Best Disc Golf Putter of 2020

Pig Putter in Disc Golf Basket

Putters take center stage this week as we post another blog for our series of the best disc golf discs of 2020. With the pandemic forcing many people to stay home for an extended time, many people took the opportunity to use the time to practice putting. Our sales and inventory reflected the surge in purchases, particularly of putters and baskets. We will look at the sales of putters for this year, and compare the top sellers with the top rated putters. We will then turn the voting over to you to help us pick the best putter of 2020.

The Best Disc Golf Putter

Sales Rank Star Rating Fan Vote Average
Discmania P2 3 6 3 4.0
Gateway Wizard 6 4 2 4.0
Discraft Luna 1 10 4 5.0
Discraft Zone 2 1 12 5.0
Axiom Envy 7 2 9 6.0
Dynamic Discs Judge 5 12 1 6.0

In a first for our category of Best Discs of 2020 we had a tie for first, second, and third. The popular P2 and Wizard tied for first place. These two putters didn’t take first in any single category, but still managed to average the best overall rating of any putter.

Two Discraft molds tied for second place, with each one landing in first place for one category of popularity:  the Luna taking first for 2020 sales, and the Zone for the best rated disc of 2020. Although the Zone has been around for more than a decade, the Luna is relatively new to the scene. Even so, when you have the best disc golfers in the world throwing a certain mold, they tend to be more popular.

Two more molds, the Axiom Envy and the DD Judge, rounded out our best disc golf putters category. Notably, the Judge took first place in the fan voting (see results below). The Envy was the second best rated disc for this year.


The Putter Approach

In the 8 years that I’ve been playing disc golf, I’ve heard many players say that you should spend the most practice time with your putter. The theory is that you will end up putting on nearly every hole. While that may or may not be the best approach to practicing, it would be hard to deny the importance of feeling confident with your putter. It needs to feel good in your hand, which means that you need to find the best plastic and mold for you. And you need to have the confidence that the putter will end up in the basket, which means practice, practice, practice.

In addition to using a putter to finish a hole, the putter can also be used as a driver and approach disc. Many overstable molds are popular among disc golfers who choose to throw them hard off the tee. With a putter’s ability to be shaped and still land softly, the putter is also a great utility disc. And we’ve seen what a putter can do in the hands of a pro: amazing drives, touch approach shots, and lengthy putts.

Best Selling Putter of 2020

Let’s start by looking at putter sales for the year. Like with the other disc categories, the numbers are affected by Covid-19. However, putters were affected a little more. The pandemic brought a spike in putter sales, and inventory shortages that still continues. It would be nice to see what sales would have looked like in a normal year, but all we can do is check out the numbers we have. Here are the top sellers for 2020:

2020 Sales Rank YTD Disc Mold
1 Discraft Luna
2 Discraft Zone
3 Discmania P2
4 Innova Aviar
5 Dynamic Discs Judge
6 Gateway Wizard
7 Axiom Envy
8 Discraft Fierce
9 Dynamic Discs Warden
10 Discraft Roach
11 Latitude 64 Pure
12 Discraft Banger GT
13 Westside Harp
14 Dynamic Discs Deputy
15 Innova Nova
16 Innova Pig
17 Infinite Discs Tomb
18 MVP Atom
19 Westside Maiden
20 Axiom Proxy


With the top two players in the world, Page Pierce and Paul McBeth throwing the Zone and Luna, it’s no surprise that these two molds ended up at the top of the list. With a third of the top 15 molds belonging to Discraft, they definitely dominated the category for 2020. After Discraft’s five molds, the remaining 15 spots in the top 20 were divided up among ten different manufacturers! The putter category doesn’t have the Discraft/Innova dominance like other categories.

Putter Rank and File

Let’s take a look at the top rated putters for 2020.  We took the star rating and the number of reviews to get a weighted score. Then ranked them according to the weighted score. Here are the results:

Rank Mold Star Rating # Reviews in 2020 Weighted score
1 Discraft Zone 4.89 64 5.45
2 Axiom Envy 4.79 31 4.88
3 Infinite Discs Tomb 4.88 22 4.84
4 Gateway Wizard 4.75 31 4.84
5 Innova Pig 4.75 30 4.82
6 Discmania P2 4.74 20 4.67
7 Westside Harp 4.69 22 4.65
8 Westside Maiden 4.77 14 4.61
9 Dynamic Discs Warden 4.75 15 4.61
10 Discraft Luna 4.59 26 4.60


The ratings results for the best putter is very unusual compared to other categories of discs. The top seven ranked molds are all from different companies! The Discraft Zone sits at the top of the rankings and sales. This overstable putter is versatile, and can be driven or putted. It was approved by the PDGA in 2008, and is a favorite of many top pros.

Old School, New School

Let’s look at the PDGA approval date for each mold. Here is a list of the top discs and which date they were approved. The elder statesman of the bunch is the Aviar, which was approved back in the ‘80’s, and the newest disc is the Fierce. The average approval year for the top 10 putters is 2009. That year would be several years higher if it weren’t for the Aviar.

Discraft Luna 2018
Discraft Zone 2008
Discmania P2 2007
Innova Aviar 1984
Dynamic Discs Judge 2012
Gateway Wizard 2002
Axiom Envy 2014
Discraft Fierce 2020
Dynamic Discs Warden 2013
Discraft Roach 2015


We also wanted to look at the top selling putters for 2020 and see how those same molds rank in top sales of all time. The Luna has only had a couple years of sales, but still comes in at #6 for all-time sales. As we mentioned in another blog, the sales of the Luna have been amazing this year. As has the sales for all putters.


2020 Sales Rank Mold All-Time Rank
1 Discraft Luna 6
2 Discraft Zone 4
3 Discmania P2 1
4 Innova Aviar 2
5 Dynamic Discs Judge 3
6 Gateway Wizard 5
7 Axiom Envy 7
8 Discraft Fierce 34
9 Dynamic Discs Warden 8
10 Discraft Roach 18

Fan Voting Results: Best Putter 2020

We asked you to vote for your favorite putter, and hundreds of you responded. We tallied the votes and have the results below. Once again the Above Ground Level (AGL) fans rallied and got one of their putters, the Madrone, on the top ten list. (AGL fans and others interested in different disc golf companies, stay tuned for a blog series introducing the smaller disc golf brands that you might not be familiar with. AGL will be one of the featured companies).

The beaded putter, the Judge, topped the charts with 10% of the votes. The Judge was also one of the top sellers in 2020, making it a solid candidate for the best disc. The mold has been around for eight years, and the straight flying putter. The comments people made about the Judge varied.

User Comments on The Judge

Steven H said, rather succinctly: (The) Judge is the best putter.

Tanner F elaborated, saying: Honestly I’ve been #teamjudge since I picked one up. Love having a bead and this is so versatile. I throw it up to 200’ for flip over shots. The new hybrid Judge is quite the addition to my top pouch.

Two older molds, the Wizard (2002) and the Aviar (1984) made the top five list. Two molds, the Luna (2018) and the aforementioned Madrone (2018) were the newest on the list. The average year of release for the top ten was 2009, while the average for the top five was 2004.

The Innova Aviar made the top five list, but has several different versions. I counted each version separately, since they are commonly known in the sport to have different characteristics. Most have different flights, while others have a different feel because of the plastic and beaded/beadless rim. I’m referring to the Yeti Pro (Jay “Yeti” Reading), the KC Pro (Ken Climo), the Aviar3, and the JK Aviar (Juliana Korver).

Variety is The Spice of Life

There were nine different manufacturers represented in the top ten molds. Only Dynamic Discs had more than one mold (the Judge, and the beadless version of the Judge, the Warden). That shows the variety of tastes we have in the disc golf community. Additionally, there were 65 molds that received at least one vote. Here are the top voted putters and the percentage of votes that they received.


1 Dynamic Discs Judge 10.0%
2 Gateway Wizard 7.4%
3 Discmania P2 6.6%
4 Discraft Luna 6.1%
5 Innova Aviar 5.3%
6 Above Ground Level Madrone 4.5%
7 Dynamic Discs Warden 3.9%
8 Latitude 64 Pure 3.7%
9 Axiom Envy 3.4%
10 Streamline Pilot 2.9%

As we promised, we selected a random voter to win a $50 Infinite Gift Card. The random voter was Robbie S. of Illinois. Robbie chose an Aviar as the best putter. Thanks for your votes!

What is Your Favorite Putter? Tell Us!

Once again we turn to you for your thoughts on your go-to putter. Let us know your favorite putter mold, and tell us why you like it.


  • I’m all about the dagger, but if I’m voting for best overall I’d probably say the P2

  • The Axiom Envy is one of the greatest putters. It looks very nice, here are so many plastic options to choose from, and it flies super well.

  • As a player in the UK my vote goes to the disc golf uk Baron

  • Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but I putt with MVP Ions but I use an Ohm for an approach disc.

  • I really really like my Berg from Kastaplast. My second go to is my Roach.

  • If you’re counting the Zone as a putter, then that is my answer. It is hands-down the most used disc in my bag. Otherwise, the Innova Stud is a hidden gem that is my backhand throwing putter workhorse.

    • Gotta say the Guard since it came out has been the go to. I used to be a judge guy but man the Guard has changed my game. The glide and feel are perfect for my putt.

  • When you reference the Aviar, are you including both the beadles P&A, and the beaded Driver (aka KC, JK, Yeti, and BB)? As a consumer of these blogs, I would really like to see them separated into beaded and beadless because they are very different IMO.

    • As a follow up to my first comment, to say the Aviar (beadless) is the same as the Aviar Driver (any beaded form) is the same as saying the Warden is the same as the Judge except one has a bead. Or the Warlock is the same as the Wizard except one has a bead and one doesn’t.

  • I made the switch to the Fierce early this year and have loved it ever since. Nice and shallow, straight flyer on those longer 40-50 footers. The special blend on these is the perfect combination of firm and tacky.

  • The westside maiden is an amazing putter, both for throwing and putting. If they had been avail labor for the past couple years, though, I’d have stuck with the Viking rune. The plastic is awesome and it’s the perfect stability for my putting game.

  • I like the Yeti Aviar, second choice would be a Discmania Link.

  • My favorite putter is the westside crown. favorite throwing putter is the infinite tomb.

  • AGL Discs Madrone

  • AGL Glow Madrone

  • Shawn Christophersen

    SS Wizard for a stable putter. Great disc I use it to putt, approach and drive.
    Fierce for an under stable putter I use it for approaches when I want a straight finish or a fade to the right

  • AGL Hemp Madrone

  • My favorite putter is the Discmania P2.

  • The Discraft Luna in the special blend plastic is by far my favorite. The mold feels good in my hand, and I like the feel of the special blend plastic. I could tell as in just 1 round that my putting was better with the Luna than any other putter I had tried.

  • My favorite putter I the AGL DISCS MADRONE. It very stable and dependable.

  • Easily Axiom Proxy, straight point and shoot, low profile, great grip in electron soft, and easily shapeable/controllable flight both from the tee and on approach shots. Coming from a diehard wizard fan (coolest stamps/plastics by far).

  • AGL ponderosa

  • Honestly I’ve been #teamjudge since I picked one up. Love having a bead and this is so versatile. I throw it up to 200’ for flip over shots. The new hybrid judge is quite the addition to my top pouch.

  • I feel like it isn’t as well known as the other Aviar variants, but I absolutely love my Yeti Aviar. It is the perfect point-and-shoot putter. Absolutely straight.

  • The AGL Ponderosa has to be my favorite putter. I can use it for basically any shot. I drive with it, use it as a mid, and of course putt with it. Extremely versatile disc.

  • Discmania P2. Switched to it this year after using Wizards for 2 years, feeling much more consistent in my putting now than I have in the past.

  • The Latitude 64 Keystone has improved my putting so much over the past year. It holds the straight line for so long when I’m putting and throwing it is awesome too. I absolutely love this putter!

  • For me, it is hands down the Judge. I use the chameleon and fuzion for my throwing putters. The classic hybrid is perfect for my approaches and putts. I still have found a putter that feels as nice off the tee, and the bead gives it a bit nicer feel ripping it down the fairways. My favorite shot is a beat in prime Judge on a high anhyzer line. It will catch and glide for daaayyys. Throw Judges, get birdies!

  • I thought the MVP Ion would be up there somewhere! My favorite putter no doubt

  • Streamline pilot. Perfect in the hand has nice stability and glide. Straightest disc I can throw

  • My favorite putter is the Classic Blend Judge from Dynamic Discs. The bead gives it a great feel in the hand and allows me to control the disc at any angle. I use a premium Judge for shorter drives as well.

  • I haven’t thrown a lot of putters, but I like my Aviar best so far. Very predictable and stays in the chains.

  • For a close putt, I’m an Innova Aviar fan, but for more general use I always go Innova Dart. It will get you good distance and flies incredibly straight. But what I like even more about it is that it is very sensitive, and so if you are throwing your disks wrong, it will show, hard. So I like to use my Dart to practice throwing in general to figure out where I’m going wrong and increase my consistency.

  • AGL madrone all the way

  • The Pig is by far the best putt and approach disc. Although, I will say anything beyond 50 feet and I’m grabbing my XT aviar.

  • Still new to this sport so havent been able to try most of these but out of the version i do have, the first to pickup is the Luna, followed by a Proxy Neuron Soft. Going to have to look into the P2 now, seeing this list…

  • I have tried many putters, with moderate success. At various times I have appreciated the DD Marshal, the Kastaplast Berg, the Innova Aviar 3, the Gateway Voodoo, and the MVP Atom. However, because of the feel and the dead straight (0/0) flight, I have settled on the Discmania P1x.

  • The Fierce is the putter I bag (and the Deputy before that) I’m a fan of Paige Pierce so I want to support her, but I’ve found that having an understable putter works best for me in finding a place in the basket. At putter throwing speeds, it flies very straight. When it hits the ground on approaches, it tends to stay put.

    This has been the summer of putting practice – so grateful to have a portable basket during the lockdowns!

  • My favorite putter has changed literally four times this summer. Currently loving the KC Pro Aviar. I find it to be a lot less stable than the numbers show. I actually have confidence putting now! Only thing I don’t like is the plastic gets slick when it’s cold out.

  • AGL Alpine Madrone ❤

  • Frank E Van Althuis

    I’ve tried the Aviar, Judge, and Wizard and ultimately had the best success and most confidence with the Wizard. It wins my vote!

  • I putt with SSS Wizards, but I’m going to give my vote to my favorite approach putter: The Yeti Aviar. It’s almost silly that the Yeti is called an “Aviar” because in my opinion it differs greatly from a standard Aviar. I love the bead and especially the sunken top. I can throw it HARD and it’ll fly straight as an arrow without flipping. It goes further than any other putter I throw, by a long shot.

  • Definitely in love with the P2. I can throw upshots pretty much any shape I want and it will hold. As a putting putter it just feels right in my hand and again does what I tell it to.

  • I got to go with the Jawbreaker Luna. I started with the Roach but got a Luna in my hand and I won’t be changing it. Love the grippy feel but also still stiff so can get some good spin on it!!

  • Favorite putter by far is the AGL Hemp Madrone

  • My favorite putter so far is the Pro-D Discraft Challenger. Note that I am a true beginner as of 3 months ago, who only has thrown the Champion Aviar that came in my starter pack, along with 3 other putters that I am borrowing from a friend. The Pro-D Discraft Challenger feels good in my hands and does the best job out of the 4 putters I’ve tried at sticking to the chains, especially outside of 20 feet.

  • The Banger GT is my favorite. The thumbtrack on the top and the bead on the bottom make it easy to get exactly the same grip every time. It’s also got good glide for spin putting.

  • Definitely prefer the AGL madrone. I used aviars before and once I started using the madrone my putting improved. It is the first putter I’ve been able to anny and actually be on line and even make the putt!

  • Berg K2 Kastaplast

  • I have used Banger GT, Wizards, Summit, Pure, Dagger, Judge, Warden, SPike, Harp.

    Going back to Daggers again now. but for outside the circle throwing the verdict with good sucess. Harp and Buzz for approaches for me.

  • My favorite putter is the retired DD Gavel. It is a smaller diameter disc, flies straight and works great with a spin putt. Good for approach shots, too.

  • Axiom Envy for sure. I only bag 10 discs and 2 of them are envy’s one electron and proton plastic. The thing bombs, and I love it for putting

  • Innova Firefly. Nexus plastic feels great in the hand and it’s practically a P2. whats not to love? Nate Sexton’s signature putter, come on! also, will they come out this year? I’ve only got one freshy left.

  • I now throw the Discraft Fierce, love the way it throws and feels. It is my go to putter. I used to throw a JK Pro Aviar.

  • The Prime Judge is my go to putter. I tried out the Roach and Aviar, but just couldn’t get into them. Then I felt the Prime plastic and got hooked on it!

  • Banger GT Jawbreaker plastic for the consistent grip due to the thumb groove and bead.

  • Innova Firefly for putting. Kastaplast Berg for throwing

  • Was the P2 until a month ago when my partner got me a Burst Zero Soft Pure. Still bag a P2 but the Pure is now my absolute favorite, and punted out a few P2’s. Feels good in hand, goes where you put it and love that plastic. It’s pure bliss.

  • Discraft Zone is one of the best discs period. I like this disc best in Z-FLX Discraft roach is my favorite for putting putters. I like the jawbreaker plastic and the extra soft

  • Loving the Proxy right now. The neutral flight allows me to just aim at the basket and let her go. It doesn’t have a deep rim either, so I use it for most of my approaches too.

  • Disc golf really needs to clarify approach putting (should just be called an approach disc, which is what a Zone is) versus putt putting (~circle 2 inward). I use different discs and plastics for each. MVP Ion in electron plastic for putt putting has a nice feel and grabs the chains well. For out to ~250 feet the MVP Atom is a nice straight flyer, although some turn if powered too much, with little or no fade typically. Putters are vastly underutilized by newer players, probably because they are called putters, when they are precisely what should be used for beginners. Drivers don’t even belong in the bag for the first few months of learning to play.

  • I use a Judge and I love it. a lot of glide which it makes good to throw off the tee as well. It is a stiffer putter which makes the roll away a little more prevalent but it is my favorite disc I’ve ever owned so not much of a complaint.

  • My favorite disc is the basic innova aviar. Also the disc mania P2. I like the feel of both disc and the stifness of the P2

  • The Luna is nice, but I really just want an Aviar3 in its jawbreaker/rubber blend.

  • REKO! It flies like a Luna but straighter. Kastaplast K3 is the best plastic for a putter on the market.

  • For me the Luna is the go-to putting putter in my bag. But as a new player I am still figuring things out. Putters are tough, because there are driving putter, approach putters and putting putters. I don’t think it’s a equitable comparison to put the Zone against an Aviar. I wouldn’t use one where I would use the other. But if you need my vote, the Luna is my putter…. for now.

  • Have to go with the Wizard. I bought my first one last winter when Gateway had a fundraiser for the Australian wildfires. After my first round trying the Wizard, it immediately replaced my Aviar as my go to for putts (especially for longer spin putts) and for risky approach shots.

  • My go to used to be the MVP Anode, because I loved having a putter that flies dead straight, but from distance it always had a little fade and not enough glide where I was making much outside of circle 1. Then came the Discraft Fierce, and it has taken over as my go to. It flies the line you put it on, and it never seems to fade when you throw it flat. The biggest reason for my switch was because of how much more accurate I’ve become from circle 2 and even further with this putter. The glide is fantastic and I absolutely love this putter.

  • I was predominantly using an Innova Nova (from a self-built starter set) up unto I came across the Lat64 Sarek. I eventually lost it to water on a bad shank and grabbed an Axiom Envy to take its place until they were restocked. Ive been using it for a few months now and have never looked back; I currently have a Neutron and Eclipse plastic and the eclipse is hands down my go to. Ive ordered another set of glows to bring my Envy total up to 4 and will likely grab another 2-3 in various plastics before the years end.

    Between how firm the disc feels while putting and how reliable the lines are on drives, the Envy has become one of my go-to discs

  • I love my discmania P2s. You can bomb them shape them approach them or just about anything else.

  • I putt with a KC pro Aviar and a really old beat up D-Line P2

  • The Discmania P2 gets my vote! It’s the most comfortable in my hand and I love it’s flight. Both of those reasons give me the confidence putting with the P2 out to at least 80 feet.

  • As a new player 1 month in, I took a liking to the Aviar. My friends make fun of me for how many I own in different weights now. I end up using it for a lot more than putting.

  • DD Judge is what I throw. Although there are at least 4 other discs that friends own that I wouldn’t argue against them on.

  • The Warden is my consistent putter! Comfortable rim with a medium shallow depth, this putter fits that hand well. Comes in a variety of plastic for different seasons you play in. It gives a straight flight which I think is needed at low power to help anyone learn form and improve at disc golf.

  • MVP Atom takes the cake for me- beadless, shallow, but not understable. I’ve played with Rhynos, Pures, Envys, Millenuim Supersofts, and nothing has been this straight-stable, good enough for a straight putt and using the same mold core as the Envy, you can still bomb them off the tee. All around amazing putter

  • This one is so subjective, and feels much more so than the distance driver, fairway driver, and midrange versions of the question. I putt with Firm Warlocks, throw K1 Rekos, and make upshots with K2 Bergs.

  • Beat in straight up DX Innova aviar

  • The Zone is my favorite putter, though I consider it more of a midrange than a putter. My other favorite is the ProD Challenger.

  • Its the pure! Its dead neutral, so holds any line great. My choice for a one disc round.


  • Love Prodigy PA-3 and Kastaplast Reko

  • For me it has been the Westside Harp. I still putt primarily with the KC Aviars on straight putts but the Harp gives me that confidence in approaches, wind, and trick puts where I need that I really need that reliable flight path. I had hoped that this vote would going to be my Z Luna when I first got it but that has proven to be way to flippy on long and windy shots and too slick to reliably grab the chains.

  • The Maiden is my favorite putter, everything else feels too thick/tall to get a good release, and I like the small bead.

  • I love the Aviar with the classic grid stamp!

  • For throwing, I love the Streamline Pilot because it’s got great glide. I’ve been trying out the Proxy lately and loving it as well, and my go-to putting putter is the MVP Atom.

  • I’m a diehard Banger GT person. So I vote for that. Trying to catch ’em all in every plastic.

  • Judge, all the way. From drives to close range, it hits the mark for me more than any other.

  • Discraft challenger

  • Innova aviar for the win! Specifically the JK Aviar X. I’ve got one signed by her, and have been throwing them for 10 years.

  • It is the Banger GT for me.

  • Discmania Link For me. Great stable putter.

  • I like the Classic Aviar for putting, and a Banger GT for aproaches and drives.

  • DD Warden is my trusty sidekick!

  • For me, the Dynamic Discs Deputy. Great straight shooter for my spin putt. Great glide and just all around great disc.

  • The Gateway Wizard! It is the roc of throwing putters. Roc throwers love the left to right slide you get as they wear in. This is what the wizard does as it wears. I prefer the single S or stiffer SS plastics for this. A wizard with a little break is will also absolutely bomb off the tee. I carry 3-4 throwing wizards In different stages of wear and cycle them. They were instrumental in helping me score well in the last tournament I played on a heavily wooded course.

  • The production Luna is my go to putter. Premium plastic for approach shots and shorter tee shots.

  • My putter is not on the list, I putt with anodes. It’s extremely neutral with a ton of glide but feels just like an aviar.

  • Special Edition Soft Rhyno

  • I enjoy the Judge. I use the bead as a reference for my grip and it is just so reliable.

  • My favorite putter is the AVIAR Classic DX and my back up is the Chainbang SS.

    Senior Disc Golfer
    Young 71 Yrs.

  • My favorite putter is the Discraft Luna. For putts in the circle I use the Luna and outside the circle I use the Z Luna for jump/step putts

  • Infinite Tomb is hands down the best!

  • I love the Wizard, filled the hole the Ridge left when Vibram went under. Great putter, good plaster, amazing price. Hard to beat getting a cheap 5-10 pack.

  • the MOJO by Ching

  • Latitude 64 keystone! Straight flying, good feel out of the hand

  • A soft pure makes me feel funny when i throw it. Try it yourself

  • The pro pig…i like the thumb guide on top

  • Classic Soft Judge. Feels like it’s not even in my hand, plus I have it with the sick Tommy Kitty stamp from Infinite!

  • Streamline Cosmic Neutron Pilot. Love it!!

  • Completely under rated, the streamline Pilot is a perfect all around putter. In neutron soft plastic it’s a great putting putter, in the premium plastics it’s great off the tee. Moderate stability and a slight bead, it works for every shot.

  • I’m pretty new, but for 3 reasons I’ll say the Infinite Discs’ Scarab. The first reason is that I bought a putter pack of them almost a year ago so I have several to use and practice with, more than other putters. The second reason is that I genuinely do like it and it feels and flies good. The third reason is that I haven’t seen it on the list yet. Having said that, my opinion is questionable since I still have a lot to learn and there are several I have yet to try/use.

  • I putt with a gateway shaman, but using a range of putter for the approach from under stable to staple.
    Star Mirage, SSS Magic, Pro Rhino, Ti Zone and R-pro Pig. The Pig of the Tee more than the Zone. The zone and the Rhino for Backhand and Forehand. The soft Magic for running at the basket and for not level landing zone. The Mirage is the most under stable disc of the shelf I ever throw, but this the right touch a great tool to have.

  • Best putter for me is the atom!! Best driving putter hands down the neutron proxy! I have been through so many in the 18 years of play. Also the under-rated and not mentioned the dart!

  • My favorite putter for throwing is the zone and I putt with a gateway voodoo

  • The Gateway Wizard is hands down the best putter on the market for one simple reason- culture. Every disc has its advantages and disadvantages, but the namesake of The Wizard is synonymous with the St Louis area. When you putt with a Wizard, you putt with the heart of the midwest. Gateway crafted The Wizard to appeal to a variety of disc golfers. When considering the best putter, you have to consider performance. Gateway’s wide range of plastics allows you to select your preferred grip and stability, “to a tee.” Choosing the best putter is an easy choice- its the Gateway Wizard. The real question is… can you afford to play without it?

  • Judge for the win! Solid feel in the hand with dependable flight for putts and drives!

  • It took me a while to decide on a putter and I’m happy to have the Latitude 64 Pure in my bag. Shallow, beadless and flat in the zero hard plastic. It feels great in the hand. Not only that but the Opto Pure is a fantastic thrower. Opto-X for just a little more stability. One mold, multiple uses, no brained.

  • Can’t go wrong with the JUDGE.

    My favorite putter for drives only is the Breaker.

  • Omega SS been using them for as long as they have been around.

  • Keystone. Feels great in the hand, lots of glide and relatively neutral in flight.

  • AGL Madrone
    Beautiful microbead, soft predictable fade

  • Judge me all you want but when it comes time to putt the hammer down and everything is on the line you have to be dynamic and choose the right disc for the job there is no only one option. The judge truly flies on the line between good and evil and will not let you down.

  • I’d think after 6 months of focussed putting this year that I’d know what my favourite putter is. I’m still narrowing it down, but it’s either the Caltrop, the Ruru, the Firefly or the Pure. Their flights all feel straight and predictable. Thanks Infinite. I’ve been enjoying reading all the different comments.

  • I don’t understand why my comment was not posted, I chose the AGL Discs Madrone for my putter. If this doesn’t show up I will be sharing with all the disc golf groups I am in how you guys censor peoples votes.

  • Right now my favorite is the Discraft jawbreaker challenger, followed almost immediately by my James Conrad Aviar which I use for approach and putting, it just feels good.

  • Innova Aviar, guess I’m old school

  • Im a huge fan of the XT Colt. The XT plastic is great year round, and it grips greens that have treacherous roll aways. It’s glide suits my putting style and it’s thin rim depth means it’s rare to get caught up on my fingers during release. It doesn’t hurt that they throw straight/great to 275′!

  • The envy is such a good putter for throwing and putting!

  • The Gateway Wizard is hands down the best putter on the market for one simple reason- culture. Every disc has its advantages and disadvantages, but the namesake of the Wizard is synonymous with the St. Louis area. When you putt with a Wizard, you putt with the heart of the midwest. Gateway crafted the Wizard to appeal to a variety of disc golfers. When deciding the best putter, you must consider performance. Gateway’s wide range of plastics allows you to select your preferred grip and stability, “to a tee.” Selecting the best putter is an easy choice- its the Gateway Wizard. The real question is, can you afford to play without it?

  • The Gateway Wizard is hands down the best putter on the market for one simple reason- culture. Every disc has its advantages and disadvantages, but the namesake of the Wizard is synonymous with the St. Louis area. When you putt with a Wizard, you putt with the heart of the midwest. Gateway crafted the Wizard to appeal to a variety of disc golfers. When deciding the best putter, you must consider performance. Gateway’s wide range of plastics allows you to select your preferred grip and stability, “to a tee.” Selecting the best putter is an easy choice- its the Gateway Wizard.

  • I putt with the Gateway Voodoo in Eraser Firm plastic. It just fits in my hand the best, it has a nice round shape and a microbead that helps it fill my hand a little better, but also doesn’t get in the way on release. It’s a nice straight flyer as well, and a very flat top lets me forehand it in tricky situations.

  • I bag the Luna and the Fierce, plus an Aviar3 in XT as a sidearm/utility disc. Don’t have a huge amount of experience with it yet, but the Fierce helped me can a number of unexpectedly long putts so far this year. I like the higher glide number than the Luna, too

  • My favorite putter changes for the distance and weather, but I prefer a Zone or Voodoo for approach, and I like my P2, Luna, or Wizard for chasing the chains. I’ve probably used more putters this year than distance drivers, and I’ve gotten to work a great deal on my form and distance because of that. <3

  • Nexus Firefly all day!!!

  • I absolutely love the Kastaplast Reko. Such a comfortable feel in the hand and awesome in K1 & K3

  • I just can’t stop myself from loving the Aviar. I bag 4 of them + an Aviar X3. I probably throw them more than any other disc in my bag

  • I have used the Magnet for years and love it probably because I’m so used to the feel and flight, but recently tried out the Luna, easily fell in love. Adding it to the bag real soon, it’s got my vote.

  • I have to go with the Judge on this

  • I am a big warden guy ever since I learned to throw putters. So I have different plastics for throwing and putting now. Curious to one day try to putt with the Luna but I am happy with my warden and don’t change disks when things work.

  • I love my challenger, decent glide, slightly overstable, feels good in the hand!

  • It’s hard to say – I am currently shopping for a go to putter now. I have been using the Innova Nova XT, and it has been great. Unfortunately, I have a huge crack in it now so I am doing some research to find the next putter that I will really connect with! Maybe if I get chosen for the prize on this thing, I’ll get a few putters to try haha!

  • Best putter is MVP Atom

  • My favorite right now is the Nova by Innova Discs.

  • Discmania P-2 for me. Works as well off the tee as on the green. Throwing the same mold for tee shots, up shots, and putts gives a good consistent feel.

  • The KC Pro Aviar is my favorite putter for both putting and throwing. Of the 10 or so putters i’ve tried it is the only mold that inspires confidence for me on the putting green.

  • I use a Harp as my approach / throwing putter and a Magnet for any putts under 30 feet. I prefer a beaded putter for sure.

  • Envy for days. Love it for putting and throwing.

  • I have switched from Aviars to Wardens two years ago and have really liked the consistency I have developed with the Wardens.

  • I prefer the Innova Aviar in D plastic for putting.

  • I’ll throw the Reko until the day I die. K3 plastic is incredible for grabbing chains is really durable for how tacky it is. Great thrower, great putter.

  • I started with the Aviar, then moved to the Warden, and now I putt with the Maiden; but I think that’s about to change. I got an I-blend Tomb in the mail yesterday rotated it into my bag for a trial run in my round this morning, and I think I might be ordering more soon. The Tomb is everything I like about the Maiden, but dialed up a notch or two. It’s really shallow, flies flat and straight without feeling overly glidey, and it can take a reasonable amount of torque.

    I adore a good overstable approach putter, so I bag three A2s and a Rhyno. I’ve bagged a Harp, Pig, Zone, Tactic (and Razor Claw), Aviar3, P3X, and Jokeri. They’re all really great discs, but I vibe best with the A2 and Rhyno, so the others just kept getting passed over when it was time for an approach shot.

    So now I’ve got a 400 A2 for longer hyzer upshots (FH and BH), the beat in 350G A2 for pinpoint hyzer approaches within 100′, and the brand new 350G A2 when I need to make sure it’s not going to go too far. The Rhyno is for straight or anhyzer flex approaches and drives out to about 250′.

  • I’m gonna vote for the Gateway Magic. The long to short of it is that I ended up with one to try, and while practicing with a handful of various putters, it just seemed to always do good or do better for me than the rest. Simple as that. It works with me, and/or vice versa.

  • My favorite approach disc is the Roach which has a very dependable stable flight with minimal fade. However, I have also been growing fond of the Maiden which tends to be a little less stable and thus forgiving if I early release (a bad habit as of late). Props for both the Zone and Harp as overstable utility discs. Great for backhand and sidearm flicks!

    For putting I like the Discraft Magnet, an oldie but goodie. Been digging the Dagger, as well. Both fit in the hand well and have a smooth release with decent glide.

  • Latitude 64 Pure in Zero Medium for me. It is a straight putter with the slightest dependable fade on the end of the flight for putting. It will follow the line you put it on for approach shots. The grip of the plastic is excellent in hot and cold weather. It fits my hand comfortably.

  • Really love the infinite tomb for throwing. Backhand throws go super-straight and forehand throws can flip up and a little when thrown around 250. Really great feel in the hand and a nice flat profile

  • Loving my 1, 2 punch of Gateway Wizard and MVP Anode. The Wizard in SSS is my primary putter and it plays great—grabbing the chains… Like some other players above I also enjoy the Anode.

    With the Anode (I prefer it in Proton Soft which is no longer made so if you like that plastic look for it and grab one. I may try Electron Soft next time). I use it for shaping subtle shots like an anhyzer putt around the edge of a bush, etc.

  • Streamline Pilot firm electron plastic 175g

  • It is the Luna for me followed by the Harp for approach more than putting

  • Prodigy Pa3 by far. It’s like an upgraded wizard. Wish prodigy was more popular on here but its wateva. More consistency between runs when you aren’t pumping out so many discs like Discraft or Innova.

  • I know I’m a little strange, but the Colt is my go to putter. It flies fast and straight and really suits my style.

  • While I’ve long loved the Aviar first and foremost, my vote now must be the Latitude 64 Pure. Switched over to them a few months ago, and instantly my putt became better because of the renewed confidence in my hand. I like the smaller profile, and they’re also great for throwing!

    Lat 64 Pure all the way.

  • I have become a fan of the Latitude 64 Mercy. I currently throw Zero Burst Soft and Medium in 174g. I like the stability of these discs at nearly any power. The Mercy is a 2 speed disc but I can say that it will not flame out when put under a power throw. The Mercy is darn near a frozen rope. The Mercy has a lot of glide but little to no turn or fade. The Mercy is a great beginner disc but suitable for all skill levels and arm speeds.

  • AGL Discs Madrone. It feels great in the hand and holds a great line. Love this putter!

  • The zone should not be considered a putter unless in high wind situations or turbo putts. I mean it’s a 4 speed and throws like my midranges Wizard was my favorite until the new Luna’s came out. They are smooth

  • Colby Christophersen

    Aviar all the way

  • I love my pair of Discraft Jawbreaker Challenger SS putters for putting & use a Discmania color glow C-Line P2 (Sky God III) for all approaches.

  • Putter Prodiscus sparta in basic plastic by far. In my opinion the best putter on the market. Short approach ( within 70 or so feet) RPM Kae

  • Thank you for sharing your reviews. My husband and I normally golf, but occasionally my husband and daughter disc golf. They both have a set of discs but I don’t think either has a putter. I didn’t even realize there were disc putters.
    After reading your article and all the comments, I have a much better idea of what to get both of them for Christmas.
    Thank you again for taking the time to share your reviews.

  • Hands down has to be the Pilot, I even use it as a midrange sometimes over my star mako3.

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