the 2022 Holiday Disc Golf Gift Guide!

Disc Golf Discs!

While it can be challenging finding the exact disc that your disc golfer throws, it’s easy to look for special discs that will stand out in their collection. Special stamps, signature discs, and limited edition discs are fun to receive as gifts.

Signature Series Discs – These are discs which support the top players in disc golf. They are often designed by the actual player, and are limited in number. As your disc golfer who they would love to throw a round with and you’ll learn who their favorite players are. Pro series signature discs are especially good gifts for avid players who like to support their favorite professionals.

Limited Edition Discs – Disc golf manufacturers release discs that are only available in limited numbers and for a limited time. These collectable discs are fun to own and frequently go up in value.

Holiday Themed Discs – Every year there are several manufacturers that release holiday themed stamps on their discs. These include the Christmas holiday, and also scary Halloween-themed stamps. Start a tradition by getting your disc golfer a cool holiday stamp every year!

Infinite Halo Discs – A fairly recent creation in disc golf is the ‘halo’ disc, which is a discs there the rim of the disc is a different color than the rest of the disc. These are good looking discs and very popular. Recently, Infinite began producing some of its molds with the popular design.

Thought Space Athletics Discs – If you want to find some of the best looking stamps in the business, check out the discs from Thought Space Athletics. Their designs are on another level and the molds come in a variety of flight ratings. They have amazing plastic, too!

Deals Boxes – Want to give your disc golfer a bunch of new discs to try out? Do you love trying new discs? Deals boxes are an economical way to try a variety of molds and plastics. They are also perfect for trying new molds. Get the deals box size that works for you.

Misprint and X-out Discs – Pick up the same great mold that you normally throw, but at a cheaper price! You’ll always find all kinds of brands and molds in this category. Great for the disc golfer who wants more plastic for their money. Perfect for disc dyers who will wipe the stamp.

Bigger Gifts       







Disc Golf Cart – One of the best things for the die-hard disc golfer is a disc golf cart. They make hauling around a bunch of discs a lot easier and give you more room for snacks, accessories, and backup discs. Help your disc golfer take his game to another level by putting a cart under the Christmas tree. And don’t forget the accessories that make a cart extra special!

ZUCA – If you want a cart for your bag or a cart that holds your discs, check out the ZUCA options to fulfill your Christmas list.

Rovic – The Rovic is a stable cart that holds any bag and wheels around the course effortlessly.



Check out all the cart options HERE

The Power Pocket – The number one disc golf cart accessory! This putter pouch holds up to 8 additional discs for easy access. It attaches to the pole of the ZUCA cart, keeping your go-to discs within reach. Additional storage for a rangefinder and mini. Plus a pocket in front that is perfect for your phone or a snack. It can also be attached to the Rovic Cart using bungee cords.



Check out all the cart accessories HERE

Practice Baskets
– The best way to improve the disc golf short game is to have a practice basket handy for regular putting/approaching. A portable basket can be moved around a yard to give disc golfers different looks with different obstacles. They can also be used on courses to add new holes.

Black Hole Pro HD with Transit Bag – The Black Hole Pro HD even comes with its own carrying bag!

Streamline Lite – The Streamline Lite is an inexpensive way to get a quality practice baskets.

Mach Shift 3-in-1 Portable Practice Basket – The Mach Shift is a nice Hybrid basket that works as a narrow target basket and a full-size basket.

See all practice baskets HERE



MVP Pod – If you’re looking for the perfect companion for a practice basket, check out the MVP Pod. It holds up to 25 discs while you’re practicing your putting or driving. It keeps your discs easy to reach, which maximizes your practice time.



Disc Rack – Organizing our discs is something every disc golfer grapples with. A disc golf rack is a convenient way keep discs from ending up in stacks and piles around the house. They make storing and searching for discs a breeze!


Disc Boxes – If you have discs that you want to stash, but don’t want to put them in a random-sized box, check out the disc box options at Infinite. Fill up these custom sized boxes with your extras and they will fit perfectly! Also a handy option if you need to transport a bunch of discs.



A Year-Long Subscription to the VIP Club – If you want to impress an avid player or disc collector, you can purchase a complete, one-year subscription to the Infinite Discs VIP Club. Give the gift that will give your loved-one a collectible, limited edition disc every month for a year, mailed directly to their door!

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE VIP CLUB before subscriptions close in 2023.

Medium-size gifts








Rangefinders – Rangefinders help disc golfers with their disc selection by giving accurate measurements to the basket. Used in practice rounds and tournaments, these handy little gadgets help get holes dialed in for lower scores





Retrievers – Losing a disc in a pond or in a tree is a frustrating part of our game. Having a retriever not only helps disc golfers keep their discs, but they pay for themselves after retrieving just a couple of discs.


Bags – Whether it’s a first bag to hold all the discs you’ve been carrying, or a second, smaller bag for quick rounds or rounds with a couple discs, your disc golfer will appreciate getting a bag for Christmas. The Infinite Discs Huck Pack is a great size for a starter bag. It is also perfect for a backup bag for time where you just want to take a few discs with you.





Check out all our SMALLER bags HERE

See our LARGER bags HERE

Check out BACKPACK bags HERE


Hoodie – Who doesn’t love reppin’ their favorite retailer by wearing a hoodie? Grab an Infinite hoodie for your disc golfer and they will stay warm while showing everyone that they order from the best retailer in the world!



Check out other apparel HERE

Disc Puzzle – Stuck in the cold for the winter and unable to get outside to throw your discs? Consider this 1000-piece disc puzzle! It’s a fun gift that can keep a homebound player happy for hours!

Stocking Stuffers


 Night Gliders – Don’t let the setting sun stop you from playing a game of catch with your friends. The Dynamic Discs Night Glider is an easy-to-throw disc with built-in light for playing in the dark. A great way to warm up before a night round!




Galaxy Starter Bag – An inexpensive bag that is perfect for beginners, or experience disc golfers looking for a bag suitable for a quick round with a few discs. Small enough to be easily carried, yet roomy enough for a handful of discs, a drink, and some snacks.

Check out all our SMALLER bags HERE

See our LARGER bags HERE

Check out BACKPACK bags HERE


Towel – One accessory that every disc golfer will use as some point is a towel. Great for rainy days or hot, sweaty days. Also nice to have when playing near streams or ponds. Morning dew will no longer be an issue with a towel in your disc golfer’s bag.







Books – Your disc golfer will learn strategies, find out about disc golf history, and discover the mental aspects of the game when you get them a book for Christmas. Plus, they can still stay engaged with the sport by curling up with a book on those stormy days.


Night Round Accessories – Disc golf isn’t just a game played during the day. Many people love to gather at night for a fun round of glow disc golf. Having the right equipment makes all the difference. Glow plastics with a good UV flashlight make for an enjoyable round. Getting lights that attach directly to their discs is another option that will let your night owl have fun in the dark!


Check out disc lights HERE

Check out night round accessories HERE


Hats – Be sure to check out our wide selection of hats and beanies. Show the world that you love disc golf by sporting a hat with your favorite brand’s logo. The hats come in a variety of colors and designs.


Check out hats and other apparel HERE

Other gift options


Foam Kneepad Mini – For those times when you have to take a knee for your shot, the foam mini makes a nice cushion. And it can serve as a mini marker, too. Keep one of these cushy minis in your bag!

Check out all of our mini’s HERE

Grip Enhancers – Playing in wet or humid weather can affect our grip on our discs. Grip enhancers are a great way to help us get the exact feel that each disc golfers want. Check out the variety of Grip Enhancers that we offer, and pick one for your disc golfer (or YOU!).




Gift Cards – If you aren’t quite sure what your disc golfer wants for Christmas, we still got you covered. Check out our E-gift cards! Our E-gift cards are also great for those last-minute gifts that sneak up on us. They are available in a variety on denominations, the gift card is the best way to make sure people get the gifts they want!

Great Disc Golf Christmas Gift

What is a Disc Golf Christmas Gift you have given or would like to receive?

Comment on what you think the best disc golf gifts are in the comments below for a chance to win a $50 Infinite Discs gift card.



Monthly Top Selling Discs


Welcome to the top-selling discs report! At the beginning of each month, we will take a look back at the previous month to calculate which discs sold the best. You have a chance to win a $20 gift card each month if you correctly guess a certain spot for the next month (see below for more details).

Each month, we look at the top 50 disc sales data for mold AND plastic type to see which disc rose to the top. Due to this, it is possible that a single model could show up on the list several times, each representing a different plastic type. This also helps us to know which disc in which plastic are the most popular among our customers.

Here is the breakdown of the top 50 molds from September 2022 at Infinite Discs:


#1 – Discraft Signature ESP ATHENA
#2 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend CENTURION
#3 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend EMPEROR
#4 – MVP Neutron Soft GLITCH
#5 – Discraft ESP BUZZZ
#6 – Innova Star IT
#7 – Infinite Discs Signature Swirly S-Blend SPHINX
#8 – Discmania D-Line Flex 2 P2
#9 – Innova Star WRAITH
#10 –Innova Star DESTROYER
#11 – Infinite Discs Signature Glow C-Blend SCEPTER 
#12 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#13 – Discraft Signature Tour Series ESP LUNA
#14 – Discmania Glow D-Line Flex 3 RAINMAKER
#15 – Discraft Signature ESP HADES
#16 – Discraft Z Glo BUZZZ
#17 – Infinite Discs I-Blend SPHINX
#18 – Discraft Z Glo ZONE
#19 – Latitude 64 Gold Ice RIVER
#20 – Innova Star POLECAT
#21– MVP Neutron ZENITH
#22 – Innova DX AVIAR
#23 – Dino Discs Egg Shell STEGOSAURUS
#24 – Innova Star MAMBA
#25 – Innova DX LEOPARD
#26 – Axiom Fission HEX
#27 – Discraft Z Fly Dyed BUZZZ
#28 – Infinite Discs Signature Glow C-Blend ANUBIS
#29 – Infinite Discs I-Blend EMPEROR
#30 – Discmania Signature Metal Flake MD1
#31 – Discraft ESP AVENGER SS
#32 – Infinite Discs C-Blend MAYA
#33 – Innova Champion FIREBIRD
#34 – Innova Halo SONIC
#35 – Mint Discs Sublime GRACKLE
#36 – Infinite Discs I-Blend DYNASTY
#37 – Innova GStar IT
#38 – Axiom Neutron PARADOX
#39 – Infinite Discs D-Blend X-out ALPACA
#40 – Innova R-Pro PIG
#41 – Infinite Discs Swirly S-Blend PHARAOH
#42 – Thoughtspace Athletic Nerve ALTER
#43 – Infinite Discs Metal Flake Glow MAYA
#44 – MVP Eclipse 2.0 RESISTOR
#45 – Discraft ESP ZONE
#46 – Dynamic Discs Classic Blend JUDGE
#47 – Discraft Z-Line BUZZZ
#48 – Innova Star LEOPARD
#49 –  Discraft Big Z LUNA
#50 – Innova Champion EAGLE

*All this data comes from sales ONLY

Blowing all sales out of the water is the newest mold from Discraft… The ESP Athena. This mold represents Paul McBeth’s 6th World Title earned this year in Emporia, Kansas. This molds is a fairway driver with a slight fade at the end of the flight. It promises to give players excellent control and accuracy out on the fairway.

Coming in second and third was the newly release Halo S-Blend molds from Infinite Discs. The Emperor and the Centurion have been the first Halo molds to be released, but they will be followed by more molds as the year comes to a close. Black Friday is bound to have some amazing Halo drops, so keep your eyes out for that.

Do you see any discs that surprise you? Let us know in the comments! We are always surprised by the discs that don’t show up in our weekly top twenty, but show themselves in the monthly report. One of those molds is the River, coming into spot #19. It is a consistent mold that a lot of players like to throw, so we are not too surprised that it is here!

The Guessing Game

Every month you’ll be able to place your guess for a certain spot on the chart for the next month. The first person to guess the disc and plastic type correctly for the named chart position will win a $20 gift card for the Infinite Discs online store.

PLACE A GUESS for next month. If you can by the first to guess the #25 spot for October, then you can be a winner. Leave your guess in the comments on this blog.

Thanks! See you next month


Want a recap from last month? Click “Read More” to see July’s data.


Read more

Best Beginner Disc Golf Sets


The disc golf starter set is an amazing way for people just getting into the sport to get the discs that will be useful to them, at the best possible price. Starter sets are created with idea that the people who will be using them don’t have the skill to throw faster, more stable, or heavier discs. With a few exceptions, I always recommend starter sets to people new to the sport. I’ll talk about the exceptions later, but for now, let’s look at some of the best disc golf starter sets.




Infinite Discs Starter Set


1 – Infinite Discs Starter Set – At the risk of sounding like a homer, I really think this starter set is awesome! It features two discs in the I-Blend plastic, and one in D-blend.  The I-blend Sphinx and Anubis are excellent for beginners because of their flight and speeds, but they will continue to find a place in their bag as their skills improve. The D-blend Alpaca is a popular mold and plastic choice with people from a variety of skills levels, which makes this putter the perfect option for a disc golf set.

The Sphinx and Anubis are staples in my bag. The I-blend plastic feels wonderful to me, and it has the added bonuses of being less expensive than other plastics, and very durable. The Alpaca is a very popular putter that you can use at any skill level. The plastic types, the perfect molds, and the relatively inexpensive price that the Infinite Discs Starter Set gets the number one spot.



Divergent Discs Starter Set


2 – Divergent Discs Starter Set –One of the many new companies in the disc golf world, Divergent Discs produces high quality plastics at a good price. The bargain prices and molds that cater to newer disc golfers means that beginners can get discs designed for their skill level, while still getting good quality. That will let people continue to throw those discs, even as their skill level climbs. Base plastics don’t always have a long life and will be discarded as they wear, and the thrower improves. The MaxGrip plastic used in the Divergent set feels great and is very durable. You’ll get the Kraken, Leviathan, and Narwal molds. Excellent for beginners.



Viking Discs Starter Set


3- Viking Discs Starter Set – This starter set is made out of base plastic, and contains three molds that are sure to make you a fan of Viking Discs. The Rune is a putt/approach disc that straight and excellent for beginners. The Axe is a midrange with a little bit fade. And the Ragnarok is a great driver that will deliver nice flights for less skilled hands.



Divergent Discs Glow Set


4 – Divergent Discs Glow Set – Want to take an already great brand of discs and make them better? Make them glow discs! The Divergent Discs Glow Set is slightly stiffer than the regular MaxGrip plastic, but still has the durability. With this set you have the option to play a round during the day, then break out the UV flashlight and play at night. This set includes the Kraken, Kapri, and Narwal molds.



XCom 3-Disc Premium


5 – XCom 3-Disc Premium – X-Com is another small, newer brand that people might not be familiar with, but that has amazing discs. Their premium starter set is perfect for beginners who still want to throw quality discs. Despite being a ‘premium plastic’, it is not too overstable for beginners. The flight of these molds are straight. They are also suitable for younger players. The molds in the set includes the Bennu, the Griffon, and the Helios.



Other starter set options


If you want to start with more than three discs, check out these multiple-disc sets. Some of these discs are more advanced than those designed for beginners.



The 9-disc set from Yikun is a complete disc golf set that covers every situation on the course. The set includes base and premium plastics. It’s a great way to have a complete bag with just one set.


Yikun’s 7-disc set is similar to the 9-disc set, but with more base plastic discs. It is a great option that fills most of a disc golfer’s needs.


Viking Discs


Viking offers multiple-discs sets in different plastic types:



Ground/Storm plastic mix:




Divergent Discs Family Pack


This driver/putter pack gives the family enough discs to play together.


Divergent Discs 8-Disc Set with Bag





Inexpensive Sets


If cost is a deciding factor for your beginner set selection, check out these base plastic starter sets. They offer the discs you’ll need to get playing, and give you a starting point for your disc golf bag.


UPlay Disc Golf Set


Hero Disc Golf Starter Set


Discmania Active



Starter sets were made with beginners in mind. The discs included are lower speeds and usually lighter. Although the plastics are usually base and not as durable, that is not a bad thing for beginners. The one exception would be sets that include some plastic types. Champion plastic, and those similar to it, are typically more overstable and challenging to throw for beginners. And they take a long time to ‘break in’ due to their high durability. Once you develop the skills to handle more overstable flights, Champion plastic is great. Until then, stick to the base plastics.


Comment Below


Let us know about your experiences with Beginner Sets. Did you start with one? If so, which one and how did you like it? If not, what was your first disc? Did this blog help you decide on a set? If so, which one appeals to you? Let us know.


We selected a random commenter to win a $25 gift card. Congrats to Ed!


Check out our blog about the best disc golf practice baskets here:



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